Consider the modern airport.

The peak example of humanity, no?

Why not? It's the only place where one can find people of nearly every condition. Old men in business suits, harried families and their screeching offspring, terrified teenagers traveling alone for the first time.

Consider all the joy that happens inside such a traveling hub. Well. There isn't much, is there? One can find a Starbucks at every gate, but that's not really what most would consider to be a source of happiness and fulfillment.

So airports aren't exactly overflowing with hope. But you know what is most abundant in every airport across the globe?

Despair. Endless, endless despair. From benign terrors, such as losing a boarding pass, or being pulled aside for yet another pat-down, to things that are much, much worse. Threats, bombs, hostage situations. The birthplace of deadly pandemics. And yet people still crowd the terminals, jostling at the check-in because they just can't miss their flight.

So vulnerable, so innocent.

So… unaware.

The perfect place to wreak a little havoc.

Hello all!

Sorry to get to you so late, there were extensions, and school, and all that other Fun Stuff. I've got about half of the intro written right now, so I hope to get that out as soon as possible.

I got a lot of great characters, but sadly I can only accept 15 because that's all I have the capacity to handle. Tough decisions were made. Enough blabbering from me, on with the list!


Kaiga Nakajima, Ultimate Scuba Diver - RioA

Ginjiro Kitsuneda, Ultimate Bounty Hunter - Ziggymia123

Bryan York, Ultimate Taxi Driver - PainX65

Yaron Siskind, Ultimate Spoken Word Artist - TheRoseShadow21

Viktor Voss, Ultimate Neuroscientist - Abitat Eco

Rhett Greenfield, Ultimate Street Fighter - ComplicatedYetSimple

Alias Mooney, Ultimate Archer - hitdatfeamep

Hideki Tateyama, Ultimate Travel Agent - Treeja


Sunny Sycamore, Ultimate Fisherman - Shirasaur (me)

Suika Momiji, Ultimate Lumberjack - Prince PokePersona

Yasumi Tsuru, Ultimate Ornithologist - EagleWar097

Rivka Adina Levine, Ultimate Classical Composer - TheRoseShadow21

Asuka Maeda, Ultimate Travel Blogger - Abitat Eco

Karagi Iemikawa, Ultimate Graffiti Artist - Sharkeye

Dajeong Kwon, Ultimate Crash Site Investigator - KISL

Kagami Unubore, Ultimate Fashion Designer - Lupus Overkill