"Come on Jack I will take you to were you are going to stay" "what I have to stay here?" objected jack. "Well you are too much of a security risk to both worlds as long as he is inside of you" "and how long will that be?" "I don't know" "Great" sighed jack. Jack sat down on his bed

I am sorry that I have caused you so many problems, I assure you that if they can not find me a host I will give my life"

That's what they all say Colonel O' Neil thought.

Colonel O'Neill can I ask you something personal?

Ask all you want whether you will get an answer or not is a different story. Jack was unsure of how to acted

Why are you so mad at Dr Jackson? when according to your memories you loved him deeply? and Jonas Quinn ? because you have seemed to forgiven him for the death of Dr Jackson?

You ask a lot of questions for a snake

I know

Dr Jackson and I were very much in love with one another. that much so that I asked him to marry me.

I take it that this is something you military frowns upon?

yes, as well as many other people outside of it. any way a couple of months ago we met Jonas and his people. to cut a long story short Danny got exposed to a deadly dose of radiation. but rather then let salmac help him or die he chose to a send and leave me behind. but to answer you question I do not hate him I just miss him. god I can't believe I'm talking shop with the snake in my head. no offence

none taken and Jonas?

yeah I forgave him long ago


But what?

Jack you can hide it from the others but not from me I can read you thoughts remember.

ok so I like the guy so what


OK so I'm in love with the guy doesn't mean I'm going to acted on it

jack you have to except that Dr Jackson might never come back

don't you sound like Sam

jack give him a chance, I know Daniel told you not to wait for him, and maybe just maybe Jonas feels the same way?

ok ok you win I will talk to him.