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Summary: Okay, it's an alternate universe and Lily Evan's never received her Hogwarts letter, but she should have. Voldemort intervenes and prevents Lily's attendance. But, what if she still met James Potter? How would it happen and what would be the results?

Prologue: ~1971~ Seven Years Ago.

Standing kitty corner from number 8 Magnolia Crescent is one of the most feared wizards of the age, Lord Voldemort. He waits for the owl from Hogwarts to come and give a letter to Lily Evans, an invitation to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Too bad Lily Evans will never receive this letter, and her life will become an absolute hell. Voldemort redirects the owl to where he stands and takes the letter, incinerating it with a spell and sends the befuddled owl back to Hogwarts saying that Lily Evan's does not wish to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Now, I am pretty sure you are wondering why Lord Voldemort has taken special interest in Miss Lily Evans. The answer is fairly clear, though only he and a few of his fanatical Death Eaters will know the truth. Voldemort was told by a clairvoyant he was torturing that a girl named Lily Evans would bring about his demise should she attend Hogwarts, but keeps the specifics from him. So, upon Voldemort's return and her subsequent murder, he doesn't hear the whole of it; that Lily Evans must be kept away from James Potter. Voldemort goes on believing that he averted the danger to himself and continues killing and torturing muggles and wizards alike.

Chapter One: ~1976~ Death

Fifteen year old Lily Evans sat outside her house where she lived with her parents. She was waiting for them to return home, they had been gone six hours and it was going on midnight. Lily had never known her parents to stay out when she wasn't at a friend's house. Lily watched the street eagerly praying that her parents were okay. So, when she saw the headlights coming up the street she stood up and instead of her parents she saw a police cruiser and it was pulling into her driveway.

"Where are my parents?" Lily called out as the two police officers got out of the vehicle.

"Are you Lily Evans?" asked the female plain clothes officer.

"Yes, where are my parents?" Lily asked again, her voice cracking with emotion, knowing something terrible had happened.

"I am very sorry to have to tell you this Miss Evans, but your parents got into a car accident this evening and died a few hours ago. We are very sorry for your loss," the woman said and watched helplessly as Lily collapsed on the grass sobbing hysterically.

"What happened?" Lily managed to ask the officers as she tried to wipe away the tears that just wouldn't stop falling.

"A truck lost control and slammed into your parent's car. They were rushed to the hospital and the doctor's tried their best to save them, but your parents passed away. Is there anyone that you can stay with?" the male officer asked bluntly causing Lily to become hysterical again which made his partner look at him with an angry glare.

"My sister Petunia lives at number 4 Privet Drive," Lily muttered quietly continuing to wipe tears away.

"Okay dear, then we better get you there," the woman said kindly and Lily nodded and walked into the house and looked the doors before returning outside. The female officer (one Eve Dallas) found the girl to be entirely too calm as she left the house. Lily was still crying but they were silent tears and her face was completely placid. Dallas recognized shock and hoped that the girl's sister would be able to help. (A/N: HA, that's a laugh. Petunia help someone. sorry for the interruption ~F)

They pulled into number 4 Privet Drive 30 minutes later and knocked on the door. Five minutes later Vernon Dursley opened the door with an angry growl. "What is it?" he asked and spotted his wife's sister crying silently next to the officers.

"I am terribly sorry to disturb you Mrs. Dursley but your In-laws were killed this evening and your sister in-law needs a guardian," Dallas stated compassionately.

"Let me get my wife," Vernon said allowing them inside just before a lamp crashed onto the floor across the room where Lily had been staring intently. "Must have been unstable," Vernon muttered before walking upstairs to meet his annoyed looking wife.

Petunia followed Vernon down and spotted Lily standing near the door and the police officers and she asked, "What kind of trouble did she cause now?" like she'd always expected Lily to be some kind of bad seed.

"Your sister didn't do anything Mrs. Dursley. Your parents were in an accident this evening and died later at the hospital," Dallas said in a rather annoyed voice for Petunia's assumption made her think that Lily wouldn't be receiving any affection in this household.

"What?" Petunia asked and the officer repeated what she said. "Why is she here?" Petunia asked stupidly.

"As her sister you would be her guardian until she turns 18," the male officer, (Jon Page), stated.

"Why?" Petunia spat eyeing her sister unpleasantly like something to be trodden on.

"You are her only living relative, are you not?" Page asked starting to get annoyed with the Dursley's himself.

"Yes I am," Petunia said as if it were a subject of great disgust for her.

"Then you are now responsible for her," Page said and Lily looked down at the floor.

"Fine, Lily, go upstairs. The small bedroom on the right it free," Petunia said and Lily nodded about to start her way upstairs when Dallas stopped her gently.

"If you have any questions or anything you would like to speak about you can call me at this number Lily," Dallas said handing her a card which she put into the pocket of her jeans. "Thank you," was all Lily said before she walked up the stairs and out of sight. They all watched her go before Page said, "Sorry to have disturbed your slumber, Goodnight Mr. and Mrs. Dursley," and the officers left quietly, spotting Lily watching them solemnly from the upstairs window.

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