Secret location:

Dinah reached for her gun but was stopped when a boot came down on her hand hard. She kept herself from screaming. "What do you want?" Dinah asked trying to hide her pain. The man said nothing as the butt of his gun came down on the back of her head. As Dinah lost consciousness she was glad to know that the last text sent was to him.

New York

Getting out of the shower Frank sighed. He shouldn't be here but Dinah said he could use her place. He watched the blood run down the drain. He had gotten rid of those two punk gangs and still had more to do.

Putting on his boxers he headed out to the kitchen. He poured himself a cup of coffee and went and sat down on the sofa. He was about to turn on the tv when he noticed he had a message on his phone.

Flipping it open, he felt his blood begin to boil. That feeling of fear mixed with anger and urge to make someone bleed was filling him fast.

He looked at the message again and made that guttural grunt he always made when the adrenaline started to rush. He even heard himself mutter "one Batch, Two Batch" methodically like he used to.

He read it one more time. "Need help. Sending coordinates. Please Frank I need you, Madani". Putting down the phone and the coffee cup, he went into the bedroom.

He put on his jeans and boots and then a shirt and last he put on the vest. The vest that was born from the blood of his wife and children. The vest that carried the blood of his brother, Billy Russo. The vest that also had Dinah's blood painted on it.

The vest had taken down many evils and it was about to take down more. "Don't worry Madani, I'm coming" Frank said grabbing his duffle and leaving. The coffee cup still on the living room table.

Five hours later: Micro's Bunker

Frank paced as David looked up the coordinates. They didn't make any sense. They just kept taking him to a remote location in Easter Iran. There wasn't anywhere they could've set up base but yet that's where Dinah's coordinates led them.

Frank slammed his gun on the table and kicked a chair. "Calm down cowboy, I'm working as fast as I can. It's like they are in some deep science fiction camouflage shit. There's no where they could be hiding" David said taking a drink from his beer.

Frank grunted and collapsed onto the little bed off in the corner and closed his eyes. He couldn't, no he fucking wouldn't, let Dinah die.

Suddenly out of nowhere he felt something land on his stomach and giggle. He opened his eyes to see Leo and Zach sitting on top of him laughing. He smiled. He loved David's kids. He had been adopted as Uncle Frank and he couldn't be any happier for the title. And unlike Uncle Billy who betrayed his kids, he would never betray David's.

"Uncle Frank, will you be gone long?" Leo asked tears playing on the sides of her eyes. Frank swallowed. It was like looking into Lisa's face every time he went back over seas. It was her face the day he came home from his final trip.

He shook off the memories and held Leo tight. He loved Zack, but Leo was his little fighter. She was his light in the darkness. Amy has also become that but she was in Florida learning to dive for treasure.

"Leo, I will be back as quick as I can be and I will be bringing Dinah with me. You remember Dinah right, the agent that helped save your brother and mom" Frank said rubbing her back.

Feeling her relax made him relax. "I remember Uncle Frank but what if you get killed?" She asked, her question hitting him like a ten pound block of concrete. He shook that off as well.

"Leo, you listen to me baby girl, Uncle Frank doesn't die, he does the killing and he will always come back to you. But while I'm gone, you have to make sure your dad gets out of this hole in the ground and does some actual moving around. Also, make sure your mommy gets a lot of help around the house. And Zack" Frank said turning his attention to the other kid on him "you make sure Leo has some fun and doesn't just sit and worry you hear me. Also, I want you to talk to that neighbor kid, he could use a friend" Frank finished ruffling Zach's hair. Both kids nodded and proceeded to play another round of "what's the punisher doing next"?

Just as they hit round three, David said proudly "I've figured out what her coordinates are Frank. You can go get your agent back". The kids giggled as Frank's face quickly flushed a bright red.

Easily standing up with both kids in his arms, Frank headed over to where David was celebrating is little achievement. When Frank and the little monkeys finally got over to him he sat up and cleared his throat, ready to deliver his amazing news.

"See, what I was doing was taking the numbers as I saw them but, they were actually scrambled so even if the message was intercepted, they would never get

anything from it" David said leaning back.

"So where the hell is she?" Frank growled and he sat Leo and Zach down on the floor. "She was in a remote base off the western border of Iran. That would be where you would start my friend" David said looking sadly at Frank wishing he could do more.

Frank patted his shoulder. "Thanks Micro, can you get me on the next flight out there?" Frank asked starting to pack his duffle while ignoring the sniffles coming from Leo who was standing next to him.

He almost stopped when he saw her flinch at the assault rifle. She always flinched while he packed the guns. She hated them just like Amy. He sighed scooping her into his strong arms.

"I'll be back before you know it sweetie. I'm going to go save Agent Madani and then I'll be right back and I'll teach you how to change oil in a car" Frank said with a grin. Leo smiled and hugged him tightly. He hugged her back and set her down.

Grabbing his duffle and hugging each of the kids goodbye and thanking David for his help, Frank left the bunker and headed to an unknown battleground. He tried to hide it from himself but he knew why he was going and it scared the shit out of him.

As he drove to the airport where he would meet up with a private plane David got him, "Dani I'm coming" escaped his lips and flew into the wind.

A empty warehouse

Madani groaned and as she was about to give herself up to fate, a breeze from nowhere blew past her and the words "Dani I am coming" danced in her ears.

Dinah's eyes teared up and she promised herself then and there that she would fight to live so she would be there when he arrived.

Just as she closed her eyes again, she heard the door open...