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A crisis was rising on Irk. Despite having one of the biggest Empires in the galaxy, Materials were running low. Iron Oxide, often used to help support some of the structures on the other planets were running low. The demand for platinum was rising and the radioactive elements like plutonium and uranium that powered some of the most feared weaponry were nearly depleted after the conquests. Irkens knew they were running the risk of not having enough supplies to fight off some of their worst enemies. Vort, while conquered and a military research prison was threatening to revolt. Meekrob, who had a very powerful empire of their own, was to be Invaded but after Tenn's base was destroyed and position compromised, she was taken back to Irk with much shame. Invaders were not to be exposed and she was. The Tallest had taken pity on her as they did not want a fine Invader to be killed by a race so inferior to the Irkens because they didn't have bodies, so they took her back to Irk and left the planet alone, thinking that Meekrob would be grateful and leave their Empire alone. This had proved not to be the case and the calls for war were rising.

"We need to find somewhere else, somewhere with the massive amount of materials we will need sustain what war is on the horizon." Red panicked as he looked out into space and sighed.

"Somewhere far away too." Purple said panicked waving a piece of paper around.

"Why far away?" Red asked.

"You haven't seen the news have you?" Purple said as pieces of the paper flew all over the room.

"You know I don't watch INN, after they called lasers stupid and reported falsely on our conquests." Red said. "Should never have let the people have control of the news..." he mumbled.

"Well you can read for yourself!" Purple said throwing the newspaper to Red.

" 'Tallest Approval rating at new low, only 62%'" Okay, that means that most of Irk likes us.

"But only 62%! And it's been going down since we brought Tenn back." Purple said.

"I thought Irk would like that one. I mean we saved one of our best Invaders." Red said.

"Well the control brains don't." Purple said.

"Yeah, you're right on that one." Red said. "But there isn't much to worry about. Besides, they probably interviewed conquered people on planets outside Irk, you know how the media will warp things." However, when Red bent down to pick up the papers that Purple has thrown all over the chambers, he saw a headline that was more disturbing to him than any fallible poll used to make them look bad. " 'Meekrob Sending Supplies to Vortian Rebels'" Red read to himself. "This isn't good." Red said.

"So finally you see sense." Purple said. "Now how do we start executing the people who are talking smack on us?"

"Talking smack?" Red asked at his co-Tallest's unique choice of words. "Forget about that, we've got a much bigger problem. Meekrob is supplying Vort with their weaponry to overthrow us. And who designed most of our equipment?"

"Vort." Purple said.

"War is coming and we need supplies. You know what we are running low on right?"

"Platinum, Iron Oxide and Plutonium for one." Purple said.

"Yeah and some others. Stuff we need to actually fight a war against our biggest rival empire and the people who designed most of our technology and know how to exploit it. Why Spork thought giving Vort that job was beyond me. But that's in the past. I've looked over some old observation from the Solus system. There are a few planets, totally uninhabited, or mostly inhabited with brain-dead monkeys that are rich in these elements."

"We go there, load up on it and bring it back." Purple said. "But you and I can't do it alone."

"Oh that is where I am getting a crew of some of our best but disgraced Invaders." Red said.

"Why disgraced?" Purple asked.

"Well, this mission will be dangerous. Who knows how violent those brain dead monkeys can be. I mean look at Blorch! So this will be their redemption if they live. If they are killed, no loss." Red said.

"Okay, so who do you have in mind?" Purple asked.

"So far I have Skoodge, Tenn, Tak and..." Red started as he heard the door to the Tallest's chambers be kicked down by the one Irken who had nearly as much influence as they did, Sizz-lorr.

"You going on a deadly mission?" Sizz-lorr asked.

"Who told you?" Purple asked.

"You guys butt dialed me somehow. I was looking to cuss you for giving me Zim to be a food service drone-"

"Zim is no mere food service drone! I am an Invader! Why did you stop me from leaving for the Great Assigning!" Zim said flailing as Sizz-lorr held him away so he wouldn't be kicked or punched.

"You missed some great nachos." Purple said.

"Yeah whatever. But take this fool with you. Hopefully he'll be killed too. I don't care about your two's motives on it, I just want to keep my business running. It's not just Irkens who love it." Sizz-lorr said as he left, throwing Zim at the feet of the Tallest.

"And I guess Zim." Red sighed. "Hopefully you will die honorably in the line of duty." He said as Zim stood up and saluted.

"Yes my Tallest!" Zim saluted. "Wait what?"

"Never mind, we have to get the ship together." Red said as he began to call out to the Armada to make the arrangements and summon the disgraced Invaders.

Meanwhile, lightyears away, Dib sat in the waiting room of the dentist office with his sister, playing with his smart phone trying to see if he could use the new app he had programmed to pick up interstellar communications. He had been using old satellite dishes for years and had gotten some signals, but nothing that made sense. And designing this showed his father that he had some skills outside the 'para-science' as he called it and took it as a sign he was growing out of that phase and once he had completed college that he could join him in Membrane labs. A fate worse than death in Dib's eyes.

"What's the new app you got there?" Gretchen asked from behind the receptionist desk. Her father was the dentist and had just finished her braces before senior year began. As part of finishing her course requirements, she had gotten a job for co-op that filled in some of her missing credits. The braces had been on for nearly 7 years but had done a good job. She looked normal, even slightly pretty and puberty had been generous with her. She had been junior class prom queen the year before. She had asked Dib to go with her and so his father wouldn't yell at him for being so obsessed with the paranormal he missed what was called "proper socialization milestones" he reluctantly agreed. It wasn't completely horrible and even though he was with who was elected queen, he still ended up in the punch bowl. Nothing else happened that night between them, as he had stated before they even showed up together that they were going as friends and nothing more. After that night they had been friendly with each other, with Gretchen sometimes hinting she wanted more than just to be friends but Dib couldn't see her more than that.

"Just something to pick up on interstellar communications" Dib said. "I can listen to aliens communicate in space from my phone and no one will know the difference."

"Interesting." Gretchen never really was as passionate on the paranormal as he was but she did like hearing his theories. "Why didn't you get a co-op job with your dad like I did mine?" She asked with genuine curiosity. "I mean as well known as he is in science, you'd be able to knock out a few classes."

"Trust me, if you ever had to work with the man, getting picked last in gym is so much more tolerable." Dib said.

"Whiner." Gaz said looking up from her GameSlave III

Dib rolled his eyes and looked over at Gretchen. "So, is it fun having this job?" He asked, trying to be friendly with Gretchen.

"Oh yeah." She smiled, now the braces were removed she wore her smile proudly. "I'm thinking of going either to dental school next fall or going into modeling. I've had quite a few offers but I want to at least finish my diploma first before I do anything."

"Well whatever you will do, you'll do great at it." Dib said. "I think I got it!" He said as he was about to put his headphones in.

"Call him back!" Gretchen's father said.

"Oh, looks like it's your turn Dib; Dad's ready now." Gretchen said as Dib got up, put his earbuds in and lay back on the dentist's chair. He wasn't obsessive with keeping his teeth clean but he did brush somewhat regularly, even if the high amount of coffee and energy drinks he drank weren't exactly the best for your teeth, but there was never much of a problem before. Just going in for a cleaning was never a pleasant experience.

"Okay, you're just here for your yearly check up, so open wide. I don't mind if you listen to your music while I work, just don't bite down or sing along." Gretchen's father said as Dib rolled his eyes and began to listen to the communications as they came in.

"Okay, off we will disembark for Solus. We'll find what we need there and you brave Invaders will be honored more than anyone else in Irk's history as being the ones who supplied what we need to save us all!" He heard over his app once it was focused.

Did I just hear what I thought I did? Solus? Is that what they call our sun? Or am I over thinking it? I mean I did once catch a guy shooting skip on his CB trying to order pizza on channel 9... and thought that was aliens... no wonder Dad didn't take me seriously. Dib thought as he listened on.

"We will take that solar system and take their elements and leave those monkeys with nothing. Gaia, Earth whatever you call it you fools will be Irk's!" Purple said over the transmission.


"Whiner!" He heard Gaz yell from the waiting room.

"Well if you wouldn't drink so many energy drinks and coffee, then you wouldn't have a cavity there young man." Gretchen's father said. "I swear kids these days don't take good enough care of their teeth."

"Not that, just- what do you mean I have a cavity?" Dib asked. Well if I have one, god knows what he'll find in Gaz's mouth. She lives off nothing but soda.

"Not a big one, it's just starting and we can seal it quick here in the office. Now lay back while I get the filling ready." Gretchen's dad said.

"Fine." Dib sighed. "You won't tell my dad will you?"

"Well you turned 18 recently so legally I can't." Gretchen's dad winked, knowing what it was like to be a young adult and wanting some freedom. "Only if you will promise me to brush after every energy drink. It'll at least try to cut down on the damage done."

"Fine." Dib said.

"Good, now let's begin." He said as Dib was replaying the recording he captured over and over. Was this a sign of an alien Invasion or just a case of mistaken identity?

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