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"So, Setsuna, what is it that you needed to talk with me about?" Nemuri asked as she sat a cup of tea in front of her student. She was in charge of the school's arts in general, so she was familiar with the girl as a student. She was a confident girl, a strong hero candidate, and she was extremely confident as a general rule. Many of her classmates would even call her the most provocative girls of her year.

She was one of the strongest students of her year as well, with all of her stats having been ranked among the students at the class of A, other than her physica strength which still ranked higher than nearly any female student and most of the male students of her year.

She never asked the teachers for help.

She never needed the help of the teachers either.

She was Class B's best strongest student for a reason.

"Ah... you know... girl stuff!" Setsuna shouted out awkwardly, even though she was the one who was the person who came to Nemuri, it would seem that she needed to have the answer dragged out of her.

"Okay, love issues then." Nemuri deadpanned with a small smile.


"... Does Naruto ever talk about me?" Setsuna asked Nemuri with a bashful smile, her sharp teeth grating together as she looked at Nemuri.

"No, I can't say he does. Should he?" Nemuri gave her a suspicious eye.

"Ahahahahahaha, who knows-"

"He might be my son, but he doesn't exactly tell me a ton about what he does. So please, be more direct with details here." Nemuri was straight with Setsuna, since there wasn't much that she could do to help the girl if she refused to give her the details. Teachers weren't magical fix-its who could fix all of a students problems, a student had to come and talk with them in order to get everything started.

Setsuna ruffled the back of her hair and scrunched her face up.

"... I was born 3 days after Naruto... and you know... and my mom was in the same hospital as his was, and when the accident happened that killed his parents, killed my dad and injured my mom. My mom died 3 days later, after giving birth to me." Setsuna stated, and Nemuri raised an eyebrow, she didn't know any of this and Naruto didn't seem like he remembered much of Setsuna.

"You're an orphan... but I met your parents." Nemuri had personally met both of Setsuna's parents during a parent-teacher conference. "... You're adopted." Nemuri realized, since neither of her parents had the same quirk as she had, and they didn't look a thing like her except for her father having green hair, but that wasn't proof of bloodline.

"Yeah... same orphanage as Naruto actually, though Sasuke was adopted before me, and I got adopted when I was 7."

'Who is Sasuke?' Nemuri thought to herself when Setsuna unknowingly stated a name that wasn't apart of the story.

"Well, I used to write him letters as a kid, but I kind of stopped when my middle school friends made fun of me. I've wanted to be a hero ever since I was a kid. I felt really bad about abandoning him, so I wanted to... I wanted..." Setsuna blushed a little, and puffed her cheeks out as she looked around at the floor.

"To talk with him." Nemuri tried to help her out.

"Did he forget about me? I thought when I saw him as..." Setsuna paused and looked at Nemuri for a moment, and she shook her head. "... I thought when I saw him in the lunchroom one day, that he would come and talk to me... but he never did." Setsuna changed what she was saying halfway through, but kept the meaning the same. She also did it without changing the story or lying about what she was going to say.

"Well, your name is different, though it is weird he wouldn't recognize you. He remembers every kid from the orphanage by memory."

"Oh, well... I was 7... and it has been awhile." Setsuna defended Naruto for apparently not remembering her. "Naruto was like a big brother for everyone in the orphanage, but since we were so close in age... I just never saw him as a brother. Me then when Sasuke came around, those two were always getting into fights... and it was up to me to stop their fights. Then Sasuke got adopted, and then I was adopted..." Setsuna stated with a smile on her face as she fondly remembered the couple of times she ended up getting punched in the face for getting between the two of them.

Nemuri giggled a little.

"Naruto has changed a lot then."

"Actually, I think he hasn't changed at all... he's always playing his pranks, and messing with people. Actually, Naruto is the same Naruto I knew as a kid." Setsuna laughed.

When Naruto pranked everyone by knocking out the entire school and switching all of their clothes, it had been the funniest thing that she could have thought he would do. Of course, it was super embarrassing for her that said, still funny though.

"Oh really?" Nemuri blinked in surprise.

"Yeah! Can you help me... reconnect with him? Everytime I try, I just... well I'm a little afraid at how he will react to me." Setsuna wasn't sure if she should talk to Naruto.

"You know, the first time you came here and asked for my help training your Quirk, I figured you were hiding something... and tonight when you visited again while Naruto was out, I thought you might have a crush on him-"

"Is it that obvious?"

"... Oh YOUTH..." Nemuri coughed into her hand after quickly gushing, before she smiled and pat Setsuna on the head. "You know, I support this relationship. Childhood friends are such a nice thing... so what is holding you back?" Nemuri asked Setsuna, who blinked in surprise.

"You're not going to tell me to back off your son?" Setsuna was sure that Nemuri wouldn't approve, so she didn't mention her crush before she thought that she had been found out. She knew that her parents wouldn't approve of her having a crush on Japan's most well known villain. "You know, you going all mama bear on me?" Setsuna questioned her further, and Nemuri just waved her off.

"You're young, Naruto is too... if you two end up together in the end, then I'm just happy that he found somebody to love. If you two get together, and you don't stay together, then that will break his heart... and heartbreak is a horrible thing, but it will be a growing experience for him. I don't see why I shouldn't support you two." Nemuri explained her reasoning. Yeah, if Setsuna was an older girl, or some freak, then she would totally go mama bear on Setsuna to protect Naruto.

This wasn't that case.

Setsuna was a normal girl, with a normal crush, and falling in love or getting your heart broken were both just a part of being young. Also, she was a teacher, she couldn't allow herself to beat up one of her students over something like this.

The door opened up.

"Hey, I'm back... oh... Tokage, you're here again. Well, I've got pizza for dinner, I'm sure we'll have some if you want to stay for dinner." Naruto was a little confused why she was at the apartment a second time, but he wasn't against her being there. She did seem familiar to him for some reason, but he couldn't put a finger on it.

It was weird, but he didn't know any girls named Setsuna Tokage, so it was weird that she seemed personally familiar to him. He stopped thinking about it though.

"Oh, it's no big deal, my parents are out on business anyway-"


"Then stay and eat pizza, I'm going to go take a shower, my run has left me sweaty. You can stay the night, a girl doesn't need to go out all alone to an empty house, hero in training or not. Tonight you can take my bed, and I'll take the couch." Naruto bonked Setsuna on the top of the head hard enough to knock her head foward. Nemuri nearly busted a gut laughing when she saw how casually he walked by her and did that.


"When I'm out of the bath, you better be done eating and ready to take one yourself. My pajamas will be a bit big, but they should fit you just fine." Naruto yawned again, before he cursed under his breath. "Stupid weather, these dry spells of no rain are going to be the death of me." Naruto hated the weather they were having, since it hadn't rained in awhile and today had been a real scorcher.

While his Toad Quirk allowed him more freedom in dry weather than the Frog Quirk, his body was trying to coat itself in fluid in order to stay moist. It was killing him to try and hold back his Quirk the entire day to avoid his poison leaking out with the mucus that would cover his skin. He needed a bath just to get rid of the aches that were building up in his body because of that.

Nemuri just giggled when she saw how Naruto treated Setuna.

"Well, you didn't need to hit me."

"Yeah, well just looking at you, I can tell you won't listen to me without a bonk on the head. I'm serious, you better be ready for a bath when I'm out." Naruto stated to her with a deadpan tone as he left the room.

Nemuri and Setsuna shared a look.

They both started to laugh.

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