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Story Start!

"Hahaha! So many people, over just one little thing like this? Stealing it was the right choice, wonder how many people will freak when I escape with it?"

A young male spoke, most of him disguised, as he looked at a small, rounded, metal device that he had no idea what it was. He wore an orange hoodie with the hood pulled up to cover his hair, and over his hoodie he had a red cloak with black flames near the bottom of it. Covering his mouth and cheeks, he wore a medical mask, and he had on black pants to go with his orange hoodie. He was on the shorter side, being 166 cm in height, not overly tall for a guy, but he was muscular to match with it. Blond hair peeked out from under his hood, and he had orange markings around his yellow eyes, eyes with bar shaped pupils.

He was on the top of a building, surrounded by 3 heroes.

They had been called in by the police to arrested him, after he had stolen the weird little object that he had in his hands.

"Give it up, we have you cornered." A massive man, 205 cm tall, with massive muscles and a large, squared jaw. He had thick metal bands around his wrists, and his abs were on display since his hero costume was skin tight and didn't cover everything. Spiked back white hair, and his fists slamming together to show that he was ready for a fight.

"Death Arms, right?" The teenager asked with a grin under his mask. "Cool, you're a pretty big name... but not as big as All Might."

He had 2 pretty big name heroes after him, and a hero who was in the Top 10.

"I was more than enough to handle a simple thief... don't see why you two needed to be called in. I didn't need any help in this." A tan skinned, tiny and muscular woman spoke with a confident grin. She was even shorter than the thief, 159 cm in height, and constasting her tan skin was long white hair and red eyes, as well as her long white bunny ears instead of human ones. She had an attractive body, barely hidden by a white leotard with a yellow moon on it, white gloves, and purple thigh high stockings.

"He broke into a highly secured vault, and stole a very expensive item... they called in those best suited for this situation." A scruffy man, also a tall 183 cm, with long black hair and a scruffy face, as well as yellow goggles on. He wore all black, except for his gray scarf that seemed overly large.

"Mirko... and Eraser head... You're super hot... and you're... scruffy." The teen pointed to the two of them in turn.

He might be in a little bit of trouble.

"Ppffffft... scruffy... you're a scum for being a villain, but I like the way you speak." Mirko spoke as she pointed back at the villain. She tensed her legs and rushed off at him faster than a speeding rabbit, he jumped up a clear 25 feet into the air and dodged her, landing on the opposite side of the roof top on his hands. She didn't hesitate to crack the rooftop when she changed directions and chased after him.

Without looking at Mirko, he ducked underneath her kick, and turned his head to look at her face from between her cleavage, with her looking down at him.

Death Arms threw a punch at the villain, and it was dodged as well, slamming into the rooftop and getting his fist stuck in it. Mirko put her feet on his chest, and kicked off of him to chase after the villain.

'He's got some kind of Quirk that gives him excellent spatial awareness...' Eraser Head's eyes glowed red, and his hair stood up, as he activated his own Quirk and stopped the quirk of the villain they were facing. He threw his scarf out and sling shot himself towards the villain, who threw himself off the top of the building to escape his line of sight.

Mirko stopped at the edge of the building, looking down.

"You guys are going to slow me down, I've got this!" Mirko jumped off the building after him, and she saw blinked when he touched the side of the building with his hand and stuck to it. She kept falling though, passing him and she grinned when she realized he had jumped knowing that she would jump after him.

He jumped onto the side of another building, so she kicked the side of the building and followed after him. In mid air, she threw a kick at him as she passed him by, faster than him, but he ducked in the air and flipped as he reached the next building. He jumped through the air again, and she chased after him in their mid air fight the second she could get her foot onto the side of another building.

In minutes, they had already traveled far away from their starting building, Eraser Head and Death Arms long since left behind in the chase.

'She's practically flying... this is so much fun.' The thief thought as he landed on the side of the building, and he felt her coming behind him. Instead of jumping, he did a back flip, and allowed her to kick the side of the building, her body breaking right through the glass, while he landed on the same building upside down, sticking to it, having just fallen a few feet.

He waited for her.

"You're not getting away from me!... where the hell did he go?" Mirko shouted as she ran to the edge of the broken glass, and looked out into the distance. He had to have jumped to try and escape from her, that was what he had been doing for minutes now.

The thief pushed off the building with his hands, front flipping so that he stood right in front of her.

Pushing his medical mask up just enough so that his lips were visible, he gave her a swift kiss on the lips, before he pulled back when she out of instinct kicked where he had been. Pulling his mask back down, she glared at him for the kiss.

"Consider that a thanks for the fun chase."

"You slipped me tongue you bastard... you've got some balls, I'll give you that." Mirko saw the thief jump again, and she chased after him. A firey passion to kick him in her eyes, she went full speed, breaking part of the building she jumped out of. She looked him eye to eye as he flipped through the air, her body sailing underneath him as he landed on top of the roof of a shorter building, and she went clean over it.

As soon as she landed, she jumped after him.

Oddly enough, he was standing completely still on the building, waiting for her to join him. He was looking at his wrist, which had a watch on it. She blinked in surprise, no doubt he was checking to see how long he had escaped from her. That time was over now, because she was going to end this.

"5... 4..."

She landed.


"So, you decided to give up-" Mirko started to say, before she suddenly felt extremely weak, and dropped to her hands and knees. All of her strength having left her body, and she saw him grinning down at her, his mouth visible again.

"...1. As hot as you are, that kiss was for more than just a thanks for the fun. I didn't just slip you tongue, I slipped you poison. Don't worry, it's not lethal dose or anything, but once it kicks in, it really packs a kick." The thief stated to her as he leaned down to her level once her arms started to shake from the effort of holding herself up. She barely had the energy left to even glare at him.

He pulled out a knife.

'Shit... shit...' Mirko thought as he brought it closer to her.

He cut open a hole in her leotard, right between her breasts, exposing cleavage. Pulling the stolen device out of his hoodie pocket, he dropped the device between her breasts. She fell onto her side, her arms not even able to holding her up anymore.

"Oh, I don't even want this thing, I just knew stealing this would be an awesome way to start this thing out... I'm not interested in stuff like this." The thief(?) said as he pulled out a marker, and he drew a spiral on her breast, right above her heart. Grabbing onto her wrist, he started to strip her gloves off of her hands, taking both of her gloves. "... and now to collect my first trophy. Thanks Bun-Bun... you can say you were able to steal that back from me, I don't mind. I've got what I wanted." He put her gloves in his pocket, and walked backwards towards the edge of the building.

"You... bastard..."

"My villain name is Kurama, remember that."

With that, he was gone, taking a single step off the side of the building and dropping down into the alley below. Cursing her luck, but unable to follow him, she was forced to stare down at her ungloved hands.

-With (Kurama)-

"Phew, that one was closer, if she had actually hit me, I would have been screwed." 'Kurama' spoke as he got out his phone and started to call somebody. Pulling the mask off his face, and taking his cloak off, folding it up and pulling it into his hoodie front pocket. His whisker marks cheeks were revealed, and as he pulled down his hoodie his golden spiky hair was fully revealed.

The person he called answered the phone.

"Sup Naruto, what are you calling about?"

"Are you watching the news?" Naruto asked with a wide grin across his face. He wondered if he had made news yet. He really wanted to see if his first crime had made national TV, or just local television.

"All Might stopped a weird villain from stealing some kid's body, but otherwise it was a pretty slow news day."

Naruto clicked his teeth in annoyance, before he hung up his phone.

It seemed like he needed to have a repeat performance.

Chapter End!
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