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Sacred Gears.

God's Artifacts, creations bestowed upon humans by the Biblical God himself, in order to bring forth more miracles on the planet. They could possess a great variety of effects and abilities, and they were numerous in general. Some were highly common, many of them could exist at a single time, and some were less so, but others were so rare that only one copy of the Sacred Gear could exist at any given time.

Yet, some Sacred Gears were never meant to exist.

"The ability to take the soul of a great warrior of the past, and create a physical body for them with all of their equipment, skills, and memories... at the cost of the body being fueled by the energy of the user."

"Azazel-sensei?" A young red-haired woman asked with a tilted head, her red hair tied into buns with spell tags dangling from them. She wore a traditional kimono, and her face was mostly impassive as she looked at a very small book, small enough that it was only maybe 10 pages thick, and the book itself seemed to be able to fit into the palm of somebodies hand. "You seem frustrated... is this Artificial Sacred Gear not exactly what you were trying to make?" The young woman spoke as she looked at the book.

The man was taller than her, with 12 black feathered wings, and he wore a black kimono to match it. He seemed visibly frustrated as he held his hand out and placed it against the book.

"I summon thee Saber!"

There was a great glow, but nothing happened, even as the book opened and flipped to a page that was holding a strange-looking taro card in it. Azazel fell to his knees, panting with all of his energy drained from his body.

"... It was a failure?" The young woman asked with a tilted head.

"No, it was a success... The Sacred Gear is fully fuctional, but the sheer amount of energy and density needed for it to work makes it completely unusable." Azazel regained his breath and got back up to his feet with the help of the young woman. She looked at the floating book with a curious glance.


"The user of this little one here has the ability to summon 1 of 10 classes that the spirits would fall under. Once they have summoned somebody for a class, that person will be their only spirit for that class. Say I summoned... Lancelot when I said Saber, whenever I said Saber I would summon him and only him." Azazel seemed displeased as he explained his Artificial Sacred Gear, the gear that was suppose to be his key to talking with all of the lost heroes and spirits, in order to study their knowledge in greater detail.

"A more power than you have..." She asked as she studied the books rather normal appearance.

It looked kind of like a leather-bound spellbook, and when she touched it, the cover turned fresh looking and colored red. Golden lettering appeared on the book to match her tastes, and when she let go of it, it turned back into it's previous form.

"As a supernatural being, my energy isn't suited for it... but the raw energy needed would have to be unbelievably dense and large."

"Can I give it a try?" She asked as she looked at the book curiously. "My family might not be famous or anything, but we are known as the clan of vitality." The woman placed her hand against the book when he shrugged his shoulders. She was curious to see if it would work for her, so she opened it up and looked at the different classes. "... I only see 8... what about 9 and 10?"

Azazel smirked, but said nothing as he looked at the last two pages of the book, which had blank cards in the slots.

"A secret... but it's a failure, the energy needed for it to work is just too-"

"I summon thee Saber."

There was a flash of light in front of the young girl, before a tall man was standing in front of her, wearing a black suit with a tall black top hat. He had a regal appearance, trustworthy and with strength of character.

"... That's Abraham Lincoln."

"... The language of the orient... and it seems summoning me has given me the ability to understand it. I see then, and you must be the Master who summoned me, correct?" The man spoke with confidence, as if he knew exactly what was going on, and how he came to exist. Azazel looked at his assistant, confused and excited when he looked at saw her only lightly exhausted from the process of summoning her Saber Servant.

The book vanished.

"It's gone!" The young woman called out in surprise.

"No my dear, it's not gone, it's just bounded to your soul now, as am I. I will serve you faithfully until the time that Sacred Gear is passed onto the next person." Abraham Lincoln spoke with a pleasant bow. The young woman nodded, before she held her hand up, and the book appeared again.

"... Can I summon another Saber?" She didn't want to sound rude or anything, but having a US president serving her made her feel strange.

"It doesn't work like that... the book matches the Servant that best fits you, and binds the two of you together. You can summon Servants from a different class, but the only Servant you will ever summon is him." Azazel spoke, and Abraham looked at him, seeing his wings, before he looked more noticably uncomfortable being in the presence of a Fallen Angel.

It wasn't great for him.

"If you would be so kind as to let me take my spirit form-"

"Your what?" Azazel was surprised when he heard that too, but the young woman just nodded her head, and Abraham turned into blue energy and faded away like he was never there. "... More importantly... Mito... you come from a clan... what clan was this?" Azazel asked as he looked at the woman, Mito, and she lowered her kimono to show a red spiral on her shoulder.

"The Uzumaki."

-Years Later-

"Child, sweet child... come here... it's time that I give you what was once given to me... when I grant it to you, my time will come." Mito spoke, elderly in age, and with a kind smile, to a small girl with burning red hair. She and this girl had no blood relation in the slightest, other than being of the same clan, but this girl had an abnormally powerful life energy. She was one of the few Uzumaki who had this powerful energy, and because of it, she was finally able to pass on her Sacred Gear of her own free will.

It had served her many uses over the years, and it was time to pass it onto the next generation.

Kushina Uzumaki.


Mito summoned her Sacred Gear, and it's form had changed over the years into a more aged appearance with her. She allowed the book to float in front of her, and she placed it into the hand of Kushina. That alone wasn't enough to transfer it though, she smiled down at the girl though. With her left hand, she summoned her own natural Sacred Gear... a pointless Sacred Gear that only had the power to transfer itself to a new owner at the current owner's will, taking other Sacred Gear with it.

"... You know what to do... Kushina... take this as my parting gift, from teacher to student... you'll do great things." Mito spoke as the book vanished into Kushina's chest, and her own eyes started to close. She allowed Kushina to cry into her lap, and rubbed the top of her head, struggling to keep her eyes open as her life slipped away. "... please... before I go... allow me to see your Saber." Mito made her own dying request.

Kushina nodded her head tearfully, standing up and rubbing her eyes, holding the book out in front of her.

"I summon thee... Saber."

Mito smiled when she saw the bright light of a servant being summoned for it's first time, and she smiled brighter when she saw that it wasn't Abraham Lincoln this time. A new Saber had been summoned, the Saber that was most fitting for the current owner of the Sacred Gear. She didn't recognize the woman in the blue dress and silver armor, but she was stunning in appearance.

"Who is my Master?"

"Who are you?" Kushina asked as she turned her head to her first Servant.

"You will see my name in the book... though you can address me as simply Saber-"

"Arthur Pendragon... isn't King Arthur a man?" Kushina asked as she looked at the woman that she summoned, with a tilted head. Saber seemed to twitch in response, but just nodded her head, sighing.

King Arthur, wielder of Caliburn and Excalibur, half of the great Holy Swords, King of Knights and a great hero of the middle ages. Famous even in Japan, and known as the father of hero legends in some cultures. All legends portray this woman as a man, which was kind of odd if she was really a woman.

"Heh... King Arthur... now that... is a Servant."

With that, Mito passed away peacefully, her Sacred Gear passed on.

-Years Later-

"Kushina, hold on, you can't die... your son, you have to hold your son before you die." Saber told Kushina, holding onto her hand tightly as the woman started the process of passing away. She had known that birth had been dangerous for her after her most recent battle, she knew that going into that battle low on energy had been foolish. She was paling and very rapidly, death was close upon her.

Saber, in her other arm, was holding onto a newborn infant, trying to get the now weakened woman to take hold of her child.

"He's... the last of us... the last Uzumaki... I can't even see right... is he healthy?" Kushina asked as blood started to drip from her lips.

Her wounds were serious, and the act of giving birth had finished her, and she didn't even have enough power in her to see her own son clearly.

"He's very healthy, come on, hold him... I'm starting to fade... no..."

"I heard somebody over there!"

Saber's body was starting to fade away, showing that Kushina was truly about to die. Kushina reached out, and put her hand on Saber's shoulder. Saber's body stopped fading away, as Kushina passed all of her remaining energy into her. They were in hiding, because the extermination of the Clan Uzumaki was still ongoing. Kushina had been forced to give birth on a battlefield, surrounded by death.

"I can't even see anymore... take my energy... get out of here... even after I die, you should have 2 hours of energy left... oh... I can't leave him without a birthday present..." Kushina reached that something was wrong about this all, well a ton was wrong with it. A mother, unable to even hold her son, and doomed to die the day of his birth. Kushina grabbed a spear, and used it to hoist herself into the standing position.

She summoned her Sacred Gear, both of them, and it floated down into her son's chest.

"You... you're giving him Servo Evocazione?" Saber looked down at the new owner of the her Master's Sacred Gear, and she could feel her own connection to her Master vanish. If it weren't for the energy that Kushina just gave her, then she would have just faded away as well, her contract ended. Kushina just smiled and wobbled out from behind the boulder, not even looking at Saber.

"His father gave him his name... and I'll give him my Sacred Gear... go on Arthur, take Naruto and escape. I'll buy you a few seconds as I distract them." Kushina raised her spear up to fight, and Saber knew what she had to do. She turned tail and started to run away with the baby in her arms.

She didn't turn her head.

She smiled when she heard the dying breath of one of the their attackers, even dying and without her Sacred Gear, Kushina had managed to kill one of them. Her trained ears picked up the sound of flesh being pierce, and a body getting stabbed into a boulder, and Naruto started to cry in her arms. Saber, conversing power, made her armor vanish and started to move faster without it weighing down her energy costs.

She had less than 2 hours to get her Master's son to safety.

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