"You think this is a good idea I don't know it's worth the try"

"Hey Nagisa and Saki well please don't be mad it's not like we sneaked into the Palmier Kingdom and Hikaru accidently fell into father's trap by accident and was saved by a beautiful maiden we never seen before and when she came back she was wearing our family secret"

"You went into the Palmier Kingdom"

"No" Nagisa and Saki had a mad look

"Well maybe"

"And what's this about a maiden wearing our family secret"

"She was wearing our heart pendent and showed us the music box since we all have the same music box"

"What" Love shows Nagisa Nozomi's music box

Nagisa takes it from Love and had the NL on it "NL"

"The Maidens first name was Nozomi and her last name we don't know"

"Could this be"


"I know you can be mad all you want and, wait Dream"

"Lets show this to Mother and Father"

King Liebe held Nozomi's music box in his hand


"Our long lost third born daughter is alive"

"third born"

"Mother, Father what's going on"

"Girls I think you all dissever the truth of the fuel with the Palmier"

They take them to where the twins are always be

"But this is where"

"Well it used to be your big sisters Nagisa and Saki, and"

"And what"

"Your third older sister Nozomi/Cure Dream"

"What but I thought I was"

"We kept it hidden away from all of you"

"And now she is alive"

"We had a third older sister what happen to her"

"She was stolen away when Nagisa and Saki were two and your dear big sister was only one"


Baby Nozomi/Cure Dream cries in a black figures arm and jumps



*End of Flashback*

That was the last time we saw her

"So that's way because you think the Palmier stole her"

"Or maybe that Fairest wanted our countries go into war" whispers Tsubomi

"Wait what if the Palmier Kingdom doesn't have her we just have to keep searching till she is found"

"Mana you think going into war with Palmier doesn't solve anything"

"Well so be it they must sent that person here then we will get her back"

Nozomi use magic to make herself a dress 4 time and the 5 time the fifth one was pink and made her look like a princess even though she is a princess, but she didn't know that

"That's it to end this fuel"

"Your right Nozomi is the lost princess of precure land and Coco's the king of the Palmier Kingdom and so that means"

"We ask her where she grow up with her so called guardian Fairest and find her and tell our Parents that she stole her, and I bet that's not all would Nozomi marring Coco might stop the fuel and unit our kingdom's"

"Your right"

"Our Big sister with Coco and with Fairest puts to justice, Nozomi can finally get the life she wanted"

Otto shows Fairest the invitation which makes Fairest mad "That love sick with that boy has caused me problems"

Fairest went to Nozomi's room and cut part of her hair and saw a magic wall and destroyed it and destroyed the magic paint brush and had her friends leave and called for Hugo

"One more chance Nozomi who is the boy tell me his name"

"I never asked him because I told him and the girls from Precure land about you"

"Precure Land, hu you lied to me about them" Fairest created a seal to keep Nozomi out

"Hugo your daughter a disgrace"

"She still young and she still learn"

"Or maybe her father doesn't now where his loyalty my lie" Fairest made a chain around Hugo's neck and attached it to a wall

"What are you doing"

"Surly I have time to deal with you later, right now I'm planning a dance with Nozomi's mysterious suiter"

"No, no"

"We will attack from the west wall"

"As you wish King Liebe we will prepare our troops"

"I will never forgive what they have done, the rulers will pay once and for all"

"Father your making a mistake"

"Kurumi Artemis I will be fine just stay be your sisters"

"Yes father" says Kuruni

"But father"

"Urara Apollo keep an eye on your sisters"

"Yes father"

"Father what if your wrong"

"Rin Ares make sure your sisters are fine"

"Father maybe going to war with the Palmier is not such a good idea"

"I know Kanade Paix now run along to your sisters"

"Father I can't let you attack"

"Komachi Jumanji everything will be fine"

"Father what if you get hurt"

"Karen Neptune I will be fine okay"

The carriages approach the castle

Coco was waiting for Nozomi to show up

Hugo was chain to a wall

Nozomi looks at the magic brush destroyed by Fairness

Fairest goes to the party disguised as Nozomi

Coco thought it was Nozomi and chases after her

Fairest draws King Coco out of the party

She draws him to a maze Coco continues to follow her around until she stops

Coco looks at imposter Nozomi as Fairest toke out a pin where she was wearing Nozomi's hair

She removes her mask

"Don't I please you King Coco"

"I don't understand I thought you were"

"Nozomi yes so I gather, unfortunately she's not coming"

Otto goes by Nozomi's hair "Her hair, who are you"

"I'm the one who's going to teach you not to mess with my plans" Coco turns into a fairy and flies off and Fairest chases after him

"Zap him, fry him, kill him"

Hugo tries to break the chain

"He won't listen to me"

Hobie conversed Penelope to talk to her father

Penelope told her father any way since he refuses to listen and that only a lying heart cannot break free

Nozomi got of her prison tower and jumped on Penelope

Since Hugo couldn't give them a ride

Penelope faced her fear of heights and gave Nozomi and Hobie a ride and fly over the magic wall to the Palmier Kingdom

Fairest aims her magic at the fairy Coco but she just keeps missing

She tries to aim it at Coco but "You better lay off of him"

"King Liebe, King Neptune, King Apollo, King Paix, King Artemis, King Ares, King Jumanji's daughters I assume"

Natts throws a cup at the flag and it drops on Fairest

They ran away from the witch

The Kings of Precure Land plan the attack

The Kings of Precure land show up uninvited



"Save your breath rulers"

Liebe and King Donuts sword fight

King Coco and King Natts show up

They both grab a sword

Fairest shows up "Liebe"

"Surrender ruler of the Doughnut Kingdom"


Coco and Liebe sword fight and Fairest blew their swords off their hands and blew away Liebe's guards off

"So again, brother-in-law we meet at a ball"

"Fairest is that you, what are you doing here"

"I came to clean up some loosens"

"You know her, who is she"

"I knew her once long ago she was my wife's sister"

"Oh, you mean Heart"

"So, tell me why did you all hate each other"

"They attached my Kingdom"

"You stole my third born daughter"

"Oh, for the thousands time I have no idea what you're talking about"

"No, I did"


"Since I could not take the one of the twins since they will be easily found so I thought about stealing the third born princess"

"You toke Nozomi"

"Where is she Fairest, tell me, you monster"

"What does it matter, you never see her again"

"My beautiful third born girl"

"I seen her"

"When, when"

"Now do realized the fool you were Liebe"

"After all those years it was you" says Nagisa

"You were the black figure" added Saki

"I am finished with you, all of you"

"No, no more"

"It can't be impossible"

"You kept me locked up because you hated my family"

"They dissevered to suffer as I did"

"No, no more suffering Fairest for anybody"

"My, my you think you can stop me"

Otto gets his fur burn by Penelope and ran

Fairest aimed her magic at Nozomi, but Coco have her trip and aimed for the Candler

"Go Nozomi" Nozomi ran away and Fairest rans after her

Nozomi and Penelope close the door that had a portal that lead to the sealed tower, but Fairest couldn't because of a heart full of darkness and Hugo leaves when he told her that she had a black heart and Otto was also went into the portal

The fire is put out

"I have to find Nozomi" Coco ran to get to Nozomi aka Princess Nozomi

Princess Nozomi saw Coco "Are you all right"

"I am now"

Liebe saw his third little girl again "Nozomi"

"Father" Nozomi walks by her Father

"I thought you were gone forever"

"All those years I thought I was alone"

"Your mother and I and you two older sisters never stop thinking about you, our Love is Constance"

"As the stars above"

"Nozomi" Nozomi saw two girls looking at her with tears

"Nozomi" Nagisa and Saki gave their first little sister a hug and the rest of the Princesses of the Kingdom of Love joined in

"I don't know where to begin, I wronged you all these years"

"I'm glad that your third daughter is safe"

"I hope someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me"

The rulers forgave each other the rest of the Princesses of Precure Land smiles

Nagisa takes Nozomi's hand and let Coco take her hand

"With the two Kingdoms reunited"

"Peace return to the land"

"And it wasn't long before the magical day came when the third born Princess of Precure Land married King Coco"

"Everyone was there"

"Then Princess Nozomi Liebe and King Coco moved into their own palace"

"But what about Hobie and Penelope did they come too?"

"Hobie made it out just fine"

"Sleeping on the cuisse pillow in the palace"

"And Penelope and her Father lived there too"

"In the Winter they kept the Castle warm"

"What ever happen to Fairest?"

"She however designated making Otto's life miserable"

"Otto, Otto, I said 6 and a half minutes"

"Otto, Otto, blab, blab, blab, 6 in a half minutes, where are my biscits blab bla bla, coming mistress" Otto trips

Nozomi enjoyed the beauty of the beach like she imaged in her dream

"And they lived happily ever after" the painting of the beach painted by Yumehara Nozomi is shown

"Wow I wish I had a magic paint brush Like Liebe Nozomi"

"But you do" Mai gives Hoshina Hikaru a brush "The magic comes from here"

"Your right, you know what I know Nozomi Liebe's secret"

"You do"

"She painted what she dreamed"

"When you do that you never go wrong" Hikaru sets her mind on what she imagen after hearing a story about a girl who turned out to be a Princess