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Chapter 13

Bulma and Yamcha returned from their second honeymoon after being gone for five full weeks.

Bulma wanted to be happy, but it was difficult. Yamcha was thrilled with the idea of them expanding their family. He had been attentive and caring towards her every need almost to the point of suffocating her since finding out about her pregnancy. It was sweet and she knew she didn't have any real cause for complaint, yet still… it wasn't enough. She was so used to him paying such little to no sincere attention to her that it felt foreign to her and she almost wished he wouldn't.

Everything just felt so… wrong.

She brushed off her melancholy mood as just being tired and hormonal; something Yamcha agreed completely with her. However despite his exclusive attentions, she not only still felt alone, but all she wanted was to be alone. This from him had been all she'd wanted for so long, and now that she had it, she felt claustrophobic, stifled and once again trapped on this moving freight train she felt she could not jump off of. Truthfully she could not wait to get home and hoped that Yamcha had another trip to go on soon that would take him away for a few months again.

Unfortunately for her, he was so excited about the new arrival he insisted on taking an additional few weeks off to help begin preparing the house for their new arrival, even though it would be many months before the baby would be born. This annoyed her to no end.

They began making plans to renovate the room beside the master bedroom into a baby's room. Being that the two rooms were side by side, the decision had been made to make them adjoining.

Feeling like she needed some space of her own and away from all the talk about babies and nurseries, Bulma retreated to her work room to be alone for a while. The silence was as deafening as it was glorious to her. She looked around and realized what a mess the room was and decided to straighten out and tidy it up a little in an effort to clear her mind.

As she was clearing her work table, she bit her bottom lip as she noticed a letter on the table that had been buried by several other things and quickly snatched it up; holding it close to her chest for a moment before unfolding it and looking at it again. It was from Vegeta shortly after Yamcha had left for his five month trip after New Year's. She smiled and her heart and stomach fluttered as she read the elegant, perfect script of his hand writing again. Somehow it still didn't surprise her that his penmanship was beautiful; much nicer than her own.

It was an invitation to go shooting with him.


I am pleased and surprised at how quickly you finished repairs on the pistol I gave you. I am very interested in testing it out and seeing what modifications you've done to improve it. I suspect it is nothing less than brilliant.

Bring your horse and the pistol and meet me behind the rocks on the beach tomorrow at 11:00am. From there Raditz and I will escort you to my place, where we will have lunch and resume a lesson on shooting without disruption this time, I can assure you. If you are unable to make it, send word to Raditz. Otherwise, I will see you then.


Bulma smiled as she finished reading it and went over to one of the shelves and pulled out two thick text books and took the pistol off of the shelf from where she had hidden it. She carefully turned it around in her hands, admiring the craftsmanship on it, still shocked that Vegeta had refused to take it back even though she had refurbished, repaired and upgraded it. Thankfully Baba never came in here to clean, or she would have been in big trouble. How could she have been so careless as to have left a letter like that practically out in the open? She folded the letter and tucked it away discreetly in one of the thick books before putting it back on the shelf. She would need a better place to hide the pistol.

Her brow creased as she thought about that afternoon spent with him as she still looked at the gun in her hands…


Bulma had been able to easily make up a lie to Baba about going for a ride and having to be somewhere afterwards so she would not be back home for a while; she saddled up her horse and promptly went off to meet up with Vegeta and Raditz at their designated spot.

"You made it," Vegeta commented with a broad smile. Baba was nosy and had a tendency to frighten Bulma off from risking a meeting with him.

"I did," she smiled back at him. "Well, Baba knows we all go riding a lot these days, so…"

"I'm surprised she doesn't have anything to say about that," Raditz said. "She may be old, but she isn't stupid,"

"Oh I know she isn't," Bulma shrugged. "However I think she feels sorry for me over the fact that Yamcha is never around. It seems to bother her more when I stay in and seclude myself in my work room than when I go out."

Vegeta nodded. That was good news and he felt relief that they were not under suspicion. "Are you ready to head out?" he asked.

"I am," she said, and the three of them rode swiftly back to Vegeta's home, taking the scenic route across the beach and cutting through a deeply forested area that seemed to be owned by no one.

They chattered back and forth until they made it back to Vegeta's home where they put the horses away and went inside.

"Would you like lunch now or after we go shooting?" he asked her.

"I can wait until after," she shrugged. She was so anxious to show him her work on his pistol that she could barely contain herself. "Let's go shooting. I want to see if my hard work paid off."

"Alright," he nodded; he himself was curious to see what she had done.

They went to his gun room and he began picking a few guns to bring with them and loaded his bag with ammunition.

"Lazuli is gone?" Bulma asked almost uneasily.

"She is visiting her father," he answered. "He is not well,"

"I'm sorry to hear that. You weren't expected to go with her?" she asked in surprise.

"I couldn't care less about the old man," he answered nonchalantly, not looking up from packing his gun bag. "He is an insane, miserable old thing. While he is a genius in the medical field and I owe much of my wealth to him, his passing could not come quicker and then Lazuli may claim her full inheritance."

"That's cold," she said, somewhat put back that he would say something so callous towards his father-in-law.

"The whole family is fucking nuts," he said. "Are you ready to go?" he asked, not wanting to discuss his wife or her family any more than he had to.

"Let's go!" she nodded, following him out of the house and taking his hand as they walked to the end of the property. Her stomach pleasantly flipped as he reached for her hand and entwined his fingers with hers.

"Alright, let's see what you've done with my pistol," he said once they had made it to the shooting range.

Bulma beamed at him as she took it out of her handbag. It was clean and freshly polished from what he could tell; it looked practically brand new. "So I cleaned and polished it, as you can see," she started, handing it to him to inspect. "I replaced the corroded spring that was keeping it from functioning at all. I also removed the old sights and added newer, better ones on the front and added one on the rear. I hope it improves it; the guy at the gunsmith shop said it would."

Vegeta nodded and smiled. He did not say much as he inspected her work, but she could tell that he was pleased. "Have you fired it yet?" he asked, looking as excited about the finished result as she was.

"No," she shook her head. "Are you insane? Baba and Yamcha would have a fit! They don't even know that I was working on it, so don't mention it."

"I won't," he agreed. "Well, let's load this thing up and test it out, shall we?"

"Let's!" she smiled, thrilled to her core that he was as enthused as she was to see if it worked. She watched him quietly as he loaded the revolver with several bullets before snapping the cylinder back into place.

Vegeta held it out to her. "Would you like to do the honors?"

"No," she shook her head. "You shoot it first,"

"Right, so my hands get blown off?" he joked.

Her face fell. That had certainly not occurred to her, nor was it the reason she'd declined shooting it first. "No!" she said, reaching for it. "Don't shoot it!"

"Why not?" he snorted, stepping away from her. "I was only joking,"

"Well it wasn't funny," she snapped. "What if I ruined it and that actually happens?"

"It won't," he scoffed, giving her a look. "Besides, I have full confidence in you and your abilities,"

Bulma gave him a worried look. "If you seriously think that might happen, then I'd rather you didn't. I made it look pretty again, just hang it on your wall."

"I am certain my hands will not be blown off," he rolled his eyes at her and aimed at one of the targets.

Bulma winced and held her breath as she waited for him to shoot the gun, which he did and his hands were fine, much to her relief. She quietly waited for his review of her work as he shot a few times.

When he was done, he lowered it and turned to her and grinned. "Well done," he commended her.

"It's good?" she asked, unsure, but smiling back at him.

"My hands are still intact," he answered, holding them up.

She snorted at him. "I know that," she shook her head. "The rest is good?"

"It is more than good," he nodded, walking over to his bag and taking out a few more bullets and loading it again. "You try,"

"Me?" she asked.

"Why not?" he shrugged, handing her the gun.

She took it. "It's been a while since last time," she said nervously. "I'm not sure I remember everything you told me last time."

Vegeta quickly gave her another crash course on the do's and don'ts of firing a gun before he let her give it a try for herself.

She didn't necessarily hit the targets where she'd aimed, but she'd at least hit the target somewhere. "Oh, this is fun," she said, smiling giddily at him. "Can I try again?"

"Certainly," he nodded, handing her the smaller gun she'd had the last time they'd come out. She did better this time, as this one was smaller, lighter weight than the one she'd repaired.

After they'd both taken turns firing their guns, Vegeta turned to her with the one she'd repaired for him.

"You're happy with it?" he asked, looking at it.

"I think so," she shrugged. "Considering how little I actually know about guns. It's you that needs to tell me if it's good or not,"

"It is," he nodded. "You did an exceptional job,"

"Thank you," she beamed.

"It is yours," he said, handing it to her, handle first.

"What? No, Vegeta," she shook her head. "I can't take this,"

"Why not?" he asked.

"You said so yourself, it's an heirloom," she pointed out. "I wouldn't feel right taking it."

"I have no one to pass it down to," he shrugged, still holding the gun out for her to take. "Lazuli and I have no children and never will, so it is wasted in my possession. You repaired it, therefore you are more than deserving of it."


"No but's, take it," he insisted. "That idiot husband of yours keeps all of his weapons locked away, you should have something with you nearby should you ever have an intruder in your home."

Bulma finally took the gun from him, but was still not completely comfortable with taking something that was so valuable and sentimental. "If you change your mind though,"

"I won't," he replied absolutely. "Who else can I give it to? If you happen to have any children of your own, pass it down to them in my stead."

"Fat chance of that happening," she snorted. "You both really don't want kids that much?" she asked, recalling the conversation on the veranda a while back with Yamcha.

"No interest," he shook his head. "We are both far too selfish and dysfunctional to bring a child into this world."

"I guess," she shrugged. "Well, Yamcha and I aren't any different, I suppose."

"Hmmn," he grunted. "Besides, why would I want a child to look after? It would ruin my lifestyle."

"Or enrich it," she teased, though she had to agree with him.

"Right," he rolled his eyes. "Pissing, shitting, crying, puking. Just what I always wanted,"

Bulma laughed at him. "But wouldn't you want to have a cute little mini-Vegeta wandering around? You could teach him to shoot and ride. It might not be so bad,"

"There is room in this world for only one Vegeta, and that is me," he sighed in annoyance. "If I did not know any better, it would sound as though you wanted to have a child,"

Bulma was quiet a long while as she considered it. "Maybe one day, but not any time soon. I'm too young, practically a child myself,"

"Says the woman who gets irritated when called a child," he countered jokingly.

"I'm serious and that's different!" she snapped at him. "I only want kids if things ever turn well between Yamcha and I. Otherwise, no, I don't want them. What life would that be if their father is never home?"

"Agreed," he nodded. "Are you ready for lunch?" he asked, promptly changing the subject.

"I am if you are," she replied.

They packed up everything and made their way back to the house where lunch had been waiting for them for some time.

Once finished her wine and lunch, Bulma stood up, took his hand and led him out of the dining room and upstairs to his bedroom; she'd been there enough times that she knew her way around his home by now.

They closed the doors and got out of their clothes as quickly as possible, for it had been over a month since they'd been together.

Vegeta carried her to bed and set her down carefully before pouncing on her. He attacked her mouth, kissing her slowly and carefully, not wanting to let his need and urgency cause him to rush their encounter. As much as he refused to acknowledge the fact that he'd missed her, he had. Seeing her at the few gatherings they'd gone to and only having to remain cordial with her had been more difficult than he'd ever thought.

No, he wanted to take his time with her now that they were able to pick up where they'd left off; he was as neglected as she was at this point, for he had not pursued anyone else while he had waited for Yamcha to leave again. The thought had occurred to him; he'd struck up conversations here and there in passing with some women that he knew were always open for a bit of fun with no strings attached, however he had been completely disinterested in engaging in anything beyond a platonic conversation and suggestive, flirtatious banter.

She moaned deeply into his mouth as he continued to kiss her. When he finally broke his mouth from hers to look down at her, she whispered his name as she looked back at him and knew as she held his intense gaze that this… whatever this was, was something that they both were far more invested in than they should be. She'd known it on the train, but that had been herself and her feelings. She'd been uncertain if it was the same for him. Now, she was certain he was in as deep as she was.

Bulma ran her fingers up his back and through his hair, bringing his face back down to kiss him again and kiss her back he did. Deeply and meaningfully.

When he finally withdrew from her, he pulled her into her his arms and buried them beneath the covers, holding her close as her body tremored every so often even a few minutes later in the aftermath of her climax. She'd only intended to remain with him a few minutes until the euphoric high of their coupling had worn off, but instead they'd both fallen asleep for a few hours for a nap before awaking again and hastily dressing so that she could get back home before Baba had cause for worry.


Bulma felt flushed and uncomfortable as she thought about that particular encounter and was immediately frustrated she had no real outlet for the arousal the memory had evoked within her. That time had been different, she noted.

That had been the first time she'd felt like he'd made love to her rather than just fucking, as they had been doing these past months. He hadn't said that he'd loved her, but the way he'd touched her and kissed her and looked at her had indicated otherwise. The times after that had been rushed and frantic like usual and she'd decided she'd been over thinking that afternoon with him; especially after his words to her the last time she'd seen him while riding before she and Yamcha had left for their trip.

She left her room and asked Baba to prepare her a warm bath.

After taking care of herself, she soaked contentedly; her thoughts still a fuzzy daze from her self-attained release and she lamented that no matter what fantasy of Vegeta she conjured up, nothing she could do for herself was ever as good as the heights she reached when she was actually with him.

As she soaked, she wondered what he would think about her pregnancy. Would he be angry? Would he feel betrayed by the thought that she'd been intimate with Yamcha? She thought long and hard for a moment on her choice to not tell him that she was carrying his child and sighed in frustration, that had been why she'd been thinking of that afternoon, not to make herself all hot and bothered to the point where she needed a release. He'd seemed completely disinterested in having a child and so once again, she decided that it was better this way and only hoped that news of her pregnancy wouldn't mean the end of their affair forever.

At the end of the week, Yamcha had accepted an invitation to a formal dinner at Mr. Satan's home in celebration of something or other that Bulma hadn't been all that interested in remembering what for. She was still not showing and so she was able to wear something pretty for the event. She made sure she looked nothing short of amazing, secretly hoping that Vegeta might be there; she knew Yamcha would be telling everyone and anyone who would listen that they were expecting and she wanted to be the one to tell him, not have him hear about it through avid gossip.

They arrived not long before dinner was served; Bulma had taken her time in getting ready.

"It's so nice to see you both!" Mr. Satan greeted them. "Did you have a good vacation?"

"We did!" Yamcha answered, just beaming. "It was very memorable for the both of us and something we both needed; a fresh start you might say,"

"Well I'm glad to hear that," he said. "I take it that means you'll be sticking around for a while?" Satan asked. He also had felt bad for Bulma for being left alone as much as she was. He'd made the effort to invite her out when Yamcha was away, as he usually held weekly festivities in his home, however she rarely attended, he assumed because she thought it would not look good for a married woman to be out socializing without her husband and so he never took offence when she did not attend, but always extended her an invitation nonetheless. "By the way, you're more than welcome, Bulma, to come any time for a visit. You need to get out when he's gone. The next time Videl is in town, please come!"

"I'll be sure to do that," she replied with a smile. She felt bad for never taking him up on any of his invitations. He was sweet and harmless, though she did not like going to gatherings on her own, unless it was to meet Vegeta.

Shortly after they helped themselves to food and sat down for dinner, Vegeta and Lazuli approached them, sitting across from them at the table. Lazuli wearing a stunning plumb gown that was as tight and scandalous as ever with a plunging neckline in the front and almost no back. Vegeta looked as handsome as always in his usual black tux, however his left arm was in a brace, close to him, and he wore the jacket with only his right arm through the sleeve; the jacket still hung on him, though the other sleeve was empty. Immediately Bulma wondered what had happened to him.

"Well look whose back!" Lazuli greeted them, setting her plate down. "How was your trip? When did you get back?"

"We got back earlier on in the week," Yamcha replied. "What happened to you?" he asked Vegeta.

"Oh god, you didn't hear?" Lazuli asked as though he must have been living under a rock. "He was in a gun duel!"

Bulma felt her stomach drop at that and hoped her complexion hadn't changed any.

"A duel?" Yamcha exclaimed. "What happened? Did you finally mess around with the wrong woman?"

"Ha! Not quite," Lazuli snorted, but beamed at him in pride. "Someone else messed with the wrong woman and he had to stand up and make it right."

Yamcha frowned in confusion.

"Lazuli and her brother fucked up," Vegeta growled, clearly still unimpressed with whatever had transpired.

"We didn't fuck up," she objected. "We simply underestimated who we were playing with."

"Right," Vegeta rolled his eyes.

"So what happened?" Bulma asked with a concerned frown. Had they been doing a job and it had gone wrong? The fact that Vegeta had been involved with something so serious and she could have returned to him being dead sent a rock down into the pit of her stomach. She wasn't sure how she'd have been able to deal with that.

He looked at his wife, giving her a severe look. "Someone dangerous, of whom I had warned her to have no dealings with, cheated her brother in a game of cards and they thought it would be wise to go back and teach him a lesson, except it was them that got schooled, not him and it was me who was left to clear things up."

"That about sums it up," Lazuli shrugged nonchalantly, not wanting to divulge the gruesome details that would shed a very negative light on both her and her brother. "Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who will do anything for me, right dear? I am shocked you didn't her about it even though you were away, it made the papers and everything!"

"Good grief, who was it?" Yamcha asked. "I haven't had time to catch up on the news since we returned, as we've been rather busy with a few new developments of our own."

"You remember that Count Cell who moved into the area some time ago?" she asked.

"Right, I've met him," Yamcha nodded. "He actually was one of my benefactors for my campaign and donated a substantial amount of money to help me a while back."

"Oh shit," Lazuli said. "Sorry,"

"Well, what happened?"

"He's dead," Vegeta snorted. "One shot, in the head and the bastard managed to shoot me in the arm. I required surgery because the bullet shattered the bone in the upper arm and shoulder blade where the exit wound was."

"Yea, it grazed the bone in his arm and went clean through the bone of his shoulder," Lazuli added. "He has to have another surgery in a few weeks. Good thing my father is the best. He may be crazy, but he's a genius when it comes to surgical repairs."

"How awful," Bulma said.

"He had it coming," Lazuli said unsympathetically. "The downside though was my brother got caught and because I was with him, he assumed that Vegeta had sent us and put us up to it because they had a rather nasty business dealing a while back,"

"It was not a bad business dealing, it was no dealing of any kind," he corrected her irritably.

"Whatever," she rolled her eyes. "So my brother Lapis went into hiding and Cell challenged Vegeta in Lapis' absence because he was convinced he had something to do with it and well, we all know Vegeta can never back down from a challenge."

"You're extremely lucky, my friend," Yamcha said. "I keep telling you that one of these days your luck will run out."

"He's got nine lives like a cat!" Lazuli giggled. "Well enough about us, how was your trip? You mentioned that you had some new developments of your own,"

"That's right, we actually have some wonderful news to share," Yamcha said to them, looking like a giddy child about to brag about a new toy he'd acquired.

"What's that?" Lazuli asked with interest. "You were away long enough, I am sure you have many interesting tales to tell."

"Do you want to tell them or shall I?" he asked, placing an arm around her shoulders and she had to resist shrugging him off, already feeling claustrophobic.

"You can tell," she said, looking at Vegeta who was giving her an odd look, obviously wondering what the big news was.

"We're expecting!" he blurted out, excited. "Bulma is pregnant."

"Pregnant?" Lazuli repeated, surprised and quickly glanced at Vegeta who looked shocked and unsure of how to react to the news.

"I am," she nodded in confirmation, still looking at him, trying to gauge his reaction, which was inconclusive. Initially he'd looked shocked, but he had quickly recovered and his features were neutral, though inside he felt as though the wind had been knocked out of him.

"Congratulations!" Lazuli exclaimed, standing and coming around to hug her. "You must be so excited!"

"We are," Yamcha answered. "We've begun preparations for the new arrival by making the room beside the master bedroom an adjoining suite."

As Yamcha went on, Bulma looked at Vegeta again, who looked impassive and she could not tell if he was shocked, angry, disappointed or what his true reaction was.

"So I take it you two had a wonderful vacation then," Lazuli cooed suggestively, taking great pleasure in this new development. While she had no interest in settling down and having something even remotely resembling a normal marriage herself, she was however looking forward to things hopefully going back to normal between her and Vegeta. He was her partner in crime, he was as devious as she was. It had been no fun since Bulma had entered the picture and he had become seemingly faithful to her and only her. He had no interest in her exploits anymore and was downright irritable when Bulma was not available.

At first she had thought it was funny, something for her to tease and taunt him with; karma biting him in the ass for all the women he'd used and discarded without any thought over the years. As time went on, however, and his interest in Bulma had not wavered, she was slowly beginning to resent him for it. While they both had their favourite people to collude with, they usually still found time for one another and since he had taken up with Bulma he had not once pursued her. In the beginning she hadn't thought too much on it, but now it was beginning to bother her. Since she knew his carnal appetite, she had banked on him eventually coming back to her when Bulma had been one on vacation for so long, however he had not. She'd assumed he'd found his own entertainment with other women, but he had not done that either. Being as stubborn as she was, she had been waiting for him to stumble and come back to her. She'd still tell him of her exploits, had even given him explicit details to taunt him into caving in and giving into his natural appetites, however he again refrained.

Bulma becoming pregnant was likely the best thing to occur. Who wanted a pregnant mistress? Not to mention it would be next to impossible to carry on an affair once she had her child.

Lazuli thought it was wonderful news!

"We did," Yamcha beamed. "It was absolutely perfect and just what we needed apparently. We're closer now than ever."

"Congratulations," Vegeta said nearly tonelessly as the shock of the news still was sinking in.

"Thank you!" Yamcha grinned. "Now you two need to get down to business and have one of your own."

"And ruin this figure of mine?" Lazuli exclaimed, running her hands down her exceptionally petite waist and spinning around. "Oh no, I don't think so," she snorted.

"Why not? You guys can afford it and are in a better position than we are in that at least Vegeta is home mostly," Yamcha pushed. "The timing on this isn't great, seeing as I'm still traveling lots, but we'll figure it out. We couldn't be happier. The only thing that would make it even better is if you two had a baby. Then our kids could grow up to be best friends. Who knows? Maybe we'll have a son and you could have a daughter and they would end up together? Wouldn't that be something?"

"It would be," Lazuli agreed. "However, no. I am happy for you two! All this means is you'll have to actually make time for your family now, Yamcha. I don't know how poor Bulma does it,"

Bulma gave the other woman a look and hoped she would not go there.

"Well it's a blessing to have wonderful friends like you two to look out for her so she doesn't get lonely in my absence," Yamcha said casually.

"Indeed," she nodded. "It's no trouble at all, right, dear?" She deferred to Vegeta who had been silent.

"Right," he nodded.

"Aww why do you look to crestfallen?" She asked, feigning concern.

"Maybe he has been hit with baby fever, better watch out, Lazuli," Yamcha winked.

"He'd better not!" She exclaimed.

"Well if anything, a baby will keep Bulma entertained in my absence, won't it?" Yamcha asked her.

"It will definitely keep me busy, yes," Bulma nodded, though hated that Yamcha kept joking about how a child was an amusement for her. Like a new toy or a pet or something.

"Would you like to dance, Yamcha?" Lazuli asked sweetly.

"Why not?" He shrugged.

Bulma felt her stomach drop and hoped with every fibre of her being that Lazuli wasn't going to fill Yamcha in on what she did do in her spare time when he was away or at least imply anything that would cast the cloud of doubt in his mind that this baby she was pregnant with was not his.

She watched as the other woman and Yamcha got up to dance, also mildly annoyed that he had so eagerly accepted the invitation from her, but whenever she asked him if he didn't turn her down right out, it was like pulling teeth getting him to dance with her if he actually did.

"She will not say anything," Vegeta said, sensing Bulma's trepidation.

"How can you be so sure?" She asked, watching them.

"She will have more fun at your expense having you wonder if she would or not," he answered. "Besides, ratting me out would not benefit her, as I am assuming your husband would not react well."

"Probably not," she agreed, looking down at her hands unsure of what to say to him. "You're okay?"

"I will be fine. You had a fruitful vacation I assume then?" He asked, changing the subject, wanting the truth from her and selfishly wanting her to tell him that nothing had changed, that everything was the same old between her and Yamcha. He even wouldn't mind it all that much if the child in question was his and she was hiding that from her husband, however Yamcha obviously believed that it was his. Either way, they must have spent some time as husband and wife for him to believe that and the thought bothered him even though he knew it shouldn't; he had no right to feel betrayed, disappointed or jealous.

"We had a nice time," she admitted. "Things aren't as wonderful and perfect as he's letting on, but we did have a good vacation overall. The baby is a surprise and was not planned, obviously, but he's happy,"

"And you?" He asked.

"I'll adjust," she shrugged.

There was a long, awkward silence between them. Bulma watched Yamcha dance with Lazuli, carefully observing his facial reactions for anything that may hint that she was telling him things that he would not want to hear. However he was still grinning like a fool, so she assumed Lazuli had not said anything… yet.

"Is it…?" Vegeta began to ask. While he trusted that if such was the case that she would be open and honest with him, he still felt compelled to ask just to be certain and also because he had to know if they had been intimate. It had bothered him nonstop while she had been gone, even though he constantly reminded himself that he had no right to feel betrayed if she had reconciled with Yamcha and things were turning better for them. He'd even told her as much the last time he'd seen her!

He wasn't the one who got attached on an emotional level during the course of an affair. Never had he ever had second thoughts when it came to an end. He simply moved on. This time was different and he did not know why.

At first he had convinced himself it was because of the sex, however he knew that wasn't true. He'd been with many women who were great in bed. Even Lazuli was a fantastic lay. So it wasn't just the sex that was keeping him drawn to her.

"It's Yamcha's," she answered quickly, sealing the deal; though it pained her to do so.

Vegeta took that in a moment as he looked at her. "So you did have a good vacation," he said again, trying to sound like he was glad for her, but he wasn't.

"We did," she nodded, unsure of what to say. "I still missed you though,"

"Did you two?" he asked, trying to keep the bitterness from his voice. He knew he had no right to feel jealousy or resentment, but he did.

"Of course we did," she said, looking around to be sure there wasn't anyone nearby that might be listening. "Though don't worry, not much has changed between us. He's still as unresponsive as ever. We simply got drunk a few times and now I have something to show for it,"

Vegeta nodded, believing her. She'd told him before that was the only time Yamcha could bring himself to be intimate with her during their honeymoon was when he was drunk. Why would this time be any different? "Yet he is pleased that you are pregnant,"

"He is," she shrugged. "He wasn't pleased when he'd woken up the next day and realized what had happened between us though," she told him, wanting and needing him to believe the story she'd concocted.

"Idiot," Vegeta said under his breath.

Bulma simply nodded. "When do you go for your surgery?" she asked, not wanting to discuss Yamcha or her pregnancy anymore. She was already sick to death of the topic.

"In about two weeks," he said.

"And what are they doing?" she asked. "Is Lazuli's father doing it again?"

"He is," he nodded. "I am not sure what, exactly, but depending on the progress from the last surgery will determine whether or not he is amputating it or simply improving on what he did last time. I am unsure,"

"Oh my," she said. "I hope it's okay and that doesn't happen,"

"Me too," he said bitterly, looking at his wife.

"I thought you had said before that her father was ill?"

"He is," he confirmed. "However he still has all his mental faculties and he is the best surgeon there is. I may not like him on a personal level, but he is the only person I would trust to repair my arm."

"Well I hope it's all works out okay and I'm glad you're mostly alright," she said. "Those duels are never good. I hate them,"

Veget shrugged. "Well it seems that everything is working out in your favor with regards to your marriage, so it is not like you need me around anymore," he said bitterly.

"Vegeta, things are hardly any different," she said again, hurt that he was being so cold. "You know how he is, he likes to paint this picture for everyone that we are this perfect, happy couple. Now we're the perfect happy couple with a baby on the way. What better way to gain adoration in a political campaign than to tell everyone there's a baby on the way too."

Vegeta nodded. Before he could say anything further, Yamcha and Lazuli approached them.

"Come," Yamcha said to Bulma. "We must announce the good news to others. It was nice seeing you both, Vegeta I hope your arm heals well,"

"Hmmn," he nodded. "Congratulations,"

"Thank you," he smiled.

Bulma's heart sank as Vegeta did not look at her as Yamcha escorted her to another part of the room. Was this it then? Why had he seemed so resentful? Surely he had to understand that she had to at least make it look like she was trying to improve her marriage? Alright, he didn't know that she actually had not been intimate with him, but if she had while on a vacation, he had to understand that she had to at least act the role of a willing wife, wouldn't he? Had she been married to anyone else other than Yamcha, that was how it would have been. She was just fortunate that he had no interest in her that way, though she couldn't tell Vegeta that she was lying about their drunken nights while on vacation. Technically that's what had happened, except Yamcha had blacked out and even he didn't know any better.

As she thought about it, she became angry with Vegeta that he seemed bitter towards the idea that she and Yamcha had conceived a child together while on vacation. Who was he to judge her? She was certain he wouldn't pass up an opportunity with Lazuli when he could. Also, she assumed he had likely found other girls while she had been away for five weeks. Why was it okay for him to get around and not for her to be with her husband? She pulled herself together as she felt hot tears threatening to fall that he was angry with her over something she hadn't even done! Yet she couldn't tell him.

She swallowed down the lump in her throat and blinked back the tears as Yamcha introduced her to someone he knew. She put her stress and anxiety behind her for now and put on a good front for everyone at the gathering as Yamcha proudly told them all that they were about to expand their family.


A few weeks after Bulma's arrival back home, Vegeta underwent his second surgery on his arm. The surgery had been successful in that he had not lost his arm and it would likely regain most of its mobility, however he would have a severe scar on his upper arm and shoulder for the rest of his life.

A month after his surgery, he'd decided that he wanted to finally get a new horse for himself now that he was well enough to ride again. He boarded a train for Spain, knowing exactly what he wanted and gave no indication of when he would return. The warm weather and carefree atmosphere would do him well. He went on his own, not even inviting Lazuli or Raditz to accompany him.

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