1. This is a fan fiction based on characters owned by the BBC. I DO NOT OWN THEM. This is just for fun.

2. This is a femslash story. If you don't like that sort of thing, you won't like this.

3. For story notes, see Part 1.

4. So, this is it. The end of my Doctor Who saga. I hope you've enjoyed it. It's certainly been an experience for me. I think I'll have to take a little rest after this. But with all that said, this isn't the last DW story - not by a long shot.


A flash of light, and he was there.

Taking a quick intake of breath, he blinked. Falling to his knees, he closed his eyes as he regained his strength. After a few moments, he slowly raised his head.

He had no idea where - or when - he was. He looked around, taking in his surroundings. Seemed a bog-standard warehouse; even in his short life, he had seen his share of them. Probably disused, judging by the dust, cobwebs and lack of lighting.

No electricity - if it was not for the moonlight through the windows, he would be in pitch black. Rather apt, he thought. Taking a final suck of air, he raised to his feet and staggered to the door. However, once he reached the cold nighttime street, he felt an overwhelming sense of dread come over him. Unable to see, hear or telepathically sense anything, he knew his situation was grim.

He had nothing. No supplies, no equipment, no mode of transportation. No TARDIS, no vortex manipulator. Wherever and whenever he was, he was stuck.

He closed his eyes briefly, despair overwhelming him. He nearly died escaping his captivity, and it was all for nothing. Everything was lost to him. His parents, his siblings, his home… they were all gone.

Cole Masters-Oswald was completely alone…