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For two hours Chloe drives around as she tries to get her thoughts and feelings in order, which is surprisingly easy with LA traffic. She heard from her Lieutenant that they caught the person, who apparently was the girlfriend of some drug ringleader she had put away, and they wanted to make her pay. And further punish Chloe's family by making her daughter grow up without her mother. She was told that there was more information and the woman wasn't working alone, but that's all her Lieutenant was willing to share with her. That's when she decides to go back to Lux and talk to Lucifer. For the hundredth time, she wonders what Lucifer was like before. Before he was cast out, when he was nothing more than a rebellious son. After parking and heading inside Lux, Chloe looks around, half expecting Lucifer to be at the bar, wondering where she had been, ready to greet her with his signature 'Detective!'. Instead, there's no one but Maze behind the bar. And for the first time in a while, she's glaring at the Detective.

"Is Lucifer upstairs?" Chloe asks as she points upward toward the penthouse, not even coming down the stairs to talk to Maze if she's just going to have to go back up them again to get to the elevator.

Maze continues her glare, knowing exactly why Lucifer left. "No. He's gone." She says in a flat tone. She may not want to be Lucifer's employee or bodyguard, or minion anymore, but that doesn't mean she doesn't consider him a friend, and someone she cares about. She always knew this human was going to be bad for him. But now, they're stuck here on Earth, rather than to finally be able to return to Hell. Which they might have done, had Lucifer had not already given that all up for this human woman.

"What do you mean.. gone?" Chloe asks in surprise as she slowly starts to move down the stairs toward the former bartender. She's surprised, but also scared at this news, not sure where Lucifer might go or what he might do. Besides, they were making progress, and they were going to try and live together. Lucifer can't just leave after everything he said the night before, after the moments they shared.

"I mean gone, Decker. You saw who he really is, you saw the Devil, and you ran. How the hell did you /think/ he was going to take that?" Maze snaps as she glares at the blonde. "You know what, I'm not going to help you. I always knew you would be bad for him, and because of you, we can't even go home anymore. We can't return to Hell, all because of you." She says in a firm tone as she points at Decker, before she finishes her drink and grabs her jacket. "You know, that's the first time I've seen him like that in /years/. All because your precious little life was threatened. I'm glad. Maybe now he can get over whatever obsession he has with you." She spits out as she glares at Chloe before moving past her, deliberately knocking into her as she heads up the stairs.

Stunned, Chloe twist a little with the impact, staring at Maze when she leaves. She has no come back to that. He wouldn't really just take off like that, right? The note was to apologize for not sticking it out, that she had to leave. She thinks back to what she wrote in her haste to leave. And immediately hates herself for it. Of course Lucifer would take that wrong after everything he's been through in his life. Stupid, stupid Chloe. But what did Maze mean, they couldn't return to Hell because of her? She hadn't done anything, and she honestly has no idea how transport like that works anyway. Making a decision, she turns and jogs for the elevator, riding it up impatiently, hoping that maybe the ninja demon was wrong, or maybe Lucifer is still around somewhere, packing maybe. "Lucifer?" She calls when she gets off the elevator, listening before she moves around the penthouse, checking the rooms. "Lucifer?!" She shouts again, hesitating when she gets into his closet and sees one drawer ajar and several empty hangars. Maybe it's just an overnight trip, or something. And he did promise to clean out some of his closet and drawers for her, so one empty drawer doesn't mean anything. She opens more drawers, finding some of his clothes missing, and more than just one or two days' worth, too.

Checking out her phone and walking out into the main room, Chloe looks around for any other signs of him being gone, and she finally spots the envelope, hurrying over to it and nearly tearing it open in her haste. She takes a deep breath as she opens it, shaking her head a bit at Lucifer's neat scrawl and frowning slightly at the first line, but also some of the obvious signs of hesitation, a sense of dread settling in her stomach.

Detective Decker,

I'm sorry for what you had to witness today. I tried to tell you I was a monster. I only wish you had listened to me. Ever the optimist, you want to think the best of everyone. I suppose you never could have guessed how wrong you were in this case. It's quite alright. I know what I am. I have had literal eons to come to terms with it. Please don't feel guilty about not being able to handle it. No one should have to. For a time, perhaps, I thought I could be different. I thought I could be a better man. For you. It turns out some people cannot change, Detective.

I've left for a little while to give you the space you no doubt need. You can continue to stay at the penthouse for as long as you need, of course. I'll be staying elsewhere. Naturally, I would never make you go on a date with me now, after what you've learned. And I will consider our deal from last night null and void as well. I see now how a relationship between us would be impossible. You're too good. Too selfless for the Devil. You deserve someone better. And I see now that I'm not worth it. I hope eventually we can resume our partnership, but I understand it may be some time. If ever. Rest assured you will not see me until you are truly ready. You have my word. If you wish me gone from your life forever, you need not ever lay eyes on me again.

Please. Don't contact me until you are sure of your own thoughts and feelings. I don't need your misplaced apologies, or any explanations you may be struggling to come up with. Nor do I need any comfort you may want to be giving me. You are a compassionate woman. But don't waste it on someone like me.

I am truly sorry for drawing this out. For being selfish enough not to let you go. For allowing you to be exposed to the Divine. My brother was right. The Divine and mortals aren't meant to mix. Ignorance would have been bliss, in your case. Until such a time that you feel you can work with me again, please take care of yourself.

Lucifer Morningstar

Chloe just stares at the letter in shock as she reads it, putting a hand over her mouth and staggering over to the couch as tears fill her eyes. Of course. She had opened up to him, started to think of more, which for her was a big deal, but she forgot what an even bigger deal it was for Lucifer. She forgot what a leap this was for him as well. And now he's closed up on her again, literally removing himself from her life because he thinks she's realized some truth.

Carefully putting the letter aside, the Detective allows herself to break down, wrapping one arm around her waist and leaning over her legs a little as she mourns for everything she's lost, and for what might have been between her and Lucifer because now, she doesn't know if she'll ever be able to get it back. By the time her phone rings, the tears have stopped and she just sort of feels numb, but she still quickly pulls out her phone, fumbling with it in the hopes that it's Lucifer. Seeing it's from her Lieutenant instead, she sniffles and picks it up, her voice a little hoarse. "Hello?"

"Detective Decker... I'm calling about Detective Espinoza.."


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NOTE: Part 2 is now up, called Build it Up!