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P.O.V changes


I don't know how it happened but it did. One day I was doing… something and then next I was waking up here as a toddler. I don't remember the last part of my previous life. I also don't know what happened. Usually, the person who is killed, gets reincarnated, right?

I'm not quite sure how I died or even if I died. Was it a car accident? Perhaps! Or something else, I don't know. In any case, one minute I have a heartbeat and I'm on… my home planet, the next is pure blank and then I'm in this world waking up as a toddler.

Maybe I died. Maybe I didn't. I don't think about it anymore.

Whatever puppet master that brought me here has chosen to remain quiet on the matter. Even now my head starts to hurt every time I think about it. I suspect it is a warning from the being that brought me here. Although to be perfectly honest, I stopped caring a long time ago.

Well anyway during my 1st day of consciousness, I thought there must be a glitch in the process as I remembered my previous life. Weren't our minds wiped out before our rebirth? It is then, my head suddenly starts hurting like a bitch and I lost consciousness.

Next time I woke up, to find an old man hovering before me. I had woken up in a hut, head wrapped in bandages and an old man overjoyed to see me awake. God that sounds creepy even while thinking.

He wore a….. I didn't know what it was called so I named them robes. It was a mixture of orange and green robes, which consisted of a sleeveless orange jacket over a long-sleeved black shirt. He also wore a green hat. The most memorable thing was his bushy gray mustache which was comically big for his face, particularly by his small dark eyes. I heard a voice beside me and looked there to find a toddler of my age. The only memorable thing about him was his ridiculous haircut and tail peeking out of his bottom.

My mind froze.

I looked again to confirm.

Yes, there was, in fact, a tail peeking out from his bottom. I checked his hair, my surroundings. Yup, I was in some type of hut.

A dread formed in my pit and before I could even think about that… I blacked out again.

The next time I woke up, I spent the day in silence, not wanting to get in trouble for speaking something I didn't have to speak. I would just smile whenever Gohan would talk to me. He was a man who looked to be in his fifties. Instead of white hair, he still had grey hair. I suspected all the trouble Goku caught up in canon made his hair white. His height wasn't anything special. By my estimate, he wasn't over 5'4. Still, I knew he was one of the best martial artists on earth bar Master Roshi.

I was also on bed rest so I didn't get to go out and check out much of my surroundings.

But at the end of the day, I was sure I was reincarnated in the Dragon Ball universe. This was seriously not a hoax, nor was this hallucination. For one – I don't do drugs. And second - They don't last that long even if someone had drugged me, I think.

To further confirm this I took hold of the tail on my back and pressed. Suddenly all energy left me and I was on the verge of passing out. My head also hurt from that.

'Well that confirmed this' I thought. The same thing happened to Goku who was lying beside me. Well, he also started to cry but it was to be expected as he was still a toddler. His head was also covered in bandages like me.

I don't know why I was still so calm? I should be panicking but I wasn't. One part of my mind was sad and wanted to cry for taking me away from my home, family but a larger part of my mind was excited to be in this universe, leaving behind my boring dull life, getting strong, and facing strong opponents.

Maybe it was the Saiyan part of my mind but whatever…..

Still, it was quite cool. I decided to wait my days here, learn everything from Gohan, and wait for the canon. All I knew was that this was another chance at life, and I was determined to make the most of it. Moreover, who doesn't want to do cool shit? I sure do.

I suspected that the coma from the head injury was when original Goku's brother and my souls were switched. That thought kept me humble: something had just lifted out his soul and replaced it with mine.

'Maybe it was Zeno or his father' I mused but to my mind, it looked like the work of some kind of R.O.B.

Whatever R.O.B or some god had set this up; some Power that had decided the story should go differently.

I had no intention of pissing it off. Whatever it's reasons for having me take the Saiyan's place armed with foreknowledge of canon, I would give it one hell of a show. I settled into my second life easily enough.

Any 'personality changes' were explained away by the head injury, the same as Goku. I spent a few quiet weeks in bed while the gash in my skull scabbed over, with kindly old Gohan hovering over me with all the love of a grandparent for their blood grandchild. It was really very sweet, how much this hermit cared for the alien boys he'd found in the woods. I eagerly got to know him and was soon reciprocating his love without having to fake it at all.

In those few weeks, I also learned the language. Goku didn't 'forget' the language as he was already speaking some of it. I had to work hard to catch up. Still, he took a lot more time than me to 'fully' learn it with proper grammar. The language sounded Japanese though I wasn't sure as I didn't know any Japanese other than a few words, I learned over time, watching anime in my previous life.

In the next year, I also learned to write the language while Goku still struggles to do it to this date. I suspect it is because he had ADHD.

Anyway, I mainly wanted to learn to write the language because I didn't want to forget the plot. I needed some excuse for getting paper and a pen. I couldn't just ask him as it would have been suspicious. I always recited everything from the canon every night before sleeping so that I don't forget it. It was after all my ticket to godhood.

Just as I got my first copy and pen, I wrote everything I could remember of Dragon ball. It was written in both Hindi and English. I didn't think anyone would be able to crack the language but I couldn't take a chance. Bulma was able to create a Time machine after all and Dr. Briefs was said to be smarter than her.

Anyways adapting to the body of a three-year-old with a tail was no more difficult than adapting to having a body, period. It felt as natural as anything had ever been. It seemed that Goku was right and my fifth appendage was really handy for washing my back during a bath. Or to grab tree branches while swinging from branch to branch like a monkey or for any other thing.

I made sure to use my tail every day in every type of work. After all, I didn't want to leave it as a weakness like Goku. In fact, I wanted my tail to be as strong as my arms. I distinctly remember Frieza and Cell using their tails to choke their opponent. I loved that move! If they could do it then I sure could though the size of my tail would be a problem. Still, it was very useful. In fact, I remembered that Raditz even K.O Krillin in a single tail stroke.

When the day came that Grandpa Gohan undid my bandages and was satisfied I was healed, my training began. I had been bugging my caretaker to train me in Martial Arts, 2 weeks after I woke up. I explained that it away as a desire to be 'cool' like my grandpa, but the truth was more to do with the survival.

My power level, if I recalled correctly, was probably a measly 5 to 10. Frieza on the other hand, at full power, was 120 million. While never measured, Beerus was strong enough to kick Frieza's ass with his little finger. For my own purposes, I'd assume the God of Destruction was worth at least a trillion of Frieza, which would put him in the range of 120,000,000 trillion or more. And the Angels like Whis were at a level beyond even that.

The gist of it was – I was currently a speck of dust compared to them. I hadn't exactly been given instructions, but I knew this: I did NOT want to die again. Whether I'd go to the Other World or the limbo, I didn't know. But I was determined to never find out. So, the simplest way to stay alive would be to become the biggest fish in the pond. I had a long, LONG way to go, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, right?

Thankfully I had the body of a Saiyan which would definitely help me. If I was reborn as a Human, my survival chance would have gotten very low. I would have to say goodbye to my godhood too.

My first step was learning martial arts from Grandpa Gohan. I don't know whether it was some style or not as I didn't know a thing about martial arts.

So, I trained exactly as he said. I learned how to throw a punch and a kick. I learned how to block efficiently. I learned how to push my body to the limits and then go even further. I learned to hunt, and track, and live off the land. Grandpa Gohan taught me well. We spared frequently, as much for fun as for training. He didn't teach me the Kame style but I wasn't in any hurry to learn it. Moreover, I wanted to find my own path rather than follow Goku's.

As much as he taught me how to fight, he also taught me to be at peace. I had to meditate for hours at a time, which I put up much less of a fuss to than your average kid would do. Goku fussed all the time. He wasn't one of the patience and sitting types. But Gohan still kept him at it. During these times where I emptied my mind and tried to be at one with the universe, I began to feel the first stirrings of what I assumed were KI inside me.

I'd yet to manifest it then, but I assumed it would come eventually so long as I kept at it. And it did come to me when I was some 8-9 years old. I suspect it was due to my anger and frustration.

The years passed, with my days filled with training and mountain life shenanigans. Goku was quite a cool kid. Well, I liked him because he listened to my every word and followed my orders. But the little bastard always made a mess of the things which I had to clean up.

Gohan was quite cool too. Living with them was like living in a camp, due to the constant number of outdoor things we did. We lived off the land with little to no electronics. But little by little that novelty wore off. I was always bored. Sure, I could do a lot of cool stuff at the age where children do not leave their parents' shadow but it was getting repetitive. To pass the time I started reading the collection of the books that Gohan had but they were boring. They weren't any novels. They were on philosophy, ugh.

Although my training kept me far too much busy, I still found some time to read those books. After all, I didn't want to lose my reading skills and be like Goku.

Still, I missed the gadgets, the internet, and other things. Initially, I missed them all the time but after some years, not that much to go back to my boring old Self with no fun. Having superpowers was always greater than some lame gadgets and the internet. Oh, who am I kidding! I wanted both in my life. I was greedy like that.

I trained very hard to get strong before the canon, unlike Goku who was more interested in…..being a child. I can't fault him for that. He was a child. Initially, I was even weaker than him. I suspected it was because my mind is not malleable as a child's and I don't get the concept that easily. Still, after a time, I eventually reached his level and surpassed him.

Grandpa Gohan was a mixture of pride and concern at my work ethic. He watched me train until I pass out and just laugh it off. He was filled with as much worry as admiration.

When he would ask for the reason why I trained so hard, I would just smile and say "I want to be the best that I can be. How can I be if I don't go looking for it?" And he would smile and shake his head and caution me to not push myself too far. I would feel a little guilty and back off for a little while before again doing it anyway.

Even then I didn't get any Zenkai. Frankly, I was frustrated by it. I suspected it was only granted during or after some life-threatening battle. After a while, I just stopped trying to get Zenkai and just continue to train the old fashioned method.

After all, I couldn't find mySelf in me to hurt me as Vegeta did at Namek. Moreover, I didn't have a walking Senzu bean with me.

He also taught us to fight with a Bo staff. I wasn't that good with the staff, just passable. Goku, on the other hand, was natural in using the staff. So when he gave the Power pole to Goku, I wasn't jealous…Okay, I was a little jealous but not much. I knew the weapons are needed in the initial stage and after a while, no weapon would be able to pierce my skin.

The power pole was just like in canon – Red in color and strong as fuck. I remember it could even destroy steel-based weapons. The first time, I saw it extend, I was awestruck. Seeing it in an anime is totally different than seeing it in real life. I was sure that magic was a factor used when that weapon was made but didn't look much into it.

Coming back to training – Grandpa also taught us sensing other people's life force. I was quite good at this. I was actually better than Goku from the start. In fact, I was so good at this that I also started sensing people's emotions although I didn't tell anybody about it. I suspected that if I trained it further, I would be able to use it to read someone else's mind like Roshi and Goku.

I also started to master my other senses. When I asked Gohan about fighting in the dark, he started training us for that. Gohan's training really helped me in mastering my senses. He trained me to use my nose and ears to full potential. I already had a sensitive nose and ears, to begin with, so his training really paid off. I could easily control my sensitive nose and ears.

Goku could also do whatever I could but only smaller. Like, I could hear up to double the distance than Goku could. My nose could smell more things easily and even differentiate between them.

He also taught us to calculate time and direction by watching the sun, moon, and stars position in the sky. I could now easily navigate without any GPS. How cool is that?

Gohan also beat my skull about my habit to sleep until noon. I had to wake up with the sun and sleep before it set off. That thing really irked me in the beginning. I really liked my sleep far too much. Still, over time I began to follow his advice. And it was good advice too. By his way, I could feel more energy. And my sleeping time also increased from 10 hours to 12 hours.

The sleep was necessary after all the work we did in the day.

By the time the moon usually came up we were always asleep. Moreover, Goku was a heavy sleeper so there was no way he could go in Oozaru form. Still knowing Goku crushed Gohan to death when he looked at the moon when one day he got up to piss; I remained vigilant on every full moon night. Obviously, I didn't look at the moon fearing I would lose control too.

Still, Gohan already knew that we could transform by looking at the moon so he advised against looking at the moon to us both just after a month of my arrival. Well, he actually warned off not to go out at the night but I understood his intentions. Maybe we transformed in our early years and Gohan learned that the hard way. Either way, I easily agreed.

One day I was sleeping when I heard the sound of the opening of the door. I looked in that direction waking up instantly. I rushed there to find Goku walking away from the door. Knowing it could be the day that Goku loses control in the form of Oozaru. I panicked and cut his tail off. He passed out from the pain. I then remembered that it wasn't even the moon night. I felt really embarrassed about it.

I then got an idea. I cut my tail off knowing it would be safe that way. Moreover, it would grow up later. This way I could sleep easily and without any worry. It sure hurt for a second but it was a lot better option. Even then I could feel I was a little weaker without my tail. It only hurt me a little because I had been training it quite a bit. I would always use my tail wherever I could. I also trained it by pitting against the logs and then boulders. After all this time, I could easily destroy a boulder with my tail. I wanted to train my tail to destroy steel next but, I didn't have the material for that. Still, I was satisfied with the progress.

The next day Goku woke up to find his tail gone and his balance off, the same as me. He cried a little but some encouraging words from Gohan were more than enough to stop his tears. I also acted distraughtly but I didn't cry like a pussy. I kept this secret to myself. Gohan didn't know if this was natural or not – tails disappearing suddenly. Anyways he didn't say anything to me at all.

I knew I would change the timeline if I saved Grandpa Gohan but I realized in my toddling years that my presence alone would change the timeline. I just hoped that I didn't cause the destruction of this universe due to that. Goku easily grew another tail in 2 and a half years. I spent those full moon nights of 2 and half years in blissful sleep without any worry.

When our tails grew up another time, I cut them off too. What? I liked my sleep far too much. Sure, I wasn't able to train my tail but still, it was a better deal than not sleeping.

Next time it took only 2 years to grow them back. It was a mistake I didn't expect and that mistake cost me dearly.

The universe or it seems fate was set to be in the same motion as one day I went to the town, feeling okay to leave them behind. I went to buy some clothes and shoes instead of Gohan as he was feeling a little under the weather. Grandpa trusted my maturity enough to let me travel alone. Seriously, there is no concept like child labor or something in this world. When I proposed my idea to Gohan, I thought he wouldn't agree but he agreed immediately.

Our tails weren't back so I also went away without any worry. There were still 6 months left until our tails grow back or so I thought.

But fate, it seems had other plans. Like in canon Goku changed into his Oozaru form and crushed Grandpa Gohan to death. I also had some worries that it might happen as my tail also grew at the same time so I completed my work and went back as fast as possible. But it was all for naught.

By the time I came around Goku had already cremated Grandpa Gohan or what was left of him anyway. The house was totally broken. Actually, there was no house at all. Last one and a half year, we both have lived in a shack, we made, as we both didn't have any construction experience. At least we salvaged some items from the mess. I also didn't make an effort in constructing a proper house as I knew we wouldn't live in it much.

I was very angry at Goku but seeing his innocent tear-filled eyes, my anger evaporated. All that left was Guilt and Self-loathing. I cursed fate and the universe for taking away Grandpa. I even considered looking for Dragon balls but without Radar, it was like finding a needle in a haystack. Sure I knew where they were but I didn't know the exact location. In the end, I decided to wait for Bulma.

But then I remembered that Dragon balls wouldn't be able to resurrect him after 1 year. I knew then and there that Grandpa wasn't coming back. Moreover, I don't think Grandpa would want to come back like in canon. Still, I took the solace that at least I increased some of his life. Also to be safe I cut Goku's tail but I didn't cut mine. Goku was a little surprised that this time my tail didn't 'run away' but he didn't make much fuss about it.

Knowing that grandpa was truly dead, I decided to master my Oozaru form. I didn't want Goku to lose control and kill someone in the future again. If I could control the form, I could match Goku at least whenever he loses control. I didn't say this to Goku as I didn't want him to think that he was responsible for Gohan's death although in a way he was. I also decided to tell him when he is a little more mature.

On every moon night which was every 20 days on this earth, I would sneak out after bedtime when Goku was asleep. I would wander about 20 miles into the forest until I found a clearing I decided to use. I still remember the first night I decided to do that.


Once Goku was asleep I got out of the futon and exit the shack. Once I was out, I sped up in the direction of the forest down the mountain. I ran for about an hour before I found a place. I actually found it while I was hunting. It was perfect. The clearing was quite big, the size of the football ground with some trees surrounding it. The forest was not within a few miles. That way I wouldn't destroy a forest in my training even if I lost control.

Once there, I meditated for a good hour, trying to become as serene as possible. When I was ready, and my eyes still closed, I looked up.

I could FEEL the moonlight on my lids. My tail got all tingly, and goosebumps popped up on my flesh. Somewhere deep inside me, I felt a beast begin to stir. I knew I was taking a risk by doing this. But the Oozaru form was just too damn useful and underappreciated. Better to work on it when I was a pipsqueak and relatively harmless even with a 10x power boost than later when I'd be at risk of blowing up the planet.

I definitely wasn't planning on having my tail removed as Goku did on the order of Kami.

With great hesitancy and fighting to keep myself as calm and relaxed as possible, I opened my eyes a crack.

Have you ever been angry? Really, truly angry, seeing red blood pounding in your veins, hearing a ringing high frequency that is just damn irritable. The kind of angry that feeds on itself, taking over every neuron in your brain, until nothing matters but acting on that anger? Combine that with the hazy, liberating buzz of being drunk, and you might come close to how it felt for a Saiyan to look at the full moon.

I had a split second of clarity and quickly closed my eyes.

My canines felt too big for my mouth and I had hair in places that it shouldn't be. As seconds passed and I resisted the temptation to just let go and open my eyes, I felt my body return to normal, reverting to its ordinary pre-teen form.

'Right... Well, that was something' I thought.

I was breathing really hard from that. It honestly scared me, the power of the reactions that little dose of Blitz waves evoked from me.

'But if a hothead like Vegeta could control it, I sure as would' I mused. With that, I started again. I snuck glimpses until dawn, meditating after each one and lasting just a little longer before I panicked and closed my eyes before losing control. Exhausted, I made my way back to the hut to see Goku was up and running.

Goku didn't even bat an eye. He didn't ask me where I was gone in the early morning. Really he was quite dense. I was sure he didn't know I snuck out last night. I slept till evening that day. It really changed my internal clock but after a few days, it returned to normal.

Flashback ends

Just 6 months before, I could safely and sanely transform into a giant ape creature after working damn hard. There were a couple of near-misses, but I managed to keep my head and stay in control each time. So, all in all, it took me a year or you could say 18 nights (as the moon cycle around every 20 days) to master the Oozaru form.

And what a form it was. I measured my height and it enlarged to 10 times my normal height (more than 40 feet at that time). I could feel powers thrumming under my skin wanting to be let out. So I also started to control my strength and speed in that form. I didn't want to kill someone accidentally. After a night I trained to control my power, strength, and speed. After 6 months of practice, I could say I have been successful in that regard. I could even perform martial arts while in the Oozaru form.

When turning into the Oozaru felt no different than being a Saiyan, I also started working on transforming back despite the pull of the moon. I was marginally successful in that regard as I was able to decrease my height to being 9 times instead of 10 times.

I even tried to transform outside the full moon. But it was damn near impossible. I knew I needed the Blitz rays to trigger the Oozaru form. But it only triggered what was already there in my body, right? If I train I could definitely turn to that form without the help of the moon.

I also started the training to turn to Oozaru on nights before and after the full moon. Those 3 nights' training totally screwed my sleeping schedule. Still, after 2 months, it was back to normal. I was quite successful in that. I could easily transform on the night before and after full moon night.

I then tried to see if I could transform 2 nights before and after the full moon. I couldn't do it. But I continued to try and I was successful. In fact, I did that on the last full moon night. And this way I would try until I totally master the Oozaru form on all nights. It was better this way to master it step by step than to try it unsuccessfully in a day.

I wanted to completely master the form. It was the same principle as Super Saiyan Full Power, right? When I could look at the full moon and not even change a hair, when I could transform in broad daylight and keep my power level/mind as calm and still as a pond, only then I would have mastered the Oozaru form.

I had plans to be this exact and thorough for EVERY transformation. That was one of the things I didn't like about the original Goku. He never repeated what he did with the original Super Saiyan transformation for Super Saiyan 2 or 3 or God or Blue. And speaking of Blue, if it were possible to combine the Super Saiyan and the God transformations, why not Super Saiyan and Oozaru? Oozaru and God, All three at once;

I was going to find transformations that no one in the canon had even imagined, and I was going to work at them tirelessly until they were as easy and effortless as blinking.

I trained constantly as if the fate of the world, the galaxy, all twelve Universes depended on me because they kind of did. Or they would, at some point in the future provided I didn't change too many things, and probably even if I did. I couldn't depend on Goku solving all the problems.

I worked as if Cell would arrive the next day. When I was exhausted and wanted to quit, I'd picture Zen-Oh's smiling face as he wiped an entire Universe, trillions of lives, out of existence. Damn it, I would kick Frieza's ass in my base form if I had my way. I think it was my way to cope up with Grandpa's death.

It didn't mean that I didn't have fun. I made sure to have some fun outside the training. I knew if I just train and train then my mind and body would just break. I made sure to rest my body 3 days every month, usually after the nights of training to master the Oozaru form.

As Gohan wasn't there to continue our training for mastering our senses, I started training on my own. As Goku and I already mastered my ears and nose, it was time for the eyes. The problem was, I didn't know how to train them so I just winged it. I started hunting during the night. I also sparred with Goku once the sunsets every day.

Initially, we stumbled a lot but we were still successful. We both could easily see in the dark now due to the training. If the adaptability of humans was good, it was nothing compared to the Saiyan.

And so life continued on until the canon came. Goku's tail grew back just a week before. I didn't cut his tail this time feeling the canon is coming and it sure did.


The same exact day that I, Goku, and Bulma were fated to meet up for the first time and began our adventure for the Dragon Balls as a trio, Krillin of the Orin Temple found himself awakening before even the crack of dawn could make itself known. Orin temple is located in the west part of 'East city'.

Upon opening his charcoal black colored eyes from what would be their final slumber in the bed that he had been gifted with as he trained in the temple.

The dwarfed monk immediately cast his vision upon the small, metallic alarm clock that quietly sat to himself on the wooden nightstand to the side of his bedstead. In nicely digitized, snow-white colored numerals, the time registered as three fifty-eight a.m.

'Good, he had awakened two minutes before his alarm could go off, although it had been set at the smallest of volumes. He would not have to risk awakening even a single one of his peers.

Disabling the alarm set upon his clock, Krillin instantly made note of the intensity of his 'Companions' snoring. A smile easing upon his face

'Great, it will not be for another hour or two before they awaken… more than enough time for me to eat breakfast and then set off on my journey. The last thing I need is to put up with their teasing and discouraging, not when the ancient Turtle Master is awaiting wherever it is he lives' The eleven-year-old Human found himself thinking.

He placed a sheet of cloth to hoist his necessary belongings for the journey at hand. Then he started preparing his luggage for the journey, entirely the necessities and nothing more than that. It would be a venture of hundreds of miles from the Orin Temple to his destination solely on foot. The isolated island where the legendary Turtle Master dwelled in solitude, and to say the very least – it would be for the best if he were to carry as little excess weight as possible.

The journey would take at the very least one… maybe 2 weeks by running, a month by walking at the absolute most and he'd have to pack enough supplies to satisfy his needs, but little enough to not slow him down whatsoever. Krillin neatly folded and packed an extra pair of clothing. He could easily wash out dirtied clothing in any river or creek that he'd come across in his adventuring, to go along with a few – let's just say 'definitely-not-so-holy' magazines from the 'Playlad' company's exotic display of… entertaining articles of browsing.

He'd most definitely need those, if not for his own entertainment than as a last resort to convince the martial arts master. He hadn't met a single man who could resist such articles of reading in all of his life.

"Two kilos of wheat, rice, and corn… a lighter to heat up any firewood or resources I find… hunter's knife just for preparing any quarry I might find… water canteen…" The soon-to-be-former Orin monk counted off as he found himself carrying on with continuing to check items off of his list as the time to the start of his journey winded down further and further as each one was placed onto the cloth.

Five bananas and ten mangos would certainly be enough to satisfy his appetite if there turned out to be times in which he could not find himself a good hunt or if he'd have a bad fishing day throughout the journey. The bald Krillin chuckled lightly to himself as he carefully tied the cloth containing the items of his journey in such a way that it made a portable, secure knapsack, making sure not to squash his fruit or damage any other items as he flung the newly created knapsack over his shoulder.

Yeah, young Krillin might have been significantly weaker than most of his fellow monks and the cause of their entertainment at the Orin Temple, but he was actually surprisingly strong, considering his own age and small size… so he had absolutely no sort of problem whatsoever with hoisting the heavy load over his shoulder and back.

Once, he was all set, he lifted the sack and started walking quietly. With determination in his steps, he exited his room and temple.


I saw the last part somewhere on the net, maybe even the fan fiction site. But I don't know it. It must have been a long time ago. It was sitting in my folder and I actually liked it enough to copy it here though I deleted the part of the Grandmaster of Orin temple. If the owner sees it and wants me to take it down, I will. Also, some parts of the chapter (about 600 words) are taken from Dragon Ball Redux. Great story that one other than being a little too fast.

This is the only chapter where about one-sixth of the chapter is taken from somewhere else. Everything after it has been written by yours truly.


Sometime around late 740: I woke up in this universe.

December 741: I went to a nearby village with Goku and Grandpa for the first time.

August 743: I cut Goku's tail by mistake. I cut mine too to avoid suspicion.

February 746: I cut both my and Goku's tail again when they grew up

February 748: I went to the village for 2 days. Goku and my tail grew up and Goku killed Gohan by losing control of the Oozaru form. I also started mastering my Oozaru form.

August 749: Goku's tail grew back but this time I didn't cut it back feeling the canon is coming.

Also, the power level will be the total of the physical aspect, the psychic aspect (telekinesis and telepathy), and the magical aspect. I will mention the Power level of just physical prowess in brackets {} to clear up the confusion if the character has some psychic power. Or I will just explain the reasoning in the brackets().

Power levels:

Goku: 43; Oozaru Form: Height and Power x10 (430)

Baali: 48; Oozaru Form: Height and Power x10 (480)

Krillin: 33