1. This is a fan fiction based on characters owned by the BBC. I DO NOT OWN THEM. This is just for fun.

2. This is a femslash story. If you don't like that sort of thing, you won't like this.

3. IMPORTANT (A): As with my previous DW stories, there's a very big canon conceit here, aside from the obvious romantic couplings. Namely, Amy never left. She was around for Clara's arrival, all through the Eleventh Doctor's tenure, and his regeneration into the Twelfth. Got that? Cool.

4. IMPORTANT (B): This is the sixth and final instalment of the Amy/Clara/Missy series I don't like to be one of those who insists you read my other stuff, but events in this story directly follow on from those in previous instalments. To get the full story (so to speak), I do recommend you read "Venusian Valentine's", "Crossroads", "The Second Clara?", "The Girl Who Could Wait No More" and "Out of Reach" (in that order), before this, otherwise you might find things even MORE confusing.

5. THASMIN fans here only for Thirteen/Yaz will be ESPECIALLY baffled if this is the only piece you read. I really hope you do look at the entire series. I'm very much a spoiler baby, and would hate for you to have things ruined by only reading this. I put alot of work into this overall narrative, and I really think you'll like it. Honest - I wouldn't lie to you!

6. The Missy in this story (and in "Out of Reach") is her second incarnation (as the Mistress). To visualise her, I had in mind post-X Files Gillian Anderson.

7. STORY WARNING: There's a major, and I mean MAJOR, canon divergence with a certain character in this story. I just hope you can accept my take on things, though I understand if you can't.

8. TRIGGER WARNING: There's references to attempted suicide in this.

9. This will be my first - and probably only - story presented in DAILY CHAPTERS (well, weekdaily).

10. On a final note, I know this opening is mega-short, but hopefully I make up for it as the story unfolds. Famous last words, eh?


A flash of light, and she was there.

Taking a quick intake of breath, she blinked. She really hated travelling like this. It was so much easier in a TARDIS, but needs must, and she was stuck using a blasted vortex manipulator. Still, should not grumble and all that. Besides, she had more important things to deal with.

Like right now, figuring out where - and when - she was. She looked around, taking in her surroundings. Seemed a bog-standard warehouse; those were depressingly similar no matter the place or time. Probably disused, judging by the dust, cobwebs and lack of lighting.

No electricity - if it was not for the moonlight through the windows, she would be in pitch black - only made the glowing in the corner all the more noticeable. She grit her teeth. "Dammit." Not one of these again. She was hoping she finally jumped to someplace/time she desperately needed to be, but no. Instead she was faced with yet another of these damn things.

Striding over to it, she got out her sonic trowel from her backpack and pointed it at the crack in the dark corner of the warehouse.

The glowing, golden crack...

She stood there for several minutes, as the sonic struggled to do its work. "Come on... come on... " This was getting harder to do. With every crack she found, it took longer and used up more of her patience. She had more important things to do - sure, it was the fate of the universe, but it was personal too...

Not only that, but the cracks were now appearing without even anyone around to "feed" them, which was definitely not good.

Eventually, the crack faded and sealed. She breathed a sigh of relief and decided to look around outside. However, once she reached the cold nighttime street, she sighed in frustration - unable to see, hear or telepathically sense anything. She closed her eyes briefly, but refused to give into despair. She would succeed. She refused to even die trying. She would find her parents, and help fix everything.

Activating her vortex manipulator, she prayed it would finally take her back to them. She then disappeared in another flash of light, leaving the street empty of life...