Let it be said, first and foremost, that Moaning Myrtle wasn't a pervert.

No, really.

Moaning Myrtle may have a weakness for beautiful faces and the hobby of visiting the prefect's special bathrooms every now and then, but - let it be said again for good measure.

She wasn't a pervert.

Peeping became the only hobby she did nowadays and although she did cry in the bathroom she died in for show from time to time in order to avoid suspicion from the professors who could (and would) limit her movements, most of her time was spent ogling good-looking male prefects in the huge jacuzzi-like bath.

Of course, she did try to talk to them every once in a while to switch it up every now and then. Most usually run hastily after she showed herself up, but seeing them so frantic was enough entertainment in her opinion.

Cedric Diggory was one of the exceptions however who usually just let her be.

According to him, she was just looking after all and it wasn't as if he could actually stop her from popping up and doing what she pleased.

"I admire that at least you know your boundaries." She remembered him saying once.

Moaning Myrtle couldn't help but preen at the compliment and worked hard in being a peeper with principles - not looking when they're completely naked or doing the do, but only when they're mostly naked with their private parts all covered up.

(There were also some unspoken rules she followed here and there - she only scare arses who bully their schoolmates for one and would respect the privacy of those who she felt wouldn't find her hobby amusing for another.)

Today, Cedric was fiddling with the egg he caught in the first round of the Triwizard Tournament. He was just about to dive in and try to open the egg and listen to whatever clues it might give for the second round when Myrtle suddenly spoke up - voice ringing hollow around the room.

"Why do you like Percy so much, Cedric?" She asked curiously.

"Hm," Cedric looked at her, surprised. "Why did you ask?"

"You shouldn't play around with him."

"I'm not playing around."

Myrtle smiled eerily. "Make sure you're not."

Cedric brushed his hair to the side, shooting her a curious look. "Why are you so concerned about this?"

Myrtle hummed, sitting down at the side near the prefect, and made herself comfortable.

She eyed the better view in satisfaction.

"Nothing much, really," Myrtle waved her hand slightly. "Percy's a good guy. It would be a shame to see him hurt."

"Oh," Cedric grinned. "Is that so?"

"You're not getting anything more from me, Cedric," Myrtle said firmly.

Cedric raised his brows playfully.

Myrtle grinned. "It's just my payment for letting me enjoy this," She gestured to Cedric's muscled torso, "properly without reporting me to the authorities."

"I still don't know why you know about Percy's preferences so well though."

"I don't have anything else better to spend my time here." Myrtle sighed. "Eyeing cuties like Percy was one of the ways I try to stave off my boredom." She tried to wink. "I know yours too."

Cedric snorted before rolling the egg in his hands carefully.

"I just like him." Cedric finally said. "No particular reason really. Being with him feels nice. Seeing him flustered and blushing makes me want to snog the heck out of him. I-" He glanced at the sound of "perverted bastard" outside the door amusedly before continuing. "I also want to push him down and get my way with him until all of his body is as red as his-"

Myrtle could hear a strongly worded curse from outside.

"It's just lust, then."

"Not really. I've known Percy before actually. We're close neighbors. Childhood friends even. It's, " Cedric paused, "gradual, I guess. I've always liked him before but it didn't turn sexual until puberty hit me like a truck and I woke up to my underpants wet from Percy's moa-"

There's now banging in the corridor and the distinct sound of Professor McGonagall's admonishments.

"Are you sure you're not doing this on purpose?" Myrtle said, amusedly.

"What?" Cedric said innocently.

"You do know that Ron is there right?"

"Detention, Mr. Weasley," the professor's stern voice could be heard.

"Oh," Cedric remained unconcerned. "Served him right for eavesdropping in a place he shouldn't be in in the first place."

"And it's not at all because he interrupted your time with Percy during the ball, right?"

"Of course not. I'm not that petty."

"You should be nicer to your future brothers-in-law."

"All of them have a huge brother complex and whatever I do wouldn't make their impression of me any lower."

"What if he snitches on you?" Myrtle cackled.

"Better if Percy knows, so he wouldn't slip into denial again."

"Doesn't it get tiring?" Myrtle asked curiously. "Percy seemed to like to deny your overtures. You've been at it since third year already.

"No," Cedric disagreed. "Never. I like Percy better this way. It's fun confessing to him again and again." He laughed. "It's been better now, since the ball. I'm not sure he reciprocates the sentiment, but at least now, it feels like I have a chance."

Myrtle stood up. "I'll leave you to your egg now."

"Go. I don't know how you do it but you always make me say things I don't mean to say."

"It's my natural charm, Cedric."

Cedric chuckled before diving into the bath.

The sound of the mermaid's song was haunting as Myrtle left the bathroom.

For Myrtle, and for most ghosts who've stayed in Hogwarts for quite a long time, Percy Weasley symbolized hope.

It was odd. For ghosts to believe in hope in the first place, chock-full of resentments most of them were.

No one knew if they were just shadows of the pasts with their past selves - their original soul having been reborn to a new life already, or if they were just beings left behind by time and abandoned by death.

(Not worthy enough to pass through and move on-)

Many ghosts in Hogwarts tried to pass the time by amusing themselves. They held competitions - gatherings, all to comfort themselves and try to forget why they couldn't leave in the first place.

It changed once Percy Weasley entered Hogwarts.

Myrtle would like to say that once Percy entered the school, the world stopped due to his elegance or holy aura or whatever thing that only Percy have that would set him apart from the rest, make him stand above all, and justify the admiration and affection she currently felt for him, yet-


Percy wasn't anything special at first glance. He was a quiet kid, liked to keep to himself, and didn't have any overly remarkable features about him that made him worth remembering.

That was-

Until he made one of the many unnamed ghosts in Hogwarts pass on and finally leave behind the resentment that shackled them to this place.

The way he did it wasn't revolutionary or anything. Percy didn't use necromancy or any unique method-

He just...talked and listened.

Other exorcists can do the same thing. Merlin, even any random student or professor can if they actually took the time to not pay attention to themselves.

Some selfless souls actually did so before, mind you, however Percy-

Percy was reborn, you see.

What made him listening and talking so special was because he knew death at a more personal level than those selfless souls from before.

Enough that he was able to undo the knot of that unnamed ghost's heart.

Percy didn't say so explicitly that he was reborn or that he was one of them, but the way he told of his story echoed their own.

She thought his past life and end mustn't be very good, since he often skirts around the specifics of his experiences whenever Myrtle listened to his conversations with other ghosts but-

He was always so gentle it made Myrtle's heart ache a bit for some reason.

Percy, he-

He gave comfort and acceptance sincerely to the ghosts he conversed with whenever he had the time.

Acceptance was a luxury for most of them since ghosts weren't saints.

Even she believed she wasn't worthy enough of the acceptance Percy freely gave.

Not good enough. If only she was smart enough. If only she was brave enough to confront people who persisted in putting her down just because she was different.

Not many people like talking to her since they found her too off-putting. Her voice too high-pitched. Her way of speaking, too snobbish and well- basically even she believed she was annoying, for Merlin's sake.

Percy didn't find her annoying though and the natural way he talked to her-

It was enough to make her breathe a little freely and move away from the bathroom where she met her death.

Myrtle believed that it wouldn't be for long now before she moves on and leaves Hogwarts.

She hoped that before she leaves, Percy would be genuinely happy.