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Prologue – Killed by a pervert only to be reborn as a pervert's brother


You know, when you've been told that you will be reincarnated.

You don't expect to regain consciousness when you're still in the womb of your new mother.

Ha, such misfortune...

What ? Oh, I should start explain how I am in this mess.

Now, it's story time ! Yud Bet !

- Flashback -

My name was Fong, Fong Nguyen. A french university student with asian origin. Just an otaku.

After buying a volume of "Rokujouma no shinryakusha" that someone recommended me, I was walking under the agonizing sunlight, wanting to be at home soon.

So, while I was walking and looked at my phone for the time. A shadow appeared on my phone, so I looked up and what I saw was ...

A pot...

Then I found myself lying on my back looking at a white sky, no, a white ceiling.

Sitting up, I started to look around me only to see pure white. There was nothing, just the color white.

And then ...

"I am terribly sorry !"

Surprised , I turned myself toward the source of the scream and I found an old man prostrating in front of me on the floor.

I couldn't see his face since he literally stick his on the ground.

"Who are you and where are we ?"

As I spoke, the old man finnaly raised his head.

Azure eyes together with long grey hair. A tall old man with a long beard and mustache. He was wearing a white robe like those church people. Well, I always thought these people were eccentric.

"Ah, well, to make it simple, I'm God but you can call me Elder Grah, and we are in a place called the White Void." Well, this place honor its name but is this a new scam ?

"No, it is not a scam." Great, he can read mind. "Yes, I can."

It was a sarcastic thought. "Oh, I see."

"So, why am I here ?" In response, he started to fidget and played with his beard. It looks bad.

"Well, you died but I think you know that." I nodded since a pot crashing on my head from the sky. I don't think I could have survived.

"The thing is you shouldn't have died, your death was an accidental one." But why, why did a pot fall on me, what could have caused this. Many questions started to appear.

"Oh, it's my fault." "IT'S YOUR FAULT ?!"

"Well, you see, I was playing a game and I was too excited. I somehow pushed my flower pot through the window. " Great, just what game was he playing.

"Oh, that was Dead or Alive Xtreme 3." FUCKING OLD PERV !

"I am terribly sorry !" Here he goes again, prostrating himself on the ground again.

After calming a bit, I could only let out a sigh.

"So what will happen to me ? Will I go to Heaven or something ? " I said, while comparing him with a certain blue-haired goddess.

- Elswhere -

"ACHOO !" sneezed the blue-haired goddess.

"What are you doing, the frogs are coming toward us !" screamed a young japanese man wearing a jersey.

"Someone must be speaking of my fabulo..." *GULP* she started to say before being swallowed by one of the frogs.

- Back to our protagonist -

"Ah no, since you died quite early. I managed to ressucisate you in another world."

"Another world ?"

"Yes, how to explain. Ah, you see, the multiple universe from anime or mangas in your world are real. These anime are a representation of the world they are drawn from." So, in other words, I'm going to be reincarnated into a anime. Great, my otaku sense are roaring right now !

"Can I choose the world I will be reincarnated ?" Then, he put on a grimace.

"Well, you see, I kinda choose one of my favourite world for you and I can not change it. Tee-hee." he said with a cute giggle.

Ah, it's not good. Just what kind of world did that pervert choose for me.

And then, my body started to glow and becoming translucent.

"Well, it looks like it's time for you to leave. Do not worry, I gave a blessing to your new body so that everything went well. It's to apologize with the pot. Well, have fun in this new world. " he said with a pervy face.

"Hey, what do you-"

- End of flashback -

Then, I could see nothing or rather I couldn't open my eyes or move my body.

I didn't though that I will be reincarnated as a newborn, at least, 5 years after my birth. Also it seems I have a roommate, so I will have a twin but that is not THE question.

I could only feel warmness and hear the scream of a woman. It must be my new mother.

The water must have broke if she scream like a banshee.

Then, I found myself moving through my mother's vagina and she's crushing me. After a long time which lasted only a few minute, the top of my head popped out and I felt a hand touching it.

Must be the doctor.

"Mōsukoshi, atama ga miemasu." I heard a male voice said, wait, was that japanese.

My otaku senses are roaring !

"AAAAH !" And with my new mother screaming with me...

"Just a little more, Miki. Do your best." said another male voice, must be my father trying to confort my mother.

With her screaming,I finally popped out of her vagina and wrapped in a towel.

As I screamed for my freedom, she was so tight that it hurts. A baby body is so fragil.

"It's a healthy boy, now it's time for the second one." said the doctor while passing me to a nurse.

Wait, I'm a boy... Yes ! I still have my balls ! I screamed to the heaven and Elder Grah !

Some minutes later, another scream made his presence in the room.

It seems that my little twin has come. A little brother, according to the doctor.

"You did great, Miki. We finally have our babies." said my new father.

"Yes, it's our babies of you and me … It took eight years." said my new mother, Miki.

I felt myself being moved to someone else arms.

"... It's nice to meet you, I, I am Gorou, I am your father." my new father, Gorou, said with his voice trembling.

It was at this moment that I opened my eyes which met his, the face of my new father.

I couldn't see the details of his face but I could distinct the warm brown eyes that looked like it was on the verge of letting tears flow.

When meeting my eyes and I think also my twin as he was alterning his gaze, In an instant, he could no longer hold back his tears. Tears streamed down his face as he continued to smile at the babies in his arms.

"…Thank you. That you were born…really…thank you… " Miki and Gorou cried tears of joy together,

and I could feel how much they were happy. I couldn't help but to think of them as Mom and Dad now.

And then Goro-no, asked mom. "…Have we decided on the name?" Now, I'm curious while feeling being passed to mom by dad.

I could see her face, so exhausted after giving birth to two children. I tried to reach her face with my small and chubby hand which she grabbed while smiling.

"I was thinking of naming him "Sakuya", which represents the hope that flourished this night." said mom.

"It's a good name, and the second one ?"

"I was thinking of letting you name him." said mom.

"…Ah, I was thinking of "Issei". That embodies the hope that'll he'll be able to live an honest life." So, my twin's name will be Issei. Somehow, I felt a little disturbed.

"That name has a good sound. Issei. Ise. Sakuya and Ise, my little miracles."

I and my little bro were surrounded by the warmth of those two people.

In my previous life, I wasn't that close to my parents after moving town to attend college.

So I couldn't help but to cry.

"Hyoudou Issei and Hyoudou Sakuya, thank you for coming in this world." said dad with the biggest smile he could do... What... Hyoudou Issei... What the fuck, I'm in DxD and my twin is THE Hyoudou Issei, The Oppai Dragon, fuck that, the incarnation of lust itself. At least he's not like Belial from Granblue. But now I screamed for a different thing now and I hoped that I will be alright, in a psychological way.

- 5 years later -

Well, the life of a baby was so boring and full of shit.

Not because I keep shitting my pants. Okay, a little but not being able to speak, move for so long is agonizing.

And the food, while at first it was just breast milk. Even if it's embarrassing to be breastfeed with the mind of an college student, food is always prioritized. But baby food is so disgusting I'd rather keep drinking breast milk.

Still a baby and got so much in the ass.

I and Ise are quite similar in terms of appearance but different. While Ise got his spiky brown hair from our dad, I got my straight dark brown hair from our mom.

In term of personality, well, I'm the quiet one while Ise is the loud one. I only cry when I need food or when I just shit my pants.

Other than that, we share almost everything, I will never give him my pacifier and my cat plush.

Teething was quite a big problem so thanks Grah for the creation of pacificier.

Yes, Grah. I could only call God as Grah from my previous world since I saw the anime.

Well, Nietzsche wasn't wrong, he was really dead.

But what I did not expect was that my parents were close friend with our neighbors.

In others words, Irina's family.

Also, the first time I met Irina, which was a month before my 1st birthday, was also when I spoke for the first time.

I remember as if it was yesterday.

- Flashback -

In front of me was a baby with chestnut hair and violet eyes staring at me with a pegasus plush.

Ise was being feeding by our dad while the two mothers were watching over us.

"Look, aren't those two so cute together." cooed Irina's mother, Hikari Shidou. She has black hair and she looked like a mature Irina from what I remembered of her appearance from the anime.

"Aren't those two just staring at each other..." deadpanned my father.

"Don't sweat the small stuff, a baby will always be cute. Especially if it's your own child." as I heard the parents arguing with each other.

Irina has crawled toward me to push her pegasus on my head.

"Sakuya, here is Irina. She will be your first friend. Why don't you say her "hi" ?" My mother spoke from behind me with Irina, keeping pushing her plush while giggling.

Internally sighing, I pushed away the plush and looked Irina's big violet eyes and said one word which shocked the adults in the room.


- End Flashback -

Watching my parents screaming in joy when I said my first word and trying to make me say "Papa" or "Mama" was fun.

Now, here I am with Ise and Irina playing in the park near our houses with our mothers watching over us, playing as if we were some characters in anime. Yeah, so ironic.

"Haha ! You will never be able to defeat me ! The Dragon Demon Lord !" screamed Ise who was facing I and Irina with the generic final boss pose.

"We won't give up so prepare yourself, Demon Lord !" Irina yelling behind me while striking a pose.

"Irina, it's time to use our ultimate combo attack." "Yeah, let's go Sakuya !"

And we stepped back and raised our hands together.

"These hands of ours are burning red !" I screamed alongside Irina.

"Their loud roar tell us...!" "To grasp victory !"

"Erupting... !"

Ise who was watching us started to do his own move.

"If you come like that, I shall do the same !"

And then we charged at each others.

"Double !" "Take this !"

"God Finger !" "Dragon Fist !"

And then, one sentence was able to end this fight.

"Hey, it's snack time !" yelled Hikari which maked us froze in place.

"Let's continue later." ""Yeah"". I proposed with the two of them agree quickly.

"Meow..." A meow was heard and behind us was our neighborhood's street cat.

He was quite an old cat with black and white fur, amber eyes and a black mane. He didn't have a name so I called him Jubei when we first met him 2 years ago.

"Wanna come with us eating some snacks, Jubei ?" said Irina to which Jubei meowed.

It was a slow-paced life but for now, I liked it and I didn't want it to end.

- 2 weeks later -

I shouldn't have provoked Murphy's law.

While Irina and Ise were watching Drag-so Ball or this world's version of Dragon Ball.

I went with my mother shopping and then on the way back.

We found Jubei's corpse near the park where we always played and saw him.

Our parents and people from the neighborhood said he was quite old, near his 15 years old so for them,it wasn't really a shock to see him die of old age.

I decided to burry him near the church that the Shidous family maintained.

"What are you doing here, young boy." I heard a soft voice from behind me. So when I turned my back, there was a person that I never saw before.

She is a sister. Since she is wearing nun's clothes, I could only see her face which was so beautiful, some blonde strands of hair could be seen, her smile which seemed to glow, her light blue eyes which looks like the sky.

"I'm burrying a friend." I said trying to hold back my tears, it seems that being a child make me lose sometimes control of my emotions more easily.

"Oh my, how did he died ?"

"He died of old age." I replied while staring at the horrible grave I made.

"Are you sad ?"

"Of course I'm sad ! Who wouldn't be sad when someone close to us just disappeard like that !" I screamed while turning myself toward her only to see myself in a hug with her smile sadly at me.

"Then why do you try to not cry ? If you are sad, you should cry. Just let out these feelings."

I couldn't help to cry silently while I was being petted on the head by a woman I didn't know.

"It is not wrong to cry for someone you love, it only show that you have a good heart and I'm sure that your friend is happy now. Having you cry for him will make him feel loved while he is going to Heaven."

I could only nod as I was petted and wrapped in her warm embrace while I was shedding some tears.

After calming down a few minutes later, I wanted to know who she was as I never saw her before.

She said that she was here because a friend of Irina's father had died a few days ago.

So she came here to give him a proper burial.

"You have a good heart, don't forget the feeling you possess as the bond you have with others are as precious as your life." She then put herself at my level and kissed my forehead.

"I can tell that you have been blessed and I shall do the same. I hope that one day, we shall meet again." And with that, she left leaving me behind with red eyes and a red face.

The day after, the Shidous announced that they are going to England. When Irina started crying saying that she didn't wanted to leave while clinging to me.

"Irina, look at me." I said with her looking at me with her big wet eyes.

"Irina, I promise to you that one day, we will meet again and we will always be together."

"Really ?" "Really, I always keep my promise, remember." At that, she nodded and then she brought out her pinky.

"Then promise to me !"

"Alright, I promise that we will see each other definively in the future."

"If you break your promise, I will search you and make you swallow a thousand of needle !"

Wow, quite scary. And then, she walked back to her parents with her father glaring at me and her mother smiling like something good happened.

Once they left, only I and Issei were still outside.

"Do you think we will see her again ?" He said looking at me with some snot.

"Of course, and since when I lied to you two." I deadpanned at him.

"I'm still waiting of it to happen."

And so, we went home with our best friend now out of town.

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