Just a little bit more.

A few more tweaks and her latest creation would be ready to go. Just a few more little itty bitty tweaks. Sleep could wait, class could wait, even things like food could wait, she as so close, she was almost there. she just needed to finish this project.

"Then," she wiped a bit of sweat from her chin that had been bugging her for a while. At least a few hours, maybe more. After hour thirty and she got her second - or maybe it was her third - wind in the form of a special energy drink that let her skip sleep. Well not actually sleep, more just put off until the weekend where she'd sleep for a day. It was a net gain in productivity. "Then, I can get to work on my next project."

Wait, what was she working on? Ehh didn't matter, it was one of her babies! A laugh escaped her as she grabbed the handle of her monkey wrench with both hands and pulled. Nothing happened. The bolt shouldn't be on that tight already. Maybe she was just experiencing muscle fatigue? No that couldn't be. She trained daily to keep herself fit enough to work on her machines, by working on her babies!

She pulled but nothing happened, no give, no slip, just the groaning of the nut and her own incoherent muttering. This was no time to be stuck doing physical labor! Her mind was at peak creativity output, she needed to be at the drafting table or on the computer, with a big cup of coffee and some food. Ahh, she was getting distracted again!

Hopping onto the Machine (It was some kind of a training device requested by U.A.), she balanced on it, arms still gripping the wrench, when her arms failed, her legs could do the work. Bouncing just once to find her center of balance and get the angle right she began to push. All she needed to do was get enough force to overcome the static friction and then -

It slipped, and she was sent tumbling falling backward. Thankfully she crashed into a firm but rather soft wall that was actually kind of warm and had a nice feeling to it. Still, the nut was off so now she could dig into the guts pull out all the unneeded but cool bits and put in some other not needed but cooler bits. This was her favorite part. Maybe. It was hard to tell.

"Now then, where did I put that aerodynamic buoyance adjuster?" She half hummed, turning around and walking past Izuku Midoriya - she knew his name still, well he was about the only one she did that wasn't a teacher, why was that? - to rummage through her pile of things, half of which would probably explode. Which was okay, because a lack of sleep made her go ragdoll very well.

Something on her shoulder stopped her. It was a hand. A strong hand that was covered in scars and was really large. It wasn't her hands, she had her gloves on! Right? Right! She always had her gloves on in the workshop. So whose hand was it? She recognized it somewhere like she had built something for it a while ago.

It pulled and she was sent spinning only to be stopped by another hand, and the body they were attached to. It was Izuku Midoriya! Her favorite client, mostly because he asked for neat stuff and treated her babies super well, besides he was kind of nerdy and could understand her babbling.

Compared to when she first met him during their freshman year, he had certainly grown. By like a foot. And now looked even more heroic, no doubt thanks to those super dynamic weights she made him two years ago. But why was he here?

"Mei," he said shaking her slightly, his voice was slightly louder than necessary. "Are you even listening to me?"

"Oh! Hi Izuku!" she chirped, bouncing on her heels for a moment, his face always went red when she did that. "When did you get here?"

"I've been trying to get your attention for ten minutes."

Ten minutes? Why'd he wait around for so long? "Well, why didn't you say anything?"

He sighed, his head nearly dropping to down to her level as his green eyes focused in on her. "I have been trying to get your attention for that long."

"Really? You should try speaking up next time." She shrugged, "But, what can I do for you, I don't mind taking a special request from you, but I need to finish this big guy before Friday-"

"It's Saturday," He gestured towards the window, it was dark out. Must be morning! "Night." Oh. "Almost Sunday." Oh. "And what I need for you to do is go to bed."

"Nah, I'll pass if it really is almost Sunday, I need to start working harder!" She pointed towards her latest baby - some kind of fire fighting robot - and smiled widely "The world's not going to change itself!" She tried to walk away from him, but thanks to his strength he was able to keep her firmly in place. "Hey, what gives?"

"I watched you build and rebuild that contraption twice Mei," He gestured towards the pile of junk she had been working on. Really? That didn't seem likely, she wasn't even that tired. "I get that you like to just keep working, but you really need to sleep."

"No!" she struggled against him trying to make her way over to something. "I need to keep working on my babies! They need to be finished!"

By twisting and turning she managed to get out of his grip and only for a second before his arm hooked around her waist and her legs were left kicking in the air. "Mei! Seriously, you need to go to bed."

"Don't wanna! Put me down! Izuku!" She continued to struggle. This wasn't the first time Izuku had done something like this, but this time she was not going to give in! She had so much left to do!

"Mei! You're being childish, you can work on it when you wake up." He grunted as she thrashed about, if she struggled enough he wouldn't be able to move her without hurting her! And Izuku wouldn't actually hurt her. He was like a giant stubborn teddybear.

She shifted in his hands. And stopped. All at once her entire body turned hot. It was as though she had spent her entire life in a blizzard and was just now stepping into a home warmed by a roaring hearth. Izuku's hand was pressed into her chest. His thumb touching her already hard nipple. When did she take off her bra?

The floodgates were open. Sexual awareness, desires, frustration, and all those other feelings that she wasn't even aware of were now brought to the forefront of her mind. Her fingers remembered every single time she had groped Izuku's muscles to try and size him up. Every single time she had paused to look at Izuku covered in sweat and working hard replayed in her mind. Over and over again.

All this raw sexual energy flooded into her, squashing her tiredness as a real second wind kicked in. Her entire body felt uncomfortable. She wanted to touch Izuku. To run her hands through his hair, to try kissing him as his hands roamed across her body and grabbing at her breasts.

All while they had hot. Hot. Sex.

"Sorry!" His hand moved down now wrapped around her waist. She could hear the blush on his face. "I didn't mean to grab you there."

The feeling didn't go away, she could still feel that touch, and the trail it blazed down to his new resting place. She wanted more. She was wearing too many clothes. He was wearing too many clothes. She bit her lip, resting her hand on top of his arm. "Don't worry about it."

Do it more.

"Are you ready to go to bed?" He asked softly, his warm breath lingering around her ear and making her entire body writhe like a machine coming to life for the first time. She was very aware of his chest against her back. Very aware of the growing heat and desire within her body, it was like there was a fire between her legs and Izuku was both the cause and the cure.

She nodded again, keeping her head down. What was she supposed to do? She couldn't keep up with her own thoughts. They were all centered around Izuku, her desires, her body, his body, and how much she needed him to be touching her. There had to be something to do. How was she going to fix this?

Did she even want to fix this?

"Do you want to take a shower or something first?" His hand left her waist and she instantly missed his touch. He took a step back, but she leaned back following his chest to stay connected with him. Besides, she doubted she'd be able to stand for too much longer. She wasn't tired, but her knees were weak. "Can you even stand?"

She nodded again, placing a hand to his chest and grabbing at his sweat-soaked T-shirt he had probably just gotten finished with training. He was all sweaty and gross. But so was she. "Do you think I should take a shower?"

"It kind of sucks going to bed dirty, but if you're too tired you can't I can take you to your room." His hand fell onto her bare shoulder. The callouses on his rough hands tore at her nerves unearthing a vault of energy that rushed around her and made her flush.

"I'll take a shower then." The water might help her get some control of her thoughts. "Can you take me there? I might get distracted again."

"Sure," he smiled at her. Since when was he so handsome? Since when did that matter? Why was her heart beating so fast? Was it just Izuku? Was this why she only really remembered his name? She liked his smile "I was going to head there soon myself."

Him naked. Water. Touching her. Groping her. Hands exploring her. Kissing him. Touching him. Going beyond. Going far far far beyond. She wanted to shower with him. To be naked with him. But how? How did that happen? She was far to turned on and far too tired to think clearly right now.

"Lead the way."

He smiled, leading them to the nearest locker room, one that the gym just across from the workshop shared. The Journey seemed to last for days, the cold night air did little to ease her arousal if anything it made things worse anytime she managed to get Izuku to touch her. She needed him to touch her.

She stared at the entrance to the girl's locker room hers was in there somewhere, probably just more dirty clothes. Did Izuku care if she wore dirty clothes? She didn't care if he did. Maybe he'd like to not wear clothes. That'd be nice she'd like to see him naked. His big strong body looming over hers as they explored each other. There was so much she could do, so much they could find out about each other. She wanted to test everything about him.

"Can you wait for me?" she asked not looking him in the eyes. "I might end up going back to the workshop otherwise."

He sighed, scratching the back of his head. "Sure, I can do that, but if you finish before me, wait for me, I'll be sure to be quick though."

She nodded and walked into the locker room.

The cold water did absolutely nothing to cool her down. The thought of Izuku being wet naked and shower just on the other side of the wall was enough to keep her warm in the coldest reaches of space. The only solace was that he'd probably be grossed out by the sheer amount of grim coming off of her. The water that swirled around her feet looked closer to grease.

She wasn't calm, not yet. Her desires were still there, but she could think now. She could think clearly now about what she wanted. If only for a moment before that very thought would send her body shivering and her mind reeling. She wanted Izuku, she wanted to have sex with him. There was no way to say otherwise.

That was a lie. She could think of many, many, many ways to say otherwise. She wanted Izuku to pin her against the wall and fuck her until she couldn't move her legs. She wanted to ride him like a mechanical bull sent into overdrive. She wanted him badly. She needed him.

It felt like this desire had always been there, but she was just now made aware of it. Very very aware of it. There was no way that she'd be able to go to sleep without something happening with Izuku. All she needed to do was figure out how to make it happen.

She ran a soap covered hand over her chest, shuddering at the new sensations that flooded her. Had she always been so sensitive? Had she always been so horny? She would have remembered these wonderful yet frustrating sensations. They offered her pleasure, but no relief. It was like building her ultimate baby, the sheer process brought her happiness, but the frustration that it would never be finished was too great.

"Izuku," She moaned, one hand against the wall as she reached down and touched herself. She gasped at the sensation, her own hips grinding into her fingers. She turned the water to hot, embracing the warmth and let out a long frustrated moan as her entire body shuddered, giving her just an ounce of relief in an ocean of desire. She still needed more. She needed him.

She emerged from the shower, her body now mostly clean save for whatever sweat she had gathered inside of there. Steam clung to her body as she walked to the towel rack, grabbing the first one that she could find and wrapping herself up around it. She was still horny. She still needed Izuku to touch her. But now she could at least think clearly. Now she could plan. But the problem was that she didn't know if Izuku felt the same way. For the first time ever the question on whether or not someone found her attractive actually mattered.

The mirror provided her with little answers. Her pink hair sat limply at her shoulders, bundled up into an uncombable mess that could only be tamed by cutting it. She was a weird mixture of pale from staying indoors most days and tan from exposure to welding. She didn't even wear make-up so the marks from her goggles were visible.

Then there was her body. It was alright? She never really paid much attention to it beyond it being her body. She wasn't out of shape, and she had big breasts - they got in the way a lot - did guys like big breasts? Did Izuku like big breasts. She could just ask him.

Why not? It should be easy. She wanted to know. If he did then that would make things easier. But first, she needed to set things in motion.

Once she was dressed in an old tank-top, and the same cargo pants she wore in. She exited the locker room to find Izuku standing there, looking clean and handsome, and hot. She tried to open her mouth, but the words failed her.

"You look a lot cleaner Mei, and somehow you don't even look tired," Izuku laughed, rubbing the back of his head and being an absolute snack that she wanted to kiss, touch, lick, and savor all night long.

"Thanks," She pushed a bit of her hair behind her ear, shifting on her feet and staring at him, his T-shirt was white, clean, and tight across his well-muscled chest. She needed to do this. She took a step forward. "Izuku?"

The words stopped in her throat. Why was this so hard? It was just a question! It was just words. It was just what she desired. It was just Izuku. But that might have been the biggest problem.

"Oh, let's get going, I'll walk you to your room, but you need to make sure -"

"Do you find me attractive?" She blurted out, her face flushed and she took another step forward touching his chest and standing on her toes to reach his face. It was just out of reach. "As a woman, do you think I'm attractive? Do you find my breasts appealing? Do you like my hair? Am I pretty?"

Her breaths came rapidly, this was only making her desire him more as his face grew red and his eyes grew wide.

"Do you?" She grabbed at his shirt, pressing her chest against his, hoping that he could feel her desires. "I don't know why, but I find you really attractive Izuku, really, really attractive. And I want to do something about it with you. So do you find me attractive."

He started to sputter, his brain overloading while his hands found their way to her arms, the touch only reminding her of how much she desired him. Her entire body felt hot. Really hot. "Mei," he half shouted, half whispered. "You're just sleep deprived, you need to."

"I am tired, yes, but I'm fully aware of what I'm saying. I know that I won't be able to go to sleep unless you give me some relief." Her heart thundered against her chest like the overlocked pistons of a gigantic engine, revving her forward. Her arms found their way around his neck, and she pulled him close. Their lips inching closer, and closer. "Izuku, I want to have sex with you, I want you to pick me up and carry me to your room and-"

She closed the last bit of distance between them, their lips touching. It felt like she was floating, her lips tingling like thunder clouds, her hands running through his hair, his grabbing onto her back as that kiss deepened. It ended far too soon, her mind was reeling like she had been caught in an explosion.

"Do you want to have sex with me?" She asked, biting her lips and looking up at him.

He answered her by scooping her up, one of his strong arms supporting her back while the other hooked under her legs and he took off running in a silent scream.

"Yes," he breathed, taking a hard turn towards his dorm building. "To everything."

She squeaked in delight.

AN: And then they fucked! See you next chapter for the actual smut!