Eun Soo

"We should bring him something to eat. He'll stay under that tree for four days…"

She hurried to the tree where Gi Cheol had dragged her away from him, as he lay there dying. It had to be him, no one else she knew of would stay under a tree for four days, probably sleeping.

Almost sick with anticipation and a fearful hope, she could feel her heart shuddering. It couldn't seem to decide between climbing out her throat or beating its way out of her chest.

As she approached the tree, she soon caught sight of what seemed to be a familiar silhouette. Her feet slowed as she approached the site of both her dreams and nightmares from the last few years. Drawing closer, she was able to pick out more and more detail, her lungs fearful of drawing breath and dispelling the object of those aforementioned dreams and nightmares. Almost against her will, her feet came to a stop as her eyes drank in the sight of his beloved frame.

"One..Two..Three…" Without thinking, her mind counted as he slowly turned towards her. Catching sight of her, she watched as a small smile tugged at his lips as he stood and walked towards her. Despite the small smile, all she focused on was the light that blazed in his eyes as he watched her. Smiling widely, comforted by what she read in those beloved eyes, she allowed herself to drown in his gaze, a small tear trickling unnoticed down her cheek in relief. Not just because she had found him again, nor even that he was still alive, but relief in knowing that he hadn't forgotten her, or stopped loving her.

Unable to hold herself back anymore, she threw herself at him, still half-afraid that it was another dream and he would slip through her fingers, as she woke up, alone again. Instead, her arms wrapped around a warm neck, and her body encountered his hard frame, her soft curves melting against him. His arms slowly came up and encircled her, gradually tightening until he was almost crushing her against him. Joyful tears flowed down her cheeks as she inhaled his scent and finally managed to speak, "I'm home."