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Killer Queen: Part II

"Then momentarily out of action,

Temporarily out of gas.

To absolutely drive you wild, wild,

She's all out to get you."

Killer Queen – Queen

Bucky was literally brain dead from his mission. Staking out a desert in bumfuck nowhere with only Natalia for company was bound to leave him on edge and drained.

Especially when he arrived in their room to find it empty.


"I have just alerted Miss that her presence is requested. She is asking if it's for you or Captain Rogers. May I disclose that information?"

Bucky blinked. Steve had visited her? When? What the fuck –

"Sergeant Barnes?"

"Yeah. You can tell her it's me."

It only took a few moments before the door was sliding open and a petite body was finding its way into his arms. Her hair smelt as good as it always did and he let go of a breath he didn't know he had been holding.

"Fuck, I missed you, baby," he sighed against the top of her head. "Everything okay here? JARVIS…did Steve come…see you?"

She shuffled a moment.


He chuckled. "That bad, huh?"

I don't want to talk about it.

And hell if that didn't get his attention. Steve wasn't one that would hurt a dame. Even if she was asking for it. Fuck, he couldn't even take down a girl if she was threatening the entire population. He just wasn't built that way.

He had to ask anyway. "Did he…did he hurt you?"

Only my feelings.

Bucky sighed. "I'll talk to him, okay, doll? Now, what'd'ya say about a nap? I'm old and – don't pinch!"

Not old. Handsome. And cocky.

"You'd know all about – goddammit – fine, fine. C'mere, baby. Let me lick at your sweet, little pussy for a while." He paused, waiting for a pinch. When none came, he rolled his eyes. "Oh, so I can say pussy, but not – dammit, woman!"

A little while after she was properly sated and boneless against his chest, his fingers ran up and down her spine as he thought.

"Y'know. After I woke up, I thought I wouldn't be able to have this. With a dame – girl, I mean. I thought I was damaged goods and here you are provin' me wrong."

Having to relearn everything that made him James Barnes had been hard, but he had done it. With the help of Steve and the team, he was never alone. He never had to fight alone again.

And then she popped up and suddenly everything felt like it had been worth it. The hours Stark put into taking apart his brain. The constant struggle not to assess every situation like a mission. The endless nights and long days. The strain disappeared when he had her. And he was smart enough to know it wasn't just about the sex.

She provided so much more and it scared him.

Her breath evened out and he had the courage to murmur, "Sometimes I think I'm too selfish."

Lazy limbs trailed along his bare chest and his breath caught.

You're not selfish.

He really hoped she was right.

It was stupid. The way he was sizing up Steve as if waiting for the other man to apologize. Dumb. The big idiot probably didn't know he did anything wrong. And if he did he definitely wasn't going to apologize for it.

A dame was a dame. And this one was being paid to do…things.

"Keep glaring at me and you're gonna burn a hole through the back of my head."

Bucky sighed. "What did you do to her?"

The blond turned from the punching bag, his brows creased in worry. "Who?"


His ears turned pink and he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. Good, he should be nervous.

"I – uh – you know I'm no good with dames – "

"You hurt her feelings." Flat out. He had to defend her. Who the fuck else would?

"She's a kept woman."

It was a miracle that Bucky managed to pull himself off of Steve after the first punch.

"What the hell! It's not like you're datin' her or nothin'!" The blond's stance was defensive as if he was waiting for the next hit.. "She offered a service and I accepted. Didn't wanna kiss her on the mouth and I think she didn't like that."

What? Bucky cocked his head. "You didn't wanna kiss her? Why the fuck not?"

"Because I don't know where her mouth has been! Just 'cause SHIELD cleared her doesn't mean I want to…I have standards, Buck."

"But she was good enough to get your dick wet."

Steve huffed. "Just 'cause she went down on me doesn't mean I need to return the favor."

The next hit took even Bucky by surprise. The blond's cheekbone was becoming a big bruise and he cursed. "Dammit!

What's wrong with you – "

"You'd be lucky to end up between her thighs. And kissin' her? Christ, it's like heaven." Bucky shook his head, wondering how he'd gotten saddled with someone so stupid. "Maybe it's good that she doesn't like you. 'Cause I'm gonna end up with that dame. Mark my words."

Breaking into SHIELD was a lot easier than Bucky had expected. So was finding her file. Being able to read it? A different story.

It was so redacted and bare, there wasn't anything there. And she was the only girl still being used. The others had…been released from their duties.

Was what he was doing wrong? Should she not be doing this anymore?

Eh. To hell with social propriety. He wanted her. Preferably not in the dark.

"Is there a reason you're pawing through my desk, Sergeant Barnes?"


"Colonel Fury, I – "

"I don't want your excuses. Get the fuck out."

Bucky stood his ground, eyeing the director of SHIELD menacingly. "I have to know who she is. It's not – "

"Did you ask her?"

Wait. He did, didn't he? And then….

Oh, fuck.

Fury gave him a half smile before it evaporated completely. "Get the fuck out. And don't let me catch you in here again."

When did Steve start drinking?

Bucky glanced at the bottle in his hand, making note of the few others on their dining room table, and wondering what the fuck had happened.

"What'd you fuck up this time?"

"I didn't fuck anything up." Likely story.

"Then why are you drinkin' when you know you can't get drunk?"

Steve sighed. "I like this girl and…well, she was nice to me and now it's like she…I wouldn't say hate. It's like she would rather ignore me."

Why did he have to be nice? "When did it change?"

"The night after…well, after her."

Bucky grumbled and opened the fridge. Thinking about her was a sore spot since she declined their visit for after he met with – read caught by – Fury. JARVIS had belayed her apologies, but it made him wonder if Fury had gotten to her first and warned her off. Shaking his head, he asked, "Do ya think she saw ya leavin' the floor? She's here, right?" He paled.

"Dear fuck, it's not Natalia, is it?"

"What? No! How could you – " a shudder ran through Steve before he regrouped. "It's not Natasha. I have enough self-preservation for that. It's…Dr. Foster's lab assistant. Curvy little thing with big blue eyes."

"Doesn't sound like your type."

"I don't know if I have a type. Considering I've only…well, been with her."

That brought him up short. "You and Peggy never…"

"Christ, no. There wasn't time for it." The back of his neck was turning pinker and his expression was more embarrassed than anything.

"Go talk to her. Confess what you did and see if that's what got her panties in a twist."

Steve groaned. "But what if she didn't? I'd be outing myself for no reason."

"Do you really want a relationship built on lies?"

"What's your name, doll? How do you fit into all this crazy here?"

It was one of the nights when sex wasn't on the menu, when they were more than content to lay in each other's arms and listen to their breathing. Darkness used to worry him. It was a reminder of the cold and the before, but she made everything safe and he didn't worry about it anymore. The dark meant that he had her and that was enough for him.

"We're nut jobs here."


He nuzzled his nose against the crown of her head and sighed, "No what, baby?"


"Wait, why? You were gonna tell me before – "

Fury. Didn't want to compromise.

Bucky groaned. "Bastard. And here he was tellin' me to ask you. Shoulda known it was just a trick. But don't you worry, baby. It doesn't matter to me. I just…I wish I could take you away from all this."

Sex too much for you?

"Christ, you're feisty," he smirked, feeling her giggle against him. He captured her lips with his, his grin widening when she hitched her thigh higher on his hip. She situated herself on top of him with her breasts flat against his chest as his fingers stroked through her curls. "I'm leavin' tonight." She tensed and he sighed. He fucking hated leaving her. "I'll only be gone for a week or so, okay? It's a recon thing, nothin' too bad. I'll tell Stevie to leave you alone if ya want."

She hesitated on top of him before he felt her nod.

"Okay, baby. No one will bother ya while I'm gone, okay? And…I'd really like to let JARVIS give ya…well, what I mean is, I think – " he paused, frustrated that the words wouldn't come to him. "If you ask about me, JARVIS will let you know what's happening. Or if somethin' happens. You got clearance for me, baby. Okay?"


"'Cause you're important to me and…well, I'm pretty sure I'm fallin' in love with you."

You don't even know me.

Bucky shrugged. "I know enough 'bout you. We don't spend all our time between the sheets, y'know. I know you're smart and bossy and a hell of a dame. Ouch! And you're a damned pistol with sharp nails. And…" he trailed off as a smile came across his face. "You like me for me. I know you got my file, baby. You know what I'm capable of and what I've done, but you're still here."


"Then that's good enough for me."

It had been a tough five days for Steve Rogers.

Between trying to keep tabs on Bucky – which JARVIS had alerted him that his access to his best friend's wellbeing had been revoked – and trying to make up with Darcy, he was flat out exhausted.

He had tried to find a workaround to get into Bucky's files only to be vetoed by Colonel Fury himself which left him being scolded like a toddler in front of half the SHIELD council. It was fucking embarrassing.

And Darcy? Hell, Darcy had run straight into him and spilt scalding hot coffee down his white button up two days before and managed to incapacitate him with her taser when he came around a corner too fast for her liking.

"How was I supposed to know it was Captain America? So many people have access to the tower, Stark! I was just trying to protect myself!" She had yelled, turning her doe eyes to Tony and blinking innocently. "Jesus, are bald eagles about to start crying? Do I need an umbrella?"

Steve still had a bruise on his ribs from where she had dug the damned thing in before electrocuting him.

He was already feeling so shitty about himself that he punched in the code for the elevator to go to her floor. The little dame in there couldn't possibly do anything to make him feel worse about himself.

"My apologies, Captain Rogers, but Miss has been removed from rotation until Sergeant Barnes returns. There are no other girls available at this time – "

Steve gritted his teeth. "Are you telling me that Bucky has blacklisted me from using the-the prostitute?"

If an AI could become offended, then JARVIS definitely was. "Excuse my forwardness, sir, but the girls that are – or even were – employed by Stark Industries are not prostitutes. Sergeant Barnes has enacted a safety protocol – "

"Thank you, JARVIS," Steve said stiffly before punching the numbers to take him to his own floor.

Safety protocols?

What, was the jerk afraid he was gonna hurt the little dame? It was preposterous. It was…maybe a little warranted seeing how he'd treated her before.

Steve scrubbed his hand over his face and settled in after ordering a pizza. Bucky would be back soon and this would all be over.

"You idiot! What the hell were you thinking? Barton had it handled!"

"He had a bullet through his shoulder!"

"And now you have three in your thigh!" Natasha growled back, using tweezers to none too gently pry out the offending metal. "Ever heard of the femoral artery? You're cutting it impossibly close!"

The brunet chuckled despite himself and winced when she glared at him. "It was the right thing to do," he defended. He was pretty damned invincible, anyway, with the serum and all.

"Tell that to the girl you've been sharing your bed with, Yasha."

The blood left his face and internally he was suddenly very worried. She would know something was wrong as soon as she got her hot little hands on him and there wasn't a single excuse he could think of. If he timed it right, it might heal up in a few hours, but he had already directed JARVIS to inform her of his arrival. If he delayed, she'd know. And he had a feeling she knew everything anyway.

"You care for her, don't you?" Natasha asked when he hissed at the feeling of the needle pulling the stitch through his skin. It was satisfactory to see him squirm. "As more than a bed warmer?"

"It's not like that – "

"I kept Wilson," she shrugged, biting off the thread before working on the next wound. Her brows drew together as she worked, a new lilt to her words. "He's very adept at keeping up with me. And our lives. Thor kept Dr. Foster. And Tony, Pepper. They all volunteered, you know. And it worked out in their favor."

Bucky scratched his head. "So, you're sayin' that I know her?"

"Don't put words in my mouth."

"Very helpful, Natalia."

"I do aim to please."

"Baby, I'm fine. I told you."

Warm fingers ran across the stitches on the inside of his thigh, gently probing and rubbing. He had nearly fallen when she threw herself into his arms when he walked into the room, but he managed to catch them both and situate them on the bed. But, his girl was smart. He thought he was gonna end up with her on his dick, but she ran her hands over every part of his body and found the stitches with ease.

And wrote furiously against his chest for almost five minutes.

What happened? Are you okay? Did you go to medical? What about your arteries? Did Nat kill you? Are you okay? You scared me! Don't do that again!

"I've gotta go out again eventually, baby. I can't abandon the team – wait, you know Natalia?"

Everyone knows the Black Widow.

And then she proceeded to try to suck every thought in his head out through his dick.

Steve decided to give it another shot – he was sure to wear a black shirt today – and he went down to Dr. Foster's lab with the largest cup of coffee he could find and a raspberry Danish. Even though it was well past two in the afternoon.

He was used to the lab's noise by now. The scratching of Dr. Foster's pen on the paper, machines beeping away, the printing of the data. But something was missing.

"Dr. Foster?" Steve asked, poking his head in after he knocked for almost five minutes and she hadn't even looked up. "Is it a bad time?"

The tiny astrophysicist looked up and blinked. "Captain Rogers?"

"Steve, please, ma'am. I was actually looking for Miss Lewis."

"I…I haven't seen her today. Wait, what's today?"

"Tuesday, ma'am."

Dr. Foster nodded, absentmindedly dusting crumbs out of her hair. "She hasn't been in today. Should've been here by eight. We were doing readings on the…" she trailed off and left Steve alone with her thoughts as her data drew her back in.

The blond said his goodbyes, not that they were heard, and made his way to the elevator. He waited until the doors shut to ask, "JARVIS, has Miss Lewis been in the tower today?"

"Miss Lewis resides in the tower, Captain Rogers. However, she left the premises at 8:07 this morning and has yet to return. Would you like me to alert Agent Romanoff?"

Steve's eyes widened. "Why would that be necessary?"

"Agent Romanoff is to be alerted wherever Miss Lewis is concerned."

He sighed. "Tell Natasha to meet me in the lounge."

"Where is my myshka?"

Angry Natasha was downright terrifying. So terrifying in fact that he wished Darcy was glaring at him instead. At least the brunette would hesitate a little at hurting him.

"Your what now?" He asked, keeping a good ten feet between him and the table she was seated at.

"Myshka." She reiterated. "She's mine when she's not otherwise occupied."

"Little mouse?" Bucky asked as he made his way into the kitchen with an empty mug. "I thought I left Russian behind me when I got the fuck away from HYDRA."

Steve groaned internally. "JARVIS said she left this morning and hasn't been back. I…I wanted to bring her coffee and Dr. Foster didn't know where she was."

"Typical." She spat before redirecting her voice. "JARVIS, please activate Darcy's tracker. And alert Tony that we may need a jet."

"Immediately, Agent Romanoff."

Bucky settled in with his coffee as Natasha typed away furiously at her tablet. His blue eyes watched Steve wearily and he whispered, "Your girl?"

The blond swallowed. "Sort of."

"I'll go with you," Bucky said, setting his hand on Steve's shoulder and squeezing gently.

Natasha stood suddenly. "There's a hit on her tracker. A place in Jersey. Where – "

"If you say HYDRA, I'm going to puke."

"Better grab a bucket then, Yasha."


All she had wanted was coffee.

The good stuff that Stark normally kept stocked, but even his genius brain was allowed to forget in the midst of finally getting freaky with Pepper motherfucking Potts. It was completely acceptable in Darcy's eyes.

But Jane functioned best with a specific brand of coffee and the petite brunette couldn't endanger civilization by not giving the woman who could open portals at will what she wanted.

So, after leaving the room that had become her haven, she had rushed into the city, only to not remember a damned thing.

Part of her wanted to chalk it up to spending the past four months in the arms of a man that she should have been terrified of. That something in her mind had finally snapped and she'd been hauled away to the crazy house.

When the government had offered a way to pay back her student debts – changing your major five times tended to add up – Darcy had jumped on it so fast that Jane struggled to follow. Being pimped out the Avengers was barely a hardship.

"You'll be tested and have a birth control implant inserted as well as a tracker. No sexual contact with anyone outside of your contract or you will be removed from the program. Do I make myself clear, Miss Lewis?" Maria Hill raised an eyebrow at the petite brunette twiddling her thumbs in a straight-backed metal chair. The room was bare and intimidating, but she managed to hold her head high.

"Yes, sir – ma'am! – agent, oh shit." Could a floor swallow her whole? She hoped so.

Hill gave a tight smile. "You'll be assigned to three men – never all at once," she rushed to add when Darcy paled. "I have their files. They'll have something similar when it comes to you, but it'll just be the basics."

Three folders were placed down in front of her and Hill nodded at her when she reached for them.

"I'll give you a while to look them over before you give me your decision."

Darcy shook her head and looked around the little cement box she was currently being held in. She was pretty sure that she had been abducted if the damp concrete under her ass was anything to go by. Her purse was gone and she noticed her jacket was, too, when her teeth started chattering. There were a few lights along the wall that looked like flood lights.

Huh, maybe I'm underground somewhere.

She shifted and was stopped by a metal band around her ankle. Chaining her to the fucking floor.

"This is some Saw shit, I swear," she mumbled, tugging on it uselessly. "If I die here, I'm going to kill Jane. And Tony."

"You're much too important to kill, Miss Lewis, I assure you."

Darcy's head snapped up and she stared at the ceiling. "The fuck," she mumbled. She would have rather been talking to JARVIS.

"Any information you have about the Avengers would be most appreciated. I don't want to have one of my associates convince you."

In a hostage situation, she always knew she would be the first one to be killed. Mainly because she wouldn't be able to keep her mouth shut. And this was no exception.

"Hey, asshole! How 'bout you get me the fuck out of here. I'm betting it's still pretty early and I'd really like to get a cup of coffee before the diner on Sixth closes."

"I was really hoping you would cooperate, Miss Lewis."

She was pretty sure she fucked up when the steel door opposite where she was sitting against the wall slammed open and a huge fucking guy walked in.

"Uh oh."

Natasha's tablet chirped in her hand again and she grimaced, the lines pulling at her delicate features.

"What was that? Why does it keep doing that?" Bucky fidgeted, trying to keep a hand on Steve. The blond was fairly loosing his shit.

Tony had insisted on coming along when the use of a quinjet was needed. Not to mention, he had a soft spot for the curvy brunette that was in danger. They had to barricade Jane in her lab with JARVIS as a babysitter while she tried to get in touch with her off-world God of a boyfriend. And, if Bucky was being honest, the whole damned tower was worried and he'd never even met the dame!

There was another chirp and Tony sighed from the pilot's seat. "It means she's going through some shit while we try to get to her."

"What do you mean?"

Bucky hated when Steve used his 'Captain Voice'.

"They're most likely trying to get information – "

"Or Darcy couldn't shut up again."

Steve tensed beside him and the brunet twirled the blade between his fingertips faster. He had a mission to recover Darcy Lewis at all costs.

"Buck – " Steve's voice broke and he shook his head. The shield on his arm was gripped tight. Too tight.

Bucky squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. "Don't worry, punk. We'll get her, okay? She's got a whole lot of Avengers gunnin' for her."


The world swam in Darcy's vision and she swallowed the mouthful of blood that had accumulated. Her cheek was throbbing and she let her head hang as the man in front of her cracked his knuckles.

"It would be so much easier if you just cooperated, Miss Lewis."

She barked out a laugh, leaning her head back and staring at the disembodied voice. "Nice try, dude. 'M tougher than I look."

It was a lie, surely, based on the way she cringed when Big Guy raised his fist again and brought it down, smacking her head against the wall behind her.

"Once again, Miss Lewis, where is the Winter Soldier?"

She jerked her head back and forth, refusing to give anything away. Whoever these bastards were, they were definitely not getting their hands on Bucky. She refused. He…he was too important to her and she would gladly die if it meant he was safe. Hell, he didn't even know who she was.

The plates of his arm shifted beneath her cheek, but she refused to move.

"Baby, your hair's gonna get stuck – "

Stop. I don't mind.

He sighed beneath her and held her closer. His lips brushed against the top of her head and she smiled.

Thank you.

"For what?" Bucky asked. His fingers trailed up and down her spine and she shivered happily. "You did all the hard work, baby. You rode me like a damned pony – ouch!"

She pinched him sharply. A silent giggle passed through her and she snuggled closer.

Darcy blinked away the memory and gave a dazed look to the man in front of her. The back of her head was sticky and she just knew that blood was going to be a bitch to wash out of her now-matted curls.

When the lights on the wall flickered, she barely registered it. But when the guy started fidgeting, she rolled her head back and eyed him wearily. "What's goin' on? Didn't pay the electric bill?" Her speech was more slurred than she'd intended, but eh. What did they expect?

"This is your last chance, Miss Lewis."

The cock of a gun drew her attention and she grimaced. "Do your worst, asshole. I'm not telling you anything."

The walls shook just as the gun went off. Pain blossomed in her left shoulder and she doubled over in pain, trying to make herself as small as possible. Small targets were harder to hit, right?

The team dropped down on the roof of a filthy warehouse in Jersey. It was sort of fitting for how grimy HYDRA really was.

Steve cut through the floors and 'soldiers' like they were nothing and Bucky dutifully followed behind, taking care of anyone that was missed. Natasha ran point from above while Stark circled the building, watching for anyone that was stupid enough to try to escape. It's not like they would get very far.

"There's a basement. Take the doorway on the right in forty feet, it will lead you downstairs."

Bucky murmured his thanks to the redhead through the coms and brought his pistol up, shooting a man cleanly between the eyes. The stairway was long and narrow, but the blond took nearly three steps at a time in his haste to reach the bottom. Bucky had a suspicion that he would've jumped if he'd been able to.

"Just keep your head on, punk, okay?"

Steve gave a jerky nod when they approached the bottom, a single door waiting for them. And it didn't deter him in the slightest.

He barreled through the door and into the room, clocking a big son of a bitch with his shield and taking out every bit of frustration he had been feeling.

But Bucky wasn't paying attantion.

He saw the curvy little brunette huddled in the corner with her knees drawn up to her chest and her face hidden behind a curtain of limp curls. Something was…familiar but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"Darcy?" He hesitantly asked, kicking himself for being so forward with her.

He wasn't prepared for the way her head snapped up and big blue eyes were suddenly trained on him intently. The soldier in him cataloged the bruising on her cheek and the hollow of her right eye. Her plush bottom lip was split and there was a cut across her eyebrow. But what worried him the most was the blood staining her shoulder.

"You were shot." It was a dumb thing to say, even to his own ears, but he knew that Natasha would hear him and get the right people on standby.

She swallowed noisily, her little body struggling to sit upright. "H-Help. Bucky, please."

And she promptly passed on the cement that was covered in her own blood.

How the hell did she know who he was?

Jealousy was not something Bucky Barnes was accustomed to. Especially when he was feeling it towards his best friend.

He'd swept in just as the little dame collapsed and carried her up the stairs like she was the most prized possession in the world. Which, he supposed, she very well could be. The way she had looked at him – said his name – made his chest ache in the absolute best way.

So, yeah, he was sitting across from Steve with a pissy demeanor, sue him. Maybe he wanted his arms full of curvy brunette. But then his thoughts turned to her and a dumb smile came across his face.

Christ, he couldn't wait to get back to the tower and their room.

"We have a briefing with Hill," Natasha said from the cockpit. Her voice was more strained than usual, adding a sharp edge to it. "Medical will meet us on the roof to take Darcy."

Steve instantly protested. "I can – "

"Hill, Rogers."

The blond slumped, holding Darcy closer in his arms. He spent most of the flight running his thumb against her split lip as if it would heal before his eyes.

But Darcy wasn't enhanced like Steve was. Like Bucky was. In the grand scheme of things, she was still just a civilian that ended up in the wrong place with the wrong set of people surrounding her.

He was the last to meet her. Everyone knew the little spitfire that tased the God of fucking Thunder. How she helped protect a shithole in New Mexico and fought dark elves. That she cared for the scientists and had movie nights with the Black Widow after a particularly bad op. She was claimed as kin by Barton and Thor for fucks sake.

Where did he fit in?

If he didn't have his own girl, he would demand that he fit inside her –


He grunted in reply, locking eyes with Steve. "What, punk?"

"Can you…can you follow medical down and make sure she gets in okay?"


Natasha Romanoff was a spy first and foremost. It was an ability that had been honed from a young age and was completely unshakeable.

And sometimes, it was a bad thing.

Noticing things that no one wanted noticed. Getting sucked in to the stories that weren't shared, but were there all the same. It was like watching a movie and having the captions on – so you never missed a thing.

It hadn't been difficult to put together the fact that Darcy and Barnes belonged together. Even though they hadn't officially met.

But fate had a way of working everything out.

"How is she?"

Barnes had disappeared for just an hour before he made his way back to medical, his face a mixture of irritation and concern. It could have been endearing, but the redhead wasn't too thrilled to see him.

"She'll live."

He shuffled. "Injuries?"

"Three stitches above her right eyebrow. Bullet wound to the left shoulder. The rest is mainly bruises." Clinical. To the point.

"Has Steve been up to see her yet?"

She cocked her head to the side. "He's in there now."

And sure enough, the brunette looked over her shoulder and scowled before stalking out of the medbay like nothing ever happened.

Oh yes. Bucky Barnes and Darcy Lewis were perfect for each other.

"Is she back yet?" Bucky barked at the ceiling, willing the artificial intelligence to say anything but what it had been saying for the past two hours.

"I apologize, Sergeant Barnes, but Miss is currently indisposed with no estimated time of – "

"Goddammit," he snarled. The contents of his coffee table were swept aside in a spectacular fashion, leaving a heaving man to go about wrecking his suite once more.

He was mad, irrationally so. But deep down, he knew he had a reason to be. A reason to want to rip Steve's head off and protect the sweet little dame that was more beat up than was good for her.

The need to see her was overwhelming. Touch her, talk to her, anything.

He'd only heard her voice the once. A cry of his name and to help her.

She wouldn't want for anything again. He would guarantee that.

Bucky waited until Steve left to change out of his suit and grab a shower before slipping into her room. The lights were dim and the shadows made her face even more beautiful than he'd expected despite what she'd gone through. His fingers found hers and he held them gently.

Her lips, although busted, were as plush as he'd felt and – from what he could see over the thin sheets and blankets – her body was just as curvy and petite as he could remember.

She was stunning.

More beautiful than he deserved.

He was a former brainwashed HYDRA assassin that had a laundry list of things that were wrong with him, but, when he looked at her, it was like all the little voices in his head that were telling him that he wasn't enough, simply shut the fuck up.

A soft squeeze to his fingers drew his attention and his eyes met the most beautiful blue that he'd ever seen before.

"Hey," he whispered, tucking a curl behind her ear and watching her for any sign of discomfort. "How're ya feelin', doll?"

She swallowed nervously. "I've been better."

"Ya scared the shit outta all o' us, y'know."

"Fuck, I love when you talk Brooklyn to me." Her eyes widened in horror and she stuttered. "Uh, I m-meant, uh – "

"I know who you are, Darcy. I know who you are to me."

Darcy sighed. "Well, there goes the contract."


She looked away, painfully turning her head. "If you found out, we…we can't see each other anymore."

"That's fuckin' bullshit, baby. I'm gonna keep seein' ya until ya get tired of me. You understand? I'm…I'm crazy about you. Head over heels."

It didn't take an expert to know that she wasn't shaking because she was cold. Sobs were wracking her body and Bucky hovered uselessly, stuck as to what he should do.

"Don't cry, baby," he tried, his brow drawn together pitifully. "I can leave ya alone if you want. We don't have to see – "

"Shut up, you idiot. Of course I want to see you!" She wailed through her tears, wiping her face with the hand that was free from his grasp. "I just…I didn't want you to have to see me like that. What kind of idiot gets abducted going for coffee? Which, fuck, I'm going to kill Tony. What kind of millionaire doesn't keep the good stuff stocked?"

Bucky wanted to laugh. His little dame was concerned about him seeing her like that? Bruised and broken? Jesus, if Steve didn't already cream the asshole that was responsible – and the guy that was in charge of it all – he would've set out to do it at that very moment. She deserved to live a life without being afraid. Without –

"Wipe that constipated look off your face, Barnes. You're stuck with me, okay?" Her easy smile turned worrisome for a second, "If you want to be – "

"'Course I want to be stuck with you, baby. You won't be able to pry me off with a damned stick."

He bent his head and captured her lips, feeling one of the stitches against his mouth. She felt like absolute heaven and he would be a happy man if he could get lost in her over and over again.

"What the hell?!"

Bucky jerked away and the brunette gave a whine at the jostling of her bed. Steve stood in the doorway, a frown marring his face as he looked between the two.

"Why're you mackin' on my girl, jerk?"

"I wasn't – I mean, she's not – what the fuck – "

"She is sitting right here," Darcy interrupted, waving her hand a little, gritting when it pulled at her shoulder. "And I'm pretty sure I'm not your girl, Rogers."

Steve gaped like a fish. His hands were shoved in his pockets as he ventured further into the room, eyeing her intently. "Darcy, I know you're not my girl yet, but I'd really like to – "

"Already taken," she cut in, holding up her and Bucky's intertwined hands. "I already got my knight in shining armor. Well, Vibranium. But you get the point." Letting go of Bucky's hand, she grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him down to kiss her, pulling away only to shoot Steve a look and murmur, "On the bright side, at least now you know where my mouth has been."

It was so quiet in the room that Bucky wondered if any of them were breathing.

Steve looked like all the color had been drained out of him.

His blue eyes were entirely too wide for his face and his mouth hung open in embarrassment. She could practically see when the pieces clicked together in his mind, knowing that she was the girl he'd used and…

"Darcy, I'm so sorry." His face was the picture of remorse. "I never meant…if I'd have known…"

"It doesn't make it better, Rogers. In fact, it makes it worse. Me and Bucky are gonna be happy together, right, Bucky?" At his nod, she smiled. "And I'd like us all to be friends. But I'm not forgiving you right off the bat. You're gonna have to earn it."

"Oh, Lord," he sighed when Bucky smiled.

Darcy yawned and reclined against the hospital bed, beckoning the brunet to get on it with her. "Now, go away. I need some more sleep."

Bucky waited until the punk had made himself scarce before climbing into the bed with her, mindful of her shoulder. She wiggled and squirmed until she was half on top of him, their left shoulders nearly touching while his right arm wound itself around her cinched waist.

"We're shoulder buddies," she said quietly, tilting her head back and staring at him upside down.

He snorted. "I guess." He was quiet for a beat before he smiled. "I really like your voice, y'know."

"Good. I suck at staying quiet."

He retort was cut off by a nurse sweeping into the room and fussing over Darcy for a few minutes. Checking her stitches, rewrapping her shoulder, applying ointment to her eyebrow. And, to top it all off, shooting some pretty nifty painkillers into her veins before shuffling out.

"I kind of really like you, you know?" She slurred, nuzzling her face against his chest and closing her eyes.

Bucky smiled. "Yeah? Well, I like you, too, baby."

Her fingers swept lazily across his chest, but he couldn't make out what she was writing. And it was okay, because he didn't have to rely on her fingers to tell him her thoughts anymore.

He had Darcy. Out of the darkness. Out of the quiet.

And, somehow, he knew his life would never be quiet again.