OKAY! So Heads up I may or may not do a second chapter or more but I almost never finish anything! I just felt like I wanted to write and this is what I did. Not sure if it should be in Avengers or Spiderman, but I'm thinking no one is gonna care! Good luck have fun, no dying!

The day Peter got his official clearance as an SI intern was one of the best days of his life. Of course, Peter had already had clearance, even higher than an intern before it officially got put into the system but it was super cool of Mr. Stark to actually make their cover up true. Peter figured it was mostly because it was the easiest way to explain to the Mayor (and the Government) why a teenager was working on such advanced tech with the Tony Stark, but it was still cool.

Even with the impromptu meeting with the Mayor Mr. Stark had insisted Peter had earned the title of his personal intern all by himself, but

Peter still felt a little false. The whole reason they had met with the Mayor was only that Peter had found an old discarded force shield design on Mr. Stark's database that was just a few calculations away from functioning and fixed it, leaving a note that it could be installed at Schools and Hospitals to be activated in case of emergency (read: in case of another alien invasion). But all Peter had done was make a few minor edits to the power intake and the structure of the force field- it wasn't anything too impressive, and Peter was sure Mr. Stark could have fixed it in half the time if he had looked back at the old project, no matter how impressed the man had seemed.

However, it had been FRIDAY who had seen the note Peter had made and forwarded it along to Ms. Potts and she had called the Mayor and the Governor and a bunch of men in suits who Peter was sure were very important people. The problem was Pepper had assumed it was Mr. Stark who had made the note (on his private server) and apparently little notes like this often meant Mr. Stark was ready to give a presentation on the subject. But since it was Peter who had written the note, it had basically turned into a huge last-minute scramble in which Mr. Stark, Ms. Potts, and Peter had less than ten minutes to get ready to pitch a 10 billion dollar project to some of the most important people in the US. They nailed it though, with Peter taking the lead. In the end, it was agreed the force fields would be installed not only at schools and hospitals in New York but in DC and several other cities too. The project went from 10 Billion to nearly ten times that in less than an hour and when all the people in suits left the trio all high-fived, Ms. Potts and Mr. Stark kissed and then Mr. Stark ruffled his hair and told him he did good. It was the best. It was only then as the high wore off that Peter realized he had been introduced as 'The genius prodigy child Mr. Stark discovered' and 'Mr. Stark's personal intern'. WTF.

Mr. Stark went and made it official the next day. Peter was a real SI intern, just like that. Even though SI did not take High school interns, and even though Peter had never even met the other SI interns, but according to Mr. Stark it 'was a long time coming'. And yeah, as Peter found out being an official intern was not really any different than what he was doing before, other than he was now supposed to clock in and out and keep track of his hours. He still came almost every day after school, still worked with Mr. Stark on amazing tech and his spidey suit, and still had time to work on his own stuff and learn using Mr. Starks database full of scientific discoveries and top-notch papers.

He had gotten more responsibilities lately though, more trust. Like Mr. Stark let him work on the War Machine armor doing routine repairs and even once his own armor with the newest nanotech. Mr. Stark had seemed surprised how well Peter understood the technology his newest armor was made out of, but Peter had read all the information on the servers on it, so why shouldn't he understand it? He may not be as smart as Mr. Stark, but he had spent like a whole weekend on that one subject in the database, he had no idea why him understanding it in the lab earned him so much praise. Oh well, Peter liked the praise anyway.

The coolest thing he got to do with his new job was to help plan out the labs in the new Stark tower. The New stark tower, was really just the old one, but it had needed to be heavily renovated to once again become SI headquarters. Mr. Stark had planned to move SI and sell the building, but after the whole Vulture thing in which Peter and Mr. Stark became close, the deal had fallen through as apparently no insurance company in the world would insure the building for the new owners. Mr. Stark had just laughed, shook his head, and reclaimed the building, telling Peter that he wanted him to design the layout and the utility of many of the labs for SI.

Needless to say, Peter was in heaven and took to his duty like a duck to water. He gathered information, talked to some of the SI scientists, and did lots of research on the best tech to stock the labs with. There were a few machines though he found were a bit out of date or took up more room than they needed, so he may have redesigned a few (read: more than half of them) to save space or combine machines, or make then more powerful. Peter was really only thinking of lab space and utility, but Mr. Stark had been over the moon about it and told Peter he was going to use the new designed machines in his own lab. But again, it was not like Peter did anything new- nothing like the Arc reactor level or anything, all he did was make a few things a little bit better, that's all. He did also help Mr. Stark figure out how to use his old armors to help the construction teams, but again he only helped a little anyone with basic knowledge of architecture, construction, and advanced computer coding could of done it, even if Ms. Potts took him out to lunch at a place that didn't list the prices on the menu as thanks for 'getting the place put back together in less than a month'.

Anyway, Peter had officially been an SI intern for about three months. Three amazing epic months of working with Mr. Stark and being a part-time superhero, and just having a blast when one afternoon May called him into the kitchen before family dinner night and handed him a packet of papers.

"Huh, what's this?" Peter asked

May frowned. "It's from your school Peter, they need you to fill these out to verify your internship. Although I thought you handled this months ago. You better have been keeping track of your hours to get credit, for all Stark has abused your time."

Peter grinned as the now old argument came up, May always insisting Mr. Stark was monopolizing his time and how Peter should be out having fun and not working in a lab or fighting crime. But she always said it with a smile and Peter knew she was really proud of him and was only half serious about her complaints. "Maaayyyy, Mr. Stark doesn't abuse my time, I just love being there, especially since I got my own lab at the tower!"

May just grumbled to herself about something Peter made an effort not to hear and made Peter take the papers. "Just make sure you get these filled out and have Stark sign them and get them back to your school. By the note, I got they apparently tried to send a similar packet to SI and never got it back."

Peter hummed as he looked through the papers, "Well it's not like they get too many high schools sending them mail about high schoolers... it was probably just a mix-up, but I thought that someone from HR had handled this. Huh. Oh, well." Peter didn't think much of it just filled out the papers before dinner, it was not like he was really doing this for class credit, the next day he had Mr. Stark sign his part, got his hours he had already logged, and finally the day after he dropped the paperwork off at the front office of his school as he munched a power bar breakfast.

He really didn't think about it again during the next week, not that his school work was very hard, but at SI Peter was working on a cool project for a medical machine that could - 'PETER PARKER TO THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE, PETER PARKER TO THE OFFICE' Peter jumped hearing his name over the schools' intercom system. Had he zoned out again? There were a few students who giggled and 'OOOhhhhh'd' in the 'your-in-trouble' kind of way and he just smiled and shook his head, gathered up his things and took the hall pass his English teacher wrote up Peter walked out thanking the universe Flash was not in his English class and wondering what in the world he was being called to the principal's office for.

When he got there the Principal, Mr. Morita, was whisper talking to Peter's guidance counselor. Of course, since Peter had advanced hearing he clearly heard every word.

"No, no, no- He's a good kid," Mr. Morita spoke in hushed tones, "Suspension will be enough if he comes clean-"

"He had it on his resume, you know lying about credentials is a federal offense. He's probably already sent out college applications with it!" his guidance counselor replied. This. Could not be good. It was then Peter got a deep sinking feeling in his gut and took the moment to let out a cough and did his best to signal Mr. Morita to let him know he was there and ready.

"Peter! Ah!" Mr. Morita said gently sending the man he was talking to away and walking across the room to Peter. "Just the young man I need to talk to, please come with me into my office." Peter did. He followed Mr. Morita into his office and sat down awkwardly in front of the man's desk in a chair that was both an awful shade of yellow and uncomfortable to sit in. Mr. Morita shuffled papers around for a minute making Peter fidget nervously before finally sitting with his hands clasped in front of him and taking a big breath.

"Do you know why I called you in here today Peter?" He asked.

"Ahh.. No?" Peter replied sounding more like a question than an answer. He really had no idea why he was here.

"Are you asking me or telling me?"

"Telling Sir? I really have no idea why I'm down here." Could it have anything to do with his paperwork? Did he fill it out right? No, then he would be talking with someone else. Right? Surely some misfilled out paperwork did not mean a talk with Mr. Morita?

"Ah, I see." Mr. Morita sighed as he frowned and passed Peter a very familiar packet of papers. So this WAS about his internship. But this didn't feel like a happy congratulations meeting...it felt like he was in trouble. "Do you know what these are Peter?"

"Yeeesss?" Peter half questioned again, "They are my internship papers. I handed them in like a week ago? Is there something wrong with the paperwork?"

"No, Peter," Mr. Morita sighed again, " Look, I'm not going to beat around the bush here, you're a smart kid Peter, top of your class, Ace of the Decathlon team, you have to have known submitting false paperwork is against the rules."

"I...what?" Now Peter was confused.

"Now lying to your classmates may be tolerable, but by sending the email impersonating a Stark Industry employee and now by submitting paperwork documenting a fake internship with a faulty signature, I have no choice but to intervene."

Peter was stunned. They thought his internship was fake? What email were they talking about? How had this happened? Apparently, though Mr. Morita took his gaping silence as an admission of guilt.

"I know what it's like, so much pressure on you teens to do good in school, so much competition between the students to look better than the others. Now I was willing to ignore the rumor floating around that you had an internship at Stark Industries, I was even willing to ignore it when I got a written complaint from Young Mr. Thompson. But I cannot ignore this lie any longer. Not now that you have broken a few laws by turning in this paperwork." Mr. Morita looked upset, but this time he clearly expecting Peter to respond.

"Y-you think I lied about my internship?" Peter squeaked out.

Mr. Morita closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. "We know it's fake Peter. When your rumor first surfaced I did a little digging, called Stark Industries, and it turned out they don't accept High school age interns. Now I didn't want to ruin your high school experience at the time, but now I know I should have talked to you then before the fake email you sent trying to convince us that your internship was real."

"It must have been HR that sent that email, Mr. Morita. I'm a special case Sir, I really-" but Peter was cut off.

"Do you think this is fun for me Peter? Calling you in here, being the bad guy?"

"No, Sir, but-"

"Then just come clean, Peter. If you come clean I don't have to get the authorities involved."

"Authorities!?" Peter squeaked again. This was bad, bad, bad, bad. "But my internships real!"

"No Peter it's not. We tried. Oh we tried to get in contact with Stark

Industries. We sent emails, that were just bounced back, we sent in the standard paperwork for confirming an internship and do you know what response we got from Stark Industries?"

"No?" Peter fidgeted in his seat. How did he end up here?

"We were told over and over again that Stark Industries did not hire High school Interns, In fact, they only take a handful of College age ones a year, and the receptionist I reach read me the list, and you are not on it. I had hoped your aunt would set the matter straight when she realized she had received paperwork for an internship you did not have, but unfortunately, this now falls to me." Mr. Morita then started typing on his computer.

"Now I'm starting with an email home, we will need your Aunt to sign a few things saying she understands what has happened here." Mr. Morita turned back to Peter, "This is the part where you tell the truth, Peter. I can understand a lie getting too big, your young, you make mistakes. But you have to own up to it now or I will have to expel you and a police investigation will be opened, we do not tolerate things like this here at this school."

Peter was panicking at this point, mind working a mile a minute. He had only officially been on the record at SI for a few months, the school had probably called and asked long before that, and really technically SI still did not hire high school interns, this was all just a mistake. But how to tell Mr. Morita that?! Peter took a calming breath and tried anyway. "Mr. Morita, this has all been a huge misunderstanding."

Mr. Morited clasped his hands again and faced Peter with a raised eyebrow. "Please then Peter, explain to me what I have misunderstood."

Peter's jaw just worked for a second while his brain worked for a way to explain. "It's true that SI doesn't normally hire High school Interns, Mr. Morita, but I was not hired under normal circumstances and only recently was I put officially on the books. I'm sure if you called asking the right questions someone could confirm-"

"Mr. Parker, please do not make me the bad guy here-"

"No Sir! You don't understand! I see you don't believe me but my internship is really real!"

"ENOUGH MR. PARKER!" Mr. Morita all but yelled from across his desk. "I have tried to get you to drop this fabrication, but now I will have to report you to the authorities for submitting false internship paperwork with a fake signature on it, along with impersonating someone through email."

By this point, Peter decided the only way Mr. Morita was going to believe him was to talk to Mr. Stark himself. Peter was fishing out his phone, and opening his contacts in seconds now ignoring his Principal who was clearly uninterested in his side of the truth. He normally knew better than to call Mr. Stark in the middle of the day, Mr. Stark was very busy, but he also knew if he was available he would pick up and just explain the situation to Mr. Morita. "Please Sir, " Peter says handing over the phone, "Just call Mr. Stark"

Mr. Morita looked a bit mad and highly skeptical at the prospect that Peter had Mr. Stark's phone number (Peter still could not believe it himself) and it probably did not help his case that the number was listed under 'THE Tony Stark :D' but Mr. Morita did hit the dial button and the phone did ring. And ring. And ring. And Mr. Stark never picked up. There was no prerecorded message either. Mr. Stark kept it that way because anyone who was calling the number knew it was him and that FRIDAY would relay any messages to him if needed. There was however a 'beep' that signaled to start leaving a message.

And boy, did Mr. Morita ever leave a message.

"Hello 'Mr. Stark', " He started, "or should I say Peter's friend. This is Principal Morita calling from my office where I have Peter sitting right in front of me. I regret to inform you but this charade has not helped your friend at all. In fact, I am now quite cross, and once I match this number to the school database of student numbers I will be assigning you detention. Have a good day." And the man hung up. Crap. Mr. Stark was going to hear that! FRIDAY was probably replaying the message now! Peter's face paled. OMG. Mr. Morita just threated TONY STARK with detention! Crap again.

When Mr. Morita hung up he didn't look mad anymore, just disappointed™. It started to irk Peter that he was so sure everything was a lie. Like the school never lost paperwork or didn't answer a call the first time. Gosh. Now, Peter was still a little worked up, but he was calming down and he was smart, he knew that nothing would come from any investigation and the situation would all work out in the end because he WAS an SI intern. His Principal had just never heard of innocent until proven guilty or whatever, it would all be well in the end. But just the insanity of the situation put Peter into a funk. He had not been given the benefit of the doubt and now not only was Mr. Stark bothered but now Mr. Morita was calling his Aunts to work for her to come to pick him up. May would not be happy to be called away from her job for this stupid mess.

He had made Peter sit in front of him while he called his Aunt's work too, and when he wrote out several emails. One to his aunt, one to guidance, and finally one to the 'authorities' as he promised. All while reading his letters out loud like he was trying to teach Peter a lesson. Of course any more 'explaining' Peter tried to do was quickly silenced and reprimanded. Peter was just left to stew in his now fowl emotional state. By the time the front Desk called into the office that 'someone' was here for Peter, he was full of teenage mood and was way over a little bit bitter at Mr. Morita and the school.

To make it worse Mr. Morita had all but pulled Peter out of the room and held him by the arm like he was going to bolt as soon as his aunt came around the corner. Honestly, Peter just wanted Aunt May to clear this up so he could still get to lunch and she could get back to work. But, this is was Peter Parkers life™, and the person who came around the corner was not May Parker.

It was Tony Stark.

It was Tony Stark in the flesh, $10,000 suit and all, and looking very, very pissed. It was then Mr. Stark locked eyes with Peter making sure he was okay before his yes traced to Mr. Morita's hand holding him in place. Mr. Stark had apparently not like the situation at all because THAT was when Mr. Stark brought out his scary face. The face he had used to face down criminals and corrupt politicians, and friends as they betrayed him. The look that left people awake at night and left them frozen in the spot with the knowledge that they were going to regret ever waking up that morning (and sometimes being born).

Peter was a good person, really he was, but he was not nearly good enough not to feel a bitter glee at the shock on Mr. Morita's and then a darker joy at the horror that appeared there as Mr. Stark stalked over and crossly removed Mr. Morita's hand from Peter's body and replaced it with his own gentler one moving Peter to his side.

"What the fuck is going on here?!" Mr. Stark growled, stepping protectively between Peter and Mr. Morita. And yup. Mr. Morita was frozen to the spot, mouth stuck open in horror. Not moving anytime soon. So it was up to Peter to answer.

"The school thought my internship was fake," Peter explained, "Because SI does not hire High school interns and when I submitted my internship paperwork they thought I faked it and forged your signature." Easy answer, nothing but the truth, and if he wanted to school to get into a little bit of trouble, well he would think on that later.

The look of ' I do not have time for this ' Mr. Stark gave Mr. Morita was what finally snapped the man out of his stupor.

"Mr. Stark, Sir I- the school did everything we could to- we looked into his internship! Every email we sent was sent back, every phone call told us no, even our mail was not returned. We were told Stark Industries does not hire high school interns. We had every reason to suspect Mr. Parker was lying-"

"Suspect?!" Mr. Stark barked "Suspect?! Well, why didn't you just ask him?! He is SI's ONLY High school intern, heck he's MY PERSONAL intern, he could have told you his hiring was not traditional and who to contact to prove his internship real. I was in a meeting with 15 US governers! So why the fuck did I get a phone call in the middle telling ME I'm going to get detention?!"

Oh, Mr. Morita's face. His face, when he realized he had threated Tony Stark with detention, yes, that was also very enjoyable and he may have had to smother a small smile before it came to his lips. At least Peter was a good enough person not to point out that he had tried to explain the situation of his internship only to be ignored. Peter was not sure of many things in his life, but right now he was sure Mr. Stark would sue the school for everything they had if Peter gave the go. But Peter didn't want to sue his school, he liked his school, he just wanted to watch his Principal try and aplogize a little.

But Mr. Morita did not apologize a little, he did it a lot. To Peter, to Mr. Stark, to the staff. He took back his emails and told them he would write out a formal apology and promised to get to the bottom of just how this misunderstanding had happened. Mr. Stark was still in it for his pound of flesh, but at this point, Peter kinda just wanted to sneak off to lunch.

To add insult to injury, it was then when May Parker arrived. Fresh from her job, and a terrible bus ride and also very, very pissed. The joy was gone now as Peter watched May stalk over to Mr. Morita ready to did him an early grave, now he just felt sorry for the man, who was doing his best to apologize as he sweated profusely.

Peter never made it to lunch that day, he had also never seen someone apologize so much in one day. He was however allowed to go home early (or in this case to Stark tower early) and obviously got his internship recognized by the school. Mr. Stark officially became an emergency contact for Peter at the school too, with May there they could make it official real quick. Probably helped that the school just wanted this day over as much as Peter did. It was kind of cool though, Peter didn't know who was more terrifying, Iron man or his Aunt. Peter did have to admit it was kind of nice, having them both there fighting for him, even if by the end it was a bit embarrassing and over the top, and even if everyone did have to sign NDAs not to share how much the Tony Stark fussed over some high school kid.