Sailor Wrestlers by Eternal Sailor Serenity Chapter 1: The Lost Sailor
Eternal Sailor Serenity: I once had a review wanting me to write a crossover between Sailor Moon and WWE Wrestling. I don't own anything. Please review and tell me that this isn't a bad idea. It will only include the stars from Smackdown. I might include wrestlers from Raw and Raw itself at later chapters. Btw Triple H, Chris Jericho, Kane, Christian, Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels, Lita, and Jeff Hardy are on Smackdown in my story…don't ask.
She just finished another match. She was sweaty, she was tired, and she kicked Dawn Marie's butt. This is Lita. Sure, she was the girl originally from Tokyo, Japan. For those who have guessed, which is most likely everybody, this girl is Lita Kino. I guess it wasn't surprising that the strong teenage girl from high school turned out to be a WWE diva. Of course she finally had had a boyfriend, Matt Hardy. That was until he got into his Mattitude phase. That was a while ago. Of course she is still friends with the egotistical Matt. At least his brother Jeff was a good friend to her.

Lita: Let me tell you about myself. My name is Lita Kino. I was raised in Tokyo, Japan. My mother and father died when I was little. I met Serena Tsukino, Amy Mizuno, Raye Hino, Mina Aino, Rini Tsukino, Amara Tenoh, Michelle Kaioh, Trista Meioh, Hotaru Tomoe, Seiya Kou, Yaten Kou, and Taiki Kou. Alongside with the feline guardians; Luna, Artemis, and Diana, we become Sailor Soldiers or Sailor Scouts…whatever you decide to call us. A lot of things have happened to us during our two years of fighting evil beings. First came along Queen Beryl and The Negaverse, then Wiseman and The Dark Moon Family, then Pharaoh 90 and the Heart Snatchers, then Queen Nephrenia and The Dead Moon Circus, and then Chaos and The Sailor Animates. That was a few years ago. Here's what happened to us after the battle with Galaxia. The three Starlights went with their fireball princess back to their home planet. Amara and Michelle's mission as Sailor Scouts are over and are living in Tokyo with successful careers. Amara's the most famous worldwide racecar driver while Michelle is a worldwide famous painter and Tokyo's best female swimmer. Trista…I don't know if she still exists in a way. None of us have seen her for a while. She's Sailor Pluto the Guardian of Time. The other girls are doing okay too. Serena has matured a bit, but she is still the clumsy crybaby we have all come to love. She is a businesswoman. Amy, the smarts of the group, is a great doctor. She resides in Germany, but still writes to the rest of us. Mina has become an inspiring actress to young teenage girls. Just to think, that used to be Mina…the teenage girl who wanted to be famous like the other actresses. We can't forget about Rini. She has grown and it's about time too. Her hair is just as long as the teenage Serena. She's more matured then her mother too. That leaves us to our last person…Hotaru. Pluto sent her to Tokyo to be a playmate for Rini. Amara and Michelle were too busy to watch her so that's how Hotaru Tomoe ended up living with Serena Tsukino and Rini Tsukino. Crystal Tokyo never came…we must have done something to change the future or it might have been all of our enemies coming from the future that changed it. Darien and Serena were together for a while, but since Crystal Tokyo never came, Darien was killed a year ago due to a forgotten monster. Serena had major depression for a while until we managed to cheer her up. And you are wondering what happened to me during all of this time…I left Tokyo. Since Crystal Tokyo had not formed and no more enemies had attacked, I moved to Florida in the USA. It isn't Tokyo, but still it's good enough for me. Before I had left, Luna and Artemis told me that each of us had a different path to take. My path led me to the WWE…to Vince McMahon, to Essa Rios, and to the Hardy boys. Right now, I'm on Smackdown, which is led by Stephanie McMahon. I'm much of a loner…I stand to the side and don't converse with much people. Darien was a good friend to me, and I really miss my princess and friends. For those who don't know, I'm the former Sailor Jupiter, Princess Jupiter, and I was going to be the future Neo-Queen of Jupiter…a part of Neo-Queen Serenity's future court. Things change you know. Now I'm just plain old Lita Kino. I wonder how Molly and Melvin are doing. Mina called me up and told me that they had gotten married and were living happily and very rich. The geek Melvin owns Windows now. I feel bad for the other girls…Raye, Amy, and Hotaru have never had a boyfriend before. Serena lost hers due to that darn negaverse being. Rini has one somewhere…if you count a flying horse slash guy who protects peoples' dreams. Raye had one once I think; I think that was before she joined up with Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon…Amy and Serena respectably. Now we are all single.

A few weeks passed by. Lita gets a call from her best friend Mina Aino.

Lita: Hello?
Mina: Li, this is Min…
Lita: Mina?!
Mina: I can see you missed me.
Lita: It's been so long since we talked. How is your career?
Mina: Our careers haven't been that good lately. Luna turned human and called Vincent Kennedy McMahon to get us a job traveling around the world.
Lita: Do you know what kind of job it is?
Mina: Nope, no clue at all but Luna said we would be good at it.
Lita: Vince is in charge of the WWE…World Wrestling Entertainment. You would be wrestling in either Smackdown or Raw. There are all kinds of people here that you can meet.
Mina: How do you know so much about the WWE?
Lita: Vince is my boss. I am a wrestler for the WWE.
Mina: That's great, so we would be working together! I'm so happy. Just wait until I tell the other girls.
Lita: Who are coming?
Mina: Amy, Raye, Serena, Rini, Hotaru, and me! So which one are you on?
Lita: Huh?
Mina: Raw or Smackdown?
Lita: Smackdown, fortunately…
Mina: What do you mean by that?
Lita: The General Manager of Raw is Eric Bischoff and he always pull crazy matches and the people on it are a bit crazy. My GM, Stephanie McMahon is very kind unless you get her angry. She used to be a daddy's girl, then a major slut when she was with Triple H, then to a respected woman when her father gave her the responsibilities of being in charge of Smackdown.
Mina: We'll be down in a week by the way.
Lita: I'll be there waiting to see which show you will go on.
Eternal Sailor Serenity: I hope I didn't screw it up too much. I will include some wrestlers in it in the next chapter. I need help with the pairings. Vote for the ones you want from this list. Oh yeah and I decided to pair Lita up with Edge because he's my favorite and I like this couple. Give a pair for each of the girls.

Serena-Jeff Hardy?
Serena-Triple H?
Serena-Brock Lesnar?
Serena-Kurt Angle?

Amy-Rob Van Dam?
Amy-Kurt Angle?
Amy-Chris Benoit?
Amy-John Cena?
Amy-Chavo Guerrero?

Raye-Rey Mysterio?
Raye-Eddie Guerrero?
Raye: Chris Benoit?

Mina-Triple H?
Mina-Shawn Michaels?
Mina-Chris Jericho?
Mina-Billy Kidman?

Rini-Rey Mysterio?
Rini-Chavo Guerrero?
Rini-Shannon Moore?
Rini-Billy Kidman?
Rini-Brian Kendricks?

Hotaru-Matt Hardy?
Hotaru-Jeff Hardy?
Hotaru-Chris Benoit?