VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This is going to be my last poem for a while. I have big exams coming up, and I need all the revision time I can get! So unfortunately, you won't be hearing a lot from me over the next month or so. But I will be back, I promise.


A poem set many years after Frodo had left for Valinor, it could carry on from my `One final hug` poem, but you don't need to have read that one.


The Last Journey


It was many years

Since Frodo had gone

Sam thought of his master

As days lingered on


An elf came to see him

And said "Sam be quick

"For your master needs you

"Poor Frodo is sick"


Sam left for Valinor

Numb with disbelief

To hear Frodo was dying

Sam's heart filled with grief


The journey was longer

Then any he'd known

If Frodo is ill

He won't be alone


Sam leapt off the boat

As they reached the fair shore

He ran up the pathway

And knocked at the door


He went to the room

Where Frodo was lay

There by his bedside

Sam meant to stay


Sam held his master

In thankful embrace

And Frodo awoke

To see Sam's cheerful face


Master and servant

At one with each other

His spirit his soul mate

His friend and his brother


"Don't worry Frodo

"I'm hear by you still

"And now you'll get better

"My heart says you will"


Valinor was tearful

Many elves wept

To see master and servant

A promise well kept


But sadly it seems

That Sam's heart had lied

For several days later

Frodo had died


Sam was despairing

Soon grief took his heart

Now master and servant

Need never part


Away from all misery

Sadness and strife

Together in death

As well as in life


Two graves on a hilltop

One head stone was shared

And now the two soul mates

Will always be paired.

The longest poem I have ever written, and the one I am most proud of. I hope you enjoyed it too. Let me know what you think, all comment, thoughts and feelings will be greatly received.

I hope too see you all after my Exams!

X Michelle Frodo X