I was once told I was the queen of Mary Sue's. To this day I don't really give a dam….

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Ok so I had this idea running through my head for a few days now, nagging me to death. But I didn't feel it was worthy of writing, until I began reading the stories about the Time Travel thing. Than of course I started watching Back to The Future Trilogy and Frequency for like the zillionth time, the many rules running thought my brain. Still a little shaky on them, but I got the gist of it.

So here was the weird little question that nagged at me for like days on end…

'What would you do if you had the chance to go back in time to prevent a major event in history from happening? Would you take it knowing that it could possibly mean the end of your life? Or risk the beginning of a safe future for others?'

It was so cool that I decided to put a spin on an old story.

Don't hate me; you know I had to write this one! (Thanks to my buddy JAR for the encouraging words!)


Darkness had fallen over the now quiet ruins of the old city. The night sky seem to stretch on for an eternity, there had been no bright moon to shed light on this forsaken graveyard of a city tonight.

No shiny stars to wish upon, to mark their way to the heavens. If such a place even existed anymore.

The young lady sighed wearily to herself, as she stood high up on the hill. Glancing over the torn up

streets, she thought, there would be no light for anyone else ever again.

The young survivor was dressed in torn dark loose fitting jeans, held up by a black belt. A tight sleeveless black top with visible rips across the stomach. An old brown leather coat that hung down her legs. Old Black combat boots, the laces ragged. Her shoulder length dark hair tied in a thick braid. Shades covered the dark pools that were her eyes. Her jaws set making her round face seem grim. Gloves on both hands, with the fingers missing (the gloves not the hands!).

As she looked out across the plane that she had once been brave enough to call home, an unsettling feeling overcame her. Deep in the walls of her stomach the muscles grew tight. This place had once held so much hope for her, a fresh start for her and her family… Now it was nothing but ruble. Over the years the land had wilted away to nothing, as had the hope of ever being free from the monstrosity that had created this nightmarish, scorched abandoned world you now see. As a result of the carefully planned attacks, bombings, the great buildings that once stood here with vehement pride, were long gone. Very little remained of the old structures on what was to believe to be a street. Shards of walls stood up just barley, rusted cars that had not been used for spar parts laid littered on the roads. Trees that had once been beautiful and green had either been cut down or burned to ashes.

In the years of the small but chaotic war, people had either divided in the outlands, or had band together in the fight against the monster known only as the Master. Those who had been careless enough to get caught… they had been turned in to the Drone Mines. The Drones were a group that killed for bounties, normally they would hunt for their own, but years ago they had been hired to capture those who had not been loyal to the 'Master'. It is said that those they captured were turned into mindless zombies, called Miners that now roamed the land. They were usually programmed to pick up civilians that were caught on said land, nothing more. But lately that had changed something was different. Lately they had begun to hunt people down…

No matter the origin… Mutant or Mortal.

I know this chapter is kind of short, sorry this is how it worked out. Questions comments, are welcomed. Remember to be honest and leave a review please?