( a hitachiin x oc story)







Izumi Elizabeth Smith-Uzumaki:

age: 16

Family: Kazuna (aka Sasuke)adopted sister

Mark Smith - adopted father

Kaede Smith - adopted mother

Likes: food- pizza, sleep, music, reading, coloring, Bad Behavior,bass and piano

Dislikes: social interactions, bugs, mornings, running, most people

Kazuna Grace Smith-Uchiha:

Age: 16

Family: Izumi (aka Naruto)- adopted sister

Mark Smith - adopted father

Kaede Smith - adopted mother

Likes: FOOD, sleep, music, animals, books, puzzles, Bad Behavior

Dislikes: people, being in public, SPIDERS, being woken up, being forced to do anything

Mark and Kaede Smith: owners of big time record company ( Smith Records )

Izumi Uzumaki Kazuna Uchiha


"AHHHH HEEEEELLLLLL NAAAAAHHHH" said Ryan as soon as we broke the news to him that we were moving. "In two weeks" we said in unison.

"Two weeks!" Xavier and Ryan said simultaneously, "but we have talent show in three weeks!" Xavier huffed out. "Mom and dad want to be there for the start of the international branch." Izumi started " we are taking the jet as soon as the pilot comes back from maternity leave." Kazuna finished. Kazuna and Izumi felt their phones buzz.

*buzz buzz*

Mom: come home and eat so you can finish packing.

Kazuna: on our way home now, just told the band

Izumi: whats for dinner?



Mom: i question life, just get home please

"Mom needs us home now so we can pack." Kazuna started. We'll see you guys later." Izumi finished.

~~~~Time skip brought to you by Brendon Urie's Forehead~~~~

-In japan 2 weeks later-

'THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND THIS LAND IS MY LAND TO CALIFORNIA TO NEW YORK ISLAND' could be heard playing from the girls shared headphones. "Come on girls you'll love it here, just give it a chance." their mother explained for the third time.

"BUT MOOOOOM! We liked it where we lived in New York." the girls said in unison.

"For two people that aren't even related you girls sure act like twins." their father said tiredly

"Oof" "shots fired. I'm triggered." the two girls said in unison again.

"Come on you two lets get off the plane now so the crew can get everything off already." mother said.

"Coming~" they said in unison

"BITCH(E)SSS WEEE HOOOOOMMMEEEEEE" their father yelled with his arms in the air.

"Honey no. I thought we talked about this you can't call them bitch(e)s." Kaede said tiredly.

"Yeah dad, no calling us bitch(e)s anymore." Izumi started. "Yea don't want the neighbors calling child services again." finished Kazuna while fixing the hoodie she was putting on.

"Is the food here already I'm starving." Izumi complained. "Me too" Kazuna yelled. "Me three" Kaede and Mark said together.


"FOOOOD" Mark, Izumi and Kazuna yelled while running to the front door.

Izumi and Kazuna got to the door before their dad only to realize it wasn't the food.

A young man around the girls age stood about 6'0ft with blonde hair with bright violet eyes. He stood waiting patiently for someone greet him. "Hello, my name's Tamaki Suoh. I'm your new neighbor." the young man now known as Tamaki stood."Oh," Kazuna started. "You're not food" Izumi finished for her. And they slammed the door in his face.

Tamaki stood there shocked that someone had just slammed a door in his pretty face. Without hesitation either.

"Was that the food?" their mother asked after noticing the lack of food in their hands. "No it was some weirdo" Kazuna exclaimed upset that their food was late. A few minutes later they heard the doorbell again. "*sigh* I'll get it" their father said. Grabbing the money just incase it was their food finally arriving. Disappointment taking over his face quickly noticing the figure had no food with him.

"What do you want?" their father asked the young man with disappointment in his words. "Hi! I'm your new neighbor Tamaki Suoh." Tamaki introduced himself once again with a little less enthusiasm after noticing the father's disappointed tone. "Hi Tamaki I'm hungry and you're not our food. So unless you have our food behind you.. Have a nice day" he said while closing the door once again in his face. Tamaki stood there for a few minutes moping and then walked back home defeated. He wanted to get to know his new neighbors so with a new idea suddenly forming in his mind he called the only person he could think of that could help him.