Chapter 15

Time skip to girls ordering food at home after club

Kazuna walks downstairs on the phone after changing into comfy clothes talking to the pizza guy. "The usual order please…...Okay see you in 30 minutes." Izumi looks up from the couch and asks, "was that the pizza?" Kazuna says "YEEEEE. Did you order the chinese?" Izumi gives a thumbs up and says "YEEEE." "Sweet, now what to do for 30 minutes?" Kazuna asks while slumping into the couch. As the girls got comfy they decided to scroll through netflix to find something to watch. 20 minutes into scrolling, the girls hear the doorbell. They race to the door thinking that the food has come early. They open the door to see their maaannnzzz. The girls sigh and look extremely disappointed. "We thought you were food.." the girls say looking sad. "We figured as much so we brought snacks" Kyoya says while he and Mori hold up bags of candy and popcorn. "We forgive you, come in" The girls say getting excited. The bois come into the living room and as soon as Mori is in an open enough space Izumi jumps on him, faking a hug to get the bags of snacks. "MY LOVE" Izumi yells as she jumps.

"Well now that you guys are here you can help us pick a movie to watch" Kazuna says sitting back on the couch. After getting the snacks, Izumi joins Kazuna on the couch with Mori following behind. Kyoya trails behind, seeing all the pillows and blankets around. "Judging by the atmosphere these clothes aren't adequate. I have a change of clothes with me, may I use your restroom?" Izumi snorts in laughter at him while Kazuna says, "yeah sure mate, go for it. It's upstairs, first room on the left. If you see a bed you've gone too far." Kyoya glances back as he goes upstairs, hearing the girls burst into laughter, mocking the word 'adequate'. Until Kyoya comes back down, Kazuna is throwing goldfish into Izumi's mouth. Mori-kuuun is keeping score of how many Izumi can catch. As Kyoya is coming down the stairs, the doorbell rings. Izumi yells, "NOSE GOES" and touches her nose. Kazuna quickly follows her. Mori, looking confused, just goes with it. "Well you're it Kyoya," Izumi starts. "Go get the food." Kazuna finishes. Kyoya sighs and heads to the door. Seeing the amount of food that arrived Kyoya calls Mori over. "Mori-senpai, could you help bring in the sustenance?" Mori just gets up and helps.

When the boys put all the food on the table, everyone gets comfy on the couch in a blanket fort. The girls start scrolling through netflix again, asking the boys for opinions on movies while taking huge bites of pizza. As Kazuna is scrolling, Izumi takes out her phone and pulls up snapchat. Kazuna notices Izumi on snapchat, "we need a picture with our boiibesssss" Kazuna says. "Yass, it's going on the story" Izumi replies. The boiibessss look confused as Izumi tries to get a selfie with everyone. Izumi puts the little hearts filter on and takes the picture, not caring if anyone is actually looking. As soon as it's posted, she gets a call notification from Tamaki. "Not tonight satan" Izumi says as she throws her phone. Kazuna's phone goes off next, "it's a no from me" she says as she throws her phone with Izumi's. Next is Kyoya's phone, "it's the whiney attitude for me." and throws his phone as well. A few minutes goes by before Mori's phone goes off, "Yeet'' he says and throws his phone into the pile. A few seconds of realization go by and Izumi says, "You gotta say more than that Mori-kuuuuun." Mori goes to get his phone, sits back down and says, "It's the clingy attitude for me" and throws his phone again.

Since no one has their phone anymore, they finally pick a movie, Space Jam. The girls decided on it after hearing that the boys had never seen it before. "It's a classic" Kazuna starts. "You're gonna love it." Izumi finishes. Halfway through the movie, they hear the doorbell and banging on the door. "MOMMY! DAUGHTERS! OPEN THE DOOR! DADDY IS WORRIED!" They could hear Tamaki through the door. The girls just get up and turn all the lights off, keeping just the tv on, just at full volume to drown him out. After their silent response to Tamaki, the girls cuddle back up with the boiibessss and continue watching the movie. Tamaki eventually gives up and goes back home, texting the rest of the hosts. The text read "DID YOU KNOW ABOUT MOMMY AND MORI-SENPAI HAVING A SLEEPOVER WITH MY DARLING DAUGHTERS?!"

At the end of the movie they hear one of the cell phones going off. Mori notices that it's his and that it's Honey calling but looks to everyone else to ask if it's okay to answer. The girls say, "obviously, answer it." "TAKASHIIIIIIIII. WHAT ARE YOU DOING OVER THERE?! IT'S CAKE NIGHT!" Honey yells over the phone. Mori just grunts. "Next time invite me okay?" Honey says in response. Mori grunts again and the call ends. Mori goes back to the blanket fort and gets comfy with Izumi again. After bickering about the next movie to watch, the girls give up and just put Twilight on. By the end of the first movie the boys are asleep and by the end of the second one that girls have fallen asleep too.


The girls told the boys to head to school before them because they were going to clean the house before going to school. The boys just nod and get changed into their uniforms before calling their limo. As the boys waited for their limos to arrive, the girls went to take a shower. By the time the girls finished their showers the boys were gone. As the girls were walking downstairs they saw the door opening. Their parents walk in and see them on the stairs. "Hey yo delinquents, have you dropped out yet? " Mark says as he walks in. Kaede walks up behind him and slaps him across the back of the head. "The school kept calling us about you guys being late or absent so we came home to see what was up." She says as she sets her things down in the living room. "People keep frustrating us so rather than beat them up, we just go in late or just stay home." The girls say together. "We were going to clean up and then go to school," Kazuna says. "Yeah this is like the only time we have to clean between school, club and homework." Izumi adds. "It's not like our grades are slipping. We're still at the top of the class." The girls say together. After a moment of their parents not responding the girls ask, "Is there a problem with that?" "I guess not. Just be better at escaping the school so they stop calling. Also we added money to your accounts so you can restock on food. Now don't worry about cleaning and just get to school, after we nap we'll clean it up." Kaede says. "Okaay momm." The girls say then kiss their parents on the cheek and go to get their uniforms on to leave for school. As the girls are on the way to school they stop at Dominoes to get food. The girls eat what they want of the food and when they get to the school they say to the driver, "ayo Franklin, you want some pizza? Consider it a payment for dealing with our bullshit and not to tell the parentals that we got food before going to school." Franklin smiles, nods and takes the pizza. "Thank you M'LADIES. Have a good day at school" Franklin says as he opens the door to let them out.

The girls head into the school, shoving breadsticks into their mouths as they head to the cafeteria. As they get to the host club's table with half a breadstick in their mouths, they just nod to everyone and sit down without a word. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! DO YOU KNOW HOW WORRIED WE WERE?! I HAD TO FIND OUT FROM THOSE ~SHADY TWINS~ THAT YOU WEREN'T IN MORNING CLASSES!" Tamaki freaks after the girls sat down. Haruhi sighs and says, "I took notes for you guys, you're welcome." Kyoya barely looks up from his super secret little black book...of death…. And asks, "did you guys finish cleaning?" Mori-kuuuuuuun just grunts in agreement with Kyoya's question. The twins glare at the four, secretly jealous. Izumi leans on Mori-kuuuuuun and says, "It was such hard work, wish I had a big strong man to help~" The twins' glares intensify. Kazuna just 'Dinozzos' Izumi and says, "No we didn't, our parents came home." The table just goes silent, the twins even stop glaring for a second. "Your what?" Tamaki says shocked. "They're home?" Honey-senpai asks. "Ya know, I forgot you had those. Not gonna lie." Haruhi says unphased. Tamaki gasps and Honey turns to Haruhi, "Haru-chan, that was mean." Izumi and Kazuna just shrug and say, "we forget too, it happens." JUST THEN THE BELL RINGS. JK. NO REALLY. ITS CLASS TIME. HURRY UP.

Throughout the rest of classes the twins kept glaring at the girls. Haruhi would just sigh anytime she noticed it happening, getting tired of the twins behavior. As soon as the bell rings for the end of classes the girls bolt out of the classroom, being the first ones to leave. The twins, still glaring, walk out with Haruhi and head to the clubroom. By the time the trio gets to the clubroom they see the girls helping Kyoya set up while Tamaki is in his emo corner for some reason. Haruhi notices and turns to the girls, "what did you two do to make him go into his emo corner so early?" The girls just shrug and start singing "stop, don't touch me there. This is my nono square." Haruhi just facepalms and goes to help finish setting up the clubroom. The twins go to their area and just glare at the girls. After they finish setting up, the girls hand everyone their costumes and tell them to go get ready. They YEET the twins costumes at them and stay as far away from them as possible. Mori comes in with Honey on his shoulders and Izumi passes him their costumes so everyone can get into their places on time. Izumi and Kazuna head into the kitchen to start making tea and coffee and to get the snacks while the boys welcome the guests in. About 30 minutes into club time the door slams open and a little boy walks in. The girls listened in for a few minutes and were like "NOPE, GOTTA BLAST" and walked out while still in costume.

The girls start to walk to the front of the school and realize that they're still in costume. Not wanting to go all the way home and come back they decide to go to the library to take a nap. When their alarm rings signalling the end of club hours, the girls slowly make their way back to the clubroom to put the costumes back and help clean up. When they get to the clubroom they see Tamaki trying to teach the little boy how to play piano. They notice how frustrated the little boy is and realize that he doesn't just want to learn how to be a host, he wants to impress a certain girl. SYKE BITCH, YOU THOUGHT. Kyoya and Mori-kuuuuun were keeping them updated through their group chat. The girls finish cleaning and start to get annoyed with the kid and decide to leave. They get up and while gathering their bags Kazuna starts saying, " you know he doesn't actually want to be a host right?" Not even looking up, Izumi continues, "he's trying to impress the girls he likes before she leaves." The girls walk to their maaannzz, kiss them on the cheeks, and walk out saying, "Bye babessss, Haruhi and you other crackheads."

As they're going towards the stairs the girls hear the club room door open again but they just ignore it and keep walking, The twins run to catch up with them, but don't catch up with them until they get outside. The girls notice the twins running after them and finally turn around to face them. The twins catch up, panting as they stop in front of the girls. After waiting a few minutes in silence, Kazuna starts to get impatient. "Well?" she says, clearly annoyed. Izumi gives the twins a look, anticipating their response. Hikaru and Kaoru give each other a look, not sure how to start or even what to say. Kazuna and Izumi get more impatient and Izumi finally snaps and says, "What?! We told you that we weren't going to speak to you until you told us the real reason." After another moment of silence, the girls start to turn to walk away when Hikaru blurts out, "you can tell us apart!" The girls turn back around and stare at him confused. "So can Haruhi." They say together. "It's different!" The twins say back. "How so?" Kazuna asks. "Why is it such a big deal?" Izumi asks. "You knew from the start." Kaoru starts. "We're not used to being read so easily by other people." Hikaru finishes, looking away from the girls. "Well you are different people." Kazuna starts. "It's hard to describe but you're just you," Izumi continues, pointing at Hikaru. "And you're just you." Kazuna finishes, pointing at Kaoru. "But how do you know?!" Hikaru yells, still a bit frustrated. "Well I get butterflies around you." Kazuna says, pointing at Hikaru. "And I get butterflies around you~" Izumi says, pointing at Kaoru. The twins just stare in shock. The girls tired of the silence start walking away to their limo.

The twins just keep staring in shock as they watch the limo drive away. "What do we do now Kaoru?" Hikaru says, still in shock. "It's time for us to open our bubble and face our feelings." Kaoru says while holding onto Hikaru. "I guess you're right. But how do we talk to them now? This makes everything different." Hikaru says. "It won't be different if we don't make it different. We have to actually apologize to them, take things one step at a time." Kaoru responds. "Yeah, you're right." Hikaru says. "Let's go home and plan an apology." Kaoru says and pulls Hikaru to the limo.

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