Rock-a-bye, baby

Percy seemed to be numb, holding Annabeth's corpse until the flashlight was shown into his face from above.

"Are you alright down there?!"

In the tree top.

They found Leo laying at the bottom of a staircase, screwdriver in the throat.

"What were you kids doing here? You're lucky we saw you on cameras."

When the wind blows

They found Jason's charred body. Percy wouldn't have known it was him except for the remnants of his ring. The sight was burned into Percy's memories.

The cradle will rock.

Piper was sitting in a lone hallway, legs crumpled beneath her in exhaustion. She was alive but unconscious.

When the bough breaks

Percy refused to leave as they hoped he would so they could do their own investigation. In a numb state, he continued to look for his friends in hopes they were somehow still alive. But the loss of Annabeth hurt too much to feel any relief at Piper and Will's living forms.

The cradle will fall

Nico's pale face was stained with blood. Like a little brother, he took another piece of Percy's heart with him to the grave. Frank was found almost the same. The two most important people in Hazel's life, taken in one night. Percy felt what he imagined to be her pain.

And down will come baby,

Hazel's was the most gruesome for such a sensitive soul. Percy threw up at the sight, a sight the cops seemed too shocked to register. Blood. So much blood. It couldn't be an accident like they were labeling the others to be.

Cradle and all

Their faces were pale and miserable. The sirens that night couldn't get any louder. The dark would forever haunt him.

Humpty couldn't be put together again

His nightmares woke him each night.

Even a pocketful of posies couldn't keep out the death. Six graves, posies, flowers, death. They all fell down.

Goosey, goosey, gander. Had they all been prey in some ghost's game? The cops couldn't register the correct cause. Piper, Will, and Percy were placed in an institution. Percy knew they were right to. The nightmares never stopped. Not even when he was awake.

It's raining, it's pouring. Every day every hour. The institution's walls were too white. He could see Annabeth's face in everything his eyes landed upon. He missed her. But the happy memories were plagued with her dead eyes and her flower-filled casket.

Going to that haunted house had been the worst decision of his life. But he didn't have the heart anymore to warn others. Maybe this was how monsters were born.

AN: last chapter to another short story, hope you all enjoyed. Godspeed~