Death of a Deity

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Chapter One:  A Thread Restrung

The funeral was the day after it happened.  It was strange, to have a funeral for one they never thought would die, at least not so suddenly.  No one expected Death herself to die.  She lay there in the coffin, looking as radiant as ever, though a bit more pale, the roses in her cheeks had wilted.  Her sparkling amethyst eyes were shut, and azure hair was spread across the silk pillow.  Instead of wearing her normal pink kimono, she wore a comfortable dress, the same shade as her eyes.  She looked so peaceful, as if she were sleeping, but they all knew better because there was no rise and fall of her chest.  Her heart, filled with hope and compassion, had stopped beating.

All of the Rekai Tantei were there, along with Keiko, Yukina, Shizuru, and of course Koenma were all there.  But they weren't the only ones; many of Rekai had come to pay their respects to their dearly departed friend.  Everyone wore some trace of black clothing as a sign of mourning, but most knew she would have hated seeing them so sad and depressed.

Keiko and Yukina were crying, and Shizuru sat there, her eyes downcast at the loss of her friend.  Yusuke hugged Keiko tightly, whispering some comforting words in her ear, and Kuwabara just held Yukina's hand as she cried Hiruseki gems.  Hiei stood in the back of the room, silent as usual, watching everyone weep and throw fits.  He also watched Kurama.  His friend moved slower than usual and his eyes seemed dead and hollow.  Hiei normally dressed all in black, and today it was even more so, for even his headband was the shade of ebony. 

Kurama walked down the aisles to her casket, and stared at her.  He lowered his head in shame.  *I never even got to tell her…* He clenched his fist in anger at himself for being such a coward.  *And now she'll never know* He pulled rose from his hair, beautiful and delicate, and the stem held no thorns.  He placed it carefully in her hands.  *She looks like an angel…* He turned away and sat down in his seat.  *There was nothing I could do, nothing at all…*


The wind blew lightly across the field, bending the reeds that dwelled by the pond.  They had all come there for a picnic and even Koenma had escaped from his busy schedule to join in.  The blankets were laid out on the lush grass and the food set out in large quantities.  Keiko and Botan laughed as Kuwabara and Yusuke tried to have an eating contest, yet surprisingly lost to Hiei, who, unlike them, ate with some manners.  Kurama's eyes kept turning to the ferry girl, sneaking a glance whenever possible.  He got up after a while, to take a walk. 

His strides were long and even, but he didn't pay attention to where he was going or to his surroundings, because his mind was immersed in a dilemma even he had problems solving.

"Kurama."  Spoke a voice.  "Kurama!"

            The startled kitsune turned around quickly to see who was there, but only to find nothing. 

"Look up baka."

He turned his eyes upward to find a short figure sitting in a tree.  "Hello Hiei."

"Hn, it took you long enough to figure out it was me.  You're getting soft kitsune; I could have killed you if I wanted to.  What are you doing?"  He eyed redhead suspiciously.  "You're usually much more alert."

Kurama chuckled a bit, "Just thinking."

"About what?"

"Nothing, just things…"

Hiei smirked, "Like how you're going to tell the ferry girl that you've fallen pathetically in love with her?"

Kurama's eyes widened in shock, "What?  How, whe—"

"Hn, I actually left the great Youko without words.  As for how I know, it's hard not to notice.  The way you try to look at her every other second might hint something.  And don't' try to deny it fox."

"Am I really that obvious?"

" Yes you are."

"Do you think I should tell her?"  Kurama asked.

"It doesn't matter what I think you should do Kurama.  It's your life and it's your choice."  He stopped to think,  "But if you don't, you'll never know how she felt, or what could have happened.  Then you'll have to spend the rest of your life wondering."  With that, he darted of somewhere, leaving Kurama to find his own answer.

He stared up at the tree Hiei was sitting in.  "He's right.  I'm going to tell her…"

"Are you talking to the tree Kurama?"  She watched as he turned around to face her.

"Botan…Hello.  What are you doing here?"

She smiled, "I was just about to ask you the same thing.  Actually, I just came here to give you some company.  You're walking all alone.  So what were you doing?

"Just thinking and walking really."  He said a bit wistfully.  He smiled as the wind tousled her hair. 

"You know, I'm surprised Koenma came," She commented. 

"I suppose that's because he's so busy right?"

She looked up at him to grin, "Yes, but another reason is Ayame.  I think there's something going on between the two."  She laughed at the thought.

"Did you ever—"

"Like Koenma?"  She finished his sentence for him.

"How did you know I was going to ask that?"  He asked playfully.

"I'm psychic!"  She joked.  "I did at first, but I realized later it wouldn't work out.  There was just no chemistry.  So instead a friendship type of bond formed."

Kurama smiled as he inwardly rejoiced.  It was time to tell her.  Speak now or forever hold his peace.  "Botan, I need to tell you something."

"What is it Kura—" She swayed a little, as if she were just a flimsy reed being blown about in the breeze.  Her knees began to buckle beneath her and she stumbled into Kurama.

He held her tightly, "Are you okay?"  Worry was engraved in his emerald eyes.

"Yes, I guess I just had a dizzy sp—" Then it seemed as if she were choking on her words.  Her breaths came in ragged and strained.  "Kurama…" She held on to him tightly, "I can't bre—"

"Shh."  He quieted her as he picked her up in his arms.  He began to sprint back to everyone else.  But with each step it became harder and harder for her to breath, and he could feel her heart slowing down. 

Kurama saw Yusuke pointing in their direction and suddenly everyone came swarming over to him.  He stopped and kneeled as he laid her softly on the ground, grasping her hand.  He could see tears in her eyes.  Hiei and Yusuke were the first to reach them, and the rest followed quickly enough. 

Everyone's question were about the same, "What happened?  Is Botan okay?"  Both questions he couldn't answer, but he feel her slipping quietly away.  

Botan looked up at him and the rest of her friends, took a ragged breath as she squeezed his hand and whispered, "Good-bye."  Then her grip on him loosened and her head dropped.  She left them, left Kurama, without ever hearing him tell her how much he loved her.

*~End Flashback~*

He felt a presence behind him and he turned to face a short fire demon.  "Kurama, it's time to go.  Koenma wants to speak to us about Botan."  Kurama nodded halfheartedly.  "And Kurama, remember, we all miss her.  S-She was a great asset to our team, though a little ditzy at times.  I'm sorry for your loss."

Kurama gave a weak smile as he followed his friend to Koenma-sama's office.  He could hear shouts and crying from the room.  It was Keiko.

"You're the friggin' prince of Rekai!  Why did you let her die?  Why?  You didn't even tell us she was going to die!"

Koenma sat placidly in his chair, taking the verbal abuse from the angry brunette, until she had to pause for air to breathe.  "I didn't know."

"Don't give me that crap Koenma!"  Shouted Yusuke.

Kurama took a seat and Hiei stood by the door listening silently to the arguments. 

"I honestly didn't know!  I'm just as shocked as you are."  Koenma ran a hand through his smooth brown hair.  "Please, just let me explain."

"Fine, but it better be good."  Yusuke said angrily as he sat down.  Everyone was on the edge; another wrong word and they might all be at each other's throats.

"Usually, I do know if someone is to die, or if a spirit is to be reincarnated.  In Botan's case, she is probably in another body now, but I have no idea where she could be.  I don't control who dies and who lives, it is—"

"The Sisters Three…"  Kurama said half to himself.

"Sisters Three?  Who are they?"  Kuwabara asked.

"The Fates baka."  Hiei answered.  Kuwabara growled in response to the insult but, for the most part, ignored it. 

"Yes," Koenma took over the conversation, "they are both correct.  You see, unlike Greek mythology states, when a person dies the thread is not cut but only unstrung.  And when someone is to be reincarnated, the thread is restrung and the tapestry rewoven.  Usually, we know what is going to happen, because there's a list sent from them, but Botan's departure was no where to be seen.  The Sisters work in strange ways.  If they did this without informing anyone else there should be a reason."

"I don't care if there's a reason or not.  They took our friend away, without even letting anyone know and they're gonna pay big time."  Shouted Kuwabara.

Yusuke smirked, "I agree with Kuwabara.  Where do they live?  I think we might have to test our persuasion abilities."

Koenma jumped out of his seat, "Whoa!  Hold the phone folks!  I'm all for rushing in there on a white horse to save someone, but going into their domain is like walking into the jaws of death!  No one comes out alive, whether human, demon or spirit.  I guess they become a little attached to their visitors."

"Yeah, well they haven't met us yet."  Yusuke said a little cockily.

Koenma sighed, "Well I suppose there's no stopping you.  When are you leaving?"

"Why not right now.  If we waited, we would just be wasting time."  Hiei said as he moved closer towards the group. 

Yukina suddenly spoke up, "So, do you think we could get Botan back?"

Hiei gave an unsure nod, "Perhaps, but we'll try our best."

"Don't worry Yukina-chan!  I'll get Botan back no problem!  Let's go!"  Shouted Kuwabara as he began to walk out the door.

They all stared, "How long do you think it'll take him before he realizes he has not idea where he's going?"  Kurama asked Hiei.

"I have no idea.  What a baka."  Hiei shook his head in distaste.

Suddenly, the door opened again and Kuwabara's head popped in.  "Um guys?  Where do these Sisters live?"  Everyone sweat-dropped.

Kurama smiled as he looked out the window wistfully *We'll find you Botan, I promise*

*~TEASER~*  In the next chapter, the Tantei will take a little visit to the Sisters' home, but it will be far from pleasant.  There are going to be a couple obstacles in their way, and even if they do live long enough to meet the sisters, can they get the information they need and come out alive?  Or will the sisters ensnare another batch of pets?

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