Footsteps could be heard from a distance, light was non-existent, and the air was cold as ice. Mumbles could be heard nearby and that something was lurking in the room. Suddenly, the room lit up still leaving the edges of the room in darkness. Ami, Rai and Minako found themselves in chains with ball gags similar to the ones Usagi and Chibiusa had. They were all pale white, shivering and practically nude. They were down in the lower part of the building with only a staircase leading up where most of the light was showing. Struggling was heard from upstairs with two silhouettes fighting against each other going from top to bottom. "C'mon, get moving!" A voice was heard grabbing the other Sailor Guardians attention. It was Makoto with her hands tied behind her back, fighting off against Rake. Makoto was using all her strength, even headbutting him but it was no use. She was pushed down the rest of the stairs sounding off a loud bang and vibrated the ground. "You girls stay here for the night, I'll see you in the morning." Moans were heard from each of the girls except Makoto who was unconscious from what appeared to be a head injury.

Ami was closest to her but she was restricted by her chains, her hands ad legs stuck to the wall like everyone else. From the other side of the room, a door opened to real a tall dark-haired woman covered in black latex and a nice pair of breasts. A mischievous smirk was already on her red lips, her hair all neatly tied into a ponytail and her face covered in make up. She licked her lips and walked with the pounding of loud high heels over to Makoto's corpus and grabs her hair, lifting the young woman's broozed face with drops of blood making everyone scream in concern. "Wow, you all are quite young, these men should know better than to take advantage of girls so young, but then again, I'm no better". She dragged Makoto's body across the floor, who was still unconscious and lifeless, continuing now to get scratches and dirt all over from the floor. The woman found a nearby bucket full of water, dirty and used to clean all the spiderwebs and dust. She dunked Makoto's head all the way in, pushing it down to the far bottom. Bubbles started to arise, the others starting to freak out over the possibility of their friend drowning. A whoosh of water was spilt, Makoto at last awoken and coughing up a mix of water and blood. Her hands were still tied behind her and she couldn't stand right. She had no way to defend herself, no energy or any plan to get away, not even a way to attack the woman who just tried to drown her.

"Listen to me girls, for now you may call me Mistress and for tonight you are my sex slaves. I'm going to train you young girls to be obedient woman. Any attempt to escape or get the better of me will result in extreme punishment. I hope we can cooperate and maybe even have some fun." She grabbed Makoto and pushed her into the room that the Mistress came from. She had her first true act of fun, kicking her hard in the ass with her heel. The other Guardians watched her in fear, Makoto watched from the open door in the other room, laid down and catching her breath. Mistress walked over to a shelve and grabbed a handful of devices then walked right in the centre of the room where the most light was showing. "I'm guessing you girls have seen one of these before" showing off an abundance of small vibrators. "These beautiful things give you the sweetest of orgasms, but only if I give you permission to do so." She walked to the other side of the room with some more hand-picked goodies. "These are some massive self-squirting dildos, and these are some clampers for those wonderful breasts of yours." It was obvious that the only one turned on by all of this was the Mistress, itching at her pussy and desperate to get the show started. She used duct tape to keep the vibrators in. Ami kept her cool, keeping her eyes away from Mistress and using her mind to think of escape strategy's. Rei was clearly pissed, keeping dead still and staring straight into her mistresses' eyes, her fists clenched and whole body leaning forward. Minako was feisty, shaking her whole body to try and get herself free, pushing herself aimlessly and fighting herself against her predicament. She wouldn't let Mistress tape on the vibrator, which both excited and annoyed her. She slapped Minako leaving her shocked and a red handed brooze on face, the pain was too much, she started to break down and cry.

She went into her room leaving the other with nothing but vibrators which while were only on the lowest settings were enough for them to start panting. They tried communicating with each other but only buzzing could be heard, it was starting to take over their minds. Those girls who had yet to orgasm or even experiment with their pussies were feeling dark and hormonic emotions for the first time even if they didn't want to admit it. Meanwhile, Makoto was left alone in the room with Mistress, she was tied to the floor with her knees and handed planted down. They both remained silent, then Mistress pulled down her underwear revealing a sexy young butt with a mark left by Mistresses heel. She flung her whip straight at Makoto forcing her to scream onto her ball gag. She was forced to take in one slash after another, increasing getting more painful as it went on. "You know, I kinda like you" Mistress blurted out. She dropped her whip and walked over to Makoto, taking out her ball gag. "What's your name?" asking out of curiosity, Mistress frowned at her waiting for an answer. "Kino Makoto" in a raspy voice, her throat dry and crisp. "Please let us go" she asked expecting this woman to have some kind of heart. Mistress then went for her whip, Makoto begging her, "please, don't hurt them, were only girls we haven't done anything". WHACK, her whole body was getting physically attacked as she was going through her own break down similar to Minakos. "Who the fuck do you think I'm talking too? You don't want me hurting your friends? Then watch this."

She went to the other room, the other guardians still suffering with the vibrators had them set to max freaking out their virgin pussies, making them wet and making their whole bodies shake. Mistresses whip began to attack Ami, followed by Rei and Minako giving them massive body scars where lines of blood began to drain out. Makoto was in shock, "please stop this, I'll do anything you want mistress. A twinkle in Mistresses eye appeared, now receiving the exact answer she wanted. "You want me to stop, then submit to me, say that your mine and only mine". Makoto didn't hesitate, "I'm yours mistress, I'm yours to be abused and used you wish." The thoughts of this send shivered down everybody's spines except mistress who gave out a soft moan, not trying to show weakness to her slaves, struggling to hide her sexual desires. "Now that's a good girl, everybody should use Makoto as their example on how to behave. In fact, I should just be calling you slave, it sounds less humane but has a nicer ring to it. I have a nice surprise for you girls, but for now, you have permission to cum." Ami, Rei and Minako still had vibrators in their pussies that were at the highest possible settings. Their moans ever growing. Getting louder and more lewd, as bad as it was, they had no choice but to give in to the pleasure. They would sneak peaks of each other. Ami couldn't help but look and Rei's boobs peaking towards the light, nearly exposed showing off her youthful skin and tits rock hard from the cold air. She could see herself making out with her, at least in her fantasies. Rei couldn't think of anyone else but Mamoru, one of her major crushes, too bad Usagi snatched him up for herself. Still it was nice to dream up having her first time when in a dire situation like being kidnapped by some psycho. Minako had daydreams of her being in bondage. A better situation where she was lying on her bed, pleasuring herself rather than being tied up in chains in some random dungeon. They were getting increasingly more excited, pussy juice dripping down all of their legs and onto the hard floor.

In the other room. Mistress was making out with Makoto, squeezing her boobs and fingering her soaking wet pussy. They both pushed each other onto a small creaky single bed, stuck tightly onto each other with Mistress on top of her pushing her boobs right into Makoto's face. Mistress was clearly blushing, taking great pleasure into touching another woman's body. She quickly pressed her tongue onto Makotos skin from her breasts down onto her virgin cherry. Panting could be heard from both, sweat coming from each, soaking it into each other. Her first time being licked by someone was some stranger she just met and was being forced onto her to save the people she cared about. It reminded her of how this all started. She was looking for Usagi, she left her notebook at Rei's shrine when suddenly she was grabbed by some creepy men and pushed into a van with all the other Guardians. She immediately tried to transform into Sailor Jupiter but was attacked mid transformation by a stun gun, leaving her defeated and her Sailor power stick stolen off her along with the others. They were then knocked out and Makoto found herself in Rakes bedroom being punched repeatedly. He originally planned to rape her but had other matters to get to, so she was thrown away with the rest of the Guardians. Now she was stuck as her Mistresses fuck buddy. "Now before we go all out, I have something to deal with first." Makoto found herself tied to the bed using a cheap pair of handcuffs. "Where are you going Mistresses, you better not hurt them…" She ignored her pleas and left with the door shut. This was a good chance to escape, the only problem is that the only key for the cuffs is with Mistress, it was still tough to break free from them and then figure out how to escape the building.

She stopped after hearing Mistresses footsteps from the other room. "Now slave, I have a job for you." It's words that would freak out anyone in that kind of predicament. It was only a costume change however, Makoto was stripped and made to wear a latex suit similar to her master. It was all red and had a zip going along where her pussy and boobs were, making it more convenient for Mistress to access. "What did you do while you were gone?" She asked almost hesitating in case she was punished for speaking out loud without permission. "Why don't you see for yourself?" They both made their way to the door to find the other Guardians being fucked by dildos. "These are high quality true to life dildos. The best part is the automatic cum timer, every 20 minutes the dildo goes frantic and shoots out manly goo. Your supposed to use some fake stuff but I like to use real man sperm I keep in these jars. That way I have the satisfaction of them getting pregnant, growing the baby of some random guy. The best part is that pregnation is almost a 100% guarantee, the girls are due for their first creampie in five minutes. How does that sound? I think that would be something I could arrange for you Makoto, the client wouldn't need to know, it'd be our little secret." At this point everyone knew, Mistress had lost it. She was giggling to herself and had her body front and center of Makoto, it was clear that there was affection coming off Mistress, like a creepy stalker. Makoto however couldn't stand for this anymore. She didn't want to see her friends become pregnant and have to go through abortion, on top of being sold off as sex slaves to some creep. She took a stand, fighting off against her master, pushing against her and using every bit of her body strength to fight back. Beeps were coming from the dildos which were mercilessly pounding virgin pussies as the action was continuing. The beeping indicated that two minutes were left until creampie time giving Makoto a real sense of urgency. She shoved Mistress into the other room and placed the handcuffs onto her, locking her into place and leaving herself useless. "Makoto, wait! Let's talk about this, I seriously can't let you go, I'd get into a lot of trouble for this!" Her pleas were ignored as Makoto rushed into the other room to take the dildos out.

It wasn't as easy as it seemed, they were taped in using multiple layers of duct tape keeping their pussies tightly shut. Beeps were getting louder, one minute remained. Minako's was removed first and thrown to the ground, still vibrating with pre-cum dripping out the dildo. Rei was next, 30 seconds remained, the tape was pulled roughly leaving her pussy in itchy pain. Minako was too weak to help still stuck in her restraints and getting over being fucked by that long and hard dildo. Only a few seconds remained to remove Ami's toy, tension was through the roof and time was on the essence. Five, four, three, two, one…Makoto with hardly a second to spear, pulls out Ami's dildo but gets covered in cum in the process. It gets over her latex suit but thankfully not you know where. Now, it was time to free everyone from their chains. "Is everyone okay? No ones too injured now?" She ended up getting the biggest hug from the other three girls. "We were so worried about you Makoto" Ami cried. "You really held out on your own there" Rei stated. "Thanks for saving us from that evil witch, and that dildo" Minako pointed out. They were a bit sticky from hugging Makoto and now had cum on their clothes, but at least they had a chance to escape. Ami lead the others up the stair to the rest of the building leaving Makoto still standing, walking towards the room where Mistress still laid struggling. "Please let me go, I'll be good, promise. I want your pussy, your sexy young body, I'll treat you good". Makoto gave her a dead glare, grabbed a dildo and ripped a hole in her latex sit where her pussy is. Then stuck it in on the highest settings, lastly tying Mistress properly so that she couldn't escape along with her original ball gag. Makoto left the room, switching off the lights then headed back up the stairs to catch up with the others. "We need to find Usagi, where's Makoto?" She pops behind them as they begin looking around. "Here I am, just needed to take care of something, come on, let's go."