The three remaining members of SG1 and the tokr'a rushed Colonel O'Neill to their lab for emergency implantation of the symbot. "So the symbot will be able to heal him won't it dad?" asked a worried Major Carter.

"I don't know, it should work as long as colonel O'Neill doesn't try to resist the blending,"

said Salmac. SG1 watched as Colonel O'Neill was implanted.

Two hours later Colonel O'Neill woke up

"the blending was a successes but I do sense hostility from my host"

said Colonel O'Neill's sybiot. " Let me speak to Colonel O'Neill," said Jake carter. Jack bowed his head and then spoke. "Jake that is why I don't like these guys"

well I'm sorry

"oh and you can shut up to" said Jack "I was talking to the snake" said jack to the others in the lab.