Three Flyers, a golden one named Etta, a blue one, her sister Mayberry, and a silver one, her cousin Eliza, traveled together in the vast wasteland that was the Mysterious Beyond in the dinosaur world. They had all come of age and had decided to travel the world together.

"Are you sure you three don't want to stay with the herd? The world is a big and scary place." one of their friends asked them.

"Yes, I'm sure. Herd life here is boring. And our leader is annoying." Etta grumbled.

"He's not so bad." the Flyer said.

"Not if you like being told what to do all day." Eliza scoffed.

"Those girls are too uppity. We should let them go. They'll only drag us down." another Flyer remarked.

"Let us go? As if you could stop us!" Mayberry chortled.

"You are so free-minded. You only get yourself killed out there. Here in the herd, our leaders make a lot of the decisions for us. All we have to do is go along with their wise guidance."

"I don't think they're so wise." Etta grumbled.

"And I like to make my own decisions." Mayberry remarked.

"Yeah. Tell Mandonat we're not taking it from him anymore." Eliza shouted at the Flyers.

"Mandonat isn't going to like this." a third Flyer sighed..

"He'll get over it." Mayberry laughed.

And so, they want to leave O Great One." the Flyers told Mandonat a short time later.

"Leave? Three berry gatherers and egg layers leaving our herd? It's an outrage!" Mandonat snapped.

"They said that you and us in your council keep most of the berries and they were going to get their own berries from now on." a Flyer informed him.

"It's true, we do, but everyone has been ok with that till now." Mandonat grumbled.

"The three Flyers, Etta, Mayberry, and Eliza, say they're going to go travel the world." a Flyer said.

"That's the most preposterous thing I've ever heard! They'd never make it out there on their own!" the Flyer leader laughed.

A few minutes later, however, a female Flyer reported to him "Etta, Mayberry, and Eliza have flown off and left our territory. They truly did leave. Good riddance if you ask me."

"They'll be back." Mandonat said.