A/N: First poem for "Spirited Away," and in fact one of the first poems I've written in months. Another reason to love this movie.

No POV, but enjoy the metaphors.



"Let Someone Else Be God"



Little hair tie, headband,

Woven bit of string:

Spun and done and twisted

Up, like love and other things.

The promises of children

Of spirits and of gods,

Made and sworn to in

A breath, despite the odds.

And immortality is

A waste of time, they say.

Your own minor infinity

Lived out anew each day.

So oh- to be mortal!

To be human and be flawed!

To live and die and pass away

And let someone else be God!

Drowning, water is so deep.

Lonely, it's so wide.

But loving you, it's so easy

To take the world in stride.



* ende *



. : the river runs through it : .