My darlings,

I decided to leave this note for my readers, in case some of you worry and ask yourselves from time to time, 'I wonder what kkolmakov is up to these days?' (Or alternatively 'oh dear, is she dead?' (I myself was once in a situation when an author just disappeared, and I kept wondering, and then it turned out they'd passed away, and it still haunts me)).

As you probably noticed, I haven't been updating since November, and although sometimes my thoughts go to Thorin and my other characters, I don't think I'll be able to go back to writing FF for some time (I'll explain in the next paragraph, but feel free to skip it, if it's TMI). I still write my independent romance and my cosy mysteries on Wattpad, though, and I would LOVE to see some of you there. It's Wattpad dot com, reading there is just as free as here, and my nick there is kkolmakov (Katya Kolmakov). I'm writing modern, frothy romance these days, reminiscent of the style of some of my old FF - and I hope some of you will follow me there! Some of my male protagonists are basically a tall Thorin :) and I miss seeing you, guys, comment on my writing! Come, have fun with me!

Basically, I thought I'd tell you, I'm alive, but not quite well. But I think none of us are these days, heh? I've been struggling with mental health issues for years, and 2020 (and now 2021) is difficult even for the well-adjusted among us. As a front-line worker (I work in an infant room in a daycare) I've gone through quite a difficult time during the quarantine, especially when we had a cluster of cases in our centre. I'm currently faced with some health issues, which are still in the process of being diagnosed. I had cancer fourteen years ago, and hospitals freak me out, but I'm managing the stress of waiting for test results by writing my romance (the surname of the male protagonist is Holyoake, and he's dark, blue-eyed, and brooding *wink wink*) I think at this stage I just reached that burn-out everyone's talking about. Being at school at the same time isn't helping. I'm not complaining, I know that MANY people have it times worse, but I thought I'd explain why I've been absent.

One day, I'm hoping I'll be back on this page again - but for now, I wish you all well! Stay safe, stay healthy, say hi to me on Wattpad!

Love you all ardently,

K. xx

P.S. Each one of you, who's ever read and commented and sent me a message, has been my SAVIOUR in the dark and happy times in my life! I don't think any of those who read but don't write understand how much joy interactions with readers bring us! Knowing that we're read and that our writing makes even the smallest difference to another human being (brings a smile on their face, lightens their day, or just a minute on their long commute, distracts them from their own troubles, etc.) is the BEST thing that can happen to a writer! I truly, truly love every single one of you!