p class="MsoNormal""What the fuck was I thinking, of course I want god damn Dinoco" Lightning McQueen said to himself. I mean with an offer like that who wouldn't take an offer so enticing. Tex was more than happy to give Lightning a contract on the spot. He handed him the contract using his black wheels, which Lightning used his own to sign it. Afterwards, Tex drove off which left Lightning with the others still congratulating him on losing the race. "Yeah, I know, I'm a really nice fucking car now aren't I?" he exclaimed. "But being nice isn't my style, all I want to do now is fuck other car girls and smoke some good shit like what Filmore sells". Everyone's joy and smiles soon went south, especially Doc which gave off a dark disgusted frown. Mater exclaimed "but I thought we were friends" to which Lightning right into his hillbilly face went "since fucking when you smelly bastard. Your town kidnapped me and made old Bessie pound me from behind you sick freaks, I hope there is a special place in hell for the lot of you". Lightning McQueen was panting, exhausted at what he had to say, at this point Mater is in tears over how aggressive his ex-best friend acted. Mac made an excuse so that he could get out of there as soon as possible leaving everyone in complete devastation. Sally, shocked at what she was hearing had no choice but to speak up. She took a firm look and looked straight into his maddening bloodshot eyes "Lightning! Why are being so rude. There is no need to act like a pretentious brat, we care about you, what have we don't that's made you say things like this". Lightning, who kept his mouth shut, biting on his metal lips, finally was ready to lay down his feelings onto her. "Who do you think your talking to you dumb slut, don't think that I haven't seen you make out with Doc out in plain daylight, like the second I got to Radiator Springs, one of the first things you said to me was do you like it raw? I mean for god's sake you're a car prostitute who'd do better making money in the city rather than a greasy rundown shitshow of a town that can't take a hint that no one wants to go there because every car knows you'll scam them out of something". Sally gave one horrid look at Lightning and drove off without a word. No other car spoke up and Lightning McQueen soon reversed outta there. He broke his contract with Rustees and soon moved to his new apartment where he could live the lifestyle he wanted. This would be enough for any car but he wanted more, so much more. He first modified himself to have jet boosters and missiles installed inside himself then blew up Radiator Springs. No car cared since it wasn't even on a single map em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;"LOL /emthen blew up Chick Hicks and then finally The King. Now there was only Lightning, he was finally satisfied, he even got the hoes he wanted. He shot the cocaine up his nose and fucked some teenage hoes. He took off in his motherfucking helicopter and shot Mater using an assault rifle. McQueen shouted outside the helicopter doors, "This is the best day of my life, oh my god, there is a god, fuck yes". The breeze that he felt almost let him forget about all the awful things that happened to him while being stuck in Radiator Springs. Now he was free to race all day and all night for the rest of his car life. This would last a grand total of one day when in a global tragedy he died one day afterwards due to him drowning in his swimming pool, why he had a swimming pool despite him being a car we'll probably never know. Now all that exists of him is his hood which his kept in memory at the Dinoco museum. RIP LIGHTNING MCQUEEN/p