Ranma 1/2: The King of Storms

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ALRIGHT IM SORRY FOR A LITTLE BIT OF PLAGARISM BUT I CHANGED THE STORY NOW FOR GOD'S SAKES. Ok, with all the fanfics I've been reading recently I figured; why not make one that seems right to me? So I did. This is a Ranma/Sailor Moon fic concentrating on Ranma, but the others will all be heavily involved too. He might act a little OOC, but that's only because he starts acting like he did in his previous life. And just to warn you NO THIS IS NOT A SAILOR RANKO/FEMALE RANMA SENSHI FIC. He is a guy. And a guy he remains. And with that said...


He stood, preparing for the things to come.

The palace around him stood in ruins. Thousands of bodies littered the floor, as well as craters and rubble.

He wore pearly white armor, giving him a very respectable look, and the look of a warrior. Gold engravings were made in the armor, of a dragon coiling itself around the body of the armor. He wore a cape, of midnight black, that flowed in the wind. Rips, tears, and holes littered it. It was a clash, the white armor and the black cape. The armor had no sleeves. It covered his legs and his chest, allowing free arm and head movement. He did, however, have a pair of bracers around his wrists. They were a combination of several different substances. Mostly sapphire, onyx, hematite, and silver. Despite the difference in the appearance and composition of the materials, they were crafted so well it was nigh impossible to tell where one substance ended and the other began, It just changed without warning. The blended into waves, making them look like an ocean at different stages of a storm, depending on the angle on looked at it. His eyes were the same startling blue-gray that was obviously a rare eye color. He had loose, black hair that was minimally maintained. In the back, it was tied into a pigtail that reached to his upper back. The most startling thing about his appearance though, was the crescent moon on his forehead. It started as a yellowish-gold in the center, but slowly darkened to a deep black once it reached the tips.

The door in front of him suddenly lurched forward, with a loud crashing and creaking sound. He had to protect his queen and the senshi at all costs. He may be one of them, but he was outcasted, feared. "Take the hidden passageway behind the throne, now!!"

"But..." The queen started.

"No buts GO NOW! You are more important than I am; just take the senshi and leave!!"

One of the young girls started crying, "But we don't want to leave you!"

The door lurched forward again, creaking louder.

"There is no time! Just GO!! I'll hold them off long enough for you to go, don't make me say it again!"

Serenity nodded silently, and ushered the reluctant senshi through the passage, and proceeded down the hall.

The door lurched again, but this time it didn't hold. As the door splintered, a surge of black figures came rushing through the door.

He knew he couldn't win. There was a countless number of them, and only one of him. He couldn't win, but he could stall them. He rushed at them, moving faster than the eye could see, only flashes of white and black showed that he was actually in the room. He ducked, weaved, punched, and kicked, knocking out the demons that disintegrated after they died. His effort was in vain though. Even though he was the most powerful fighter in the universe, with unmatched skill in magic and combat, more powerful than the other senshi combined, every warrior has their limits. In this case, it came close to 4,000. He lost count around there. They surrounded him, and swarmed him. They were getting hits in despite his speed and evasiveness. The end was near. His end at least. He had one choice left, for his honor and duty, to protect the queen. He raised his hand a couple of inches from his face and spread his fingers.


The senshi froze with the queen in the passage. They had all felt the surge of their friend's power, then fade out of existence.

"Ranma..." The queen muttered, tears in her eyes. Yes, he was an abomination, created illegally, but he was loyal to the bone. But the others didn't see him that way. They feared him. Much more than they ever feared Saturn. She knew she was partly to blame for this, but it hurt no less.

It was a bad place to freeze. The monsters surrounding them swarmed, apparently, someone had known of the queen's secret passage. The monsters first took out the senshi, but not without a price. They lost many, but still had many more. With the senshi dispatched, the attackers turned to the queen. Her end had come. But maybe the senshi could go on... She began to cast the spell, using all of the Silver Crystal's power. It would transport the senshi's souls to the future, to carry on her dream, and also to banish the evil that caused this. She made sure she had all the soul's, including the one people feared, and sent them forward. Just as she finished the spell, the darkness enveloped her.

"QUEEN SERENITY!!" Ranma had awakened in a cold sweat.

He had had these dreams all week. Slowly, more and more of the dream had been revealed, and in more detail. This was the first night he had seen how it had finished. Every time he slept, he had this dream, and every time he was less and less sure it was a dream, but more of a memory. The detail was uncanny, and most of the time dreams weren't as detailed, and couldn't be remembered so easily. What made it more convincing was that Serenity person had called his name. Whoever she was. He paused and listened to see if he woke anybody up. Silence met his straining ears. Good. He got up to look out the window, but tripped on something on the floor. Odd, he never left anything on the floor, neither did his dad. He had hardly any possessions anyway, and what little he did own he kept in his pack. He bent over and picked up the item he tripped on. No, items. There were two of them. He walked over to the window, and let the items bathe in the moonlight. His heart stopped. His eyes widened. His breath halted. They were the bracers. From his dream. They shimmered in the moonlight, the eerie glow of the moon made it look like it was waves crashing over the surface of the two pieces of armor. He looked up at the moon. It looked like... home. It hade been looking like that for the past week. He felt like even though he had never seen these bracer's before, they completed him. They were part of him. He snapped them on, and after he did so, the seam on them molded into itself, fading away, giving him no way of removing them. But he didn't care; it felt like he had a piece of himself back. The urge to sleep came back soon after, and Ranma returned to the futon, and fell into a deep sleep.

Setsuna smiled. She was monitoring the present from the time gate when she noticed it. The soul Serenity sent forward that is.

"So, it appears as if the King of Storms will awaken once more. I should pay him a visit, soon. Or he could come visit me... because after all, if he's as he once was, we may have a bigger problem than Saturn."

Usagi woke up. She just had the strangest dream. She was on the moon, she knew because she could see the earth in the sky, and she was back in the Silver Millennium. She was walking through the palace, following the sound of a flute being played. There was no song behind the notes, only pure emotion it seemed. She followed the sounds into a courtyard, where in a tree sat a boy, no more than a year or two older than her. He was playing a flute that was silver, with a gold dragon etched into the surface. The dragon's eyes were sapphire, and its claws were ruby. The teeth were diamond, but it wasn't the valuable gems that entranced her. It was the music that came to her ears. As she got closer, the music became more and more clear, until she arrived at the base of the tree and sat down, enraptured by the music. It made her relax, and think more of the things that went on around her, Usagi closed her eyes, the music was so soothing, and yet so awakening. The music stopped abruptly, too soon Usagi thought as she reluctantly looked up. She finally got a good look at the musician, he looked down at her and she looked up at him. The deep blue-gray eyes and finely toned body he had made Usagi turn red. "Hello Princess, did you enjoy that?" He said gently and smiled at her. That was when she woke up. She decided that a senshi meeting needed to take place so she could tell Rei about her dream. Was it a dream? He called her princess after all. She wrote a note down on a pad of paper to remind her in the morning, and quickly fell back asleep.

Akane woke up rather abruptly when a ray of light struck her face. She groaned, and rolled over. The wrong way. She rolled off her bed, and land with a thump. She silently cursed the sun and rise and quickly dressed in her school uniform. Akane just remembered, that today they got their test scores back that determined if they moved up a grade or not. Some kids were happy about this, others feared it. Akane was the former. She had worked hard all year, and was sure she would easily pass to the next, and final, grade of school. She rushed downstairs. She wanted to eat and leave, she couldn't be late so she didn't bother waking Ranma up.

"Hey Akane, hurry up and eat so we can leave.

Akane looked up at the speaker. It was Ranma.

"What are you doing up so early?" Akane asked, still shocked at the fact that Ranma woke up early.

"Just felt like it, hurry up so we can go."

Akane shrugged it off, he probably couldn't sleep. She had heard him scream again last night. Probably another dream about Saffron. He rarely spoke about his dreams, so Akane had no idea what he dreamed about. She didn't know what else could give Ranma nightmares either.

After Akane ate, they bolted off to school, quickly disposing of Kuno and making it to class a good few minutes before class started. They were all chatting, anxiously awaiting their test scores, thought they knew it wouldn't come until the last period. The bell soon rang and everyone took their seats.

By the time lunch came for the students at Furinkan, Akane was seriously worrying about Ranma. Not only had he stayed awake during class, but he took notes, and answered questions that Akane herself didn't know. Why was he so different know? Was it Saffron? The Wedding? She decided to ask him over lunch, which is where she finds herself now. She found him sitting under a tree, gazing at the sky, slowly eating from his bento. She sat beside him, and found it hard to initiate a conversation with him. He looked so... peaceful staring at the sky. But, finally, she spitted it out.

"Ranma, why are you acting so weird?"

"What do you mean Akane?"

"Well, you woke up early, wanted to go to school, pay attention in class, answer questions, and now you aren't inhaling your food as usual."

"Just felt like a change is all, here want this?" Ranma asked, gesturing to his half-eaten bento.


"See ya in class, Akane."

Ranma hoped off, leaving Akane underneath the tree alone. What was going on? The rustling in the bushes behind her snapped her back to reality. She got up and took up one of her favorite fighting stances, but relaxed when she saw who it was.

"Oh, sorry, didn't know it was you Ukyo."

After the failed wedding, Ranma had confronted each of the fiancée's, including Akane, and said that by fighting, they only drove themselves farther away from him. With that, Ukyo and Akane came to a truce, and even became good friends. Ukyo was teaching Akane to cook, and Akane took up a part-time job at Ucchan's. Akane was slowly learning to cook, and now was mostly edible, even good.

"I saw that. And everything in class. Is Ran-chan really ok?"

"I dunno Ukyo... we will have to wait and see."

Ranma sat on the roof meditating. Akane made him realize how strange he was acting. But, it didn't feel strange. It felt normal, right. It felt good to be smart, nice, but also strong and in control at the same time.

The bell chose that moment to ring, so he hopped down the wall, rebounded off a tree, and shot through the open window to his classroom.

The day went too slow for the student's comforts. They wanted to see their scores to know if they had to retake the entire grade. Finally, after what seemed like long classes and much waiting, the last period came and the teacher handed back their scores. Some students reacted happily, others grimly. Akane received hers, and she passed with honors. Ukyo seemed to well too, and after they compared some scores, they turned to Ranma, who was looking at his paper in deep thought.

"What's wrong Ran-chan?"

"I'm being transferred to Juuban High school. I passed, barely, but I'm being transferred because supposedly the counselor there gets troubled students back on track and since principle Kuno and Miss Hinako apparently couldn't help me..."

"...they're transferring you." Akane finished. Ranma only nodded.


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