Note: This is a story not for the faint of heart. It mainly deals with rape and harsh themes throughout and is different from most of the comedic parodies I write so this is very different to me and could still use some work. This was also wrote very quickly and thus may have some mistakes, these will be fixed soon. Do not just come on here to complain that "how can you write such a thing" and "your such a creep" since you were already warned and knew what this contained.

A damp orange tanned light showed upon Usagi in an unfamiliar location. As she was waking up, she quickly noticed her new location…and her predicament. She couldn't move her hands, they were tied behind her back along with the rest of her body. She was wearing her usual school uniform except her brooch was missing. She felt damp and dirty, noticing herself lying on a worn-out mattress. As she began struggling and tried to speak, she was unable to make any noise. Whilst unable to see it, she was wearing a big red ball gag tightly fastened onto her mouth. She began to let out moans of distress, squirming across to the bottom of the mattress. Her heart began pounding and fear was taking over, scared of where she was and why. Memory was left blank, trying to remember what could've brought her here and where she was right now. As she was trying to reach the door, sounds of footsteps stomping ever closer were heard putting Usagi in a small state of panic. The door opening and at the entrance stood a young, chubby teenager not much older than Usagi. He wore a mask covering his face and wore all black clothing. His skin was pale white and was holding a big suitcase in his hand. He picked up Usagi in his arms and threw her back onto the mattress, the impact leaving a loud thud

"Mmmm Usagi, so we finally meet, I've waited so long for this". Usagi tried to reply back but her ball gag wouldn't let her speak leaving her frustrated. "You probably don't remember me, but I go to the same middle school as you. Nothing makes going to school worth it more than seeing your hot model body and those fluffy tits. That uniform, all those nights I spent, imagining this moment were I finally get to meet you, my life has been worth living for this moment". Usagi, disturbed by what was being told right in front of her, noticed the guy sweating and being to unbuckle his pants. He wasn't some evil force, at least not the extra-terrestrial kind, he was some creep who watched her all day. Usagi now realised what was going to happen next, she was about to be raped. This sent her into a panic attack, screaming into her gag and tears already flowing down her face. The creep tried to shoosh Usagi, pinning her down in nothing but his boxers and a top. His hand was covering her face only making her more frightened. He was pushed off with Usagi using all her strength to get him off, squirming her way across the door that was left open. However, the creep grabbed her feet and dragged her body back onto the bed, then pinned Usagi using his entire body, leaving her without many options.

A small moment was the two staring at each other's eyes. One with eagerness and obsession, the other in despair. All she could do is breave slowing through her nose, not sure what to do or where to look, whether to keep her eyes close or give him a dirty look of disgust. But in the end, she ended up just shaking, scared out of her mind on what was to come next. The creep, still lying on Usagi, slowing took off his shirt revealing a chubby baby body without a single hair. A small groan was let out, disturbed at what she was looking at. While the fear still stayed and it didn't help that she was a virgin, she could've hoped for someone better looking than this guy, nothing but an ugly mask and a fat body with thighs that have most likely never seen a gym. Now it was time for the pants, fear was now back in full throttle, but hidden at the side of the bed was a small knife. While not the biggest or most threatening, it put her on edge as it was placed right next to her throat. With the other hand, the underwear was stripped off showing a deformed looking penis, another groan was had. Now it was Usagi's turn, everything was either ripped off or cut with the knife including her skirt leaving nothing but a bra and panties. Wasting no more time, the creep began licking Usagi's belly button and riff, moving up to her breasts. He lifted up Usagi slightly, unhooking the bra and revealing what he's been eyeing on for so long. He grabbed them, massaging them and jiggling them up and down, leaving him entertained and Usagi, stuck watching her body being used for some sick man's pleasure

At this point, he had dropped his knife leaving it at his side on the bed. She kept her eye on it without making it too obvious. While she couldn't grab it while he was staring right at her, the second the creep looked away, she would try and grab the knife and hope to god that she can cut herself free and maybe even find her brooch and take down this guy. It brings up the question, does this guy have any idea that she's Sailor Moon? Either way, he had to be stopped, but that a far cry from the situation she was in right now. The creep moved off Usagi and lifted her legs, slowly taking off her panties and rubbing her soft legs. This could've been her only shot at grabbing the knife as he was distracted at staring her white panties. Usagi shuffled her body to move her hands that were tied behind her bareback. Slowing getting closer and closer, freedom seeming possible. Hands inches away were then pushed away by the creep, realising what was going on. "I don't think so" he snapped then pushed the knife off the mattress leaving Usagi and the creep next to each other completely in the nude. A moment of dead silence, nothing but heavy breathing between the two. His dick, now fully erect was scooting ever closer to Usagi's pussy, His dick was slowly rocking the inside of her pussy still completely dry, trying to push his way through. Usagi could feel the dick tapping at her entrance, tears a plenty, thinking and hoping that something, anything would come to delay or stop the psycho laid on top of her. Her muffles trying to stop him, saying "no" and "please stop, I'll do anything". Suddenly, a pain shuttered throughout her body, he was inside her.

It didn't take long for the creep to start pound her sweet pussy, getting gradually wetter by the second. Each throb shook the body up and down, giving her increasing pain and a louder yelp. "Oh, d-d-o you l-like me pounding y-your tight pussy". He kept stuttering, shaking and moaning as much as Usagi who could hardly breave, tearing flooding her face like rivers, down her neck and even her breasts. He took out his dick and moved right up to her face and licked some of her tears. The creep wiped the rest of the tears that were still running and wiped his cock with it. He soon went back into his position and started at her again, now thrusting deeper and soon engulfing his whole cock inside her. Soon, blood began to pour down the pussy and leaving a puddle on the mattress. The creep took his cock out and pulled from the other side of the room some toilet roll, wiping the blood pool and her ripped pussy. At this point Usagi was already tired, she had enough and was ready for it to end. He came back aiming now and her anal hole, now more than ever rocking back and forth, fighting against her binds in fear. She once heard a story of a boyfriend and girlfriend who ended their relationship because the boyfriend badly wanted anal. The girlfriend was one of Usagi's friends and was never the same and she was forced into it. This has stuck with Usagi since and made you use every last bit of energy she had to push the creepy off. She made her muffled words as clear as possible, "don't do anal, please!" She cried out, he didn't listen and was ready to pin her back against the wall and have fun. But hesitation began to sit in, he couldn't look at Usagi as she gave him the look of desperation and continued muffles. He took a second to think it over. She then found herself on top of him in a cowgirl position with his dick in her pussy. It was the absolute bare minimum of decency, but it was something

The creeps dick continualness kept throbbing inside the damsel, leaving her stuck in shock and her wet pussy in agony. "Okay, it's about time I give you a special cream pie" Usagi was once again freaking out but this time it was vain. "I'm gonna, gonna, cum, USAGI!" she tried to push his cock out, trying to shake herself away from it but it was no use, she was too tired, and this creep was not gonna waste his first time virgin creampie he was holding in for months. A massive white paste flew straight into her pussy leaving her in a disgusting state of embarrassment, being violated like this was torture to her. An hour passed with two more cream pies and plenty of breast fondling. He didn't do any able but laid her down on his lap then smacked her ass as hard as possible. One loud smack after another leaving her butt bruised and red. She was then left on the mattress while the creep was seen letting out his last squirts on her tits. "You were fun, you were worth the pain to get you, now its time to gather the others, the best has yet to come". He left, locking the door behind him after taking his and her clothes, leaving her bare naked with nothing but leftover rags. She couldn't even comprehend what had just happened. But what did he mean by the others, is their more girls in this place? All she could do for now is rest, until she remembered the knife. It was kicked to the side, but it was still there. She moved her body, still in utter pain from what just transpired. She used her hands to slowly cut herself free. Finally getting out of those ropes and that awful ball gag which felt like was stuck to her with glue. She was free from her bind but was still locked inside the room, but she now had an advantage, now she just needed to think of her next strategy to get out of here, and that knife could come in handy.