Tape #1

Loomis: This Dr. Samuel Loomis, today is November 10, 2007, i'll be interviewing Izuku Midoriya, he's a child who brutally murdered his own mother on Halloween night with a kitchen knife, i am here to evalute his mental state and see if he is fit for trial, nurse Nana please bring in the boy.

[Nurse Nana walks in holding Izuku's hand and sits him down in the chair in front of Loomis]

Loomis: Hello Midoriya.

Izuku: Hi.

Loomis: My Name is Mr. Loomis but you can call me Samuel.

Izuku: Okay.

Loomis: Tell me about yourself Midoriya what do you like to do?

Izuku: Well, I like quirks, and heroes.

Loomis: Those are really interesting hobbies for a seven year old, tell me who is your favorite hero?"

Izuku: All Might is my favorite, he number 1 and the symbol peace plus his quirk is awesome, i want to be hero like him.

Loomis: My son is also a huge fan of All Might, i think you would like him.

Izuku: He wouldn't like me.

Loomis: why do you say that?

Izuku: Because i'm quirkless.

[Loomis goes through his notes on the boy but can not find anything about this]

Loomis: Why do you think that way?

Izuku: Because all my friends left once they found out. The other parents treated my mom and me differently, even going as far as asking the principal to move me to a special needs class.

Loomis: That's awful i'm so sorry.

Izuku: Don't be, it's not your fault.

[Loomis notices Izuku has been rubbing a part of his chest frequently during the interview]

Loomis: Why are you rubbing your chest?

Izuku: No reason.

Loomis: I'm an old man Izuku, ive lived long enough to know someone rubbing there body in a certain spot means there in pain so tell me what's wrong.


Loomis: please there's no need to scream Izuku.


Loomis: Your mom? Izuku do you remember anything from last Halloween?

Izuku: No not really, why do you ask?

Loomis: uh no reason, back to your chest pain

Izuku: I Said-

Loomis: I know what you said Izuku but listen to me, the pain is not going to go away unless you show me what's causing you to be hurt so please, show me whats wrong.

Izuku: my...burns hurt.

Loomis: You have burns? Why do you have burns on your chest?

Izuku: um i-i d-don't know if i should tell you, Kacchan would be upset if i told anyone.

[Izuku covers his mouth to stop himself from saying anything else]

Loomis: Who is this Kacchan?

Izuku: No one i made him up.

Loomis: I don't think people who don't exist can burn you so stop lying.

Izuku: i don't want to do this anymore.

[The expression on Izuku's changed, he looked like he was in some type of trance just staring at Loomis mumbling things the doctor could understand]

Loomis: Are you okay?

[Izuku continued to mumble]

Loomis: Midoriya.

[Continued Mumbling]


[Izuku snapped out of his trance]

Izuku: Huh, what's going on?

Loomis: I think we have had enough for one day, nurse please escort him back to his room.

Nana: come on sweety lets go back to your room.

Izuku: Okay, goodbye Samuel.

Loomis: I'll be here if you need me Midoriya, just ask and I'll be there.

[Nurse Nana and Izuku leave the room together]

Loomis: Subject no, Midoriya appears to have no memory of what he did which is common in cases like this. I need to know more about this Kacchan and what relation does he have to Midoriya and why did he burn him? More questioning is required this is Dr. Samuel Loomis signing off.