Authors: bloodredcherry and Raven

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AN: More silly and insane fluff! Yeah the storie's unplausible (is that a word?) but oh well! It's just for a bit of fun, and yes…pretend Jasper, AB Canada is relatively close to Nevada!


Keywords: fluff + a bit of romance + a camping trip = much hilarity ensuing! (hopefully).

Summary: Our favourite CSI team, decide to go camping in the great Canadian outdoors!


Greg was the last one to pile into the large black SUV just as the gang was pulling out of the CSI parking lot.

"Common Greg, we have to get a move on."

Grumbling Greg ran a hand through his hair, "Too early for moving fast…"

Raising a fine plucked eyebrow Catherine shook her head while holding onto a piping hot cup of coffee, "It's not that bad Greg."

But at that point it was too late, Greg was already fast asleep using his fluorescent colored blazer as a pillow against the vehicle window.

Looking away from his crumpled figure she smiled, infused with coffee goodness, "Who's up for some fun car games guys???!?!" Catherine yelled.

Everyone looked at her and blinked, she cleared her throat, "all righty then."

The drive was long and ever so boring and colorful as Catherine found it necessary to fill their ride with childish games and loud laughing… eventually Sara took away her beverage of coffee where in which without her substance Catherine promptly passed out and the SUV filled with joyous joy.

Warrick, Sarah, Grissom, Greg, Catherine, and Nick were going on a camping trip to the place in the wilderness, the best place in the world… Canada where the buffalo roam… good ol'e Jasper park. It was Grissom's idea, 'the bugs are interesting up north!' he said and eventually it turned into a giant all expenses paid for field trip all thanks to Grissom's quick witty thinking.

TBC of course!

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