No Want, No Hunger, No Shame

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Taken from the book published by Jonathan Wright, original author of "A Guide to Vampires: The Profession."

They are everywhere. You cannot evade them anymore than you can your own shadow. They will find you no matter what you do. Eventually, you all will die, and this book will be of no use any more. Use it well before the wheel has turned and time had run out.

They are everywhere; your best friend may be the cause of your own demise. They hide in the dark, but half bloods may walk in the light of day. Their hunger for blood is overpowering, they cannot control their own cravings. They yearn for power, total dominance. Us mortals are mere objects, blocking them from their ultimate goal. They want nothing more than to exterminated the entire human race. We are nothing to them

They are everywhere, on your street, in your town, maybe even your neighbor. They disguise themselves as humans, as though being a mortal would give them better access to our blood. They suck the life from you; make you their own once you have fallen into the dark mists of death.

They continue creating their own as rabbit's breed. Soon, I predict in the next ten years, the human race will all but be gone. There is nothing one can do to stop them. Even a group would fair no better; we are no match for them.

They are everywhere, but can be found no more easily than you can see in the dark. They prefer not to reveal themselves, they prefer to get to know you before striking, taking your life. You cannot trust anyone; the world is no more safe than the woods at night. You can be slain by their kind just as the mountain lion and wolves consider you their prey.

They are everywhere, but that does not mean that you cannot delay them, that does not mean you cannot kill them. Eliminate the living dead. However, you can only slay them as easily as you can out-run a bear. You must know their weaknesses, determine their strengths and outsmart, overpower and outwit them.

They are everywhere, and to defeat them you must know them. More clever than their own, and more shrewd than the devil himself. Witty and brave, confident and prepared. Humans find it difficult to destroy them, for they look so much like on of their own. You cannot be deceived; they have no mercy, feelings, and no sense of justice. They kill for pleasure, with no real purpose.

They are everywhere; they are the spawn of night. They feed on fear; thrive on the need to dominate. They gain power from hate, pain and illness. They despise love, cannot handle feelings, for they have none. Even the half bloods have trouble accepting anything else other than hate. They hate, hate you, me and every mortal who walks the earth.

They are everywhere. Their blood cannot sustain their own lives, so they must take from others. They are genetically defective; their need for blood is only a side affect of their inability to support their bodies. By biting a mortal, they take the blood and use it for themselves, effectively killing their mortal host and converting them into one of their own.

However, by biting the host and taking the blood, they do not instantly kill the victim. By the amount of blood that was taken, the host may have a varied amount of time to live. Eventually the victim will bleed to death, and become one of their own.

Possible ways to prevent the process of changing into one have been devised, however. Though extremely rare, special serums can be found to reverse the effect of the bite. The serum, used properly will return the human to its normal state, albeit after much pain.

They are everywhere. Remember you cannot escape them. It is best to face them, to show them you are not afraid. There are only two ways to slay one, though. A wooden stake must be used to pierce through the heart, or you must smoothly remove their head. Any other way is ineffective and will not mortally wound or permanently damage them.

They are everywhere. You cannot hide from them, so do not try. Being secretive attracts attention, which is not necessary. They are very observant, and rarely miss anything. Half bloods are most like us mortals, and very many prefer the day rather than the night. Depending on their blood, they may or may not be capable of staying out long or standing in direct sunlight.

They are everywhere, pure bloods and half bloods alike. They walk the earth for eternity unless they are set free from their eternal suffering. Never before has one been released to once again live a mortal life, to die another day. It is said it cannot be done, and never has their been a probable solution suggested of a way to succeed.

There are myths, but never being tested, humans do not know the possible outcome. Possibly, however, a somewhat reasonable way has been proposed several times. It is said that a man once devised a serum that would change the genetic construction of a pure or half bloods system. The process said to be painful, but the result was a mortal, with a stable system and no hunger for blood.

Remember, they are everywhere. You cannot evade a vampire any more than you can your own shadow. In light or day, they will find you…


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