Penelope and Josie broke up just before the summer break. They spent entire summer apart trying to pick up the pieces of their lives. Josie was at school, where everything reminded her of the other girl, and Penelope was traveling Europe with her family. Sometimes, when Josie was lonely at night she would sneak into Penelope's room and spend time there. She was surprised that nothing changed in Penelope's room since she was there last. Same pictures were on the shelves, same candles were on the table and shelves, and everything was like time froze in that room.

Now the school was starting. Students were back and slowly the school was full of kids waiting for the classes to start. Penelope arrived and she was not happy to be there. She was not happy to see Josie again…especially not happy to see Lizzie.

First two weeks of school were hell for Penelope. Every morning she would get up and put a mask of arrogance and everything she needed to make it. She would walk the school and act as she owns it and no one could deny that Penelope Park got even hotter during the summer. Not even Josie could deny it. Something did happen to make her even more stunning and hot. She was flirty, she was funny and as the days went by she had even more followers tracing every step she made.

Lizzie and Josie were invited to their dad's office. There was a new student coming. He was a wolf and they needed to show him around. They got to the gate and saw very good looking boy who was their age.

''This is Jedd and these are my daughters Lizzie and Josie. They will show you the school.''

He smiled and offered his hand.

''I am pleased to meet you.''

Lizzie was very eager to show him the school but he gave more attention to Josie, as he was studying her. She was cute, quiet and much different than he had imagined her. They were walking outside and both twins noticed that he was not listening to them and looking at something…or rather someone. Lizzie was pissed that someone got his attention, and she was beyond pissed when she realized who caught his eye. None other than her arch nemesis Penelope Park.

''Girls, please excuse me….''

Penelope was sitting on the bench with a book eating an ice cream. He started walking toward her and Lizzie was changing colors. She stomped and left and Josie stayed and watched. She was not surprised he noticed Penelope. Who wouldn't notice her? She was the most beautiful girl in the school.

''Hey good looking… Want to share that ice cream…''

Penelope lifted her gaze from the book and smirked. She liked him too…Josie saw her smile at him. She never smiled at anyone but her with so much warmth. She was hurt by it. Josie left because it was too painful… She felt like she was kicked in the gut. When she got into the room, she saw things flying all over the place and Lizzie having one of her tantrums.

''One good looking boy comes to school and he has to notice HER! What spell She Devil used to take my boy away from me?!''


''What? I liked him…. I called dibs…''

''How can she know that five minutes after he stepped on the school grounds? And she didn't do anything. He approached her.''

'' I can't believe you are defending her?''

''I am not…''

Josie stopped talking when her dad came in.

''Lizzie, what happened?''


He held her and tried to calm her down. Josie left the room and went to the common room. She regretted the decision pretty soon. She found Penelope and Jedd sitting together and his hand was over hers, she was smiling at him and he ruffled her hair and she still smiled at him. Her anger and pain were boiling in the pit of her stomach. She felt familiar sting in her eyes and left the room. She went to her hiding place and cried. Now she was sure Penelope was over her. She didn't love her anymore. New boy came and now she was into him. She had to find a way to get over her and move on. But she had no idea how. How do you forget the love you feel for someone? How does it stop?

In next few weeks Penelope and Jed were together all the time. Whenever she turned around, they were there. She would often see him hugging her, holding her hand and during some of the football or basketball games, he would run to her after the point. He looked at her with such adoration and she looked back at him the same way. Final punch for Josie was the fact that she saw him leave her room at four in the morning after some party at the old mill. He passed her in the hallway and winked at her. She was so angry at him that she wanted to siphon the magic from the walls and blast him somewhere far from here. He spent the night with Penelope…her Penny… She was not anymore only Josie's… She might have kissed some people, but until Jed she never slept with anyone. Some other girls saw him leave too and that's how the rumors started to fly all over school. Penelope didn't comment much… She didn't care about the stories or rumors about her. And on the other side, Jed gained a lot of respect in the boy circles after the roomor about him and Penelope. He tried to be gentleman and deny it all, but no one believed him. People saw him leave her room…So, it must be true.

Penelope was doing her homework when Jed came to her room.

''I guess we are dating…''

''Oh, we stopped hooking up?''

''It looks like I am making a decent girl out of you.''

''Oh, Jed, my savior.''

''Josie is looking at me like she will set me on fire.''

''She might… That's why I had to cut my hair… She set me on fire.''

''What did you do?''

''I kissed MG and asked him to drink my blood knowing she was outside of the kitchen.''

''I don't get you sometimes.''

''You don't have to.''

He smiled at her.

''So, Penny… Can you explain to me this magic shit?''

''There is magic and you can do shit with it! Now leave!''

''Ha! Ha!''

''I need help studying for the test.''

''Oh… And you came with no books…? Very smart Jed.''

''I know you have it all.''

''Go to your room and get your stuff…''

''Or you could do my test. Spell the pen or something.''

''No… You will do it.''

''But I have a game… I must practice.''

''I don't care… Go and get your books.''

''You are a cruel woman Penelope!''

''And I am just getting started.''

He got out of her room and he run into Josie again. She really looked at him like he peed in her cheerios. She passed Penelope's room and saw her sitting on the bed with an opened book she was in yoga pants and old Josie's shirt. Her hair grew a bit and now she was playing with one of her curls. She was bighting her lips. Josie was sure that she found mistake in her worksheet and now she was trying to figure out what the correct answer was. Her staring at Penelope was interrupted by Jed.

''Take a picture Saltzman, it would last longer.''

She turned around and left, but not before she locked her eyes with Penelope. They shared one long look before Jed closed the door to her face.

''What was that all about?''

''I have no idea. She was staring at you Penny…''

''You were rude.''

''She deserves it sometimes. She is not ok to you…And don't get me started on her sister.''

She didn't say anything but by the way she looked at him it was clear that she didn't agree. Her glare was painful. Jed tried to change her mood.

''I have my books.''

''Ok, let's start…And no more talking about Lizzie and Josie.''

''I was jut.''


''Fine… You win!''

They were studying for few hours and Jed finally got some of the things.

''I still don't get how you have patience do learn all this.''

''Some of us got the beauty and the brains…Some got nothing.''


''Go and run with your boys… All those girls are waiting to see all of you half naked and sweaty.''

''But not you?''


''You wound me Penelope!"

''You will survive…''

He left the room and she got the books on her desk and got the computer. She wanted to watch some movie or TV show. She was not in a mood for chaos that is about to happen. It was a fool Moon night and all the wolves are running to the woods. There will be a lot of drooling and fangirling about many of them. She didn't really need that. She just wanted some quiet time in her room. She was done with the homework and studyng so she could have entire weekend doing nothing. There was supposed to be a party, but it was postponed because of the fool Moon. It' for the better to stay safe at school and far from crazy wolves running around the grounds. Some of the girls were making get togethers in their rooms but she was not into that either. She was watching Mentalist and around two in the morning she grew hungry and went downstairs. She made some cocoa for herself and she found secret stash of ice-cream. She took a seat on the kitchen counter and started eating. Just as she was about to leave, Josie came in. She looked like deer caught in the headlights.

''I'm sorry.''

''It's ok Jojo… It's kitchen…this is one of the common rooms.''

''I had no idea someone was here.''

''Well, I am leaving so I will not bother you.''

''You are not..''


''You are not bothering me.''


Penelope stayed on the counter and watched Josei nervously prepare some calming tea.

''Nightmares again?''

''Yes… I've been having them all summer. They started again after we…''

Penelope guessed where this was going.

''Stopped sleeping together…''

Josei looked to the floor and she was embarrassed. She had no idea why she even went there and how easily Penelope guessed.

''Jojo, if it gets bad, you can always come to me.''


''I know we didn't end things in the best manner, but it doesn't mean that I am not here for you.''

''I can't come to you anymore and you know it.''

''Just because we are not together?''

''You have a boyfried? How do you think he would feel?''


''Yes! You and Jed! How long has that been going on? You seem pretty close and cozy for someone who says that they are not together.''


''What? He hugs you… Steals your food, plays with your hair… You love him, it's clear… You have that smile…for him now… You are close…''

''Yes, we are…but we are not together.''

''Fine you are sleeping together! I saw him leave your room during the night.''

Penelope had a huge smirk on her face. Josie was actually so jealous of her and Jed. She found it so cute and comical at the same time. She put the ice cream in the freezer and smiled at Josie…

''You are right… I let him hold me, hug me and do all those things. And you are right… He is close to me.. Closer than many people actually. And he knows me.. He knows me better than anyone.. And he comes to my room at night…and at any time of the day he finds convenient… And I love him… I love him so much Jojo… I can say that he is one of the people I love the most in this world…''

She came to Josie and gave her a small peck. She stood frozen. She had no idea what was happening. As Penelope was moving away from her she whispered…

''He is my twin.''

With that she left the kitchen and Josie stood in shock.