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Chapter 8: Not quite himself part 1

Jack didn't waste any time to protect Toby the moment he realized what was going on as he pushed his companion away from the room. "Toby I need you to go and find Blinky and Aaarrrgghh."

"But Jim-"

"We'll handle this, don't worry, just go." Toby was hesitant, desperately wanting to help his friend, but nodded and quickly went downstairs.

When the spirit looked back, it was too late to move away from the half-troll tackling She-ra, so he was being crushed by the two of them.

The trollhunter summoned the sword of Daylight and swung it in front of She-ra, in which she blocked it with her sword.

"I'm not sure if this question is appropriate at the moment but could you two please get off me?" Jack wheezed.

"Not the time!" She-ra exclaimed before pushing Jim's sword and giving him a sidekick to the stomach. The princess pulled Jack up and continued to focus on the task at hand.

The half-troll snarled at both of them and slid to the side; throwing a backhand at Jack, in which the winter spirit responded by creating a patch of ice on both of the trollhunter's legs. He then wiped off the blood that was coming out of nose; Jack took a few steps back while grabbing She-ra by the arm, trying to remain a safe distance from the trollhunter.

"Shit, shit, shit, what do I do? What do I do? What do I do? " Jack muttered, biting the joint of his finger.

The princess watched as Jim pulled one of his legs free from the ice. "He could be disoriented, maybe if we-"

"Okay, okay, Jim's is in a new body, so maybe he's just acting on his new instincts." That's when she realizes that Jack wasn't paying attention to her because he was thinking out loud.

The spirit flew She-ra and himself to the right the moment Jim got his other leg out and lunged toward them. "We just need to get him back to the right mindset." Jack quickly stated.

"Jim isn't thinking about the strategy of this fight, so might have an advantage here." She-ra commented. "I'll go the offensive route while you'll be our defense, alright?" He responded by nodding with a determined smile.

Meanwhile Hiccup was trying to help Draal since he was struck on the wall, since the troll's spikes were penetrating it.

"Adora shouldn't have transformed into She-ra." Hiccup said to himself.

"And why is that? Viking whelp." Draal asked with curiosity.

"Jim felt threatened, and because she turned into She-ra that lead him to attack." He explained.

The large troll hummed curiously. "And how do we fix this problem, beat him into submission?"

"What? No, why would you say that?!"

"The trollhunter's scent has changed to something more trollish, and trolls tend to fight with their welps if their acting out." Hiccup hoped that fighting their own child wasn't as bad as he thought.

"Yeah, we're not doing that; there has to be another way for Jim to stop other that 'beating him into submission.' The viking remarked. "But I'm sure that that Adora and Jack have a plan."

She-ra kept clashing her sword with the trollhunter's, occasionally hitting his armor, while Jack blasted frost at Jim to distract him, flying to different sides to avoid the Jim's punches. When the princesses parried an attack, her sword started to morph into a shield.

"Huh, forgot that it can do that." She commented to herself.

"Really, you just so happened to forget that that it can turn into a shield?" The spirit remarked, but because he got distracted; Jim took that as an advantage and side kick him across the room.

The half-troll then swung his sword at She-ra and managed to slash a part of her left arm; she hissed in pain but continued to stand her ground. "Now would be a good time to turn into sword." She-ra quickly muttered as she continued to use her shield as trollhunter tried bash his way with his fists.

"Can we have a timeout? I feel like we need a timeout." Jim pushed the shield down and hit She-ra on the side of her head with the handle of his sword. She groaned and fell to the floor, feeling the blood fall down from her face.

"Ow." She-ra mumbled.

Meanwhile Jack slowly got up, his knees shaking. "That hurt." He whispered in exhaustion.

Soon Jim had his attention on the spirit and started rushing towards him; Jack was quick to respond by creating a large patch of solid ice. The trollhunter climbed on top of the ice, tackled himself at the spirit, and started choking Jack. Suddenly the wind came in the room, and it pushed the both of them down the stairs. As they tumbled downstairs, the spirit desperately kicked the trollhunter in the stomach and managed to push him away.

"Not cool Jim!" Jack exclaimed as he gasped for his loss of oxygen.

But the half-troll wasted no time, he swung his sword at the spirit as fast as he could; with every hit the spirit would deflect the attack with ice, but that can only do so much. The trollhunter was so close to slicing off the winter spirit's head, so close that Jack had a cut that ran across his throat. The winter spirit almost felt like he was done for until Hiccup rushed in with Toothless and tackled Jim to the ground.

"Where were you?!" Jack shouted in anger.

"I was busy helping the large troll that was stuck in the wall, at least I came to save your ass." The viking replied while his dragon was baring its teeth at the half-troll.

"You'll do the smart thing Jim and not hurt my dragon." Hiccup sighed as all he got in response was inhuman noises which were the equivalent to barking."So what now? I doubt that Mrs. Lake will be pleased to see her son blue, with fangs, and horns, and-"

"Alright I get it, just let me think for a moment." Jack blurted out, pulling his hair back in frustration.

The spirit looked down and realized that he it was snowing in the house, that when an idea came to him. "I got it."

Hiccup looked over Jack to see him picking up a pie of snow. "I also feel that Mrs. Lake will be suspicious that there was snow in her house."

"We'll deal with that later, in the meantime, I think I found a way to fix Jim's little dilema." Jack said as he smashed the pile of snow together with his hands until was in a circular shape.

"It's a snowball." Hiccup commented, giving the winter spirit a skeptical look.

"Well I'm not done, it just needs one final touch." Jack then blew on the snowball, letting his magic fuse with it.

"Riveting." The young viking remark sarcastically.

The winter spirit groaned in annoyance and started to walk towards Jim. Adora came downstairs (stumbling a bit) with Draal behind her.

"Are you alright?" Hiccup asked.

"She has a minor head injury, but the fleshbag will be alright." The large troll explained while glancing at what Jack was doing.


"It's a what troll call humans, bit insulting if you ask me but whatever." The spirit tiptoed around the trollhunter until he got a perfect angle before hitting him with the snowball.

"Jack!" Adora and Hiccup shouted.

He responded by putting his hands up in defence. "It's alright guys, this is just how my magic works."

Soon everyone in the room heard Jim slowly laughing.

"What did you do spirit?" Draal demanded.

"Well I brought out a common human emotion that I thought might make Jim act like, you know, Jim, joy."

Adora walked towards the trollhunter sat next to him while Hiccup hesitantly whistled to Toothless to come back before asking "So do all spirits have the power to bring out certain emotions?"

Before Jack could answer, Toby slammed the back door in a panic with Blinky and Aaarrrgghh following behind.

"Is he alright?" The teen quickly asked.

"I...suppose." Adora stated as she heard Jim's laugher started to get quieter.

Toby sat next to his best friend as well, but sitting a little more closer. "Hey Jimbo, uhhh, you doing okay."

The half-troll turned to to at him and then had a confused look on his face. "Tobes, what are you doing here?"

"Do not remember what happened Master Jim?" Blinky questioned with worry.

His quiet laughter then died. "No…"

Jack sighed and leaned on his staff. "I hate being the one to do this but-Jim, can you do this, specifically with your right hand." He stated while moving hand up and down.

"S...sure, but I don't get why do I have to-" Jim suddenly stopped talking the moment he saw his hand, his blue four fingered hand.

The troll hunter then started to remember what happened and what exactly he did. "No, no, no, no, no, no."

"Don't freak out Jimbo, it could be worse." Toby remarked.

"How did this happen?"

"This is my fault." Adora admitted as a mutter, feeling like this was the perfect time to tell him.

"Oh my dear, don't blame yourself." The historian reassured.

She then immediately got up and stood next to the troll, though Adora didn't look very intimidating. "But it is! That night… at the museum, I-I managed to use the magic that was taken from Merlin."


"I didn't mean it, I only knew that I could take energy away not use it!"

Jim was at a lost lost of words, but if that night was the reason he was like… this, then that means "You were there with her Jack."

The spirit looked at the trollhunter in surprise. "Excuse me?"

"He's right, when you tried to stop Adora from casting that spell, you started creating some sort of blizzard." Hiccup explained.

Part of Jim wanted to mad at both of them, he wanted to lash out at them. But the trollhunter knew better than that, Jack and Adora didn't mean it, it was just an accident.

"I don't think it matters anymore, what's done is done, and like Toby said it could be worse."

"Or maybe this is the worse."

The viking wasn't sure if Jim was just accepting the situation, which was highly unlikely, or was avoiding it. "Okay then… so what now?"

Blinky put his hand on Adora's shoulder. "That is a good question, any suggestions?"

"Oh for the love of-"

"Hey, that's not a bad start, for me personally I'd like to know what exactly Jimbo is now." Toby commented with a forced smile, trying to keep arguments to a minimum.

Hiccup slightly glared at Blinky before looking elsewhere. "Draal told me that Jim now has the scent of a troll, right?"

"Mmmm, viking right." Aaarrgghh walk to the trollhunter and sniffed at his hair. "Smells like troll."

Blinky was now closely examining Jim as well. "I suppose, but not quite, his scent also contains something else but I don't know what…"

"But he can't be a full on troll though, Jim still looks different from you guys." Adora remarked.

And that's how the four started watching the two trolls in deep conversation. While the trollhunter sat there feeling uncomfortable.

Draal scoffed like this has happened before.

"Alrighty you two, I think this all Jim can take for the day." Jack said as he pushed Blinky and Aaarrrgghh away from him.

"Wait we can't the day here."Toby stated.

"Oh yes we can."

"I'm with Toby on this, shouldn't we at least find out to see if there's maybe cure for this spell, what happens if Mrs. Lake comes home to see that one of the foriegn exchange students turned their son into a half-troll?" Adora explained.

Jack rubbed his temple and took a deep breath. "Look, it's been a trying day. We're all exhausted and it's pretty obvious that I'm going to have to explain how magic works in this world but I'd prefer to digest one world-changing revelation a day. And if Mrs. Lake finds you, good for her; at least she knows what her son is doing."

"I agree with Jack." Hiccup said, crossing his arms together.

"Seriously?!" Toby asked.

"Today has been...hectic, it be best if we all had a moment to relax and process this; then we come to trollmarket with a clearer mind."

"What do you think Jimbo?"

The trollhunter froze, one the one hand he would very much like to human again and finding out answers would really help stop his anxious thoughts getting worse, but at the moment he was just so tired; all the fighting he did really took a lot out of him. "I don't know, it's hard to choose but honestly I think I want the day to just...end."

"Well if Jimbo is okay with then I'm okay with it." His best friend then gave his hand out to Jim get back up, only to be utterly surprised by his increased height.

Jack, Hiccup, and Adora tried to play cool and act like nothing was wrong, but Toby responded by laughing nervously. "And tomorrow we'll get this all cleared up."

Jim really wished that tomorrow would come faster. After Blinky, Aaarrrgghh, and reluctantly Toby left; the remaining three all collapsed on either Toothless or on the floor, but the trollhunter slept on his bed. For some reason his armor wouldn't come off, it was most likely reacting to his emotional state; but that didn't mean he wasn't uncomfortable sleep with.

The trollhunter was constantly moving back and forth, groaning in annoyance.

"Having trouble sleeping?" Jim looked to see Jack.

"It's the armor, it won't come off." He barked in frustration.

"Not with that attitude, how do you usually shut it down?"

"The amulet sometimes reacts to my emotional state, but I can't relax for the life of me." Jim explained.

The spirit hummed curiously while finding a solution, he looked at the window and saw from a distance yellow sand hovering in the sky.

Jack the snapped fingers in realisation and quickly whispering, "Be right back." before flying outside. He followed the trail of sand until it lead to a short pudgy spirit, the Guardian of Dreams, Sandman.

"Hey Sandy!" Jack greeted in delight.

In response, Sandman waved at him before creating a question mark made of sand on top of his head, then an arrow that pointed down. "Well I came here to ask you a favor, see Jim, the kid I'm protecting, is having trouble sleeping and I just want you to use your magic to help him."

The spirit of dreams pondered for a moment, then smiled and gave a thumbs up.

"Oh thank you Sandy you're best!" Jack remarked, watching his companion create an additional trail of dreamsand towards Jim's house. "Tell the others I said hi."

Sandman nodded as the winter spirit went back to the Lake's house. And as he came back, Jack had an accomplished smile at the sight of a sleeping trollhunter, no longer in his armor.

"Go to sleep Jack." Hiccup mumbled.

"I'm going to alright, just wanted to make sure Jim does to." The winter spirit quietly commented.

Hiccup lazily shifted his head at the half-troll's direction. "Make sure you cover him with a blanket please." He stated before falling back asleep.

Barbara yawned as she was trying to remember where she left her car keys. The tired doctor looked everywhere in her room until she sees it in the counter next to her bed.

Walking down the hallway, Barbara pauses at Jim's room; last night she was too exhausted to even say goodnight to her son. So, while slowly turning the doorknob, Barbara pushed the door open and peeked inside.

The doctor saw the forgien exchange students sleeping on some kind of bean bag, which was probably one of theirs since she couldn't recall buying one for Jim. Barbara walked to her son and kissed him on the forehead.

"Good morning kiddo." She whispered.

Barbara couldn't help but enjoy the sight she was seeing in the room, but the doctor couldn't stay any longer or else she would be late for work.

Toothless licking his cheek is what woke Jim up, he has woken up from weirder things sure (the one being ranked the highest is Gnome Chompsky slapping him awake while spending the night with Toby), but still, weird. Trollhunter looked at the dragon with nervous expression before getting another lick to the face.

"Down boy." Hiccup ordered, while trying to read one of Barbara's medical books, with both Adora and Jack looking behind his shoulders.

Jim look at the alarm clock next to him and saw that it was 6:30 a.m. "You let me sleep in again?"

"So? I heard that teenagers need most sleep." Jack remarked with a grin.

"I have to make breakfast an-and lunch for school, not to mention cleaning the house-"

"Don't worry Jim, Jack was nice to make breakfast and lunch for us, including you. And I'm sure Mrs. Lake wouldn't might the house is a little dusty." Adora resurred.

Jim started fidgeting with his hands, something the princess noticed he does a lot. "Plus I'm sure you haven't noticed something's changed." She said excitedly while walking to him.

"Like what?"He asked.

Adora grabbed Jim's hands and lifted them up for him to see. They weren't blue anymore but rather peach colored, as it should be. The trollhunter felt so happy that he almost started crying.

"I'm human again, I can't believe it." Jim remarks with a big smile on his face.

"Yeah, I guess it wore off or something, but… your right hand still has four fingers." Adora stated." "Just a minor setback, that's all!" She quickly added.

"Wore off huh?" Jack thought. With his knowledge of magic, he knew a change that drastic would go away that easily, but the spirit stayed quiet because he didn't want to ruin the moment.

"It's fine, I'm not sure how am I going to explain this mom though."

"You'll figure it out soon." Hiccup said while still trying to read the medical book.

"Why are you still reading that? It looks sooo boring" Jack asked, resting his head on the viking's shoulder.

"Although now I can speak and understand your language, somehow, I don't know how to read it, so hopefully this book might help me."

"Wait, you didn't know english until you were revived?" The trollhunter questioned.

"Vikings are from a different country Jim, I learned a different dialect, which was west norse." Hiccup explained.

"Okay then, but if you can't read english then why are you reading my mom's old medical books, it's kinda pointless don't you think."

The viking gave Jim an annoyed glare while slightly blushing before standing up and close the book. "Shouldn't Toby be here? your friend usually comes to you house uninvited."

"Well Tobes is always welcomed to my house at anytime, but your right. He's probably waiting for us outside." Jim said while getting out of bed, until he realized that his clothes were now in pieces.

"My clothes!" He shouted; and his face was red in embarrassment.

"Well don't get all huffy about it, it's not like you ran out of clothes." Jack remarked.

"That's not the point! How could it-" Jim took a deep breath, went to his closet to get some spare clothes, then quickly speed walked his way to the bathroom.

"Better?" The spirit wondered with a mischievous smile, while flying around the trollhunter.

"Shut up." Jim said, his face red with embarrassment; he started walking in the hallways and then downstairs.

Adora pouted at the spirit and grabbed his shoulder to him closer towards her to say, "Why did you do that?"

"Just having some fun princess, it's what I do.''

"Does that involve embarrassing someone." Hiccup remarked while entering the hallway.

"Geez lighten the mood won't ya, I didn't mean to make him feel bad." Jack said defensively, pulling his arm away from the princess.

"Hey, can you guys hurry up, I don't want to be late for school again!" Jim shouted from the living room as he grabbed his bookbag.

"Well you heard blue, time to go to our first day of highschool."

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