3. Old Familiar Faces & New Surprises

Somewhere deep within the mountains of the Kanto region lies Team Rocket headquarters. Its secret base is load with Team Rocket goons, and they fulfill every criminal mission for Giovanni's, the head leader of the organization, world conquest.

In the boss's room, Team Rocket's leader, Giovanni, interacts with his three loyal yet clumsy thugs Jessie, James, and Meowth. The criminals are discussing the trio's missions in the Kalos region.

"I must admit you three," Giovanni said in a scolding voice, "You proven to be something handy to me for defeating Team Flare. You have what it takes to be my top goons." The trio smiled to be praised by their boss.

"You really mean that!?" Jessie with excitement.

"How honor of you to say that," James said with joy.

"I'm so proud of us!" Meowth cried in happiness.

Giovanni remained cold to the trio as he speaks. "However, I expect you to capture that Pikachu from that pathetic trainer Ash Ketchum. You may have gotten my appreciation for your victory over Team Flare. But wise up and capture that Pikachu or any Pokémon at once. I expect successful results."

"Yes, sir!" The trio saluted in unison.

"Now off with you three and go."

And the trio left the room in haste and are outside in the halls of the headquarters.

"Can you believe it?" Jessie speaks to her group, "The boss is proud for us that we defeated those lousy and worthless Team Flare."

"And now it's on to capturing Pikachu as always," James declared.

"We can't mess this up," Meowth stated. "Once we get that Pikachu from dat twerp, we'll be in the boss's top-of-the-line criminals."

"We'll get promotions, executive corner offices, high salaries. Yay!" the trio cheered in sync.

"Wobbuffett!" the patient Pokémon agrees.

Back on route 1 road, Ash and his Kalos friends, along with Elle, Jude, and Milla, are heading back to Prof. Oak's lab to deliver and return the favor Prof. Oak asked Ash to do.

Elle, Jude, and Milla became a little wary of their surroundings by seeing all the Pokémon creatures along the way. The other world trio sees Pidgey, Oddish, Spearow, and Rattata roaming around the area.

"What are these creatures?" Elle asked her friends.

"I've never seen these kinds of animals back home," Jude said.

"And they don't look like anything similar back in Reize Maxia," Milla noted.

Just then, a creature with a yellow bulb as its head and plant roots as its body popped out and almost surprised Elle. The creature wobbles its body back and forth.

"Wow, what is that?" Elle questioned.

"Oh, cool!" Bonnie said in joy, "It's a Bellsprout."

"A Bellsprout?" Jude asked.

"Yeah," Clemont speaks, "It's the flower Pokémon. Its body keeps swerving rapidly to avoid many attacks or moving with blinding speed to capture prey, as what they say."

"What's a Pokémon?" Milla wondered.

But with that questioned, Ash and his friends became quizzical, but Jude and Elle widen their eyes in fright.

"Wait…, you don't know what a Pokémon is?" Ash said in an odd mood. Pikachu tilts his head in confusion too.

Elle and Jude quickly went up to Milla and shushed her.

"Milla!" Elle quietly shouted, "Have you forgotten!?"

"Any question like that can increase their suspicion on us that we're not from this world," Jude stated quietly.

Milla then realized and widened her eyes. "Oh dear…" Milla said in a bit of shock, "Sorry, I guess I got a little carried away of being curious about this world."

"Hey, what's going on over there?" Bonnie asked in a sneaky mood.

The other world trio heard her and became a little concerned.

"Don't worry, I got this," Elle said to her two friends. Elle then turns to Bonnie and happily speaks. "What Milla is trying to say is: What kind of Pokémon is it? She just wants to know what specialties and traits it has."

"Well, Bellsprout are grass-type Pokémon, and they are in the beginning stage of its evolution," Clemont stated. "They perform attacks like Razor Leaf and Vine Whip. And when gained enough experience and power level, it evolves into a Weepinbell."

"Oh, how interesting. Riiight, Milla?" Elle winks at Milla.

"Uh, yes," Milla replies and gets Elle's trick, "It is very motivating to know about these creatures' attacks and life forms." Milla then makes a false smile to cover up her suspicion.

Elle and her two friends made another cover-up, but Bonnie is still a little suspicious of the three.

"Well, we better get a move on and meet Prof. Oak." Ash ordered, "I'll bet he is anxious to get this special Pokémon food for his research and the Pokémon he watches."

Everyone agreed and continued down the road heading back to Pallet Town. Elle and Milla are close together as they both whispered to each other.

"Thanks again, Elle," Milla said quietly to her little friend. "I have to say, how do you come up with these deceit lies?"

"A child's imagination," Elle replies and winked.

But while Ash, his friends, and the other world people are traveling on the road, unbeknownst to them, Team Rocket is spying, as always, from their hot-air Meowth balloon. The crooked trio uses their high-tech binoculars to spy on Ash and the gang, especially Pikachu, their target.

"There they are," Jessie noted. "The twerp and his prized Pikachu."

"It looks like those twerps from Kalos came here to Kanto as well," James stated.

"And look," Meowth speaks up, "The twerps also got some more new friends with him."

Jessie and James heard what Meowth said and looked. And once the two did, they spotted Jude, Milla, and Elle following Ash and his friends.

"Well, Well, Well…," James says, "you're right."

"Another twerpette, a big twerp, and a bigger twerpette," Jessie said. "Now who are they?"

"Ah, who cares youse two," Meowth spoke up. "Let's just focus on grabbing Pikachu and giving him to the boss."

"Righty-O!" Jessie and James agreed at the same time.

"Wobbu! Wobbu!" Wobbuffett saluted.

A half-hour passed, and the team arrived in Pallet Town. Ash and the gang headed to Prof. Oak's lab to deliver the special food the professor requested. They all arrived at the front gate of the lab and passed through it. Then they walked up the stairs leading to the building. Along the way, Jude, Milla, and Elle examine the whole laboratory.

"Wow, this is where Prof. Oak lives and works?" Jude said in little amazement.

"Yep," Ash replied, "This is where he examines and studies all the all the trainers' Pokémon who start their adventures here in Kanto and go on their journeys."

"Amazing, his laboratory is so big." Elle said in amazement. "He even has his own windmill."

"Indeed," Milla agrees.

And the gang arrived at the front door of the Oak's laboratory. Ash then knocks on the door.

"Hello! Anyone in there?" Ash called as he kept knocking.

Then there is a voice on the other side of the door. "Just a sec, I'll be right there." said a young man's voice.

To his surprise, Ash recognized that familiar voice. It's not the professor's, but an old friend Ash used to travel with. "Hey…, that sounds like…" Ash says quietly.

The door opened and appeared before Ash and the gang is the Pokémon Watcher and lab assistant Tracey Sketchit. Tracey was surprised and happy to Ash appearing before him.

"Hey Ash!" Tracey said with a smile.

"Tracey! Good to see you again." Ash said happily.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said with joy.

"It's good to see you too," Tracey says with a grin. "How's everything going on your journeys?"

"Awesome as ever, Tracey!" Ash responded

While Ash and Tracey were glad to see each other again, Elle and the others were a bit confused.

"Uh…, you know this guy Ash?" Elle questioned.

"Oh yeah, I forgot you all haven't met him. This is my friend Tracey. We used to travel together during our journey to the Orange Islands. And Tracey is good at sketching and drawing Pokémon in his sketchbooks. And now he is Prof. Oak's lab assistant, and he works here now."

"It's nice to meet you all," Tracey said with a grin. "So you must be all of Ash's friends, am I right?"

"You bet," Clemont replies, "I'm Clemont."

"And I'm Bonnie," she said with a smile. Then Dedenne popped out of Bonnie's bag, "And this is Dedenne."

"Nenene!" Dedenne said with joy.

"Hi there, Tracey. I'm Elle Mel Marta," She said and waved to him. "But call me Elle."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Jude."

"And I'm Milla, a pleasure to meet you."

Tracey grins at the newcomers to him, "It's nice to meet you all of you too."

Then Ash speaks to Tracey, "So Tracey, where's Prof. Oak?"

"Oh, he and Prof. Sycamore out the on the field examining some Sunflora with Brock, Misty, and Gary."

"Wow, those guys are here?" Ash said in surprise.

"Definitely, you want to meet them?"

"Of course," Clemont responded, "I really like to get to know about Prof. Oak."

"Me too! Me too!" Bonnie said in excitement.

"Then come in, and I'll show him to you," Tracey said, and he guided Ash and his friends to meet Prof. Oak.

Out on the field, Prof. Oak and Prof. Sycamore, including Brock, Misty, and Gary, are checking on the Sunflora to see if they are healthy. Prof. Oak finishes the last Sunflora for its check-up and gives a smile to Sunflora.

"Okay, Sunflora, you're good to go," the professor said. "there are no injuries and diseases, so you are in perfect health."

The Sunflora is happy to hear from the professor, and it went to its group of the other Sunflora. The group of Sunflora then went back to the fields and play together.

"Those Sunflora are really happy," Misty said with a grin.

"Right," Brock followed, "I can tell their flowers are in full bloom, indicating they are in perfect condition."

"You sure are right, Brock," Gary agreed.

"And this is my first time seeing all these Sunflora here in Kanto," Prof. Sycamore said with a grin.

Prof. Oak smiles and speaks to his three young friends, "Thanks for stopping by and helping me out."

"No problem, professor," Misty replied.

"And it's been a while since we last met, so we've decided to meet you again," Brock said.

Then Gary makes a thought, "Say, Gramps, how did you think Ash is doing?"

Professor smiles and replies at his grandson, "Well, if I was him, I think—"

"Prof. Oak!" The professor was interrupted by a voice, and he, Misty, Brock, Gary, and Prof. Sycamore, turned toward the voice. And to their great surprise, they see Ash and his friends walking towards them.

"Hey! How you doing!?" Ash shouted in joy.

"Ah, there he is," Prof. Oak said in amazement.

"Hey! It's Ash!" Misty shouted in joy.

"Yeah, it is," Brock stated.

"Hey! Ashy's back." Gary said.

"Welcome back, Ash." Prof. Sycamore happily speaks.

Ash and the gang arrived in front of Prof. Oak and the others, with Tracey coming up from the rear.

"Prof. Oak, Prof. Sycamore, how's it going?" Ash asked.

"Everything's going quite smoothly here at my lab," the professor responded. "And these three, along with Tracey, just got back here to the lab not too long ago."

Ash then noticed and is happy to see Misty, Brock, and Gary in his sight.

"Misty, Brock, Gary. It's good to see you again," Ash said with joy.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said with joy too.

"Me too, Ash," Misty said with a smile.

"I'm glad to see you again as well," Brock stated.

"Likewise, Ash," Gary followed.

Ash continued to smile, but then Clemont interrupts Ash for a question.

"Hey Ash, aren't you going to introduce us?" Clemont asked.

"Oh yeah, right," Ash noticed. "Guys, I like to meet my friends from the Kalos region."

"Hi, my name's Clemont."

"And I'm Bonnie, and this little guy is Dedenne."


"So…, did you all have a good journey with Ash in the Kalos region?" Brock asked.

"You bet," Clemont replied, "traveling with Ash and watching his battles were awesome."

"We really had a good time with Ash," Bonnie chirped.

The professor laughed in joy. He happily says, "Well, I can see you really had a wonderful journey." But then Prof. Oak noticed Elle and her friends next to Ash and his friends. "Oh? And who are these people?"

Ash noticed Elle, Jude, and Milla, and then he speaks, "Oh yeah, we've just met them, but they're traveling with us because they are looking for someone here in Pallet Town."

"I see," the professor said with curiosity, "and may I ask who are you three?"

Elle was first to introduce herself, "Hi there, professor. I'm Elle Mel Marta. Call me Elle."

"Hi there, I'm Jude."

"And I'm Milla."

The professor smiles, "Ah, nice to meet you Elle, Jude, and Milla. As you know, I'm Prof. Oak, and I run this laboratory and take care of all these trainers' Pokémon." Then the professor turns to Misty, Brock, Gary, and Prof. Sycamore. "Why don't you four introduce yourselves to these new people?"

"Right, Grandpa," Gary replied. "I'm Gary Oak. I am a Pokémon researcher like my grandpa."

"Greetings, you three. I'm Prof. Sycamore from the Kalos region," he gladly introduced.

"Hi there everyone, I'm Misty. It's nice to meet you all."

"And I'm Brock!" he shouted, but he is excited to see Milla in his sight as his undying love struck him again. So, he dashed up to Milla and grabbed her right hand with both of his hands. "Oh, Milla, you're so beautiful for me to come on this day. It must be fate that we are brought here together. Your golden hair is so glossy and glamorous. Your eyes shine like sparkling rubies. And your face as beautiful as a full bloom rose. You and I are meant to stay together like the red string tied together for eternal love."

Except for Ash and Pikachu, who are a little embarrassed, Milla and others were a bit confused about Brock's lovey-dovey mood. They all didn't say a word and kept staring at Brock's odd attitude when…

YANK! Misty came in with irritation and pulled Brock's ear. "Unfortunately for you, it's me who has to cut that red string of yours in half," she said in an upset mood.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Not the ear!" Brock said in pain as he is pulled away by Misty.

Elle and the others were still confused. "Uh…, what was that about?" Elle said in confusion.

Clemont leans over on Bonnie, "Y'know, he's like you when you meet a girl, but…, much worse."

"Hmm! I'm not like him!" Bonnie pouted.

"That was… odd…" Jude said in confusion.

"Yes…," Milla said in little confusion. But then she grins a little, "but he sure knows how to compliment a woman."

"Uh…, you serious about that?" Ash, in little shock and embarrassment, said to Milla.

Gary then comes up to Ash as he speaks to his ex-rival. "Hey Ash," he says, "since you're here, how about we have ourselves a Pokémon battle?"

"A Pokémon battle?" Ash said in a jesting mood, "Uh…, why?"

"Well, it's been a long time we haven't seen each other since we last met in Sinnoh, and I wanna see if you got any stronger after your journey in Kalos. What do you say? Are you still the same weak Ashy-boy I know?"

"No way! I may not have won the Kalos League, but I'll show you how much stronger I got. So, you're on Gary!"

"Alright! That's the determined Ash I know." Gary turns to his grandfather Prof. Oak. "Shall we, Grandpa?"

"You bet, Gary," the professor agrees. "And it's been a while since I saw a good battle."

"Hmm…, I love to see how this battle goes," Prof. Sycamore said with interest.

"Then let's head over to the field," Tracey suggested.

"And I'll be the judge too," Brock declared.

"Wow, this is going to be fun," Misty said with a grin.

But while the Pokémon people are anxious to have a Pokémon battle, Elle, Jude, and Milla looked at each other in confusion.

"What's a Pokémon battle?" Elle pondered. Jude and Milla made puzzled looks and shrugged.

Outside behind the lab, everyone is out on an open grass field preparing for a Pokémon battle. Ash, with Pikachu standing next to his trainer, and Gary are on opposing sides on the field as they face each other ready to battle. Brock stands in the middle of the field, being the judge. The others, including Elle and her friends, are on the sidelines just to watch the battle.

Brock makes an announcement, "This battle will now begin. Each trainer will use only one Pokémon. Whichever trainer and his Pokémon defeat their opponent is declared the winner. Are you guys ready?"

"You bet, Brock." Ash said, "I'm going to show guys that my skills to become a Pokémon Master have gotten better."

"Don't get too confident, Ash," Gary warned his ex-rival. "I may be a researcher, but I've still trained really hard as well."

"Wow, this is exciting!" Bonnie said with joy.

"Old rivals battling again," Clemont stated as he feels interested. "I'm eager to know how this battle will be."

"Good luck, you two!" Misty cheered.

"I'm ready to sketch their battle," Tracey said as he got his pencil and sketchbook ready.

"Have fun, you two." Prof. Sycamore called the two trainers.

Elle, Jude, and Milla are still confused about what a Pokémon battle is, but they followed along and watch Ash and Gary getting ready to battle.

Ash and Gary looked at each other with confidence. "LET'S DO THIS!" The two boys shouted at the same time.

"Alright! Battle Begin!" Brock declared.

"I choose you, Umbreon!" Gary commanded. He throws his Pokéball, and it brought out the Moonlight Pokémon. Umbreon positions in its fighting stance.

"Okay, Hawlucha, I choose you!" Ash shouted as he throws his Pokéball. The ball then opens, releasing the Wrestling Pokémon onto the scene. Hawlucha makes a victory pose.

"Whoa, what a cool Pokémon," Tracey said in amazement as he sketches Hawlucha for the first time.

"So that's a Hawlucha," Misty stated with a grin.

"Okay Umbreon," Gary speaks up, "Use Quick Attack!" And Umbreon performs its attack zooming in on Hawlucha at lightning speed.

"Hawlucha, jump and use Karate Chop!" Ash commanded. And the wrestling Pokémon did and avoided Umbreon's Quick Attack. Hawlucha is in the air, and then he falls towards Umbreon. Hawlucha's arm glowed and thrusts it toward Umbreon.

"Dodge it, Umbreon!" Gary ordered. Umbreon did and misses Hawlucha's attack. The wrestling Pokémon attacked the ground causing a little dust cloud. Hawlucha knew he missed, and he stares at Umbreon. "Now Umbreon, use Shadow Ball!" Umbreon heard, and it builds and charges a dark ball in front of its mouth. Once the Shadow Ball is at the ideal power, Umbreon shoots it towards Hawlucha.

Hawlucha sees the incoming attack, but it is too close to dodge and makes Hawlucha hit by the Shadow Ball. Hawlucha was then knocked back near Ash. "Hawlucha! Are you okay?" Hawlucha shakes his head and gets back on his feet with confidence. "Yeah, that's the spirit! Now jump and use Flying Press!" Hawlucha heard as he jumps in the air with his wings wide apart and then comes down onto Umbreon. The wrestling Pokémon dives in on Umbreon fast and smashes it. Hawlucha jumps back to Ash after the Pokémon completes his attack.

Umbreon is on the ground in pain. "Umbreon! Can you get up?" Gary asked. Umbreon then stands on its feet and shakes its head. The Moonlight Pokémon gets into its fighting stance again. Gary is relieved to see Umbreon still okay."Well, that's good." Gary then looks at Ash, "I gotta admit Ash, you did get stronger since the last time I saw you."

"Hey, you're strong too, Gary." Ash replies, "Your battling skills are awesome." Pikachu agrees with Ash.

"Thanks Ash, but this battle is just getting started. Alright Umbreon, go!" Umbreon dashed toward its opponent.

"You go too, Hawlucha!" Hawlucha charged forth to Umbreon.

As the two trainers are battling, everyone else kept watching the combat.

"Both Gary and Ash have incredible battling skills," Prof. Oak noted. "And they both have strong and trained Pokémon."

"Yes, Indeed," Prof. Sycamore follows, "it's amazing how these two made it to both the Kanto and Johto league, like you said.

"I agree with you, Professor," Tracey said.

"Me too," Misty followed.

Elle, Jude, and Milla aren't excited about watching the battle. Instead, they became intrigued by observing the combat styles and flexible moves the Pokémon fight.

"Hey Jude…," Milla speaks while she watches the battle, "are you seeing this?"

"I am," Jude replies while is observes the duel, "but I never saw this kind of battle before. Using these creatures commanded by humans for this kind of dueling fight. It's like a whole new kind of battle technique I've never seen before."

While Jude and Milla stared at the battle, analyzing the situation, Elle becomes mesmerized as she watches with an odd feeling inside of her. "What is this?" Elle thought, "It's a battle, but… why does it feel like… it's so much fun?"

Bonnie noticed that Elle and her friends aren't feeling exciting like Bonnie and her friends. She makes a suspicious look at the trio and speaks, "Hey…, what's a matter with you three?" Elle and her friends heard Bonnie and blinked. "You guys are watching the battle, but you don't seem enthusiastic as if you never saw a Pokémon battle before."

With Bonnie's statement, Elle and her friends blinked in surprise since they don't know anything about Pokémon or their battles.

Elle then reacts. "Oh no!" she replies, trying to cover up her and her friends' secret, "It's just that we were… more focused on analyzing the movement and fighting techniques those… uh… Pokémon… did. Right guys?" Elle's friends falsely nodded in agreement. Bonnie, however, starts to get more suspicious of Elle, Jude, and Milla.

Ash and Gary's battle continues as Hawlucha is on the ground injured after being attacked by Umbreon's Quick Attack.

"Let's finishes this up!" Gary commanded, "Umbreon, Shadow Ball one more time!" And the Moonlight Pokémon jumped and charges its Shadow Ball to defeat Hawlucha once and for all.

"Now, Hawlucha! Use High Jump Kick!" Ash ordered. Hawlucha heard, and the wrestling Pokémon quickly heard and dashes towards Umbreon. Hawlucha's legs glowed and kick on Umbreon, inflicting serious damage and canceling Umbreon's Shadow Ball. Hawlucha did another kick sending Umbreon down to the ground.

Umbreon crashed to the ground creating a dust cloud from the dirt. "Ah! Umbreon!" Gary shouted in shock.

Hawlucha lands back on the ground and anticipates Umbreon's condition. Once the cloud of dust disappears, Umbreon is lying on the ground injured and out cold.

Brock makes the official call after seeing Umbreon knocked out. "This match is over!" he said, "Umbreon is unable to battle. Hawlucha wins, which means the victor goes to Ash."

Ash and Pikachu jumped in an exciting victory. "Alright! Way to go, Hawlucha!" Ash cheered. Pikachu shouted in great joy, and Hawlucha makes a victory pose.

"Wow, that was awesome!" Bonnie said in excitement.

"I was mind-blown from their battle," Clemont said with a grin.

"It was great to see those two battle again," Tracey said as he finishes his sketch.

"Yes indeed," Prof. Oak agrees, "They're no longer rivals, but they are still good friends and the top trainers here in Pallet Town."

"For sure," Misty said.

"I can vouch for that," Prof. Sycamore agrees.

Gary walks up to Umbreon and kneels toward his Pokémon. "Hey Umbreon, are you okay?" Umbreon heard and sees Gary. It grins, telling that Umbreon is fine. "I'm proud of you, Umbreon. You deserve a good rest." Gary then brings out Umbreon's Pokéball and returns it into the ball. Next, Gary stands up and sees Ash, who is patting Hawlucha. "Well Ash, so it is true." Ash and his Pokémon hear Gary. "You've gotten much stronger since the last time we met. I think you have what it takes to become a true Pokémon Master."

"Ah gee, Gary." Ash said with a little shyness, "You were strong too. Your Umbreon moves fast and has a strong Shadow Ball. I thought Umbreon would've beat Hawlucha."

Gary laughs and acknowledges Ash's comment. But then he speaks, "Say Ash, I have something that you might like, especially a powerful and determined trainer like you." Ash heard and becomes curious. "You're always up for a challenge, so listen up. I heard that in the Hoenn Region that have these special Pokémon battles that are really tough. They're called the Master Challenge Battles."

"Uh…, Master Challenge Battles?" Ash pondered. Pikachu and Hawlucha also pondered. "What are those?"

"Only the toughest and strongest trainers you'll ever battle. It's a very special battling system that tests worthy and skillful trainers like you to push beyond the limits and overcome any tough trials a trainer faces."

"Indeed, Grandson," Prof. Oak speaks up as he approaches Gary and Ash. "The Master Challenge Battles consists of these top generals who are willing to allow every worthy trainer to prove themselves they have what it takes to be a true Pokémon Master. Each of these generals is just like the Elite Four, plus they've also competed and won Pokémon leagues."

"Whoa, no kidding," Ash said in a little shock.

"Nope," Gary answered, "And here's the thing: if you participate in the Master Challenge Battles, you'll battle the tough generals and put yourself in a Pokémon battle with a certain challenging condition. And if you win of those battles, you'll receive a medal."

"A medal?" Ash questioned.

"Yes," the professor speaks, "instead of badges, medals are more worthy and valuable. They prove to a trainer they have the abilities and skills with their Pokémon to be a Pokémon Master. And if you're good enough, you may earn the Grand Medal of Battles."

"And that medal is the insignia that the trainer is a worthy Pokémon Master." Gary finished explaining.

"Wow, that sounds awesome," Ash said with excitement. "Have any trainers compete in these challenge battles?"

"Of course, Ash. But while many trainers compete in the challenging battles, only a few won a medal. Truth be told, only one or two Hoenn trainers earned the Grand Medal."

"And that's no cakewalk," Prof. Oak commented.

"Heeeyyy…, that sounds like it's my kind of liking to compete in those challenging battles," Ash said with firm confidence. Ash then turns to his Pokémon. "Hey Pikachu, Hawlucha, what do you say? You feel like you're ready to face a whole new kind of challenge and battle?" Pikachu and Hawlucha happily agree. "Alright, then it's settled. We're going to Hoenn and compete for those challenge battles. I'll let Mom know about it."

"There he goes," Gary speaks up to his grandpa, "Off to another journey to hone his Pokémon Master skills."

"Yes," Prof. Oak replies, "whenever he hears this kind of news, nothing stops him. Ever since he became a Pokémon trainer, he always kept battling other trainers and compete in Pokémon leagues to get stronger and fulfill his dream of becoming a Pokémon master."

Clemont and Bonnie appeared next to Ash as the two speak to him.

"And Ash," Clemont says, "we'll come along with ya too. We both like to see what the world of Pokémon has in store for both of us."

"Yeah!" Bonnie cheered, "I love to see more Pokémon that we haven't seen in Kalos." Dedenne agrees with Bonnie.

"Alright, Clemont and Bonnie!" Ash said with excitement, "You guys are going to love Hoenn. I know this because I traveled in Hoenn."

"We didn't know that," Clemont said with a bit of surprise.

"And hey, we might run into Serena again," Bonnie stated. "Serena mentioned she will compete those Pokémon Contests in Hoenn. Maybe will see her when we get over there."

"You're right. I think she'll be astounded to see us again."

"Then it's settled, Ash," Prof. Oak speaks to him. "To get started, head over to Littleroot Town, where Prof. Birch will guide you for your start on the Master Challenge Battles."

"Right, Professor," Ash said.

While Ash is excited to participate in the challenge battles in Hoenn, Elle, Jude, and Milla got together and talked in a quiet conversation.

"Did you all see the battle to the end?" Jude speaks to his two friends.

"Sure did," Milla replies, "It was a whole new battling style I've never seen in my life. Yet, I find it very intrigued about it. Elle, what do you think?"

But Jude and Milla noticed that Elle wasn't paying attention but instead thinking about something. Awestruck by the Pokémon battle, something caught Elle's mind that sparked inside her. It felt to her that she would…

"Elle?" Jude speaks up. Elle heard Jude and snaps out of her thinking moment. "Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Elle replies. "What did you guys say?"

"About the battle Ash and his friend had," Milla says. "What do you think?"

"That Pokémon battle? I thought that it was surprisingly amazing how they battle each other with their Pokémon pets like that. It was like a fierce duel, but something thrilling at the same time. Don't you think?" Jude and Milla looked at each other after Elle's suggestion, and the two agreed.

"Excuse me, you three." But Elle and her friends' secret conversation were interrupted when Misty spoke to them. The trio heard and see Misty, with Brock and Tracey, appearing before the other world guys. "If I remember correctly, you guys are looking for someone here in Pallet Town, correct?"

"Yes, that's right," Jude responded.

"Then tell us," Brock speaks. "Maybe we can help. Who are you looking for?"

But Brock's question got the trio to widen their eyes in fright. The fact is that they lied about searching for a person in Pallet Town only to follow Ash as the trio's lead. But they can't stall for long, so…

"Um…, we're looking for…, um… Rollo…" Elle shyly responded.

But Misty, Brock, and Tracey turned puzzled, when Elle said the false name. The name 'Rollo' Elle called is from her cat back in her homeworld.

"Rollo?" Tracey said in little confusion, "I don't remember or heard a guy named 'Rollo' living here in Pallet Town."

"Me neither," Misty follows.

"That's a first," Brock said with curiosity.

"Hey, what's going on?" Ash questions as he, Gary, and the rest of the gang approached the others and the trio.

"These guys are looking for a person named Rollo." Misty answers to the gang.

"Uh, Rollo?" Ash pondered.

"Odd, that's the first time I've heard that name," Gary said in little bewilderedness.

"Hmm, I don't recall having trainers I've met have the name Rollo in my database." Prof. Oak stated as he crosses his arms. "In fact, I don't remember any citizen here in Pallet Town that has the name, Rollo."

Elle, Jude, and Milla now became more frightened since their cover-up is starting to weaken.

"Something's off," Bonnie said as she makes a firm face. "Just what're you up to?" Bonnie's suspicious attitude got Elle and her friends startled.

"What do you mean, Bonnie?" Clemont asked.

"Well, how can you three not know what a Pokémon is? Everybody here knows a what Pokémon is. Even I know what's a Pokémon when I was in preschool."

"Come to think of it," Clemont speaks, "Bonnie and I also noticed that you weren't engaged, watching Ash and Gary's battle. It's as if you never saw a Pokémon battle, not before, but never in your life. It's natural for all of us to be tempted and amazed in a Pokémon battle."

Elle, Jude, and Milla are now very concerned as the Pokémon people's suspicions are onto the other world trio.

"Also," Ash speaks up, "Why did you tell the name Rollo right now instead of telling us back in Viridian City?"

"What's going on?" Gary asks.

Elle, Jude, and Milla looked at each other with a little concerned look on their faces. They know the truth is bound to be told, so…

"Well everyone," Elle slowly speaks up, "You see…"

The Pokémon people listened, and so did Pikachu and Hawlucha.


Suddenly, a mechanical arm and rubber glove grabs Pikachu and being pulled away. Ash, Hawlucha, and everyone else noticed.

"Pikachu!" Ash shouted in shock. Pikachu cried for help. "Hey! What's going on?"

Then a trio's evil laugh broke out, and Ash recognized those evil laughs. They can only be…

"Prepare for trouble, for we're back for your Pikachu."

"Make it double that is true blue to you."

"To protect the world from devastation."

"To unite all peoples within our nation."

"To denounce the evils of truth and love."

"To extend our reach to the stars above."


"And James!"

"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light."

"So, surrender now or prepare to fight, fight, fight!"

"Meowth! That's right!"


It was none other than the notorious trio Team Rocket who constantly invade to steal Pikachu. The trio is high in the sky in a Meowth hot air balloon with a mechanical arm hanging underneath the balloon's basket. And the arm is attached to the rubber glove that's holding onto Pikachu.

"Team Rocket!" Ash shouted in anger.

"You guys again!?" Gary shouted in irked. "I thought you had given up after so many defeats and failures from us."

"Pal-lease!" Jessie mocked, "Team Rocket doesn't know the meaning of surrender."

"Neither rain nor snow, Team Rocket will still keep going on stealing your Pikachu and other rare Pokémon," James stated.

"Dat's right, you dopes!" Meowth agreed.

"Wobbu! Wobbu!" Wobbuffett said.

"Of all the… You guys will never learn!" Misty shouted in anger.

"I can't believe they are still after Pikachu," Clemont said while being irritated.

"Enough is enough, Team Rocket!" Bonnie pouted.

"You're right," Jessie speaks up, "enough is enough when we pilfer all these Pokémon here at the professor's lab."

"We're not going to let you do that!" Tracey yelled.

"I will not let you guys get away with it!" Prof. Oak said in rage.

While the Pokémon people are furious about Team Rocket's invasion and attempt the stealing, Elle, Jude, and Milla pondered the situation.

"What's going on?" Elle questioned, "And what's Team Rocket?"

Brock answers to the other world trio, "They're bad guys that steal Pokémon whether it's wild or from its trainer. They steal them for evil purposes."

"Is that so?" Milla speaks.

"Of course it is so, Blonde," Jessie replies to Milla. "Now if you excuse us, we got some thieving to do."

"That's not going to happen!" Ash shouted back, "Hawlucha, go and use High Jump Kick!" Hawlucha heard its trainer and jumps towards Team Rocket's balloon.

"This one's in the bag!" Meowth said as he pulls out a remote control and presses a button.

After pressing the button, another mechanic arm and glove appeared and snatches Hawlucha immobilizing him.

"Hawlucha! No!" Ash shouted in shock.

"Thanks for giving us another one of your valuable Pokémon," James said evilly.

"Don't worry, Ash," Gary says, "we got your back." He pulled out a Pokéball and was ready to call out one of his Pokémon.

"Right, let's help," Brock speaks. He and every Pokémon person got a Pokéball that is about to summon one of their Pokémon. They are about to call out their Pokémon, except…

"Not so fast, twerps!" Meowth interrupted and presses another button.

This time a huge vacuum appeared and starts its suction. With tremendous power from Team Rocket's vacuum, its suction absorbs all of the trainers' Pokéballs and into a large capsule in the crooks' basket.

"Our Pokémon!" Misty shouted in fear.

"Correction!" Jessie interrupts, "It's our Pokémon." She then makes an evil laugh.

"And now for the lab's Pokéball storage!" James ordered.

"Youse got it, Jimmy," Meowth replied.

Meowth pressed another button, and the vacuum's hose extends as it stretches straights towards the lab's building. Its huge wand crashes the lab's wall as it creates a hole leading into the Pokéball storage room. Then, the vacuum started sucking again as it sucks up all the Pokéballs one by one.

"All the Pokéballs!" Prof. Oak shouted in fright.

"They're being taken away!" Tracey yelled.

"We've got to do something!" Prof. Sycamore shouts.

"But how?" Misty yelled in concern. "Team Rocket took all of our Pokéballs!"

"That's it, Meowth!" Jessie said with joy, "Keeping sucking!"

"Every last one of them!" James ordered with a big smile.

"Come to Meowth, Pokéballs," Meowth said in a teasing mood.

"Grr… What are we going to do!?" Ash said in anger. He and all the other Pokémon people are in a terrible fix since they don't have any Pokémon to fight back at Team Rocket and defend Oak's lab. The Pokémon people watched hopelessly as all the Pokéballs are being taken away to Team Rocket.

But Ash didn't want Team Rocket to get away with their criminal tactics. So he immediately rushes to the storage and grabs the Pokéballs that are sucking into the machine. His friends gasped for Ash's heroic and daring deed. Elle, Jude, and Milla are also shocked by Ash's rescue attempt. Ash got most of them, and he tries to hold onto them from being sucked into Team Rocket's balloon.

Team Rocket is irked to see the heroic Ash meddling their plans.

"That obnoxious twerp is always interfering with our plans," Jessie said with little ire.

"Well then," James speaks, "Let's take him and the Pokéballs in our giant can."

"Youse got it, man," Meowth agrees as he cranks up the suction power of the vacuum.

The suction power increased, making Ash slowly being dragged into the machine. Ash tries to get away, but the suction power is too strong for Ash to escape.

Ash's friends see the dire situation.

"Ash!" Misty cried.

"No! Ash!" Brock yelled.

Elle, Jude, and Milla became concerned to see Ash and the others being helpless and Team Rocket successfully stealing the Pokéballs, Pikachu, and Hawlucha. The three looked at each other.

"What should we do?" Jude questioned his friends.

There is no immediate answer until…

"We have to help them!" Jude and Milla heard Elle's statement. Elle has a serious look on her face. "They saved us, so I think we should save them. And it's our mission to follow Ash in order to save his and our worlds. And right now, Ash is in trouble, so we should help him. Milla, you got to use your magic!"

Milla blinked to hear what Elle said, "But Elle…"

"I know! I know! But we don't have a choice. Ash is our lead, and if we lose him, we might not save our worlds. If that voice says to follow Ash, then maybe he will understand that we are here in his world for a reason. Ash and his friends were very kind and generous to rescue us from our crash-landing, so… we need to owe them a favor. I'm sure Ludger would do the same thing if someone helped him. Milla! Please help Ash."

Milla doesn't know, but Jude pats onto Milla's right shoulder. Milla noticed. "Milla," Jude speaks to her, "Elle's right. We might put Ash in danger if we told the truth about our presence here in this world, but if he's our lead for saving both his and our worlds, then we have to help him."

With Jude's serious look, Milla heard every word from her close friend. Milla turns her face to a firm look and understands. She nods to both Jude and Elle."Right," Milla says, "Will you both back me up?" Elle and Jude smile to hear from Milla.

"That's it, Meowth!" Jessie said with excitement.

"Just a little more…" James noted to his comrades.

"I've got it," Meowth responds to his team.

Ash can't hold his ground anymore as one of his feet starts to lift off from the ground. Just when Ash is about to get sucked into the vacuum…

FLASH! BOOM! A giant spear of light crashed and damaged the vacuum and made it completely fritz.

Team Rocket screamed in fright, and Ash and his friends gasped at what they all witness.

"Hey! Way to ruin our success of stealing!" Jessie shouted in anger.

"That piece of equipment is expensive, ya know!" James said in ire.

"Yeah! Whose did dat!?" Meowth furiously asked.

Ash and his friends looked at each other in confusion.

"That wasn't me, you guys." Ash answers in a muddle.

"I didn't do that," Gary stated to everyone.

"Me neither," Misty followed.

"Then who did?" Clemont wonders.

Suddenly, Milla, Jude, and Elle dashed and passed Ash and his friends. The Pokémon people became startled by their sudden appearance. Milla, with Jude and Elle from behind, charged toward Team Rocket. Milla then jumps into the air and brings out her sword. "Wind Lance!" Milla shouted. She swipes her sword horizontally, which creates a wind blade and shoots towards Team Rocket's balloon. The wind blade slices and rips a hole on the crooks' balloon. Team Rocket's balloon suddenly deflates and starts to fall straight toward the ground. The goons screamed in fright, and the turbulence of the falling balloon causes the gloves to release Pikachu and Hawlucha. The two Pokémon and the crooks kept falling toward the ground. Team Rocket crashed to the ground making a loud impact sound. Elle catches Pikachu, and Jude caught Hawlucha. Milla lands safely back on the ground.

"You okay there, buddy?" Elle asks Pikachu. The mouse Pokémon happily responds.

"Pikachu! Hawlucha!" Ash shouted. He and his friends approach Elle and her friends, and Ash is happy to see his two Pokémon freed from Team Rocket. Pikachu and Hawlucha went Ash with big smiles on their faces. "I'm glad you guys are alright."

"But I must know," Gary speaks up, "Milla, how did you perform that attack?"

"Well," Milla replies, "the thing is—"

"HEY!" Jessie shouted in great anger. She got Milla, Ash, and everyone else's attention. Then, the gang sees Team Rocket popping out from the deflated balloon, and they are furious.

"How dare you destroy our balloon!" Jessie said in great ire.

"You may have ruined our expensive stuff, but we still got your Pokémon," James stated.

"Dat's right!" Meowth agrees.

"Oh yeah?" Ash said in little anger, "Will see about that. Get ready, you two." Pikachu and Hawlucha prepared themselves for a battle.

"Gourgeist, come out!" Jessie called, and her pumpkin Pokémon appeared.

"Inkay, I choose you!" James shouted as he brought out his revolving Pokémon.

The two goons' Pokémon are ready and waiting for their trainer's orders.

Ash starts to call to Pikachu, "Okay Pikachu, use your—"

"Hold on, Ash!" Milla interrupted, causing Ash and Pikachu to flinch. "I will take care of these criminals. Jude, back me up, and Elle, watch over Ash and the others." Elle and Jude nodded in understanding. Milla got into their fighting stances as she has her sword in front of her body.

"Alright Gourgeist, Use Shadow Ball!" Jessie commanded. And Gourgeist charges and shoots a dark aura ball.

"Inkay, use Psybeam!" James ordered. Inkay charges its power and shoots a psychic and aura beam.

The two attacks are then heading straight toward Milla. As the incoming attacks are closing in on the two young adults…

"Gnome!" Milla called out. In a flash, a huge rock wall appeared and blocked the attacks. Once the Shadow Ball and Psybeam are gone, the rock wall disappears into thin air like magic. Milla still stands in perfect condition with a firm look on her face. Team Rocket gasped.

"Haaahhh!? How did she do that!?" Jessie said in shock.

"She didn't use any Pokémon to create that wall," James stated while being surprised.

"It's like she uses some sort of magic," Meowth said scarily.

But Ash and his friends are also surprised by Milla's action.

"Hey, where did that wall come from?" Brock wondered.

"How did she create that wall without using any of her Pokémon?" Misty asked.

There is no answer, but Milla then waves her arm to the side as a summons signal. And in a flash, her Great Four Spirits, Sylph, Efreet, Undine, and Gnome, appeared visible and floated next to Milla. The four spirits, with aggressive looks, stared at Team Rocket.

All the Pokémon people are amazed to see the spirits in front of their view.

"Look at that," Clemont said in great awe.

"Are those… Pokémon?" Prof. Sycamore wonders while being enthralled.

"Impossible," Prof. Oak declared, "I've studied a lot of different species of Pokémon, but nothing like those creatures."

"Then…, what exactly are they?" Tracey questions.

Team Rocket became more shocked to witness Milla's spirits.

"What the…!? Are those legendary Pokémon!?" Jessie panickily shouted.

"They look like it, but I don't tink so," Meowth replied in fright.

"Well, then I have one theory in mind what to say…" James speaks up while being surprised.

"And what's that/dat?" Jessie and Meowth asked in sync.

"Could that woman and those mysterious beings contain real magic?"

"Magic!?" Jessie said in great shock.

"You mean like wizardry or witch magic!?" Meowth said in tremor.

"Now then, begone you evil beings," Milla commanded in a firm tone.

With the help of the Great Four spirits, Milla concentrated and combined their magical powers and created a huge magic circle floating behind them. Then four different colors, red, yellow, blue, and green, appeared within the big magic circle.

Milla gives the command, "Elemental Mastery!"

In a flash, streams shot out from the small magic circles and are sent towards Team Rocket's Pokémon.

Gourgeist and Inkay panicked as the magic streams got close to them and made a big POW! The two villain Pokémon were pushed back towards Team Rocket as the three screamed in fright of the incoming attacks. As Milla's magical attack gets close…


Once again, Team Rocket is flying high into the atmosphere.

"All that hard work we defeated Team Flare, and we still ended up not stealing any Pokémon!?" Jessie complained.

"As usual, we're just bound to fly like soar losers. The boss doesn't like dis that we mess up something today." Meowth noted.

"Ah, not true Meowth," James remarked. He got Jessie and Meowth curious in confusion. James then pulled out a gadget and shows it to his two comrades. "I took the liberty to record and film that magical twerpette before we got blasted. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Jessie and Meowth smiled in awe after what James cunningly did and know what the crooks would do next.

"If the boss sees this…" Jessie said with a grin.

"I like the sound of dat," Meowth said in glee.

"Wobbuffett" the patient Pokémon saluted.

"We're blasting off with great results!"



Once Team Rocket is finally gone, all that is left is the damaged balloon and the container filled with the stolen Pokéballs. Ash, Prof. Oak, and all the Pokémon people went to the container and unlocked its hood. They looked inside the container to see all the Pokéballs are still in one piece. The Pokémon people smiled.

"Thank goodness," Misty said in relief. "Every Pokéball is still here."

The gang then started to retrieve back their own Pokéballs.

"I'm glad I got my Pokémon back," Ash with delight.

"Pika," Pikachu said with an agreement.

"Me too," Gary agrees also.

"I got my Pokéballs back," Clemont said as he got his Pokéballs.

"Mine too," Brock said.

"And it's all thanks to her," Prof. Oak stated as he turns to Milla and her friends.

Milla and her loyal spirits looked at each other with grins on their faces. "Well done, team," Milla said with grace. The four spirits winked and smiled in response.

"Awesome as ever, you guys!" Elle said with joy.

"That's the great Maxwell for ya," Jude complemented.

"Your flattery is too much, you two," Milla said with a little shyness.

The three other world people and the spirits continue to smile until the Pokémon people appeared before them. The Pokémon residents have concern looked on their faces. Elle, Jude, and Milla know what kids and the professors are thinking, and the other world people are worried. The Great Four are also worried too.

"So…, what was that all about?" Gary said in wonder and a little shock.

"And who are those magical creatures next to you?" Clemont asked.

Elle, Jude, and Milla, including the Great Four spirits, didn't instantly respond but kept a worried look on their faces.

"Alright, you guys," Bonnie said in great suspicion, "you've got a lot of explaining to do."

"Yeah, just who are guys…, really?" Ash asked in great curiosity. His pal Pikachu tilted his head in wonder too.

"Before we can tell you…" Jude speaks softly while being a bit concerned, "can you do us a big favor?"

"And what's that?" Prof. Oak questions.

"Can you guys keep good a secret?" Milla asked.

Ash and all his friends ponder what Milla said as they all looked at each other.

Later that afternoon, all the Pokéballs are safely returned into the lab's storage. After that, everyone is in Prof. Oak's main computer lab.


"You guys… are from another world!?" Bonnie said in great shock.

"That's right," Milla said. "That's why we don't know about this world, the world of Pokémon, you called it."

"We're very sorry we lied to you," Jude said while rubbing the back of his head. "We were only trying to blend in this world's society so we wouldn't be suspicious. But I guess the truth is bound to reveal soon."

"It's just that we all agree that you, Ash, and your friends wouldn't get involve in our mission," Elle said and followed up.

"What mission is that?" Ash asked.

"An enemy from our world has infiltrated your world," Milla stated with a firm look on her face.

The Pokémon people gasped in surprise to hear what Milla said.

"This world of yours, what is it?" Prof. Oak said with curiosity.

"We live in a mixed world called Reize Maxia and Elympios," Jude stated. "It's similar to your world, but we humans and spirits carry this life force called 'mana' that gives this magical energy life. And we have creatures like this world, but…," Jude noticed Dedenne popping out of Bonnie's bag and sits on top of her head. Bonnie noticed Dedenne's presence and smiles. "…yours is more adorable than ours."

"Uh…, what does that mean?" Misty asked.

"Err…, never mind about that," Elle interrupted in an awkward mood. "But right now, we are here to deal with an enemy that escaped into this Pokémon world."

"What is this enemy you're talking about?" Tracey asked.

"There these shadowy and wild figures called catalysts that possess dark and hostile power," Milla explained. "They once created these distorted and disordered spaces called fractured dimensions where the catalysts are the primary source of the fractured dimensions' existence. The fractured dimensions' existence almost caused a catastrophic event, but a good friend and ally named Ludger helped us. He eradicated all the fractured dimensions and the catalysts. Ludger sacrificed his life to Origin to pass his trial and eliminate all the fractured dimensions for good."

"Origin?" Prof. Sycamore said in wonder.

"Origin is a great spirit back in our world. He that tested us, humans, if we are worthy of living in peace, even if we carry the impurities and sins we have in our hearts," Jude stated. "Ludger's sacrifice for Elle showed enough proof to Origin that humans can move forward, striving to become better people whether wrongful actions we've done."

"You said this Ludger guy sacrificed his life for Elle," Gary noted. "Why Elle?"

Jude and Milla looked away for a moment, but Milla speaks the truth. "Because…, Elle is once a catalyst."

"What!?" The Pokémon people said in shock.

"In truth, everyone," Jude speaks, "Unlike the other catalysts, Elle is a special catalyst that can walk through both the real world and the fractured dimensions alternately. Elle has what is called the Chromatus power that can destroy the fractured dimensions. But suppose the Chromatus power is used abusively. In that case, the result is the wielder of that power can turn themselves into a catalyst.

To save Elle from turning into a catalyst, our late friend Ludger, who also wields the Chromatus power, turns himself into a catalyst in granting his wish and completing Origin's trial. Because of Ludger's regretful yet righteous sacrifice, all the fractured dimensions are gone for good, and Elle lived on as a normal living girl."

Tracey ponders a thought and begins to speak, "Huh, you said that these fractured dimensions are like a parallel world that affects your real world. And if they're supposed to be destroyed, doesn't that mean that Elle…"

"You got it, Tracey," Milla speaks, and Elle becomes worried. "In other words, Elle… wasn't supposed to exist in our real world. The fractured dimensions and the catalysts are meant to be eliminated. But once we discovered that Elle also possesses the Chromatus powers and turning into a catalyst, we've become stunned and couldn't fulfill that purpose. But thanks to Ludger, Elle is now living happily with me, Jude, and all of our friends."

"Well, that's very good to hear that you're living wonderfully, Elle," Misty said with a calm grin.

"Daw, it's nothing much," Elle said with little shyness.

"But right now, the problem," Jude interrupted in a firm tone. "After Ludger's sacrifice, Origin erased all the fractured dimensions and catalysts, as he said. At least, that's what we expected."

"Why, what happened now?" Brock asked.

"For some strange reason, the catalysts have reincarnated back to life and are wreaking havoc," Milla stated. "We don't know how that's possible, but we know for sure is that they will bring harm to anyone whoever encounters them."

Prof. Oak then becomes more curious about the situation that the other world people are involved. The professor then speaks up, "Let me ask you something. How did you come to our world in the first place?"

Elle answers for Prof. Oak. "We were in this spirit realm until a magic portal appeared during our fight with the catalysts. They escaped into the portal, and we followed them. And the next thing we know, we wound up in this Pokémon world."

"A portal?" Gary wondered.

"Our arrival to this world didn't have a smooth landing though…" Jude said in little concern.

"Yeah," Elle continues to speak, "After we after made it through the portal, we were in the sky and falling right down towards this world."

"I used Sylph to use her wind powers to slow our falling, but we still made a crash landing," Milla stated.

At that moment, Ash, Pikachu, Clemont, and Bonnie blinked in realization.

"Hey, wait a minute…," Clemont speaks up, "Then could that mysterious comet or asteroid that we saw earlier is…"

"Yeah Bro," Bonnie answered, "It must've been Elle and her friends falling down towards us and near those trees."

"Boy," Ash said in relief, "are we lucky we saw and found you guys when you crash-landed in our world."

"Yes Ash," Milla gracefully said and smiled, "as the great spirit Maxwell, I thank you and your friends for saving me, Jude, and Elle."

"Spirit?" Prof. Sycamore said in curiosity, "Is that what you are, controlling those mystic powers we witnessed earlier when you battle Team Rocket?"

"Well, technically, I more of half a spirit and half a human. But my loyal great spirits are no lie to you, everyone."

"Speaking of," Prof. Oak, "may I have a good look at your 'spirits,' you say?"

Milla becomes concerned about Oak's question. "I'm not sure if that's…"

"Don't worry," Brock said and comforts Milla, "all of us here are very responsible and loyal to keep good secrets to anyone. So please, show us who they are."

Milla gets one good look at the Pokémon people's faces. In her perspective, she knows their feelings and words are honest. Milla calmly grins. "Alright then."

Milla then stands up into position. The Pokémon citizens anticipate the outcome. Milla then closed her eyes, and she waves her right arm. In a flash, the great spirits Undine, Sylph, Efreet, and Gnome appeared next to her. The Pokémon people became awed.

"These are my loyal spirits called the Great Four," Milla stated.

"The Great Four…?" Ash said in a little shock, "Wow…"

"Pika…" Pikachu said in little amazement.

Gary speaks, "How fascinating. I thought they are unknown Pokémon we haven't heard of at first."

"We are not Pokémon young ones," Undine replies calmly. The Pokémon gang became startled when Undine spoke. "We are magical guardians to serve and protect our lord Milla Maxwell and to provide and achieve order for our lord, the mana spirits, and the living people back in our world."

"Whoa! You can talk?" Misty said in a little shock.

"Of course we can," Sylph speaks. "We're not the silent types."

"Wow!" Bonnie said in great excitement, "This is more amazing than the movies."

"Ne! Ne! Ne!" Dedenne agrees.

"My stars," Prof. Oak said with a little shock, "this gets surprising every minute. So tell me, who are you, spirits?"

"As Milla Maxwell mentioned, we are her loyal spirits: The Great Four." Efreet stated, "I'm Efreet, the great spirit of fire."

"Please to meet your acquaintance. I'm Undine, the great spirit of water," she said as she bowed.

"The name's Sylph, the great spirit of the wind." she greeted and winks with a peace sign.

"And I'm Gnome, the great spirit of the earth," he said with a smile.

"Please to meet your great spirits," Prof. Oak replies and greeted. "You might already know, but I'm Prof. Oak, a worldwide known professor who knows intelligently about Pokémon."

"We all know," Undine calmly said and gracefully grins. "you guys are also named Gary, Tracey, Prof. Sycamore, Misty, Brock, Clemont, Bonnie, and of course Ash and Pikachu."

"Huh? How did you know our names?" Tracey asked in a little surprise.

"Yeah, this is the first time we met," Brock followed up.

"Well, truth be told, we've met you guys already, but not visible to you at first," Sylph stated.

"For our protection, we've remained hidden to anyone's sight to prevent us from being exposed and harm," Efreet detailed. "But we use spiritual mind interactions to communicate with our master Milla and vice versa."

"I see," Clemont said as he straightens his glasses, "we just couldn't see you guys at first."

"More importantly," Gnome speaks up, "We're glad and lucky to find you, Ash Ketchum, when we arrived here in this world."

"Uh, why me?" Ash said in wonder.

"Because Ash," Milla speaks, "you're our only hope and lead to saving both your world and our world."

"Wha…? I'm your lead? But how's that possible?"

Jude then starts to speak, "It may sound strange, but…"

Jude then explained the reason for Ash being the other world people's lead. The Pokémon people blinked after hearing Jude's statement.

"Really?" Misty said in surprise, "A mysterious voice?"

"It sounds like this 'mysterious voice' you call it means serious business," Prof. Sycamore stated.

"And that voice said to you guys to follow Ash as your lead to save both our worlds?" Gary commented in question.

"That's correct, Gary," Elle answers.

"Then that explains why you wanted to follow us back at Viridian City," Clemont said.

"I thought something was Corphishy about you guys following us," Bonnie said with a stern look on her face. Elle ponders what Corphishy means.

"Ash," Milla speaks again, "by the great Maxwell, all of us are in your debt to save our worlds from the escaped catalysts."

"Uh gosh," Ash said in little embarrassment, "I don't know what to say…, except I have no clue of where to start. I mean, if I'm your lead, how am I supposed to know where your enemy is and where to guide?"

"We were actually thinking the same thing, too," Elle commented. "I mean, not to say something rude, but we didn't think a kid like you can help our situation."

"Hey, you're a kid too, Elle," Ash said in little irritation.

Just then, everyone heard a beeping sound coming from the lab's living room. "Oh, it seems I've got an email," Prof. Oak said. "Tracey, would you do me a favor and get that for me?"

"Sure thing, Profess," Tracey replies. He then heads over into the living room.

Prof. Oak then turns to everyone and makes a thought. "Well, from the way I see, it seems we are in a situation that's going to be a great impact on both the Pokémon world and your world." the professor stated. Everyone in the lab heard Oak. "If this enemy, you say, is going to be a problem, then we all must take precautions to prevent this tragedy from befalling on both worlds. I'll do my best to use my power and skills to help anything I can to prevent these catalysts you called from taking over our world. And my best assistant, Tracey, will help too."

"Count me in too, Gramps," Gary followed. "Me and my Pokémon will do our very best to protect both our worlds."

"I'll do my best too," Prof. Sycamore agrees.

"Don't forget about us," Misty said with confidence. She and Brock stood up with sureness.

"You can depend on us," Brock claims.

"And I don't know if I'm going to be much of help considering that I'm your lead," Ash speaks, "but I will help too, for both our world and your world." Pikachu agrees with Ash in a cheerful mood.

"We'll both help out too," Clemont said with a grin. Bonnie and Dedenne both agree with Clemont with a nod.

Elle, Jude, Milla, and the great spirits are awestruck by the Pokémon peoples' kind hearts with such confident and compassionate attitudes. The other world gang then grins at the Pokémon gang of their sympathetic action.

"Thanks, everyone." Jude acknowledged Ash and the gang. "Your kind and righteous deeds are a big help for both you guys and us."

"Indeed," Milla agrees, "we need all the help we can get." Elle and the great spirits are smiled in response to Ash and the gang's act of kindness.

Elle then stopped grinning and makes a concerned look on her face. She then speaks, "So uh…, now that everyone knows about us and our reason here in this Pokémon world, where do we go now?" With that question, everybody in the room became a little bewildered. "All we know for sure is that you, Ash, are our only lead to help us."

"Yeah," Ash replies with still little concern, "but…, I still don't have any clue of how to help you guys."

"One last thing I remembered," Jude speaks up. "Did you happen to see our other friends named Elize, Alvin, Leia, and Rowen as well?"

"No, we haven't," Gary replies. "In fact, that's the first time I've heard those names."

"Are you looking for them?" Prof. Oak asks.

"Yes," Jude answers, "you see, during our travel through the portal from our world to this Pokémon world, we also have more friends with us, but we got separated. So I think our friends have made it through into this world but are lost somewhere out there."

The Pokémon people blinked again in surprise. But citizens became concerned again.

"We wish we could help," Misty speaks, "but we have no idea where your friends are."

"You're the only ones we know that you came from another world," Brock stated.

It was then Jude, Milla, and Elle became worried again, thinking about their other friends. "We need to hurry and find them before they get into any more danger," Jude claimed.

"Right Jude," Milla replies, "but since we're new to this world, I don't know where to start."

"Well, we've gotta do something," Elle complained.

Everyone in the computer lab is troubled…

"PROFESSOR!" Tracey shouted and appeared in the computer room. Everyone else is startled by Tracey's scream.

"Tracey? What's wrong?" Prof. Oak asked.

"It's an urgent message… from Prof. Birch!"

"Prof. Birch?"

Tracey quickly went up to a computer that has a big display monitor. Tracey types and presses buttons on the computer's dashboard. Once processed and set up, the monitor displays Prof. Birch in his lab. Everyone sees Prof. Birch on the screen.

"Prof. Oak? Can you read me?" Birch asked.

"Prof. Birch," Oak replies, "long time no see. What's wrong? Tracey said it is urgent."

"It is! Strange things are happening here in Hoenn, and when I said strange, I mean odd mysterious and dark unknown beings that are scouring across our region."

"Unknown beings, you say?"

"Yes, take a look at this footage that's right here in Littleroot Town. Sending clip now."

Prof. Birch then types on his computer and uploads the image on Oak's screen. When the footage appeared on Oak's computer screen, the picture showed a dark shadowy figure with red eyes and red lines on its body.

"What is that?" Ash asked in a little shock.

But Jude, Milla, her great spirits, and Elle widen their eyes in shock to know that the image displays…

"A Catalyst!" the other world people shouted in sync.

Ash and the rest of the gang heard the other world people's shout as they became wary.

"So that's a catalyst?" Gary said in surprise.

"Then it seems the enemy from the other world has started to make their first move," Prof. Sycamore noted.

"Uh, what are you guys talking about?" Prof. Birch asked as he appeared on the computer screen again.

"We'll explain that later," Oak replies with a stern tone. "What's your status report right now, Birch?"

"Well, it started to attack around town for a moment, but then we lost track of it, and it vanished. It'll probably show up again for more terrorizing. The reason I'm calling you professor is because maybe your knowledge knows about this unidentified creature. And maybe you know how we can stop it before it starts in its aggressive mode again."

"Well, you're in luck, Birch. There are some people here who know about those… things and how to get rid of them. But, the best way to solve your problem is to send these specialists over to the Hoenn immediately."

"Understood, then I'll be waiting for them, and please hurry."

"Roger that, over and out." Then Prof. Oak disconnects the communication line on the computer.

"Wait a minute, Professor," Elle speaks up, "does that mean that—"

"That's right, Elle. All of you guys are going to the Hoenn region. That will be your start."

Once Elle, Jude, Milla, and her spirits heard what Oak stated, the other world heroes make confirmed looks on their faces.

"Then that's where we'll head," Milla said. "We'll stop those catalysts before they increase their strength and take over our worlds." Elle, Jude, and the Great Four agree with Milla with a nod.

"And you can count on us," Ash speaks as he, Pikachu, Clemont, and Bonnie appeared in front of the other world people. "Since we're going to Hoenn too, we can all go together. And we promise to help you guys for both our worlds. Plus, you'll need a guide to show you around in the Hoenn region." Pikachu completely agrees with Ash's statement.

"This is going to be great!" Bonnie said with excitement, "We're going on another journey in Hoenn, and we're going to save the world." Dedenne completely agrees with Bonnie with great cheer.

"Just remember not to get yourself into a lot of trouble," Clemont warns his little sister.

"Touché, Bro."

Ash then realizes something, and he then turns to his two old but best friends Misty and Brock. "Hey, you two," Ash speaks to his two best friends, "why don't you come along with us as well."

"I wish Ash," Misty replies with little concern, "but I've got my hands full as the Cerulean gym leader to battle many trainers for a Cerulean gym badge. I need to go back home soon for the trainers waiting to battle me."

"And I would love to travel with you in Hoenn again, Ash," Brock says with little worry, "but I'm too busy fulfilling my dream to become the best Pokémon doctor."

"Well, that's a shame…" Ash said in little disappointment.

"Hey, don't sweat it. You do have Clemont and Bonnie traveling with ya."

"And you also have your new and other world friends traveling with you in Hoenn," Gary stated.

"You're right, you guys," Ash said, understanding his old friends' point-of-view. "I don't care who's traveling with me. As long as they're good buddies of mine and I know, then they are my best friends."

"Pika!" Pikachu agrees with a cheer.

"Then Ash, everyone," Prof. Oak speaks up, "I wish you guys the best of luck on your journey and mission in the Hoenn region."

"We'll be cheering you on your incredible adventure," Tracey said with a wink and thumb's up.

"You can be sure of that," Prof. Sycamore agrees.

"And I'm rooting for you too, Ashy-boy," Gary cheekily praised.

Ash nods, acknowledging his old friends' compliments. He then turns to his Kalos friends and the other world people with his confident look on his face.

"Alright, gang," Ash said firmly, "let's head over to the Hoenn region." Ash's companions agree with a nod.

"One question?" Elle speaks up, "How do we get to the Hoenn region?"

"Ah, leave that to me," Prof. Oak answers calmly.

Later that sunset afternoon, Ash and everyone else arrived at the docks in Vermillion City. There Ash, his Kalos friends, Elle, Jude, and Milla, are about to board a huge ferry that leads to the Hoenn region. Before Ash and his gang are about to board, the gang gets one last good look and goodbye to their old friends before leaving.

"Good luck again, my dear Ash," Mrs. Ketchum said with a grin. "You know that I'm always cheering you no matter how far apart we are."

"Thanks, Mom," Ash replies with a smile.

"We wish you the best of luck in completing the Master Challenge Battles," Gary said.

"Stay strong and keep your battling skills up," Prof. Oak stated.

"I will," Ash replies.

"Clemont and Bonnie," Tracey speaks, "Have fun in the Hoenn region. You'll encounter many Pokémon that aren't in the Kalos region."

"Thanks, Tracey," Clemont replies and straightens his glasses, "we will have a great journey with Ash and our new friends in Hoenn."

"Mmm… I can't wait to see what cute Pokémon we will encounter in Hoenn," Bonnie said with excitement.

"Ne! Ne!" Dedenne happily shouted.

"And Jude, Milla, and Elle," Prof. Sycamore speaks to them, "we all wish you guys the best of luck in saving both our worlds."

"Thanks, Professor," Jude says back with a grin, "We'll do our very best to stop the catalysts from taking over this Pokémon world and our world."

"You can depend on us," Elle cheerfully said.

"Thank you, everyone," Milla gracefully speaks, "your kind and supporting words will help us achieve our mission. And we'll make sure our lead Ash Ketchum is in safe and good care."

"Speaking of care," Brock abruptly speaks as he approached in front of Milla and grabbed her hands again. She became a little startled by Brock's sudden appearance. "I was thinking of staying here in Kanto, but a pretty woman like you needs a doctor to heal and care for your beautiful feminine look. Of course, I treat Pokémon with good medical care, but for you, Milla… I will give the special treatment you'll ever receive."

Yoink! "What you need is self-control treatment, Doctor," Misty said in irritation as she pulls Brock's ear.

"Milla! My love! Ow! Not the ear!"

Everybody felt awkward by Brock's silly love attitude.

"I still think you're like him," Clemont said to his little sister.

"I said I'm not like him," Bonnie pouted again.

"I still don't understand him," Elle said, feeling a bit obstinate.

"And yet, he still knows how to compliment a girl," Milla said with a calm grin.

"Now I don't understand you, Milla," Ash said in little embarrassment.

With everyone already said their partings, Ash and his gang got on board the ferry as its blowhorn sounded off, indicating that the ship is leaving. After the gang is on board, Ash and his friends went up to the ferry deck and got to the edge to see Ash's old friends, the professors, and his mother. The adventurers waved goodbye to the Kanto people and vice versa.

"See ya guys!" Ash called.

"Pika! Pika!" Pikachu shouted.

"Take care, Ash!" Misty shouted back.

"Goodbye Milla, my love!" Brock cried.

"See ya, Ash!" Gary shouted, "And good luck again!"

"Good luck!" Prof. Oak cheered, "And have fun!"

"Will all be rooting for you!" Tracey called.

"And don't worry!" Prof. Sycamore shouts, "I'll let your father know you're going on another incredible journey."

"Thanks, Professor!" Clemont happily shouted.

"See you later!" Bonnie gleefully yelled.

"Ne! Ne! Ne!" Dedenne happily screamed.

The big ferry continues to sail towards the sunset horizon. At the same time, Prof. Oak and everyone else watch the huge boat sail away. Mrs. Ketchum feels calm and happy, wishing her son a fantastic adventure in Hoenn again.

"Take care, Ash." Mrs. Ketchum says to herself.

Ash and all his friends are looking out towards the horizons back on the ferry as they head to the Hoenn region.

Ash makes a confident look on his face as he speaks, "Yeah, watch out, you guys, because Ash Ketchum is ready to face the Master Challenge Battles."

"Pika-chu!" the mouse agrees with confidence.

"And I can't wait to see what Pokémon we'll encounter in Hoenn," Clemont said with a grin.

"Me too!" Bonnie followed.

Jude, Milla, and Elle looked out to the horizon with a thought in their minds.

"I'm a bit worried," Jude said in concern.

"Me too," Elle agrees with Jude. "I don't know what's waiting for us when we get to Hoenn."

"And I hope we can find the rest of our friends as well," Milla said with little anxiety.

"Don't worry, you three," Ash speaks to the other world people. He also got the trio's attention. "I know a lot about Hoenn, and me, Clemont, and Bonnie will help you out saving both our world and your world." Clemont and Bonnie agree with Ash with a nod.

"Thanks, Ash." Milla said kindly, "You and your friends' support make a big help to us stopping the catalysts. And after all, you're our guide and lead to helping us."

And everyone looks back at the sunset horizon.

Now that Jude, Milla, and Elle have revealed their purpose in the Pokémon world to Ash and his friends, our heroes head to the Hoenn region where Ash will compete in the Master Challenge Battles and stopping the catalysts that will take over the world. What new adventures will await our heroes in Hoenn?

To Be Continued