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Eddie's head was spinning as he tried to grasp all that had just happened in the last few days. Mentally kicking himself for not asking Bren more questions before he and Lexie jumped through that portal. You would think that with the way they had been raised Lexie's older brother would have more common sense than to let them go without some sort of knowledge as to what the hell they were doing here... and how the hell they were going to get back? Shifting on the sofa he looked down at his side where Lexie was now sleeping on the bed, it had taken him more than two hours to calm her down, Eddie had taken care of her in the dojo with the shields up so no one could hear them when he tried to explain the where never mind the why, the why would be for them to figure out later when they were more coherent and she less homicidal. After that mess of a conversation he had talked her into sleeping for a little while, he couldn't go back to the room that had been given to him for some reason it weirded him out. So he decided to crash here in the room they had given Lexie after Adam had deemed it safe for her to leave the lab. He felt like he was going crazy here, not only did the members of mutant X not trust or believe him about being from the future but also now Lexie didn't believe that she was in the past! It was times like these that made him remember the comfort only one person could give him...


Same room filled with girl's toys and smaller furniture, the room is painted mint green, brighter interior.

"Eddie did you clean your room like I asked you to?"

"Yes mommie."

"Good, since you and Lexie have both cleaned your rooms your father and I decided you deserve a treat. So we're taking you guys out for ice cream." Strong arms curl around the six-year-old boy. "Yeah!" Little Eddie jumps up and down on the couch. "Go and get your coat, sweetie."

"Ok mommy!"


"Come on Eddie you can do it." the sound of his mother's voice calls to the three year old version of himself. The young Molecular places his hand on the table. "That's it sweetie phase the table out like you practice..." the table visibly trembles before phasing out. He smiles as he is swept up in her arms receiving kisses and hugs.


"That's my boy."

Laughter as the little boy runs right through a pillar chased by a smaller girl. She stomps her feet as she stops at the pillar. "No fair!"


Eddie relived more memories like these all through the night, his heart breaking with each one. Why did she have to go play the hero and leave him like that?


Emma was lying on her bed trying to hold up her mental walls, after her encounter with Lexie earlier that night she had gained a killer migraine. It was one of the things she hated about her abilities. A sort of side effects for all Psionics, nothing would ever change that. She had never felt so much anger, hurt and confusion from someone that young; it confused Emma to the point where she couldn't concentrate. What added to the confusion was the reaction Brennan's voice had on Lexie, she remembered how the space the two mutants had occupied went from hellish blur to strong and solid when his voice had echoed through the space.


Emma looked around the dark walls got more blurred with each yell. 'I'm as real as you areā€¦ Lexie.'


'Eddie is real isn't he?' Emma threw out hoping the kid would show herself. The walls stopped shaking but were still blurred. 'Lexie if you don't stop you'll hurt Eddie really bad.'


"Put it away, Lexie."

Brennan's voice, as it echoed across the walls, with each echo of his voice the walls would become less and less blurred. Stronger looking. Much more sharper in context, the darkness lightened up at bit.


Emma lost her train of thought when the knock on her bedroom door became louder, more insistent. "Come in!" the Psionic sat up against the headboard of her bed. "Hey Em, how're you feeling?" Shalimar asked as she walked into the room and took a seat beside her friend. She was one of the few people who understood the pains of having migraines.

"A little better no worse than before." Emma replied softly.

"It was weird tonight wasn't it? I mean she didn't even touch you... she had all this power inside her enough to throw you across the room..."

"Shal she was so scared... I mean when I was in there... I get the sense that she was more afraid of us then she was of anything else. She said we weren't real."

"What does that mean?"

"I don't know really..."

"Well if they really are from the future than maybe there Mutant X isn't real?" Shalimar didn't know what to make of the conversation that had taken place just hours ago between the team and the younger Molecular. "Shal that's not even funny nor does it make sense."

"What do you think of them?"

"I don't know really they're both so different yet there's something so familiar about them."

"I know how you feel. It's driving me crazy. You know the funny thing is Eddie reminds me so much of how Jesse was when I first met him, the anger feels familiar enough. I was a lot like that when I first came to Sanctuary... according to Adam anyway."


"Yeah normal pissed off teenager, always felt like a caged animal or something before I met Adam."

"Kinda got that when I first met you although those feelings weren't as strong."

"I've learned a lot since then." Shalimar shifted in place adjusting her stance to be more comfortable. "What do you get off of them now?"

"I'm not sure, Eddie's struggling with these mental walls, I can't get much off of him and after being thrown from Lexie's mind I don't even wanna know what another trip into her head would be like. They're like lost kids...out of control lost kids."

"You think he's telling the truth?"

"As weird as this is gonna sounds... yeah."

"So how do we help them?"

"I think we should wait 'till the morning, maybe he'll feel a bit more open and maybe Lexie will talk to us."

"As oppose to hit first and talk later, works for me." Shalimar smiled. "Emma what's wrong?" Emma raised her eyes to the warm brown ones filled with concern. "I don't think that's happen to me before." Emma looked as if she were a child pouting because she had just lost in a game. Which sort of amuses the feral but she didn't let it show. "What? Emma what is it?"

"Other than Eddie, in the last twenty fours hours, no one's ever been able to do that. She literally threw me out of her mind." This brought out a low laughter in the blond shaking her head in disbelief. "I'll see you in the morning Emma, do you need anything? Aspirin?"

"No thanks I already took two 20 minutes ago."

"Night Emma."

"Night Shalimar."

Emma watched as her friend closed the door behind her, and lay back on her pillow. The moment her eyes closed she was hit with an intense sorrow it was thick and heavy surrounding her, almost drowning her senses. 'Why did you leave me...' it was a loud cry of a child, her eyes flew open. "Eddie..." Just as sudden the emotions dissipated leaving her feeling completely empty. Eddie was yearning for his mother, it never occurred to her that he had lost her she just assumed that she was somewhere in the future. Another thought filtered through her mind... Eddie had been able to sense even the barest of her skimming the top of his mind since he arrived. For someone who knew Psionics abilities pretty well he'd been struggling with his own mental walls a lot. She knew it was improbable but someone must have taught him how to do it, build walls in his mind.

As she slipped out of bed and pulled on a pair of sweat pants she wondered what kind of a parent would put that kind of responsibility on a child, it also made her wonder what kind of a world Eddie and Lexie had come from that he had to learn how to build something that wasn't natural to him. Slipping out of her own room she made her way to the one the younger Molecular was sleeping in. For a moment she had complete clarity to Eddie's fear and abilities to sense her in his mind. He had to be part Psionic; no other kind of mutant would be that sensitive to another Psionic. What if he was hers? What if Eddie was... Emma passed Lexie's room and was hit with a blurred image.


A six-year-old Eddie is running around a three-year old Lexie who is sitting in the middle of Sanctuary's computer area. An eight-year old boy is sitting next to her holding one of Eddie's sneaker's up, he's throwing' off sparks from his fingers daring Eddie to come and get his sneaker.


"Mommy!" An older Emma appeared next to the dark haired boy scolding him.


A woman with waist length blond hair comes into view, holding little Eddie close, smiling wiping his tears away. "Mommy."


Emma gasped as she was forced into multiple images, feelings...


People screaming...

Angry gash somewhere tearing into those people...

New Mutant's Psionics screaming... a massacre...


The woman with the blond hair...

Shalimar angry, terrified...

A child screaming...

Suddenly nothing but darkness... sorrow... pain...


The realization of what these images meant was almost too much to bear, Emma was leaning against the wall opposite the room. Eddie was reliving the day his mother had died. Her migraine was back in full force as if she hadn't taken the aspirin at all, she cried out as her knees buckled and she fell to the floor. Her mental walls had been completely torn down and her mind felt as if it were on fire. The cool sensation that swept over in the next minute was barely felt as Emma struggled to keep herself awake. Something was tugging at her gently coaxing her into sleep she couldn't fight it. Her eyes slipped closed as she welcomed the cool darkness.

It was nearly Dawn when someone found her.


Brennan had gotten little to no sleep in the last few hours, he had been in the gym taking out his aggression on the poor punching bag when he'd gotten this tingling feeling in the back of his head. He figured Emma was trying to calm him down to get him to talk to her, but he didn't feel like talking about anything at the moment. The Elemental pushed away at the feeling like he had been taught but it only grew worse as time wore on. He decided he wanted to check on Lexie to see how she was doing, and made it to her room. The girl had managed to worm his way into his conscious and he hadn't even known her for that long. It made him feel a little un-nerved. If that kid was telling the truth and they were from the future there was a hell of a lot of explaining to do. As he turned the corner he saw a body slumped over on the floor. For a solid second he thought it might have been Lexie and feared that she hadn't been well enough to leave the lab after all. As he got closer his eyes widen with almost fright, he recognized the body, and broke into a run, dropping down onto his knees. "Emma!" Brennan carefully turned her over in his arms.

She was deathly pale and shaking slightly. "Wake up Emm," he slid his fingers down her neck finding her pulse point it was weak but steady. "Emma..."

"What's going on?" Jesse had been up for a while as well and had heard Brennan from the computer area and had come running. The door to Lexie's room opened up and out came Eddie, he had no time to react when he was grabbed by his shoulders and slammed into the wall. "You little shit what did you do to her?" Eddie had no idea what he was talking about and said as much. "What did you do!" Brennan continued to yell, Eddie looked over to where Jesse was kneeling by Emma and nearly stopped breathing.

"Brennan, I could use a little help here," Jesse yelled. Shalimar came running from the lab. Shalimar tried to calm Brennan down and get him to release his grip on the younger Molecular. "Brennan let him go now."

"He did something to her Shal!"

"You don't know that," she retorted.

"Brennan let 'em go man, we don't have time for this." Jesse was behind the angry Elemental. "Brennan!"

"I didn't do anything!" Eddie suddenly slid through the wall that he had been pressed up against causing Brennan to fall head first into the wall.

"Damn it!"

"Knock it off we have to help Emma," Jesse carefully pulled Emma up into his arms trying not to shake her. "She looks bad I'm gonna take her into the lab."

"I'm going with you..." Brennan started to fallow but was pushed back by the feral. "No you're not."


"You've done enough Brennan." Shalimar walked away from him activating her com-ring calling for Adam. Brennan frowned at her then whirled around slamming his fist into the wall.


Lexie had heard the commotion and was far from feeling all right. Kneeling down by Eddie's side she placed a hand on his shaking shoulders. "That really just happened..." it wasn't a question of the event, it was a statement confirming everything he had tried to tell her last night.

"You knew I wasn't lying."

"You didn't want to lie." Her silver eyes were evident in the dark room but they weren't as bright as they had been during the fight. Eddie shifted crossing his legs on the floor facing her as she sat in front of him in the same position. "We're doing more damage..."

"I know."

"We can't stay here."

"I know."

"Is that all you can say?"

"She felt my nightmares didn't she?" Eddie turned facing a guilty looking Lexie.

"I had to help her sleep, she was hurting too much." Came the soft reply. "You were too."

"You've done enough," he wasn't just talking about what had just happened now. Lexie had always protected him, had always been they're when she needed him. He tugged on her hand. "Where are we gonna go? GSA knows of us too."

"I don't know but after what just happened we can't stay here anymore."