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Pain. That's all I could feel coursing through every nerve, vein, cell of my body. I felt like I was on fire, as if the flames were licking my skin scorching it. Through the darkness I could hear muffled voices, possibly discussing my condition. Was I back home? Was I still in the forest? I didn't know. However underneath the pain and fire I could feel the slight pull of the imprint meaning that Jake was nearby. Jacob. So much had happened to us over the last two days and now I was either unconscious or dead (the former being more likely now that I think about it). I had put that boy through so much, yet he was still here. I tried to focus more on the voices, straining to hear what everyone was saying. It just sounded like a mish mash of noise. I wanted to move, make some sort of sound to let them know I was still here, but I couldn't it was like I was under water and the crushing weight was pinning me down.

Jacob POV

The last week had gone from being the best to the worst in a matter of seconds. The moment I scented that good for nothing half-vampire in the Cullen house, I knew there was going to be trouble. Ness made me proud by taking on her wolf with the confidence and poise of an Alpha female, she'd shown strength and control where I couldn't. If it hadn't had been for Seth, we could've been in an entirely different situation, one that didn't hold the existence of the person I hold most dear.

"Jacob you need to eat" Esme place a plate next to me before placing a hand on my shoulder. Ness had been in a coma for nearly a week now and I couldn't bring myself to move from the chair beside her bed. Alice practically forced me to have a shower because 'I was starting to smell more than normal'.

"Thanks Esme" I managed to muster a small smile, never taking my eyes off Ness. I could see the slight rise and fall of her chest as she breathed, a sign that she was still kind of with us. Doc said it could be another week before she woke and that she had to let the two sides battle out who was more dominant. Her family hoped that it would be the vampire in her and well you can guess which side I hoped would win. Carlisle mentioned that her human side would go into hiding and resurface once a side had been decided. I reached forward and took her small hand in mine, it felt lukewarm and the durability of her skin kept fluctuating between diamond hard to sponge soft. Esme must've left the room as all I could smell was summer rain and pine.

"Ness, I don't know if you can hear me but I just want you to know how much I love you and that I will always be here for you" I swallowed trying to hold back the tears, I refused to accept that there was a possibility that Ness might not make it. It was a 1 in 10 chance Doc had said, but I planned on being with her forever, taking her out on more dates, asking her to marry me, all of it.

"She'll wake up Jacob" The soothing voice of one Edward Cullen graced my ears. I lifted my tired eyes to meet his stone-cold face, the perfect poker face.

"You say that like you can guarantee it" I croaked, watching as a few emotions flickered through those deep black irises. None of the Cullens had hunted since the fight, they were too worried about him coming back.

"I can hear her thoughts, she's fighting to get back" He sighed, twisting his wedding ring around his finger. Edward and I never saw eye to eye on anything; Bella, Renesmee, the fact that we were two completely different species, but one thing we did have in common is that we would do anything to protect those that we love.

"Just promise me one thing" He sighed "if the wolf wins, promise me you will take care of her, teach her everything she needs to know".

"You know I will Edward, she's my life it would kill me if anything happened" I stroked my thumb over the back of Ness's hand as I spoke. In a small gesture of comfort Edward placed his hand on my shoulder. Who knew that a wolf and a vampire could eventually be friends, I thought to myself then heard a small chuckle come from Edward?

"It was always inevitable" He smiled crookedly before patting my shoulder and walking out of the door, shutting it with a small click. Turning back to Ness, I pulled the chair closer so that I could rest my head next to our hands, a position that I had grown accustom to over the last week. Shutting my eyes, I drifted off to sleep for what felt like the first time in ages.

Ness POV

I felt a warm hand enclose mine, the heat radiating through the skin and warming every nerve. I don't know how long it had been, but I could feel my body begin to sort itself out. I had a feeling that the wolf side had won the raging battle as all vampiric thoughts had dwindled. I could feel the heat of Jake's hand more and was pleased to find that we were now the same temperature. Slowly I could feel the feeling work itself back into my body, every nerve ending sparking as I felt Jacob's thumb run over the back of my hand. All that was left for me to do was to wake up, but it felt like something was stopping me. The pain in my wrist had subsided from where it had broken and healed. I could feel more, so why couldn't I wake up. I felt the warmth leave my side.

No! Come back! I shouted in my thoughts hoping that they would've projected.

"He's just gone to take a shower Renesmee, he'll be back" the smooth soothing voice of my father drifted around the room.

Dad? Why can't I wake up? I questioned trying to stay calm when I felt terrified.

"You will soon, even though the battle has been won, your body still needs to heal and change" He sighed "it doesn't just happen overnight" I felt him run a hand over my hair.

It feels like it's been months though I know I was whining, but I was desperate to wake up to see everyone to let them know I was okay.

"You need to heal Renesmee, I'll let them know you're okay and that your fighting" I could hear the smile in his voice.

Thanks Dad I thought a smile to him and a mental hug.

"Just rest now" He kissed my forehead and the cold feeling left my side as he left the room. I concentrated on the changes that had happened to me. I could feel that my skin was a lot less durable and that my senses were slightly more heightened. For instance, I could hear the running water coming from the shower in my bathroom. Knowing full well who was in there I couldn't help but let my mind drift off before I heard a throat clear from downstairs. I chuckled and turned my thoughts back to waking up. I concentrated on sending that spark I felt earlier to every nerve-ending trying to shock them into moving. One of my fingers twitched and I couldn't help but feel a sense of achievement, if only I could move the rest of my limbs. After about 5 minutes I was able to move all the fingers on one hand, but by that point Jacob had finished his shower and I could hear him making his way back to my grandpa's study, which is where I'm assuming I was. My movements stopped at that point as I didn't want to give him too much hope just yet, I mean I had only manged to move my fingers, but it wasn't guaranteed that I would wake up. I had heard them all talking and in hindsight it terrified me, but it made me even more determined to fight and wake up.

Jacob POV

Alice had once again forced me to have a shower and I was starting to think she had an ulterior motive, but I let it slide. Ness still hadn't woken up and it was getting harder to leave her. The pack was under strict orders to keep up patrols and let me know if they caught wind of Nahuel anywhere. Edward had told us all that her thoughts were starting to become more and more stable and that there were signs that she was fighting to get back to us. The pack were hopeful and every so often when I phased I heard their thoughts of sympathy, but I couldn't bring myself to join in with that hope just yet. After my shower I had dressed in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt before heading back to Doc's office, he had transformed it into a makeshift hospital room when Bella fell pregnant with Renesmee and it had stayed that way ever since. It had become my home for the past week and the Cullens had been nothing but hospitable. My life had changed so many times over the last 8 years, from imprinting on Ness to her accepting me as more than a best friend. I was ecstatic when she revealed her feelings for me and saved me from the torture of having to tell her about the imprint. The icing on the cake was when she phased for the first time. I was shocked when a pure white wolf stood in front of me, but the feeling of joy overcame me when I realised that the wolf was my ness. Seeing her now tore my heart in two, lying there on a hospital bed unmoving yet still beautiful. I wish there was some way for me to tell her that I was here and that I loved her. Moving over to the bed I once again took her small hand in mine, smiling a little at the fact that her temperature had now settled and was running the same as mine. I gave her hand a small squeeze as I placed myself in the cool plastic chair next to the bed. I felt a light pressure on my fingers and looked towards Renesmee's face frowning. Did I just dream that? I squeezed her hand again, hope filling every pore of my body. The pressure was returned once again, and I couldn't help the smile that spread across my russet features.

"Ness?" I asked curiously. Her eyes moved under her lids frantically for about a minute before they calmed. Biting my lip, I watched as her long lashes graced her cheeks as they scrunched up, before finally opening to reveal the beautiful chocolate eyes I had missed so much. I could feel my eyes filling with moisture as I watched her glance around the room before placing her gaze on me. She was awake! My Renesmee was awake and smiling at me.

Ness POV

All that focusing was starting to pay off and I was now able to wiggle my toes and flex my fingers. A slight pressure on my hand caught me off guard, but I squeezed back reassuring whoever it was that I was still here. A familiar smell drifted past my nose and it was then that I realised Jacob was next to me. He squeezed my hand again probably confused and hopeful. I returned the pressure to let him know that I was slowly coming back to him.

"Ness?" He asked curiously, hope colouring his voice. Breathing in I scrunched up my eyes, preparing to open them and see the daylight for the first time in just over a week. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, blinking a few times to the let them adjust, before glancing around the room to finally land on Jacob. There he was in all his glory, a dark t-shirt clinging to his muscles in all the right places, a beaming smile plastered on his face.

"Miss me?" I grinned my voice raspy from not speaking for a week. I watched as a variety of emotions crossed Jacob's face before settling on pure happiness. He moved slowly as not to startle me before lightly placing his lips on my own. I slowly moved my hand up to his cheek, then into his hair as I deepened the kiss, showing him with my power that I was not as fragile as he made me out to be. I heard him chuckle as he placed a hand on my cheek before resting his forehead against mine.

"I thought I'd lost you" He sounded teary as he spoke.

"You're not getting rid of me that easily Jake" I whispered pressing my lips to his before pulling him into a hug. We stayed there for another few minutes before my family made their way into the room, looks of relief crossing their immortal features. Jacob let me go and stood to one side as each family took it in turns to hug me.

"How do you feel Renesmee?" Carlisle said as he checked all my vitals and reflexes.

"I feel great" I replied my smile never leaving my face "A little hungry though" I laughed as my stomach decided to make itself know as it growled.

"I'll go get you some food" Esme beamed as she kissed my forehead before gliding out of the room.

"No blood cravings?" Carlisle questioned.

"None at all" I slowly sat up stretching my arms in front of me. It felt weird not having durable skin anymore, but at the same time it was a relief. Don't get me wrong I didn't mind being half vampire but with the threat of Nahuel and the Volturi, I just wished I could go into hiding. The threat was still there, and I would still have my family and the pack with me, but now I felt like I could take on the world. Everything had changed for me now; I would be fully integrated into the pack and if Jake and I ever decided to stop phasing we would grow old together.

"Let's just focus on the now Ness" I hadn't realised Jake had moved back to my side before he spoke. I must've been projecting when all those thoughts flashed through my mind. I blushed and bit my lip looking down at my hands which were flexing in my lap.

"So, from your vitals, it appears that all traces of Vampire have completely left your system, leaving only shifter and human genes" Carlisle glanced at the monitor readings in awe. "In my 1000s of years I have never seen or experience anything like this"

"She's okay though, isn't she?" Jacob sat next to me placing an arm around my shoulders almost protectively. I instinctively lent into his side my head finding the crook of his neck.

"Yes, Renesmee is in perfect health" Carlisle replied as he wrote down a few more notes. He looked up at me and smiled. I could not help but smile back his joy infectious. Carlisle left the room and I noticed that Alice had left some clothes on the end of the bed for me. They were not what I would call typical 'Alice' fashion, just some sweats and a tank top. I threw the sheet off my legs and looked down at the hospital gown that I wore. My muscles protested as I swung my legs over the side of the bed and stretched them out in front of me. Jake held his hand out to me and helped me stand up, my legs wobbling slightly as I used them for the first time in a week. I steadied myself holding on to Jake for support, before walking a few steps to make sure I was okay. It felt weird being able to move again. I knew it would take me a while to get used to the heightened senses. As a half-vampire my senses were slightly stronger than a human but still dull, now I could hear the rustle leaves outside and see everything in more detail. Once Jacob knew I was okay to change, he stepped outside the room. I pulled the gown over my head and slipped into the clothes that Alice had laid out for me. The soft texture of the cotton felt soothing against my skin, it was nice to wear proper clothes again and not a hospital gown. Once dressed I wandered over to the mirror that Grandpa kept in the corner and stared in wonder at the person I saw before me. Everything was pretty much the same just slightly more defined. Every muscle was more noticeable, and I could pick out the copper strands in my hair more easily. My chocolate eyes seemed brighter and more alert. Now I know what you are thinking, surely all these were vampire traits and yes, they are, however before all of this happened Jacob explained to me what it was like becoming a wolf. He explained that everything became so much clearer, every sound, every colour even every speck of dust. I would not have noticed this when both sides were fighting, but now everything seemed so sharp and interesting.

"You're still you Ness" I turned to see Jake leaning against the door frame.

"I feel different" I sighed running a hand through my hair and biting my lip. It was true I did feel different but, in some ways, I also felt better, more alive. Jacob chuckled and made his way over to me, every muscle moving under his russet skin.

"You're still my Nessie" He smiled placing a kiss on my forehead before pulling me into a hug. I felt my muscles relax not even realising that they were tensed, but that was the effect Jake had on me.

"Is everyone else okay?" I muttered into his chest letting his pine scent wash over me, relaxing me even more.

"Yeah, just waiting to see you" He kissed my hair before pushing me back slightly my eyes meeting his. I smiled a small smile a wash of nervousness moving over me. I knew that my family would still love me not matter what, I was simply scared of what was to come next. Would I have to move out of the Cullen house? There were so many questions floating around my brain but that one was the most prominent.

"We'll cross that bridge soon Ness, but for now you need to eat" Jake pressed his lips to mine in a short but sweet kiss before gently guiding me out of Grandpa's office and downstairs towards the kitchen.

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