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2 days left until the memories he got said that this Issei person was going to get killed.

He had conquered Earth by weaponizing Santa Claus and forcing the politicians of the world to sign into law the laws that he wished to be passed. As it stood, he was the Secret King of the world that stood atop a mountain of statues.

Uzumaki Island.

The Uzumaki Vault, the vault that contained all of the treasures that the Uzumaki clan had amassed over the centuries. It was an ancient looking vault on the outside, with an infinite amount of space to store items on the inside.

"Master... you already have Excalibur, why do you need to open the vault?" Lancer asked, as she was summoned for her horse, to give him a ride across the island to the vault. Of course, she knew of this vault very well. The vault contained the sealed away Merlin deep within it's depths, and it contained so many treasures that she believed there to be no end to the amount of objects inside of it. "... Surely Excalibur is a weapon worthy of you." Lancer would have really liked to say what she felt.

Why don't you use the weapon I left behind?

She was his father, and he was the heir to Excalibur and the throne that she had left behind. She would have liked for him to use her well known weapon, instead of risk freeing Merlin from the vault if he happened to notice that it was being opened.

"Why are you afraid of me opening the vault... unless you know the history behind this vault?" Naruto asked her with a grin.


"Very well, long ago there was a King who collected all of the world's treasures, but after his death all of his treasures were stolen and scattered across the world. The Uzumaki clan heard this legend, and spent years recollecting those treasures... there are only a few weapons in existence that this vault does not contain... Excalibur is a sword forged by the planet, so this vault doesn't contain this sword." Naruto turned his yo-yo into a golden sword and he raised it up. He had a soft smile on his face as he looked at the door to the vault.

Lancer nodded.

Naruto was explaining something to her that she had full knowledge of. The Uzumaki clan had heard the legends of this empty treasury, and sought out to collect all of the treasures of the treasury and bring them back home. The fact that they collected the original versions of every legendary weapon, and not just the downgraded versions, was something very few people knew.

The Uzumaki could not use weapons that were made by man, when an Uzumaki unlocked a chakra gate and learned to channel their magical power, man made weapons were unable to contain their power.

They required weapons that were forged in legend.

"Gilgamesh, humanities first hero... of course, he was the worst kind of king you could imagine. The kind who forced his will upon the citizens instead of allowing them true freedom, I wish one of my servants had been Gilgamesh, if only so I could defeat him myself... it wasn't meant to be though." Naruto touched the door. The door opened up, and Lancer saw once more the inside of the vault.

Treasure as far as the eye could see.

She saw the original Caliburn, the unnamed sword that legend would name Caliburn. She saw the original Gae Bolg. She saw untold numbers of legendary weapons in their original forms before they were reforged by legends.

"Anyway, I'm not seeking a new weapon. I will still use Excalibur, instead, I'm seeking something else." Naruto raised his hand up.

He thought about the treasure he wanted.

It came flying out of the stack of treasures, further away than the eye could see, and landed in his hand. It was the key to the vault, and Naruto smirked when he saw the key, before he tossed it onto the ground and crushed it.

"Then why are we here?"

"I wanted to see the vault, I wanted to see the treasures that Gilgamesh spent his entire life chasing. I wanted to see the treasures my dead clan recollected over time. I'm honestly impressed... but this just goes to show how pathetic Gilgamesh and my clan were. To Gilgamesh, they were nameless tools for him to use. For my clan, they were treasures to be used as weapons. ALL of the people who filled this vault are dead, and they couldn't take the contents of this vault to the afterlife with them... they sure are pathetic wasting their lives for this." Naruto stated as he looked at the untold amounts of treasure.

Naruto raised Excalibur above his head, and light gathered to it.

-Hours Later-

There was practically nothing left.

Naruto had spent hours unleashing blast after blast of Excalibur into the vault, destroying nearly everything inside with the exception of a small mountain of treasures that was being protected by very strong magic. The mountain of treasure was only 17 feet tall, not a real mountain but still a large pile of treasure.

Behind that treasure was Merlin, who was practically shitting his robes as he used his magic to protect the barrier between himself and the fucking insane Uzumaki who was destroying everything in the treasure vault.

"... All of that treasure... gone... so much is gone. Your family spent their entire lives-"

"They wasted their lives. When they died, they left a full vault filled with treasure that nobody was going to see. If anything, I'm just sending this treasure to them by destroying it. Since some of the treasure is stubborn, I'll call it quits here. We're just here so that I could cut my attachment to the dreams my family had." Naruto now had no reason to value this vault. Only a small stack of powerful weapons remained inside of it, and Naruto had no intention of allowing himself to follow in his families footsteps and obsessing over shiny weapons.

Lancer felt so much pride.

"You know you just destroyed most of the most valuable stash of treasure in all of history?" Lancer asked Naruto.

She wanted to be sure he knew what he did.

"Humanity is the greatest treasure, and I own humanity. My treasury is this entire planet, and every living thing on it. Mine is the only treasury that can show me their smiling faces. I have an ever expanding treasury, one that can reach beyond the stars." Naruto had the brightest twinkle in his eye as the sun was reflected in them. Lancer smiled under her helmet, knowing that Naruto was absolutely correct.

The smile that a King could bring to their people was the greatest treasure she could imagine as well, and she had owned her own treasury of weapons and valuables. She fought and died for her people, and lived for them. The world that she left behind, the legend that she weaved for the ages, that was a treasure that withstood the test of time and was valued by all who held her legend in their hearts.

"Why is it you wish to be King of the world?" Lancer asked Naruto.

She didn't quite understand his goal.

"I want to make a better world, a free world with a King that is beloved by the people. That is all there is to it. Still, it seems the other me from that other timeline became king in a way that left him unsatisfied... from the few memories I got. I got important dates and important people, and a few flashes... in 2 days a boy I will value as a friend is going to get killed, and a girl I value will die not long after him... I will protect both of them." Naruto rubbed the back of his head in thought.

His other self had accomplished the world and more, but hadn't been satisfied, so Naruto wanted to not only become the ruler of everything, but do so in a way that left him satisfied with how he had done it.

"Why bother, you haven't met them yet?"

"Because, the other me held them dear, and I want to know why. This aching in my chest started when I got those flashes of memory involving them. Anyway, lets go back to Japan, as long as I'm human, my body's potential is going to remain locked isn't it? I need to fix that." Naruto stated with purpose.

No matter how much he trained, the world was going to apply more pressure on him to weaken him as long as he was human. He had trained his entire life and he was still only stronger than the athletic human. He should be way stronger than he was with how much he had trained, but now he was aware of the fact that the world hated him and hated him growing stronger.

The stronger he got, the more limiters that the world placed on his human body.

"You plan to join Rias... even after she and her group were defeated by Medusa?" Lancer asked with a raised brow under her helmet.

Naruto nodded.

"Yes, they are perfect for that reason. With them, I can destroy them at any second I want to. If they ever get in my way, I can remind them that I can have them killed at any time. It's only with a group like that, that I can unleash my potential and retain a level of freedom." Naruto stated with a grin on his face. He didn't want to join a group that he would have trouble with, so the only logical choice was to join a group that held some of the same values as him, and that he could control if they tried to force something onto him.

Lancer wasn't sure what to feel about that.

"Why get so much power though, since you already conquered Earth using bloodless methods?" Lancer questioned.

Naruto crossed his arms.

"I feel like it, I feel like conquering the rest of the sentient races on this world is the next logical choice. Just getting some prep done, and my Santa plan won't work this time." Naruto would have to think up a new plan to take over the other races with without spilling the blood of a single child in order to keep his other self's promise to Atalanta.

Such a hard promise to keep when plotting global domination.

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