At the Christmas Party by Vanessa S. Quest

It was 8:00 PM as the Grandfather Clock chimed out, we were having our annual Christmas Eve-eve party, we traditionally have this party before dad and I leave for Columbia to spend some time with mom as a family, and Hadji is staying in Maine with Dr. Quest, Jonny and Venus this Christmas. Mom flew up for the weekend so we can fly back altogether and have the whole week. Jade, Alice, Marie, and a few other close friends of Dr. Quest's are here, even some of our friends from school are here. Dallas, one of Jonny's friends from the swim team is here, with his girlfriend Stephanie, her best friend Michelle, and my friend as well, also Becca, and Zippo. a.k.a. Patricia Patrick, no wonder we call her Zippo with that name, it's so not her, but it's the family tradition. The party's been going on since 6:30, Venus is still mixing the punch batches, and it's really funny, every year it's the funniest sight. Just imagine something basically equivalent to a fruit punch soda, except they make it from scratch from spare chemicals from Dr. Quest's lab, or so they say, but I've never gotten a chance to peak into those containers they mix with so who knows. Dad's messing around with the stereo, either trying to put Bing Cosby in, or trying to take Ray Stevens out, or maybe he's just trying to toss it out the window, from this far away it's a little hard to say. Hadji's chatting with Marie, Dr. Quest's getting some drinks for some of his friends. Jonny's outside though, he's just standing on the balcony, talking with the other boys. He's probably planning something. A smirk crossed Jessie's face, she walked out the front door and grabbed a handful of snow and then walked quickly through the crowded rooms to the balcony. Precariously, she aimed, and pact the ball as best as she could. Then she wound back and threw it. It hit Jonny right in the back of the head, she ducked and ran into the kitchen, she had stored some more snowballs there prior. Jingle Bell Rock filled the air as they ran after each other with the indoor snow ball fight, some of the adults tried avoiding the snowballs, but a few didn't even seem to realize they existed. Benton told the kids to take it outdoors, so of course, they all turned on him. Marie took a fluff of snow from the ground that had yet to melt, "Benton, this is such a lovely Christmas Party, thank you for inviting me." She smiled innocently and extended her arms to hug him, Benton turned to put his drink down.


Everyone there seemed to have the same idea as Marie and Benton was buried in snow, Benton smirked evilly. Within instants, Benton took out his snow blower and was spraying everyone and everything downstairs with a mist of snow. Venus walked out of the kitchen, holding the huge punch bowl seeing the house pasted in snow. She blinked and started laughing nervously. She put the punch down and walked over to the stereo and put Ray Steven's "Santa Claus Is Watching You." "This family never does anything normally, does it?" Zippo asked. Venus looked at her, picked up a cup of punch, and took a sip "Nope."