Preface: Our Story so Far…

Reize Maxia, a world where humans and spirits live in harmony and in peace. One story told of a great and powerful being named Milla Maxwell who sought her mission to save the spirits from an evil organization called Exodus, who abused spirits' powers and stole their energy with a deadly technology called the spyrix. During the beginning of her mission, she encountered Jude, an intelligent young teen boy, a medical researcher at Fennmont Medical School. Although it was a strange encounter for both of them, the two discovered a deadly weapon in a secret research lab, and that weapon was called the Lance of Kresnik that Milla assumed is a weapon that destroys and kills humans and spirits. But their plan to destroy the Lance was backfired when Milla's spirits, the Great Four, were sucked into the machine and were captured. To follow up, Milla and Jude suddenly became wanted criminals for the infiltration of entering the research lab. They are framed, but a man named Alvin came along and helped the two escaped from Fennmont and its governmental guards. The three needed to pursue back to Fennmont to destroy the Lance of Kresnik once and for all.

Along with their journey, they encountered new friends. Elize, a shy but cheerful young girl with dark and healing magical arte powers, and Teepo, a doll that is a booster for Elize's incredible mana lobe strength. Rowen, the former "Conductor" general strategist of the Rashugal army and a butler of the Sharilton manor with his arte tuning skills. And Leia, a childhood friend of Jude and a great and cheerful young teen girl with her mighty staff and agility skills. Together these seven heroes joined as one strong fighting party to complete Milla's mission.

Along the way, the party encountered the king of Auj Oule, Gaius, and his loyal subjects, the Chimeriad. The party discovered that he and the king of Rashugal, Nachtigal Fenn, were two kings ruling for their own country. Gaius declared war over Rashugal and Nachtigal to end the Nachtigal's scheme and save his people. The party needed to act fast and was required to infiltrate Fennmont and destroy the Lance for good.

Once the party reached Fennmont and managed to find Nachtigal, who was the one creating the Lance, they successfully stopped his ambition but were surprised that the king of Rashugal was ambushed and killed. And the party discovered that the Lance has been taken away to Arklund Quag, a war battleground where it was fought 2000 years ago.

With no time to waste, the party quickly headed to Arklund Quag where they encountered the Lance and Gaius. Gaius ambitiously wanted the Lance to unite Reize Maxia under his rules and orders. The party prepared and battles a fight with Gaius, but was interrupted when Gilland, the betrayed servant of Nachtigal, activated the Lance. But to the party's surprise, especially Milla, the Lance didn't kill people…, it destroys the magical barrier around the world, the Schism. When a gaping hole was ripped on the Schism, ships from another world fleeted and ambushed over Reize Maxia. The party had no choice but to retreat for safety but was separated due to the fleet's attack.

Jude, Elize, and Alvin encountered a magical spirit named Muzét, who claimed to be Milla's sister. They decided to let her tag along and continue their search to unite with their friends. In no time flat, Jude and his friends are reunited with Milla and the others but were surprised to meet Gaius and his loyal servants. Once they all got together, Alvin confessed and explained the whole truth that he was part of Exodus, a spy. He wanted the organization to use the Lance as part of their Other World Reactor Plan to steal Reize Maxia's mana for Alvin's homeworld called Elympios. The whole group didn't want that to happen, so everyone teamed up and started to make an infiltration plan on Exodus where they heard that the Lance is kept in the cruise ship called the E.S.S. Zenethra.

Once the party infiltrated the ship, they defeated Gilland and planned to destroy the Lance for good. But the party was ambushed again when a strange gravity spell stopped them in their tracks. However, Milla had the strength to free herself and to save the Great Four spirits. But she sacrifices herself to stop the Lance and destroy the ship in the process.

With Milla, the Lance, and the ship went into the sea, Jude faces a terrible mourning state when he discovers the truth from Muzét. She explained that Milla was not the real Maxwell, a powerful spirit lord who controls Reize Maxia. Muzét also declared that her job is to eliminate all beings who knew about the Schism so that the whole world will live in peace under the protection of Maxwell from Elympios. Jude didn't know what to do. That was when an idea and inspiration struck him. He thought if Milla isn't the real Maxwell, then the real one is still out there somewhere. So he and his friends, Alvin, Elize, Leia, and Rowen, decided to follow him and find the real Maxwell to find the solutions about the schism and the other world of Elympios.

Meanwhile, in the Spirit Realm, Milla was brought back to life by the Great Four Spirits, only to find out Milla lost all her memories. The spirits have thought they should abandon her, but Milla feels to be her own person and fulfills her own ideas that spirits and humans live in peace. The spirits are moved by her conviction and decided to aid her. They encountered Muzét which they discovered that Maxwell used Muzét only to destroy the Exodus as his puppet. Muzét became confused and enraged and wanted a purpose, but Milla and the spirits had no time to waste as they arrived at the Temporal Crossroads, a dimension linking to the Human and Spirit Realms.

Jude and his gang met the real Maxwell to find out that he used Milla as live bait to lure Exodus into the open and using Muzét to destroy Exodus. Jude and his gang battled the Lord of Spirits, and all hope seemed lost when Maxwell was too powerful, but Milla resurrected and appeared before Jude and everyone and defeat Maxwell. The lord became confused about why the spirits he created turned against him, including Milla. The Great Four and Milla convinced his ordering of the world is not used as tools even it means to protect humans and spirits. The lord finally understood his mistakes, but he and the party were interrupted when Gaius and Muzét appeared and wanted to ensure that Gaius is the new Maxwell to protect his people from the other world and spyrix technology. Maxwell was captured, but he uses his powers to save the party and fleeing them to other world Elympios.

Once the party arrived in Elympios, they learned a lot about their world's tragedy and how they did everything in their power to save their world. The party also discovered that a safer technology of using the spirits' mana is called spyrite. It was the greatest and best way to save Elympios and without harming the spirits. The party knew the only way to save both Reize Maxia and Elympios is to dispel the schism once and for all. But Gaius and Muzét appeared and disagreed with the party's suggestion and wanted to attack Elympios from their invasion of Reize Maxia. But the king gave them a chance to see if the party prove to themselves they have what it takes to save both worlds.

Once the party made their final and rightful decision, they headed to the Spirit Realm and battled Gaius and Muzét. Victorious, the party defeated both of them, destroyed the Lance for good, and saved Maxwell. Gaius hated to admit his defeat, but he was convinced by Jude and Milla's wise words that there is hope in the future for both of the worlds. When everything's settled, Milla confessed to everyone and Maxwell that she'll be the new Maxwell taking over the Spirit Realm and watching over the world. Maxwell understood and dispelled the Schism once and for all, and he disappeared in the process. With the Schism gone, the worlds reunited as Jude, Milla, and everyone worked very hard to keep the worlds in peace together for the future. Sadly it was goodbye for Jude and Milla, but they know they will always be very close to each other no matter how far they are.

That is until one year later when the Schism is removed…, another story is told.

In the new year, a young man named Ludger Will Kresnik and a young girl named Elle Mel Marta were brought together by a sudden encounter and began their mission. The two met on a train with Jude, researching the spyrite technology at their side, and encountered the most twisted space-time dimension of their lives. Once they were out of the dimension, the three were unconscious when the train crashed into a station.

After their recovery, a man named Rideaux, a "Doctor Agent" of the Spirius Corporation, gave them a chance to survive and be free; only Ludger has to pay a massive debt for the train incident mistakenly involved. Ludger had no choice but agreed.

After the agreement from Rideaux, Elle explained to Ludger and Jude that she wants to go to Canaan to save her father. Jude noted that Canaan is a legendary land that no one has seen but heard about it. It said someone could make a wish come true if a person reaches Canaan. But Jude noted only the sage Kresnik could go to the Land of Canaan wielding the Lance of Will, and that's Ludger. Ludger and Elle were confused, but Elle was eager to go to Canaan, so Ludger helped her out.

When they arrived back at Ludger's home, he, Elle, and Jude encountered Bisley Bakur, the chief executive, that he informed Ludger, Elle, and Jude are wanted for the attack on the train, and Ludger's brother, Julius, is the primary culprit of the incident. But Bisley offers them a chance to be free if they catch Julius. Ludger had no choice again but to agree.

While on the hunt for Julius, Ludger and Elle encountered Jude's old friends, Alvin, Elize, Leia, and Rowen. Jude was happy to see them again, but everyone at the party discovered some weird signs they've encountered. They warped in bizarre dimensions and battled two foes in black and covered with a dark aura. Ludger was successful in eliminating the enemies and brought themselves back to their own and the real world. Along the way, they've encountered the Great Spirit Muzét and stated something has gone amiss to the world, and Milla, the new lord of spirits, has disappeared. The party was shocked and was confused about all the commotion going around in their world.

Then Ludger and his friends were called to the Spirius Corporation by the chief executive, as Bisley explains the situation. The odd dimensions the party traveled are the fractured dimensions that corrupt their world, the prime dimension. The cause of these different dimensions is the Great Spirit Origin. And the only way to stop the fractured dimensions is Ludger's powers of the Kresnik, the Chromatus. Ludger agreed with Bisley and decided to cooperate him to destroy the fractured dimensions. Ludger also chose to let Jude and his friends come along during his missions.

Their first mission started as they need to find the divergence catalyst, a corrupted being, and the source in the fractured dimensions to destroy the dimension. Along the way, they met the Great Spirit Chronos, who stopped Ludger and his friends from reaching Canaan. He was also the culprit who kidnapped Milla Maxwell. Chronos started attacking the party, but Ludger's brother Julius showed up and saved the party in time. Once everyone is safe, Julius explained that the fractured dimensions appeared because of Origin's Trial, a test to see the worthiness of humanity. When Julius gave the whole plot about the fractured dimensions and Origin's Trial, the party encountered the fractured Milla, and the fractured Muzét to discover that the fracture Muzét is the catalyst. The party followed her, including the fractured Milla, and defeated her. The party was sent back to their dimension only to be surprised that the fractured Milla followed with them as well. The party also received the first waymarker that will reveal the location of the Land of Canaan. But the party was ambushed by Rideaux and made an assault order on the party to head back to the corporation forcibly.

Back at the corporation, Bisley explained that to reach Canaan and end the fractured dimensions is that the party has to collect five waymarkers to reveal the location of Canaan. And with Ludger's brother in jeopardy for betraying the corp., he had no choice but to follow Bisley's orders to save his beloved brother. Jude and the others didn't want this, but they had no choice.

Then one night, Jude and Elle are out and together, and Elle promised Ludger that they would go to the Land of Canaan together. Elle swears that she and Ludger will always be together and fulfill their goal.

Ludger, Elle, and the rest of the party continued their mission to destroy the fractured dimensions and collect the waymarkers. Along the way, the party encountered events with valuable information while they were in the fractured dimensions, info about the past of Reize Maxia and Elympios. Then the party met Muzét and Gaius as they joined the party to fight off the fractured dimensions.

But then, during one of their elimination of the fractured dimensions, Ludger, Elle, and the party discovered that no two identical people, but from different dimensions, can't be together in the same dimension. The party, especially the other Milla, witnessed and realized this phenomenon when they saw two Rollos, the cat of Ludger and Julius, and the one from the fractured dimension disappeared. The other Milla had excessive concerns about this phenomenon that if the real Milla returned to the prime dimension, the other Milla would disappear.

As the party progresses successfully, they are down to the last waymarker they have to search. Bisley and his company men have located the last waymaker but informed the party that Milla Maxwell was an obstacle, preventing the party from entering the fractured dimension containing the last waymarker. The other Milla confessed to the party that she is why no two Millas can't coexist with others in the same dimension. Then the party soon received a threat call from Exodus to the peace treaty conference. When the party arrived for the rescue, Rideaux aid the Exodus to lure the party to summon Maxwell out of her trapped state. Rideaux planned a trap for the party when the other Milla was about to suck into the summon spell by Rideaux. Ludger saved the other Milla, but she begged Ludger to let her go even though Elle didn't want her to die. Ludger couldn't, but Milla was proud as she let go to give up her own life and summon the new lord of spirits, Milla Maxwell. The party with Milla Maxwell battled Rideaux and won the fight.

With Milla Maxwell's return, the party celebrates, but Elle suffers the loss of her best friend, the other Milla. Nevertheless, Ludger and the party tried to encourage her, and Milla even showed her responsibility and trust to help Elle reach the Land of Canaan. Although Elle hated to admit the situation that happened, she let Milla joined Elle.

Then the party set off into another fractured dimension where it contained the last waymarker. The fractured dimension took place years ahead in the future of Elympios. It was there they encountered Elle's father. Elle was proud to be reunited with her father for so long, but Ludger and the party discovered a shocking truth. It's revealed that Elle's father is the future fractured version of Ludger, and he lured the real Ludger to kill him and take his place. But Elle was shocked to find out the truth, and the party destroyed and kill the fractured Ludger, who happened to be the catalyst. As a result, Elle suffered the loss of her father, and the party returned to their dimension. But when they retrieved the last waymarker, the party discovered that Elle turns into a catalyst due to her powers of time, place, and was born from the fracture dimension. When the party returned to safety, and for recovery, Elle realized she was never a normal human all along but a being that shouldn't belong in the prime dimension. But Ludger vows to help Elle reach the Land of Canaan to undo the curse on Elle and eliminate the fractured dimensions once and for all. Elle understood Ludger's words and decided to tag along with the party.

Then the party was all gathered at Marksburg. Elle volunteered to put all the waymarkers in place as they finally showed the location of the Land of Canaan. But the party was interrupted again when Chronos appeared again and ambushed the party. It was then Chronos confessed to the party that he granted the power of the Chromatus and said those who abuse it will become catalysts for good. The party struggled due to Chronos' time powers, but then Bisley revealed himself that he has Chromatus powers. But Bisley confessed that he knew how to get Canaan most evilly. Elle became surprised and refused to go to the Land of Canaan forever, now the promise of Ludger and Elle is broken. Ludger tries to convince Elle to tag along, but Elle ran away in sorrow. Bisley then confessed to the party that he used Ludger as a hired gun for Bisley to easily get to the Land of Canaan. The party became so worried and ordered to head back to the Spirius Corporation. But during their return to the corp., Elle appeared before Bisley and offered him to spare Ludger's life to save him and prevent him from becoming a catalyst. Bisley accepts her offer.

When the party returned to the corp., they are found in Bisley's office, where a message has been played informed by Bisley himself. He explained that the whole test of Origin's was a game to humanity due to the unstable control of the spyrix. He also stated that the only way to end Origin's charade is a person who reaches Origin before the millionth catalyst appears, then humanity passes the test. If not, the spirits will leave the world and will never coexist the humans again. But the party then realizes something was amiss when Bisley knew how to get to the Land of Canaan. It was then Rideaux confessed that he would use Elle's powers to destroy Chronos and reach Canaan. The party was shocked that he and Bisley knew that Elle was the key of Kresnik all along. But Ludger pressed on for more information about Bisley and Rideaux's true ambition of clearing Origin's Trial. Ludger then discovered that Bisley's true wish…

is to make all the spirits, even the Great Spirits, be the human's loyal tools forever.

Ludger understood that this was Bisley's revenge that the Great Spirit Origin turned Bisley into a payback spirit hater. Then Ludger heard Elle's voice one more time, saying she would give up her life to save Ludger's life. But Ludger didn't want that to happen.

Without hesitation, Ludger joins up with Jude and Milla as they helped him achieve a rescue mission to save Elle and stop Bisley's plans. However, the three were attacked when Rideaux tries to stop them. But Gaius and Muzét appeared out of the blue and aided them. Thus, with the party's quick thinking, they managed to defeat Rideaux and escaped without hesitation.

When the party escaped, one of them informed that to get to Canaan, one of the beings with Chromatus powers must be sacrificed to make a bridge to Canaan, and that is either Ludger or Julius. Ludger didn't want this, but he met his beloved brother Julius again, and the two battled each other one last time as the party watched in fear. Ludger won the battle and suffered so much of his lost brother. Ludger's friends told him he did the right thing, as a soul bridge appeared and lead to the Land of Canaan.

The party continued to press on and entered the Land of Canaan. The party arrived at the core of Canaan and came face to face with Bisley and Chronos. In shock, the party also discovered that Elle's transformation is close to becoming a catalyst. The party battled Chronos one last time, but Bisley came forth and stopped Chronos using Elle's power, the true key of Kresnik. Ludger did what's right and used his last strength to battle Bisley and end his ambition once and for all. With their strong hearts and bravery, Ludger and the party defeated Bisley for good.

When the battle ended, Ludger, Elle, and everyone opened the door to Origin. The Great Spirit appeared, and to everyone's surprised, Origin was amazed to see the party's determination and proud words that showed him about humanity. Chronos still wouldn't let the party get what they desire, but Origin convinced Chronos that he did something to remind Origin why he loved humans. Chronos became eased and understood. Origin decided to grant Ludger and Elle's wish, but one will become a catalyst and disappear in the process. Ludger and Elle both agreed on each other and wished for the fractured dimensions to go away for good…

But Ludger decided to become the next catalyst. Elle and the rest of the party became shocked and frightened, but Ludger kept moving forward and accepted his sacrifice. Everyone, including Origin and Chronos, fully understood and was proud of Ludger's moral choice. Origin then granted Ludger and Elle's wish, and the fractured dimensions are gone for good. As Ludger starts to disappear slowly, Elle and everyone else said thank you, and they'll never forget him. As Ludger being the last catalyst and vanished for good, Elle became a normal real-life girl, and Jude, Milla, and their friends will watch over her until the end of time.

The world of Reize Maxia and Elympios is once again living in peace and harmony with both spirits and humans living together.


It was still only the beginning.

Two years have passed after their heroic mission of deleting the fractured dimensions, but another crisis has risen. When the fractured dimensions were all eradicated, a new enemy has appeared. The heroes will make their return again, only this time it won't just be their story…, but another kind of story… from a different world.

This story is about two different groups of heroes that will join forces together to save both of their worlds for the sake of humanity and magical beings.

And this other story our Xillia heroes will meet is about…

a boy, his three young friends, and his yellow mouse.

The other story will clash our Xillia heroes on their incredible journey in the other story's world. That other story is called…