Summary: Breaking canon or changing anything from the plot wasn't part of Percy Weasley's plan. He wants a normal life. Or as normal as a wizard-in-training's life could ever be. Was that too much to ask? Apparently it was, if Cedric fucking Diggory asking him to the TriWizard's Tournament's Ball was any indication. When in Merlin did that even happen?! Reincarnated!OC-Percy. AU.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine.

Warning: OC!Percy (plus other character POVs) likes to swear very much. Sometimes. In his (their) head.

Percy Weasley would like to think that he was average.

As the third son in a family with more sons than daughters, he was nothing special and often overlooked. The stereotypical middle child some would say, since Fred and George were practically a package deal and too impish to be left to their own devices so even if one of the twins were the real middle child, Percy blended into the metaphorical wall well enough that he might as well be.

He was the weird one, the one that didn't quite fit in on the whole family image and was left to his own devices because he could be expected to act responsibly enough to clean up after himself.

Percy wasn't Bill with his genius and charisma.

Or like Charlie with his frankly uncanny way with dragons.

He wasn't like Fred and George with their talent in Potions and Charms - prodigies in a way that wasn't obvious at first, since their mischievous nature often overshadowed their skills so thoroughly that people constantly underestimate them.

Don't even mention Ron because despite the lovable brat's overall brattiness, Percy knew that his youngest brother's potential - his sheer tactical skill - apparent in the way he beat Bill again and again in chess - was extraordinary.

(As expected from someone that caught the heart of the smartest witch of his generation and the eventual best-friend of the Boy-Who-Lived. Often people in Percy's past life would disparage his little brother for being human, for being the most normal of the so-called Golden Trio and acting on his emotions like any other person. They thought of him as nothing special, hypocrites that they were, but Percy knew better. Ron - Ron was a genius in his own right and he would stand by it.

Oliver Wood's snarking of Percy's nonexistent brother complex aside.)

And Ginny. Percy couldn't possibly compare to the apple of their parents' eyes. His baby sister was a gem, his family's treasure and someone to be doted upon. Percy knew that in the wizarding world numbers, names and symbols have power, and number seven had always been particularly magical.

(It wouldn't be far-fetched if, during the time-skip between the end of the war against Voldemort and the first year of Harry and Ginny's second son, his baby sister had achieved more than Percy could possibly fathom. He never did really knew what happened since as much as he would like to say that he read all the books made by the artisan that J.K. Rowling, he was more partial to the movies and well - he skipped some parts of the book when his past life's parents got around to buying it for him.)

His siblings were amazing in their own right and all of them were a boon to the Weasley name. Percy firmly believed him being reincarnated paled in comparison compared to all of that.

He, in comparison to all of them, paled all in all.

(And Percy planned to keep it that way.)

His past life's memories aside, he was pretty normal - nothing out of ordinary. Perhaps a bit smarter than his peers and a tad more enamored with books than people, but nothing outside of the norm.

Like, being reborn didn't magically made him into a capable human being, okay? Even at a young age, Percy knew his stint as a "genius" lauded by the quietly prestigious Prewett family as its heir, would eventually end after a few years give or take - with his contemporaries in this life catching up to him in no time. He had a few idiosyncracies here and there, but aside from being too enamored with texts and the like, he's just your normal bookish filler character in some side plot.

Nice, but not particularly interesting.

Percy would even do Harry Potter a favor and wouldn't kiss other people's arses in the Ministry like his counterpart did. He'll even handle the Weasley's family drama for good measure so the poor guy won't be affected by that too.

Percy'll be your average Joe. Helping here and there. Setting his brothers straight and lending a hand if he could.

He knew he couldn't do more beyond that even if he tried.

Even if he wanted to.

Because you see, Percy wasn't powerful. Or talented.

One would think that with him being reborn, he would get all the boons granted to Gary Sue's at transmigration, but well-

He didn't.

No parseltongue abilities, no mysterious bloodlines popping up out of nowhere, no otherworldly powers, no secretly Tom Riddle's son or what.

No Gryffindor or Slytherin or Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw ancestors too.

No Peverell's either.

Zilch. Nada.

Just good-old Weasley magic - slightly weaker than the rest (compared to his siblings at least) with a healthy dose of hard work to make up for it.

He kept his head down for all his years at Hogwarts. Got himself sorted into Hufflepuff because the access to the kitchens sounded good and...

It may or may not be because the twins were getting overbearingly sticky a year before they themselves go into Hogwarts.

(His relationship with Fred and George were comparably better than the original Percy, but it seems that despite his doting treatment of them - Percy still got the short end of the stick. He didn't know what happened to make the two carrots to stick with him so tightly and give him their own brand of "tough love" but he's not standing for it when it came to studying magic.

Because duh.

It's magic.)

Thinking about how much his brothers would "bully" him made his head hurt just contemplating about it so despite the hat's repeated push towards Gryffindor, he put his foot down and went to the nicest house in the castle.


Go Badgers!

Not that it stopped Oliver Wood, the captain of the Gryffindor's quidditch team, from being his best-friend, because the guy was mystifyingly insistent on getting close to him so even though he was on great terms with the people in his house - to the point of being recommended as a prefect like the original Percy - his closest friend was the muscled buffoon.

Percy lived his life as best as he could. He didn't care about changing the plot or fixing everything, but he wouldn't be so averse to helping people either. He'd do the best that he could but he wouldn't go as far as to manipulate the people around him like chess pieces in order to satisfy his nonexistent hero-complex.

(For all he knew, he'd make things worse by interfering and he wasn't willing to sacrifice his family.

They were all he had. Something he yearned for, from before.

He was selfish enough to choose them when it comes down to it.)

His achievements in Hogwarts did little in making him stand out since Cedric Diggory shined brightly enough that anything Percy did was almost nothing in comparison.

Being the smart, quiet Hufflepuff senpai (with crazy Gryffindor twin brothers) that liked to keep to himself wasn't anything special in face of the sun that was the Hufflepuff seeker and, as mentioned, he was in good terms enough with everyone that there wasn't any unnecessary drama he dimly remembered this world's canon was riddled by.

Percy thought he was just a blip in everyone's radar. The one that blended really well with the once again metaphorical wall, that even Peeves, the resident poltergeist left him well-enough alone.

It was perfect.

Even when Harry Potter came in and the shenanigans started, it was perfect.

(Until it wasn't.)

He spent much of his time waving his wand, learning magic, doting and fussing on his brothers, occasionally fussing on his family's honorary brother Harry, and...ahem, protecting his virtue.

Yes. You heard that right.




It wasn't mentioned in the book, maybe because he wasn't a very popular or plot-related character, but Percy was surprisingly popular with the Hogwarts population once everyone around him started hitting puberty.

Surprisingly, horrifyingly popular.

Numerous girls and, surprisingly, even boys, would come out to him and confess. And seduce. And entice.

Because, apparently, his "scholarly-gentle" type was very hot, according to these hormone-filled teens.

Or according to Oliver at least, because that's what the buffoon said when Percy got around to asking his best-friend why the fuck he even deserved all of this shit.

It wasn't very pretty.

It came to the point that on the year of the Triwizard Tournament arc, Percy realized that his life was beginning to resemble a poorly written love story.

One that, honestly, he'd rather do without and wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole, if it came down to it.

Because, seriously.

It's like one of the fanfictions he guiltily read sometimes. When he's feeling particularly whimsical and fluffy where the Mary Sue would magically - but written in a pretty way, of course, so it would come across as mature and well-thought-out - strung along a harem and eventually catch across a big one. The handsome, popular, gentle fishy.


He's not even sure what he's thoughts veered into but fudgity fudgity, fudge fudge-

Percy just wanted a normal life. Or as normal as a wizard-in-training's life could ever be, at least.

A normal, cute side-plot fitting for a simple side-character like him-

Was that too much to ask?

Apparently it was, if Cedric Diggory's hopeful face earlier as he asked Percy fucking Weasley to be his date this coming Triwizard Tournament's ball was any indication.

When in Merlin did that even happen?

Author's Note: OR that story where an OC thinks he transmigrated into BL Harry Potter fanfiction.

He didn't.





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