A/N: Not a real chapter. I would just like to make a statement to this idiot who's flamed all of my fanfics, Passinby. Here's what he/she's said:

On Dangerous Thoughts:
OMG! i hate yaoi! this is really horrible and gohan is the worst UGh! how can u like that freak? like ew! my one and only love is Tuxedo MASK or Darien, he's like the hottest guy ever!so like never update again! EVER! GOHAN SUCKS!

My Response:
:) I said that if you don't like yaoi, Gohan or Bejiita, to just not read it. That simple. Everyone has his or her different opinions. Tuxedo MASK! DARIEN! Now, that, that my friends is scary. A dubbie. A Sailormoon dubbie. It's TUXEDO KAMEN! MAMORU! I LOOOOVE Mamo-chan. He is hot, I agree.

I'll update whenever I want, thanks!

To Hanashi no Sengoku Jidai:
another stupid fic... y do u even bother with this crap? i mean i've read TONS of dumb stuff but this takes the cake... sheesh!

My Response:
Yet again, don't like it, don't read it. I think you need to go back through Kindergarten. I aid at a Kindergarten, and honestly, the five year olds have better grammar. /

To Destiny:
what the hell is "my precious dreams...i must find them" supposed to be? u really ought to stop riting, this is like a disgrace to all ANIME!

My Response:
You're an disgrace to all anime. If you've seen Sailormoon Super S, you would obviously know that the Dead Moon Circus is trying to find the Golden Dream Mirror.

To Red Lightning:
blablabla... u just repeat crap over and over ag ain.

My Response:
Actually, Red Lightning is very original. For one, nearly all of my fanfics are romance. RL is adventure, with no romance. That's not "repeating."

To A Love Long Lived:
wat is with u? y do u keep writin this crap? i told u that u r no riter so stop tryin. reincarnation? wat's with that? its so overdone. n y do u like simba so much? its disney! disney sucks.

My Response:
I wrote that fic when I was in sixth grade. I know the reincarnation thing is over-used. That's why I abandoned that fic years ago. Disney doesn't suck, actually. It's educational. Adults of all ages like The Lion Kind (proof being that they made a musical of it). Sailormoon's dub is stupid.

To Matchmakers:
wats with the huge paragraf? its hurtin my eyes. do u know what a PARAGRAF is? PARAGRAF!

My Response:
Have you even been through Kindergarten? It's PARAGRAPH! I wrote that fic when I was in fifth grade. I didn't know HTML. I fixed the problem in the second chapter. ;; You need to get a life, you know that?
To Why Me:
sigh where on earth do u get these crappy ideas?

My Response:
My brain, obviously. XD

Lets all bug this weirdo! Her email address is

I felt a serious need to respond to him/her (with a complete chapter dedicated to her) because it's idiots like him/her that inspire me to write. It overjoys me that my fifth grade works confuse illiterate people such as him/her.