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Chapter 1



Watching Bella interact with her parents, it's like something out of a movie.

No matter how hard I try, I can't look away.

Seeing her actually let her guard down for once and smile with happy tears in her eyes… the relief on her face... she's been missing them, but admitting that out loud would show weakness and that would go against the grain.

I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like for her, growing up the way she did on the road.

Always having them nearby, but at the same time being given the opportunity to find her independence so she'd learn to take sh!t from no one very early on.

The fact that her dad is Charlie Swan, well that just happens to be an unbelievable perk to her existence.

The man is beyond legend on the road and given the chance, I'm determined to make a good first impression.

If I get to pick his brain for even three minutes tonight I'll consider it a win and be able to die a happy man.

Bella catches me starring in their direction but before I can look away she signals for me to come over and join them.

I honest to God can't get over how unbelievably sexy she is, or that she's single.

Even just standing there in a tattered t-shirt and ripped jeans with her arms crossed and a slightly annoyed look on her makeup-less face... she's still flawless and every man on this crew is well aware of that fact.

They actually talk about it often whenever she's not around to smack them upside the head over it.

As soon as I reach them her dad extends his arm and shakes my hand hard.

I match his grip and keep my eyes set on his during our casual introductions but I can sense Bella's unease almost instantly.

It takes everything in me to not smile her way.

There's just something about her nervousness when she's around me and we're not screaming at each other...

Before I can stop myself, I decide to poke the fire a little by calling her a kid, knowing full well it'll annoy the hell out of her.

When Mr. Swan invites me over to their place for an exchange of stories involving his daughter, Bella looks as if she's about to choke on her own saliva.

This makes me smile even more but I'm quick to wipe it clean from my face.

I might not be able to touch without getting burnt and then losing my job, but there's no harm in dancing by the flames a little... if for no other reason but to find out what makes Ms. Birdie tick.