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::Bond:: ~ telepathic ~ "talking" 'thinking'
Chapter 1, Truly Bored

It was raining outside. Everything was boring at the moment, that was until a little plan just grew in Chichi's head. "Hey guys, since its raining out, and I really want grand babies, how bout we play a game of matchmaker!" Chichi said. "You mean the kind where you flip the cards upside down and you try to get a pair? Oh! We should have the award be an all you can eat buffet at some really good restaurant!" Goku said in his normal innocent sounding voice. "Not that kind of matchmaking you baka!" Bulma said. Goku, Chichi, Bulma, Krillin, Android 18, and Yamcha were all at C.C. sitting in the living room. "The kind of matchmaker she's talking about is when you pair people up together as a couple, and when she said grand kids, she meant that she wanted Gohan and Videl to become an item." Yamcha said. "What! You mean I finally get to get my revenge on Gohan for blurting out "Oh I got it! Krillin has a crush on Android 18!" seven years ago!" Krillin said. 18 just smirked at the reminder of that little incident on Kami's Lookout. (A/N: Can we really still call it Kami's Lookout? I mean, Dende is now the guardian.) "So how are we going to get them together?" Chichi said ecstatically. (A/N: If you don't know what ecstatic means, get a dictionary! Or you could ask a parent.) "Oh! I know! We could lock them together in any small room nearby!" Goku said. " Isn't that what we ALWAYS do?" Krillin said. "Uh.I dunno!" Goku said, sounding like a five-year-old. "You could always kidnap the girl, take her somewhere, right a ransom that the boy has to go to the place where you have her hidden to save her life." Android 18 said in her normal cold voice. "Hey, that isn't that bad of an idea! Now I get to catch Gohan really caring for her! Oh this will be so good! Sweety, you're a genius!" Krillin said in a really excited voice. "Don't call me sweety!" Android 18 said while swinging a frying pan at Krillin's head.

*BAM* *Crack* "What! Shoot! Chichi has gave all of our loved ones their own frying pan of doom!" Krillin said in a really scared voice. "Hey! It didn't hit me for once!" Goku said. "So, when are we gonna pull this off?" Yamcha said. "Hm.maybey tomorrow!" Chichi said. "So we'll meet here tomorrow at, lets say, 8 AM." 18 said. "Fine with me!" Chichi said. "Well, its getting late and I think we should be heading home." Krillin said. "Yeah." Yamcha said. "I can't wait till tomorrow!" Goku said. Then everybody went to sleep thinking of their wonderful scheme they would play tomorrow. ________________________________________________________

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